Ogallala Cemetery Index - Haar-Herrera
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Haar-Herrera
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Haar Adeline 25-Sep-1989
Haar Carl Rex 18-Jan-1983
Habel Della 03-Dec-1987
Habel Earl 13-Feb-1982
Haessler Cora 25-Oct-1982 13-Mar-1905
Haessler John F 1958 05-Mar-1905
Hageman Albert Roy 29-Aug-1974
Hageman Marie Albert 07-Apr-1981
Hageman Maude M 18-Feb-1981
Haggard Timm 03-Nov-1969
Haggard Wayne 19-Apr-1990
Hagge Henry 25-Apr-1979
Hagge Mary E 11-Feb-1986
Hagge Robert 29-Nov-1985
Hahn Baby
Hahn Frank 27-Dec-1990
Hahn Harley 13-Feb-1989
Hahn John 17-Apr-1942 10-08-1867
Hahn Margaretha 11-Feb-1953 12-26-1874
Hahn Marie V 14-Oct-1992
Hahn Martha M 08-May-1964 27-Aug-1912
Hahn Otto H 23-Sep-1936 27-Mar-1907
Hahn William J 12-Feb-1985
Halligan Eliza 1900 0-0-1823
Halligan Henry 21-Dec-1989
Halligan James 1890 0-0-1824
Halligan Marble Mae 17-Sep-1971
Hamilton Margaret E 27-Apr-1910 08-24-1858
Hamilton William H 10-Mar-1906 10-18-1857
Hammond Harvey 1967
Hammond Hulda Mae 15-Jul-1978
Hammond William Harvey 01-Aug-1973
Hamper Baby Girl 06-May-1935 06-May-1935
Hampton Anton Everett 15-Feb-1977
Hampton Wayne 27-Oct-1976
Haney George E 04-Jul-1961 03-26-1884
Haney Ivy B 1963 1887
Hanna Dorathea A 14-Jun-1922 04-24-1839
Hanna Glenn 1937 1903
Hanna Lindsey D 12-Mar-1923 01-01-1839
Hanna Loree 1931 1903
Hansen Alma K 1947 1894
Hansen Fred H 28-Oct-1985
Haranza Anrela A 1938
Hardessen Otto J 1946 1877
Hardessen Sophie Johanne 11-Oct-1976
Harding Willis Keith 1918 1906
Harenza Delfin F 23-Jul-1963 14-Dec-1913
Harenza Helen 1966
Harenza Walter A 16-May-1905 0-0-1885
Harmon Rosella F. 07-Jan-1975 03-18-1883
Harmon Shirley 31-May-1997
Harmon Walter A 1956
Harmon Wayne C 26-Aug-1975
Harmonson Ralph 21-May-1984
Harms Dirk 05-Jun-1984
Harney John A 03-Sep-1950 08-Mar-1900
Harney Viola P 10-Jun-1980
Harrington Clifford J 1956 1956
Harris Andrew 30-Dec-1983
Harris Arch E 1964 1886
Harris Charles E 1961 1872
Harris Daisy Viola 25-Jan-1974
Harris Dora Ada 1933 1877
Harris Edward 25-Feb-1989
Harris Ethel 02-Feb-1988
Harris Frank 23-Nov-1968
Harris Frank E 26-Aug-1890 05-13-1871
Harris Ivy I 15-Jun-1972
Harris Lawrence F 1948 1948
Harris Marritt Stephen 12-Jan-1977
Harris Rex 26-Dec-1994
Harris Ross R 02-Feb-1946 06-19-1898
Harris Susie 03-Sep-1987
Harris Vera Ford 06-Jun-1975
Harrison Almeda 1954 1874
Harrison E. D. Jr 1915
Harrison Edward D 1915 1860
Harrisson John H 1917 1830
Harrison Rachael M 1911 1834
Harshman Amanda Marie 28-Apr-1981
Hart Everett 17-Dec-1987
Hart Will E (Bill) 17-May-1986
Harvey Edward W 26-Oct-1947 03-12-1896
Harvey Frank D 20-Jan-1989
Harvey Helen 1897
Hasselbalch Jack 18-Nov-1993
Hasty Loyd 02-Mar-1993
Hawkins Ardis F 17-Sep-1990
Hawkins Ralph Milo 15-May-1972
Hawkins Renee 26-Nov-1982
Hayes Daniel C 1948 1858
Hayes Winifred C 1956 1901
Hayford Alice R 17-Apr-1978 1893
Hayford Barbara J 27-Jul-1981
Hayford Edward W 1965 1891
Hayford Gladys F 20-Dec-1979 1894
Hayford Harry M 04-Dec-1972
Hayford Lyle W 1921 1916
Hayford Norman 26-May-1992
Hayford Tillie 07-Nov-1968
Hayford William P 30-Sep-1987 1894
Haynie Clay Lynn 28-Mar-1981
Haythorn Emma 1938 1870
Haythorn Harry 1923 1862
Haythorn Harry K 12-Mar-1925 28-Sep-1924
Haythorn Hazel Jane 08-Feb-1982
Haythorn Helen J 10-Sep-1923 17-Apr-1923
Haythorn Walter R 24-Jul-1975
Heinemann J. Henry 1947 1862
Heinemann Johanna F 1943 1865
Heinis Charlie B 15-Jan-1994
Heins Carl Earnest 15-Sep-1975
Heiser Charles Ora 1916 1884
Heiser Cora Ellen 1937 1859
Heiser George N 1923 1877
Helmer Lola Elsie 27-Mar-1971
Helmer Walter 1954 1884
Helmuth Donald E 09-Sep-1987
Helmuth Mike 27-Dec-1991
Helmuth Pearl 16-Mar-1992
Helmuth Theresa Lynn 1965 1965
Hemmett Mable L 15-Nov-1964 09-25-1891
Hemmett Thomas G 22-Jun-1970
Henderson Daniel Russell 02-May-1956 22-Apr-1906
Henderson James I 1944 1855
Henderson Rexford 10-Sep-1990
Henderson Jason Ryan 20-Jun-1987
Henry John 1927 1859
Hergenrader Harold 02-Feb-1996
Herman Kolb 02-May-1985
Hernandez David John Jr 09-Sep-1976
Hernandez John 19-Jan-1994
Hernandez Mary Jimenez 31-May-1965 31-Dec-1919
Herrera Jilie M 26-Apr-1945 16-Feb-1907
Barbed Wire
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