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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Calhoun Lee H. 08-Jan-1902 11-Nov-1901
Callen Carl W. 23-Jun-1976
Callen Creath H. 1955
Callen Ethel M. 1911
Camp Sarah O. 19-Mar-1905 1879
Campany Edward 1925 1868
Campany Elnora 1944 1878
Campany Eva Corinne 26-Dec-1983 1901
Campany Harry E. 1940 1904
Campbell Ella W. 1929 1852
Campbell Jesse J. 08-Aug-1944 1878
Canfield Jack Arnel 18-Sep-1974
Cannon John H. 1932 1844
Cannon Maria E. 1940 1850
Caraway Robin 1962 1959
Cardwell Joseph A. 1933 1855
Carey Benjamin 27-Jul-1958 08-Jan-1874
Carey Sarah D. 12-May-1938 09-Jan-1880
Carey Shirley E. 29-Jul-1980
Carroll John
Carroll Margaret
Case Ada Ellen 1939 1874
Case Frank C. 1964 1953
Case Henry C. 1964
Case Rachel F. 1949 1864
Cassen Abe 1961 1888
Cassen Edith S. 31-Jul-1986
Cassen Emma 1940 1868
Cassen Jack A. 06-Jul-1971
Cassen John H. 1925 1858
Cassen Joyce A. 1942 1925
Castleberry Infant 06-Jul-1972
Caudy Calvin H. 18-Sep-1952 23-Dec-1873
Caudy Clinton J. 07-Apr-1956 06-Jul-1875
Caudy Elizabeth F. 14-Nov-1940 05-Apr-1856
Caudy Harvey C. 21-Mar-1973
Caudy Harvey Theodore 1911 1910
Caudy Jas. R.
Caudy Maudy 23-Dec-1967
Caudy Vernie 24-Nov-1986
Caudy Wesley 30-Jul-1991
Cavanaugh Patrick 05-Oct-1918
Cerny Agnes Lucile 10-Aug-1972
Cerny Lou M. 1963 1910
Cerny Otto W. 01-Dec-1982
Chalker Henry C. 1951 1889
Chalker Mary Ellen 02-Sep-1982
Chamberlin Heman 1931 1868
Chamberlin Hettie 1947 1879
Chandler Julie C. 18-Dec-1955
Chandler Mary Beth 15-Sep-1959
Chandler Sheila Jo 23-Sep-1958
Chaphan Arlene Alpine 1967
Chaphan Mary Ann 1964
Chapin Guy E. 11-Jun-1977
Chapin Rena C. 27-Sep-1971
Chartier C. Frank 1961 1893
Chartier Inger 31-Jan-1987
Chesebro Forest W. 1918 1894
Chesebro G. Wayne 1908 1907
Chingrin Bessie Belinda 09-Dec-1978
Chingrin Clyde 06-May-1905 03-Mar-1905
Chingrin Gene Marie 26-May-1915 18-Feb-1914
Chingrin Howard Rush 22-May-1976
Chingrin Infant Son 01-Jun-1916
Chingrin Ruth Jane 10-Jul-1976
Chipperfield Walter Harvey 26-Oct-1962 20-Jul-1899
Chrisman Mattie A. 1953 1873
Christensen Andrew 1956 1887
Christensen Angela 17-Feb-1993
Christensen Anna 1931 1856
Christensen Karl 12-Dec-1990
Christensen Kent K. & Kevin R. 1958 1958
Christensen Marie 11-Apr-1996 1898
Christensen Mary C. 20-Sep-1971
Christensen Ralph 20-Nov-1993
Christiansen Joy 13-Dec-1973
Clapp Bertha L. 22-Aug-1949 10-Dec-1927
Clapp Linda Rae 12-Aug-1949 12-Aug-1949
Clark David H. 1941 1883
Clark Florence M. 1961 1878
Clark Zola Grace 06-Nov-1918 31-May-1917
