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Surname Given Name(s) Buriel Date Birth Date
Eardiver Eleanor P 26-Jun-1987
Eastburn Claud 11-Feb-1986
Eastburn Grace B 00-00-1963 1884
Eastburn William P 1964 1877
Eastman Edna A 1963 1882
Eastman J. Newell 17-Sep-1992
Eberhardt Emma 21-Nov-1977
Eberhardt Henry C 31-May-1979
Eberhardt Otto M 23-Aug-1977
Eberle Donald Edward 04-Mar-1972
Eberle Louise 23-Oct-1971
Edgar Irene 29-Apr-1991
Edwards Leslie 11-Sep-1967
Eggers Herman J 1965 1909
Eggers Pearl 1960 1882
Ehlers Anna M 17-Nov-1971
Ehlers Arnold H 1937 1921
Ehlers Fred 24-Aug-1931 23-May-1885
Ehlers Phyllis 1929 1932
Ehlers Sally Ann 1953 1953
Ehlers Walter M 1943 1914
Eichner Amelia 18-Sep-1971
Eichner Anna 02-Jul-1960 16-Dec-1892
Eichner Anna M 26-Nov-1958 10-Jan-1881
Eichner Brian Keith 03-Nov-1971
Eichner Claus H 21-May-1927 09-May-1887
Eichner Gregory Donald 26-Mar-1983
Eichner Hans Herman 27-Jan-1990
Eichner Herman J 27-Jun-1985
Eichner Julius W 28-Jul-1959 10-Feb-1885
Eichner Mayme 16-Sep-1987
Eichner Raymond 01-Apr-1989
Eichner Rinehart 13-Jul-1990
Eichner Timothy Scott 25-Jul-1972
Eicke Anna B 1924 1916
Eicke Emma A 1962 1881
Eicke Russell J 1929 1914
Eicke William F 1924 1875
Eiker Calvin 1937 1858
Eiker Dora Pearl 1918 1884
Eiker Edna Mae 24-Feb-1976 27-Jul-1888
Eiker Harlow E 31-Dec-1938 08-Feb-13
Eiker Roy D 24-May-1960 31-Jan-1886
Eiker Sallie 1940 1861
Elder Dorothy Helen 13-Jan-1976
Elder Ira Charles 22-Apr-1974
Ellard Marveen E 15-Oct-1971
Ellinghusen Fred 1956 1862
Ellinghusen Matilda 1962 1872
Ellis Erma L 06-Nov-1989
Ellis Francis 20-Mar-1975
Ellsworth Ernest R 1914 1912
Elmshaeuer Aaron John 27-Dec-1979
Elmshaeuer Conrad 03-Nov-1962 23-Oct-1886
Elmshaeuer Edna 27-May-1983
Elmshaeuer Emil 17-Oct-1989
Elmshaeuer George 18-Jul-1959 15-Feb-1883
Elmshaeuer Grace 31-Aug-1987
Elmshaeuer Linna 25-Apr-1979 26-Oct-1885
Elmshaeuer Vicki R 07-Nov-1970
Emerson Grace 25-Mar-1996
Emery Clora 01-Mar-1973 25-Mar-1892
Emery Harold (Cremated) 04-Mar-1993
Emery Homer Everett 31-Dec-1973
Empie John H 28-Jul-1943 14-Aug-1892
Engel Brian 07-Nov-1992
Engel Clifford Dale 19-Apr-1984
Engel Max Louis 20-May-1944 22-Apr-25
Engelhardt Alfred A 14-Nov-1959 30-Jan-02
Engelhardt Pearl 09-Apr-1975
Engler Eva Myrtle 14-Jul-1896
Engler Myrtle Etna 26-Sep-1896
Enright Mary Louise 15-Feb-1980
Epperson Dick 21-Apr-1976
Epping Fred D 1958 1897
Erlewine Oral 28-Apr-1993
Erthum Matelda G 20-Mar-1984
Ervin Clifford E 18-Mar-1986
Ervin Eva M 1966 1885
Ervin Harrison 1965 1889
Ervin Lucille 06-Dec-1968
Evans Beryl 16-May-1989
Evans James C 25-Dec-1896
Evans Joseph 15-Dec-1882
Eymann Baby 1940 1940
Eymann Gertrude 1966 1882
Eymann Hollis D 14-Oct-1983
Eymann Oscar 1954 1868
Eymann Ralph (Cremated) 07-Dec-1985
Barbed Wire
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