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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Dahl Lena Dorthea 13-Mar-1917 14-Jun-1845
Dahl Ole 20-Dec-1911 02-Feb-1849
Daich Charles 22-Jan-1941 29-Dec-1878
Daigh Jerry Wayne 1943 1943
Daigh Joseph Fredrick 16-Jul-1968
Daigh Sylvia B. 01-Apr-1981
Daigh William 1963 1884
Dale Richard 17-Dec-1987
Dale Sandy Sue 23-Sep-1988
Dale Sondra J. 19-Oct-1989
Daly John J. 22-Jul-1939 27-Nov-1868
Dancer Elias F. 21-Feb-1931 09-Apr-1863
Dancer Florence 19-Aug-1960 03-Nov-1867
Danielson Oscar 1954 1876
Darling Norma 22-Mar-1988
Darnell Faye F. 20-Feb-1908
Darnell Judson P. 21-Oct-1965 27-Sep-1906
Daubendiek Carl Henry 16-Mar-1977
Davidson Charles E. 24-Sep-1952 02-Oct-1875
Davidson Karl B. 01-Mar-1935 16-Jan-1925
Davidson Marie K. 02-Apr-1971
Davis Bert E. 18-Jun-1949 19-Jun-1881
Davis Clarence P. 06-Feb-1939 24-Mar-1918
Davis Dan 1932 1863
Davis Dean
Davis Dean W. 27-Nov-1960 28-Jul-1928
Davis Ethel L. 1931 1929
Davis Florence Eugene 1926 1853
Davis Florine Cassen 1930 1904
Davis Guy 1959 1887
Davis Joyce 1941 1941
Davis Lois R. 12-Dec-1897 06-May-1861
Davis Louetta E. 04-Jan-1921 21-Mar-1884
Davis Louie George 01-Feb-1975
Davis Myrtle A. 1931 1926
Davis Nova Maxine (Madison) 08-Oct-1974
Davis Stacy 06-Oct-1992
Davison Charles L. 1953 1874
Davison Cyrus Henry 22-Jan-1962 03-Jun-1872
Davison Lois M. 12-Nov-1991
Davison Lydia May 25-Apr-1899 09-Feb-1899
Davison Mary E. 27-May-1983
Davison Mary E. 1967 1872
Davison Minnie 13-Dec-1971
Davison William C. 1910 1831
Davison William G. 1952 1866
Dawson Jerald W. 30-Jun-1946 19-Jul-1925
Dean Aldena May 07-Sep-1972
Dean Charles W. 25-Nov-1905 10-Aug-1823
Dean Eleanor W. 20-Jul-1896 24-Feb-1826
Dean Lein S. 04-May-1991
Dean Lois Wilkening 18-Nov-1994
Dean Pearl May 1909 1888
Dedmore Clifford Merle 18-Sep-1935 31-Mar-1934
Deford Elmer O. 06-Jan-1958 29-Jun-1887
Deford Emma 22-Dec-1961 11-Apr-1890
Deford Lee R. 09-May-1952 13-Mar-1891
Deford Romaine O. 29-Jul-1989
Deines Richard J. 21-Oct-1968
Deines Taylor Nichole 05-May-1984
Deist Robert R. 1950 1879
Deloodt Mary 1911
Demartinis Irene 04-Oct-1996
Depriest Mart 1919 1853
Devero Maude Dee 1965 1885
Devich Maureen Ann 04-Sep-1974
Devoe Claire W. 03-Jan-1973 1883
Devoe Harold M. 24-Jul-1970
Devoe James 1966
Devoe James Dale 14-May-1979
Devoe Leroy A. 1966 1880
Diaz Baby 14-Apr-1993
Diaz Dora 11-Apr-1992
Diaz James 27-Jan-1986
Diaz Maria Esther 15-Jul-1950 28-May-1893
Diaz Salvador 04-Feb-1978
Diaz Scott Ray 03-Feb-1973
