Ogallala Cemetery Index - Gainsforth-Gillham
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Gainsforth-Gillham
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Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Gainsforth Burdette L 17-Jun-1991
Gainsforth Dr. Silas Philo 01-Sep-1957 26-Mar-1871
Gainsforth Jesse M 09-Sep-1981 06-May-1886
Gake John 03-Aug-1926 03-Aug-1861
Gake Marchen M 03-Jan-1985
Gake Phebe A 16-Sep-1951 21-Nov-1878
Gake Walter S 02-Nov-1983
Galaviz Augustine 01-Mar-1991
Galaviz Delores 28-Aug-1996
Galaviz Jennifer Rae 27925
Galaviz Philip Jr 13-Oct-1944
Galaviz Victoria 13-Sep-1993
Gale Anna 1931 1931
Garcia Mary Alice
Garcia Telesford 07-Mar-1975
Garland Perry 24-Feb-1923 04-Apr-1845
Garman Adam S 1917 1849
Garman Cora Lena 23-Jul-1912 28-Sep-1885
Garman Etta M 1941 1869
Garrelts Emma Martha Margaret 05-Mar-1932
Garrelts Harley J 10-Dec-1974
Garska Norman Larue 27-Dec-1979
Garton 07-Feb-1977
Garton Evan 1948 1883
Garton Glenn 24-Apr-1993
Garwood Abbie Jane 07-Feb-1977
Garwood Orell R 03-Jan-1975
Gaston Arthur 1920 1894
Gaston Charles D 1940 1859
Gaston Dr. Kenneth L 22-Oct-1976
Gaston Fannie B 1941 1869
Gaston Gayle 26-May-1992
Gedgoud Kathleen Bea 19-Aug-1974
Geer Agnes F 1932 1874
Geer William K 1942 1869
Geiger Montford Clark 08-Apr-1985
Geisert Albert M 1963
Geisert Edward Adolph 09-Oct-1978
Geisert Erstine 1951
Geisert Florence M 14-Jan-1981 13-Jul-1895
Geisert George Fredrick 04-Mar-1974
Geisert Henry Jacob 14-Jan-1971
Geisert J J 1936 1868
Geisert Louise 22-Feb-1990
Geisert Margaret Ethel 23-Jul-1982 13-Jul-1894
Geisert Marjory E 23-Feb-1991
Geisert Mary Ann 1967
Geisert Reinhart C 17-Feb-1979
Geisert Robert E 25-Feb-1964 05-Sep-1895
Geisert Treva W 14-Jul-1986
Geisert William A 27-May-1955 09-Apr-1890
Gemmell Faye H 16-Sep-1971
Gemmell Iva 09-May-1995
George Arden Lee 19-Feb-1979
George Phyllis 03-Nov-1986
George Gust 1962 1886
Gerold Troy 09-Feb-1990
Gibson John
Gibson Lyda A 01-May-1924 22-Aug-1860
Gibson Robert 1929 1926
Gibson Thomasina Ann 06-Jan-1932
Giddings Grant 1922 1864
Gies Henry J 28-Jul-1942 26-Jan-1874
Gies Katherine M 01-Jun-1961 27-Jan-1873
Gifford Charles E 1924 1859
Gifford David T 16-Jan-1889 01-Dec-1857
Gifford Mary 1943 1869
Gifford Sylvia 10-Mar-1992
Gilbert Alfred
Gilbert Emma J 27-Nov-1901 22-Dec-1875
Gilbert Henry M 1950 1868
Gilbert Rebecca J 10-Apr-1915
Gilbert Samuel T 11-Sep-1921
Gilbert William M 26-Nov-1886
Gile Ronnie Laverne 26-Feb-1930 01-Mar-1930
Gile Maurine 18-Jan-1995
Gile Merlyn Leslie 06-Mar-1980
Gile Ruth 01-Oct-1986
Gile Tedd 05-Sep-1996
Gile Verne 27-Jul-1982
Gillham Charles K 1936 1936
Gillham Eddie 10-Mar-1989
Gillham Loyd Wayne 28-Nov-1943 12-May-1926
Gillham Nora J 05-Sep-1990
Barbed Wire
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