Clayman Patsy Ann 1957 1956
Cleland Eva 23-Aug-1967
Cleland Helen 23-Jun-1988
Cleland Hugh Ray 23-Sep-1970
Cleland Jack 19-Feb-1986
Cline Grace Estelle 27-Nov-1965
Cline Howard E. 1931 1906
Cline James Lee 1934 1887
Cline Jeff R. 1918 1891
Cline Marjory A. 1938 1862
Cline Raymond W. 1920 1915
Cline Samuel A. 1935 1869
Cline William H. 1958 1878
Clough Miles F. 1920 1853
Clouse Michael Perry 10-Jul-1975
Clouse Perry 05-Dec-1989
Coates Mrs. Paul
Coates Paul 09-Jul-1967
Cobaugh Cecil E. 30-Mar-1983
Cobaugh Kathryn L. 27-Oct-1990
Cobaugh Leonard 1950
Cobb Barbara M. 04-Jun-1980
Cobble Dr. William H. Nov 1935 Nov 1860
Cobble Minnie E. 1950 1869
Cockerill Arleen 25-May-1983
Cockerill Blake 1949 1949
Cockran Ralph 24-Apr-1969
Cody Harry J. 05-Feb-1900 24-Apr-1886
Coe Spencer R. 11-Apr-1984
Cogger Louis 1946
Cogil Charles R. 26-Sep-1980
Cogil Doris 10-May-1993
Cogil Earl Carlyle 26-Nov-1980
Cogil Jill Marie 27-Sep-1968
Cole Anna Mary 1966
Cole Delbert D. 28-Nov-1962 11-Jun-1880
Cole Delbert O. 11-Sep-1984 10-Oct-1905
Cole Litha E. 13-Aug-1996 06-Sep-1910
Cole Ruth Elizabeth 16-Apr-1960 06-Mar-1908
Coleman Wellma Mary 27-Aug-1992
Coler Perry 12-Mar-1996
Collins Horace 03-Jan-1892
Collins Marion S. 1928 1862
Collins Nellie E. 1933 1864
Collins Robert L. 03-May-1994
Collins Ruth 08-Apr-1986
Collister Clarence E. 18-Feb-1981
Collister Daisy 03-Mar-1994
Colver Bea 26-Sep-1992
Combs Douglas 11-Jan-1995
Combs Otto W. 1959 1879
Combs Pearl 1960 1886
Combs Scott Allen 1955 1955
Comer Artie Dell 31-May-1919 15-Aug-1903
Comer Freel H. 1927 1880
Comer Mary 19-Jul-1974
Conaway Edith May 10-Sep-1895 29-Oct-1871
Cone Esther M. 1922 1922
Cone Phyllis L. 1927 1926
Conrad James Douglas 07-Oct-1962 07-Oct-1962
Conrady Dorothy 08-Jun-1983
Contryman Clifton 1962 1871
Contryman Helen E. Mar 1922 Apr 1921
Contryman Nelle 1942 1876
Contryman Twin Boys 1917 1917
Conway James S. 06-Nov-1995
Conway Jean C. 31-May-1991
Cook Ada 1944 1866
Cook Albert 1888 1831
Cook Albert W. 1939 1861
Cook Charles A. 1923 1860
Cook Clara 1965 1895
Cook Flora A. 1934 1889
Cook Helen A. 11-Jul-1996
Cook Oscar Edward 21-Oct-1982
Cook Virgil S. 05-May-1986
Cooney Adeline E. 02-Apr-1974
Cooney Aggie C. 08-Mar-1891 14-Jun-1869
Cooney Ira 09-Aug-1974
Cooney Lavernae 21-Jan-1994
Cooney Melvin J. 02-Feb-1946 24-Aug-1920
Copley Mary L. 1949 1942
Copley Mindy Sue 15-Oct-1982
Corbin Clifford 1965
Corfield John 1962 1888
Corfield Ramona Gay 18-Oct-1957 22-Aug-1957
Corfield Theo Daisy 1962 1880
Corneal John 05-Jun-1975
