Ogallala Cemetery Index - Ginapp-Guy
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Ginapp-Guy
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Ginapp Jennie E 1960 1891
Ginapp John J 1950 1881
Girmann Charles William 24-Feb-1979 1899
Girmann Clara 16-Jan-1906 22-Oct-1891
Girmann Elizabeth 06-May-1932 25-Feb-1868
Girmann Mildegard 1964 1896
Girmann Mathilda 14-Oct-1918 30-Dec-1889
Girmann Peter 06-Sep-1934 11-Feb-1863
Glines Russell Eastman II 1961 1944
Glynn M. A. 19-Feb-1994 21-Nov-1843
Glynn Tom G 1935 1849
Goebel Paul 15-Jun-1972
Goertz C. P. 09-Oct-1991
Goertz Elizabeth 09-May-1986
Goertz Samuel Franklin 01-May-1979
Goldsmith Harriet Viola 29-Oct-1976
Goodall Carrie A 1931 1860
Goodall Clarice M 10-Apr-1984 10-Dec-1890
Goodall Henry E 1925 1849
Goodall Robert A 22-Oct-1953 08-Dec-1891
Goodall John Edward 27-Jun-1985
Goodall Randy Scott 1966 1960
Goodrich Baby
Goodrich Carson C 1950 1868
Goodrich Pearl E 1952 1886
Goodson Jack 1949
Goold Anna C 1952 1878
Goold Florence M 20-Jan-1994
Goold Georgia F 12-Jan-1982
Goold Harry W 1961 1879
Goold James F 29-Dec-1940
Goold Charles E 19-Nov-1941
Goold Jay W 01-Oct-1977
Goold Marie G 28-Feb-1993
Goold Sarah Jane 1942 1884
Goold Theodore Fred 1958 1877
Gordon Clifford V 1936 1904
Gordon Katherine Marie 1957 1957
Gordon Keith 27-May-1992
Goslin Julia V 1966 1898
Goslin Russell L 1962 1892
Grabher Bridget 1960 1960
Grabher Jess John 1962 1962
Gracik Luise M 1953 19532
Gracik Virginia-Victoria 1941 1886
Gracik Joseph 1951 1884
Grafford Lillabelle 18-Jan-1986
Graham Christopher John 05-Jul-1979
Graham Harold 16-Dec-1996
Graham Infant Son 05-Jun-1956 05-Jun-1956
Graham Leander 30-Aug-1943 26-Oct-1875
Graham Mabel 31-Mar-1993
Graham Mae G 22-Aug-1986
Graham Oswald 03-Feb-1969
Gray Anna Clark 1931 1845
Gray Richard 1896 1815
Green James 16-Apr-1983
Green James L 04-Oct-1980
Green Wilber 1969
Greene BertieA 1949 1880
Greene Mary V 1966 1881
Gregory Charles C 01-Jul-1977
Gregory Clovis Eldon 12-Nov-1969
Gregory Earl G 16-Jan-1973
Gregory james Eldon 12-Apr-1978
Gregory Laura M 18-Mar-1966 16-May-1901
Gregory Virginia 11-Oct-1988
Grella Frances 1952 1883
Grella John Anton 1952
Gries Ralph P 1958 1891
Griffin Harold 1910
Griffith Jennie Palmer 1937 1860
Grigsby Charles 1942 1869
Grigsby Mary E 1952 1876
Grigsby Melvin C 21-Apr-1975
Grigsby Robert T 03-Aug-1984
Grim Eva 10-Jan-1992
Grim Lowell James 18-Mar-2005
Grover Roy P 10-Jul-1978
Grow Leon L 22-Sep-1986
Grow Lola 03-Dec-1996
Grunt Joseph W 1939 1883
Gueloner Alvin E 1946 1869
Gueloner Margaret E 1941 1883
Guerrero Emilio O 1941 1914
Guerrero Jose O 1942 1915
Guerrero Paul 1941 1940
Guess Melvin J (Cremated) 26-Aug-1977
Guess Rosetta 19-Jan-1991
Guinan Eddie 28-Aug-1967
Guy Irene May 04-Jan-1948 24-Oct-1913
Barbed Wire
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