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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Abels Arnold 04-Aug-1993
Abels Darlene Marie 11-Mar-1946 08-Mar-1946
Abels Emma 04-Mar-1986
Abels John A. 1947 1886
Abels Laura Amanda 17-Oct-1972
Adams Charles Leroy 27-Feb-1981
Adams Emma Allison 12-Nov-1974
Adams Flossie 21-Sep-1988
Adams George D. 12-May-1944 14-Feb-1882
Adams Jim and Tim 01-Dec-1965
Adams Julie M. 26-Nov-1966 21-May-1966
Adams Mary A. 11-Jun-1932 15-Nov-1883
Adams Pamela Sue 21-Feb-1977
Adams Richard 13-May-1991
Adkins Mary 14-Jan-1988
Adkins Monte 1935 1934
Adkins Pauline L. 20-Oct-1980
Adkins Ray 26-Dec-1975
Adkins Seward 11-Jan-1990
Ahlmeyer Mildred 21-Feb-1995
Albrecht Curtis 26-Mar-1969
Albrecht Elsie Helena 18-Nov-1974
Alford Grayce 21-Oct-1989
Alford Robert L. 1965 1892
Allen B.H. (none given)
Allen Babe 30-Jun-1987
Allen Barbara E. 15-Jan-1925 25-Sep-1856
Allen Barton 1949 1882
Allen Bernadine Fay 07-Aug-1971
Allen Cecil L. 1947 1913
Allen Edith R. 31-Jan-1989
Allen Edward J. 21-Jun-1977
Allen Hannah Mary 04-Aug-1967
Allen Harold 18-Jan-1986
Allen James K. 19-Dec-1925 25-Nov-1844
Allen Mary L. 10-Feb-1917 26-Mar-1844
Allen Melvin 1965
Allen Oren 1924 1879
Allen Rosa May 1942 1941
Allen William 31-May-1930 20-Mar-1855
Allman Wayne 1934 1933
Altig Agnes 08-May-1980
Altig Alivetta Frances 1919 1915
Altig Arthur R. 11-Jan-1966 01-Mar-1893
Altig Elrice 15-Jul-1974
Altig Harry L. 1967
Alvarado Leonard J. 1952 1952
Alvarado Manuel 1952
Amrine Lulu 18-Jan-1968
Anderson Amanda Sophie 18-Nov-1936 24-Oct-1874
Anderson Baby Machile (none given)
Anderson Birdie L. 1962 1875
Anderson Carl J. 1953 1881
Anderson Charles A. 28-Mar-1947 14-May-1896
Anderson Delores M. 28-Jan-1995 1906
Anderson Douglas 28-Jun-1989
Anderson Frank Edward 15-Jan-1937 11-May-1871
Anderson George Harvey 14-Nov-1972
Anderson George M. 1951 1900
Anderson Henry C. 1820 1864
Anderson Jeff 04-Aug-1993
Anderson John Peter 20-Feb-1915 11-Sep-1880
Anderson Pearl 24-Dec-1986
Anderson Richard L. 27-May-1942
Anderson Victor E. 15-May-1942
Andres Lorence Charles 25-Apr-1975
Andrews Infant Son 28-Mar-1913
Annable Dicy C. 1945 1867
Annable John P. 1942 1958
Ansel Carl 1918 1896
Anson Frank (none given)
Anson Ronald 04-Oct-1986
Anthony (none given)
Anthony (none given)
Anthony Lucille Mildred 04-May-1977
Antrim Ida M. 1936 1857
Antrim Marie Catherine 20-Jan-1978
Antrim Orpha M. 09-Aug-1975
Antrim Willard O. 1906 1858
Apolius Annalane 09-Mar-1983
Apolius Cecil L. 21-Mar-1986
Apolius Emilie 1946 1869
Apolius John F. 09-Jul-1977
Apolius John H. 1949 1862
Apolius Theodore E. 11-May-1992
Archer Andy 02-Apr-1994
Archer Glenna Ann 1956 1956
Archer Harry W. 26-Jul-1959 03-Jun-1884
Archer Theresa Mary 06-Nov-1971
Archer Tom 12-Dec-1986
Armknecht Carl 07-Oct-1980
Armknecht Ervin A. 12-Dec-1983
Armknecht Henry P. (none given)
Armknecht Iona F. 02-Feb-1981
Armknecht Jill Marie 06-May-1985
Armknecht Karen Kay 17-May-1985
Armknecht Leo H. 08-Apr-1945 29-Mar-1921
Armknecht Margaret 12-Jan-1953 06-Oct-1892
Armknecht Rosa 14-Jul-1992
Armknecht Roy 31-Jul-1985
Armknecht Bobby A. 1930 1930
Armour Don 27-Nov-1985
Armstrong Abraham L. 1927 1860
Armstrong Clayton J. 24-Sep-1979
Armstrong Dean Leroy 18-Jan-1923 09-Feb-1921
Armstrong George W. 27-Apr-1976
Armstrong George W. 24-Jul-1981
Armstrong Gloria Sharlene 25-Dec-1941 17-Nov-1941
Armstrong Guy E. 03-Jun-1902 03-Jun-1902
Armstrong James Dean 15-Feb-1968 16-Feb-1968
Armstrong James T. 1941 1876
Armstrong Jessie Irene 03-Jul-1911 26-Apr-1911
Armstrong John Raymond 25-Feb-1992
Armstrong John W. 07-Apr-1927 07-Apr-1927
Armstrong Jonathan J. 12-Jan-1953 26-Sep-1931
Armstrong Katheryn V. 05-Mar-1987
Armstrong Leatha E. 27-Jan-1917 07-Feb-1891
Armstrong Leona M. 27-Apr-1977
Armstrong Lottie 09-Jun-1997
Armstrong Mary Ann 1948 1861
Armstrong Mary E. 07-Feb-1937 16-Mar-1858
Armstrong Maude 1965 1882
Armstrong Richard H. 09-Jul-1977
Armstrong Violet Claudene 23-Mar-1931 17-Jan-1931
Armstrong Walter W. 30-Jun-1986
Armstrong William C. 10-Dec-1980
Armstrong William J. 1924 1855
Arneson Brittiny 29-Oct-1996
Arnett Anna 03-Sep-1946 31-Jan-1876
Arnett George A. 1924 1898
Arnold Kathy 09-Jul-1967
Arterburn Kirk 26-Apr-1995
Arute James William 06-Oct-1980
Athinson Walter 30-Nov-1889 16-Dec-1888
Atkinson Effie B. 1956 1875
Atkinson Leo 18-Aug-1950 06-Nov-1892
Atkinson Rose Marie 01-Sep-1928
Atkinson Walter W. 04-Apr-1935
Atwood Ray Wesley 18-Aug-1995
Auerhoff Leonard 1936 1880
Aufdengarten Alice 1927 1850
Aufdengarten Faye 07-Sep-1989
Aufdengarten Gertrude 15-Aug-1877
Aufdengarten Henry 1930 1873
Aufdengarten Ida Alice 07-Jun-1880
Aufdengarten Kevin 26-Sep-1980
Aufdengarten Louis 1915 1847
Aufdengarten Martha G. 1963 1874
Aufdengarten Paul 26-Dec-1970
Ault Margaret E. 23-Aug-1983
Ault Raymond B. 28-Mar-1955 03-Apr-1887
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