Dickey Cynthia A. 01-May-1975
Dittmar Charles C. 21-Aug-1948 25-Aug-1884
Dittmar Maggie Idella 08-Jul-1955 21-Dec-1890
Ditto Arthur L. 12-Aug-1957 31-Oct-1921
Ditto Clarence
Ditto Cora 22-Nov-1972
Ditto Kenneth B. 03-May-1985
Dobbons Weldon L. 1955 1908
Dohahue N. Blanche 1964 1891
Doherty Jean 06-Dec-1982
Doherty John Daniel 20-Aug-1986
Dolph Edward G. 16-Sep-1954 20-May-1876
Dolph Theresia C. 10-May-1936 10-Oct-1887
Donahue Elmer L. 1952 1883
Donahue Irene H. 19-Mar-1993
Donahue Ralph E. 1946 1885
Dooley Ross
Dority Flora E. 1932 1881
Dority George F. 1937 1881
Dotson Ione May 06-Dec-1913
Dounda John H. 1945
Dounda Mary A. 1938 1864
Douglass Dorothy M. 07-Mar-1987
Dowler Frank 07-Oct-1965
Dowler Jacob E. 24-Aug-1971
Dowler Matha Leona 05-Mar-1983
Downey Charles H. 1964
Downey Maymie V. 06-Dec-1959 13-Feb-1891
Doxsee Charles W. 1949 1876
Doxsee Florence M. 1961 1880
Draucker Agnes 26-Jun-1969
Draucker Arnold 19-Sep-1991
Draucker Claude D. 01-Dec-1988
Draucker Garfield A. 1965 1880
Draucker Gwendolyn 09-Jan-1996
Dresslar Anna W. 1956 1879
Dresslar Martha M. 1929 1903
Drews Adolph Herman 05-Apr-1973
Drews Baby
Drews Chris H. 1940 1869
Drews Mabel 11-Jun-1987
Drews Marie A. 1938 1873
Dronberger Hiram D. 24-Jun-1980
Dronberger Vivian 30-Nov-1990
Drost William 23-Jul-1996
Drost William V. 1963 1963
Duffey Harold F. 07-Apr-1983
Duffey Julie Ann 1938 1861
Duffey Olive E. 1929 1898
Duffey William H. 1924 1862
Duffey William S. 21-Apr-1975
Duffy Betty 15-Mar-1994
Duffy Hanora 1933 1860
Duffy John 03-May-1997
Duffy Thomas 1943 1856
Duncan Eva May 10-Dec-1918 05-Sep-1915
Duncan George W. 04-Aug-1938 18-Jul-1884
Duncan Isabelle 24-Apr-1923 08-Feb-1884
Duncan Louise Elizabeth 1915 1911
Duncan Wanda 20-Oct-1972
Dungan Edith Irene 01-Nov-1975
Dungan Ralph N. 19-Oct-1985
Dunkel Gladyce Dorothy 27-Sep-1971
Dunkel Hareld 26-Aug-1992
Dunlap Keith E. 1951 1951
Dunn James 17-Jun-1887
Dunn Susan A. 01-Dec-1896 Sept 1836
Dunning Donna 04-Oct-1991
Dunwoody Harvey E. 1932 1932
Dunwoody Jack C. 11-Sep-1993
Dunwoody James G. 14-Jun-1937 07-Mar-1895
Dunwoody Leo S. 1944 1890
Dunwoody Leonard A. 13-Oct-1944 08-Mar-1888
Dunwoody P.O. 1934 1862
Dunwoody Samuel S. 18-May-1916 05-Jul-1855
Durkop Henry 1942 1895
Durkop Viola 09-Aug-1967
Duschka Sharon Kay 1948 1948
Dustrude Lawrence O. 11-Jan-1883 09-Mar-1946
Dutch Bess Welpton 1957 1885
Dutch Ralph Welpton 1930 1913
Dutch Thomas Irwin 28-Oct-1972
Duvall Edith Pledger 1941 1889
Duvall Rufus 1965 1880
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