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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Fackler Eugene Oliver 24-Dec-1940 22-Dec-1940
Fackler Infant 17-Aug-1944
Fackler Roy Edward 18-Mar-1942 17-Mar-1942
Faesser Baby 07-Jun-1995
Faesser Al (Baby) 08-Aug-1992
Fahrlander Herman 1944 1863
Fairchild Almira A 1954 1872
Fairchild Edwin Evert 16-Jul-1913 14-Sep-1911
Fairchild Fred H 22-Nov-1918
(death date)
Fairchild Lewis F 1945 1861
Fairchild Viola Edna 27-Jun-1981
Farhlander Mary E 1947 1871
Farley Bruce E 1948 1879
Farrand Frank W 1954 1861
Fayed Helen Anne 07-Feb-1972
Featherston Charles W 1957 1874
Featherston Margaret S 21-Nov-1986
Featherston Nora J 18-Mar-1968
Featherston Robert Raymond 08-Apr-1983
Fell Albert 1955 1886
Fell Nellie E 13-Nov-1974 1881
Felton Anna K 15-Nov-1974
Feltz Alice M 1933 1876
Feltz Eva Marie
Feltz Felix Carnot 06-Sep-1979
Feltz Felix J 1945 1858
Feltz Firmin O, Sr 1949 1852
Feltz Mary Nielsen 18-Dec-1938
Fender Helen Katherine 27-Dec-1979
Fender Perry Leroy 08-Mar-1983
Fenstermacher Fawn 05-Sep-1986
Fenstermacher Guy R 01-Dec-1983
Fenwick Catherine 1965 1890
Fenwick Charles C 1962 1913
Fenwick Charles J 30-Dec-1972
Fenwick Charles R 1951 1878
Fenwick Evelyn Joan 00-Oct-1973
Fenwick Gerald (Cremated) 23-May-1997
Fenwick Geraldine E 1912
Fenwick Harold 23-Sep-1995
Fenwick Infant Son
Fenwick James E 29-Mar-1956 21-Feb-1877
Fenwick James Elmer 03-Oct-1972
Fenwick Lloyd Wilson 11-Nov-1978
Fenwick Mary Ann 19-Jun-1919 10-Sep-1853
Fenwick Tona C 27-Dec-1964 02-Nov-1884
Fernstrom Clara M 17-Mar-1987
Fernstrom Emma D 1946 1861
Fernstrom Helen J 1943 1894
Fernstrom John A 1957 1883
Fernstrom L Alfred 1929 1857
Fernstrom Minnie F 1932 1889
Fernstrom Oscar 23-Dec-1968
Feusner George Wesley 03-Jan-1983
Feusner Wes 13-May-1996
Fifield Joan Pearl 1932 1932
Fifield Otis H 1942 1900
Finn Harry Frederick 31-Jul-1979
Finn Lena A 06-Feb-1971
Fischer Melvin Thomas 19-Feb-1983
Fisher Aaron 1905 1818
Fisher Cecil Amelia 1946 1943
Fisher Clarence H 18-Mar-1962 23-Apr-1887
Fisher Ester Lucile 24-Aug-1972
Fisher Gertrude L 1884 1866
Fisher Leslie F 23-Feb-1990
Fisher Leslie Jr 1959 1936
Fisher Pearl 21-Mar-1974
Fisher Rebecca 1908 1827
Fisher Robert A 15-Feb-1975
Fitzgerald Flora 1951 1877
Fitzgerald Myrtle Leona (Gake) 23-Feb-1996
Fitzgerald Richard P 1962 1880
Flaming Anna 15-Nov-1989
Flaming Harry 30-Mar-1996
Flaming Earnest 08-Feb-1975
Fleshman Anna 13-Feb-1990
Fleshman Gertrude Irene 25-May-1936
Fleshman Lela M 01-Apr-1991
Fleshman Vernon S 07-Feb-1983
Fletcher Carroll 14-Feb-1981
Foland Charles A 20-Dec-1944 09-May-1874
Foland Myra B 09-May-1956 22-May-1889
Ford Harold 26-May-1987
Ford Helen M 05-Aug-1983
Forsyth Adam M 07-Apr-1929 22-Apr-1870
Forsyth Anna 09-Jan-1987
Forsyth Christina 15-Feb-1902
Forsyth Earl Everett 1907 1906
Forsyth Harry M 1964 1900
Forsyth James F 1912 1855
Forsyth James Warren 1907 1906
Forsyth Janey F 1945 1857
Forsyth M Newell 12-May-1901 24-Nov-1857
Forsyth Mary C 1944 1863
Forsyth William A 22-Dec-1900 11-Aug-1884
Forsyth Ruth Warren 11-Mar-1975
Fosbinder Michael D 1965 1865
Fought Pamela Leslie 1941 1941
Fox Derek Glenn 01-Oct-1980
Fox Herbert 12-Jan-1991
Fox Irene 13-May-1996
Fox John S 1940 1870
Fox Marry L 1960 1875
Frahm Charlene I 30-Sep-1960 19-Jan-1947
Frahm Myron 01-Feb-1973
Francil Clara 16-Aug-1983
Francil Inez Mae 23-Nov-1991
Francil Lois 03-Sep-1991
Francil Louis A 02-Jan-1981
Francil Vincent John 24-Mar-1981
Franke Herman William Harry 03-Mar-1975
Franke Marie 06-Aug-1991
Franken Alice R 1961 1878
Franken William H 21-Nov-1973
Franklin Everett W 24-Sep-1975
Franklin Lois E 29-Mar-1990
Frazier Annetta H 08-Nov-1930 14-Jun-1900
Frerichs Christina 1932 1871
Frerichs Ella 25-Aug-1993
Frerichs George M 22-Aug-1983
Frerichs Harm J 24-Jan-1978
Frerichs John 1959 1869
Frerichs Sena Johanna 05-Jan-1972
Fricke Carl Sr 02-Nov-1969
Frickey Becky 1964 1962
Frickey Joanne Kay 1960 1960
Frickson Rachel Jean 02-May-1981
Friedman Bernard L 1921 1919
Friedman Clara Josaphine 11-Sep-1982
Friedman John J 28-Aug-1974
Friesen John W 1965 1893
Froscheiser Elizabeth 12-Jun-1978
Froscheiser Conrad 11-Nov-1961
Frosh John Elmo 10-Dec-1979 1898
Frosh Minnie F 1962 1896
Frosh Scott Lee 10-May-1971
Frosh Tony L 27-May-1994
Frost Albert 02-Aug-1989
Frost Wilma 29-Jun-1992
Fruit Agnes Irene 22-Jul-1974 1887
Fruit Charles W 1959 1880
Fulker Ray A 07-Mar-1989 1892
Fulker Winifred 1963 1894
Fuller Harry S 1956 1895
Fuller Herbert C 02-Apr-1987
Fuller Lullavan Marie 30-May-1978
Fuller Veldon Laverne 23-Aug-1982
Barbed Wire
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