Cornelius Baby 01-Dec-1987
Cornelius Clara W. 07-Apr-1986
Cornelius Dick 1966
Cornelius Terry Lynn 1983
Cornfield Anne F. 1969
Cornfield Jack 26-May-1936 02-Jan-1875
Couch Charity 12-Jan-1958 09-Feb-1882
Couch Ilus 11-Mar-1921 07-Jan-1857
Cox Bruce Thomas 12-Jun-1961 18-Mar-1936
Cox Ethel Maxine 30-Mar-1988
Cox Homer Waldo 22-Feb-1961 24-May-1889
Cox Lavone Mae 16-May-1983
Cox Ola Winifred 08-Mar-1982 14-Jul-1887
Cox Paul Winifred 14-Feb-1936 26-Nov-1924
Cox Thomas J. 05-Jan-1981
Coyle Tammie K. 12-Apr-1984
Coyner Bertram 22-Nov-1913 19-Dec-1892
Coyner Eva Ulrich 20-Mar-1975
Coyner Silas G. 12-Feb-1949 16-Jun-1861
Crabb George 03-Oct-1899 19-Apr-1875
Craig Bill 17-Sep-1996
Craig George 1966
Craig Irene 23-Jan-1981
Craig James Clarence 1949 1949
Cramer Benjamin A. 1928 1863
Cramer Bennie A. 1930 1908
Cramer Bessie I. 1930 1872
Cramer Edward 15-Aug-1986
Crandell Kenneth W. 1947 1912
Crandell Skyler Dawn 15-May-1990
Cranston Susan 04-Dec-1893 12-Dec-1819
Creamer John 31-Oct-1969
Creamer Mabel Ruth 25-Apr-1972
Creamer Mabel V. 1881
Creason Craig Eugene 29-Mar-1963
Creek Roy E. 29-Sep-1987
Crisman John C. 1956 1860
Croissant Harvey 18-May-1965 18-Sep-1898
Croissant Mabel 15-May-1996 22-Jan-1903
Crook Harold V. 13-Jul-1976
Crook Henry
Cross Caroline A. 11-Sep-1962 25-Nov-1890
Cross Henry L. 20-Aug-1948 13-Jan-1886
Crouse Minnie Lee 11-Nov-1951 09-Apr-1887
Crowe Robert 10-May-1951 03-Jan-1872
Crowell Allie 1889 1879
Crowell Brunettie 10-Feb-1910 14-Jun-1846
Crowell George 1893 1873
Crowell Grace
Crowell Laura 1889 1887
Crowell Rose 1890 1885
Crutcher Lacy B. 1963 1897
Crutcher Signe O. 15-Oct-1984 1904
Cruver Charles George 15-Mar-1976
Cuba Rosaline 31-Jul-1925 05-Nov-1921
Cummings Chalmers F. 1954 1892
Cummings Margaret 1965 1901
Cummins Robert Lynn 1953 1953
Cunningham Leo P. 03-Nov-1952 21-Aug-1913
Cunningham Lloyd 22-Mar-1995
Cure Birdie 24-Feb-1956 17-Jul-1886
Cure Ralph 04-Apr-1959 09-Feb-1887
Curley Anna 12-Jun-1968
Curley Bernard 12-Jun-1968
Curley Bernard 17-Feb-1881
Curley John E. 20-Mar-1884
Curley Katherine M. 1949 1866
Curley Katie 27-Feb-1878
Curley Matt 1941 1864
Curley Rose 03-Oct-1937
Curley Thomas W. 1917 1880
Currey Bessie D. 1921 1892
Currey William Wesley 29-Dec-1918 06-Jul-1892
Curry Ida May 1935 1876
Curry Mary E. 1906 1905
Curry Robert D. 1964 1876
Curry Vernon K. 1940 1907
Curtis Ansel P. 1892 1820
Curtis Bennie A. 19-Apr-1971
Curtis Clarence C. 09-Sep-1955 09-Nov-1934
Curtis Louis A. 1938 1935
Barbed Wire
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