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Please note that what you find here is not only under constant construction, but the result of hours of painstaking work by volunteers. If you find something useful here, please take a moment to email the volunteer and say thanks, or maybe even pass along your good fortune to another by volunteering.

For more information on participating, or if you know of a public or private cemetery that you would like to see transcribed, please E-Mail me and let me know.


Ogallala CemeteryIndex from inception through July 1997
An index containing burials from May 2000 - May 2002.
City of Ogallala Cemetery PageA brief history of the cemetery & contact information if you're going to be in town. ***Off-site
Paxton CemeteryCourtesy of Mr. Bob Hogg, et al, Current through Fall 2000. ***Off-site
Pickard CemeteryPickard Cemetery (search page on Find A Grave)
Ash Hollow CemeteryIn Garden County, figures prominently for many Keith County residents. List is current through October 2001, by Mr. Brian Tingley. ***Off-site
St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery aka German Lutheran CemeteryThere is no online name index available at this time, however, Diane (Holscher) Haden has made herself available to do lookups for this cemetery. Please limit your lookups to one or two names per request. Use "St. John's Church Cemetery" as your suject line. Email Diane THANKS DIANE!

Keith County News Obituary Index

This index was created with the permission and prompting of Keith County News Editor Jeff Headley. THANKS JEFF!

The index is arranged chronologically by the edition of the paper that the obituary appears in. If you find a name in the index that you would like a copy of the obituary for, write to the Keith County News, ATTN: OBITUARY REQUEST, at the address shown on the Contacts Page. In your request, include the following:

  • Name of the Deceased
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Paper Edition the Obit appeared in
  • A Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope

Please note that obituary requests are filled as listed on the Contacts Page.

Notes for All Indices
  • To search by name, use your browser's "Find" feature
  • The designation "none given" indicates the information was not in the printed obituary
  • The designation "No Listings" indicates that no obituaries were printed in that edition of the paper
  • A blank row indicates that edition of the paper was not available at the time of the extraction and indexing
  • All locations (city, county, cemetery) are in the state of Nebraska unless otherwise noted

2001 Index
January - February 2001 March - April 2001 May - June 2001
July - August 2001 September - October 2001 November - December 2001

2002 Index
January - February 2002 March - April 2002 May - June 2002
July - August 2002 September - October 2002 November - December 2002

Deaths and Burials

While visiting with Jon Fenwick, the then Ogallala Cemetery Manager, in June 2001, we were sitting in his office chatting, when he suddenly reached for a sheaf of legal size pages. "Do you have this?" he asked. I took the papers and after reading what they were, pretended to go out the door with then saying to him "No, but I do now!"

This incredible document that I have transcribed is a so-called "Resume of Deaths and Burials." What makes it even more amazing is that this "resume" is attributed to Keith County's own colorful C.C. "Doc" Arrowsmith, and was originally transcribed by Fae Christensen of Paxton. And last but not least, the original document was very nearly thrown away after a fire at the Keith County courthouse. I can assure you, it would have been a terrible loss.

There are six different links below that comprise this document, namely four pages with the actual documentation containing names, residences, death and burial dates, burial locations, cause of death, and in some cases, enough information to guesstimate a birthdate. These pages are ordered chronologically by death date.

If you are searching for a particular person, you are in luck. The fifth page is an alphabetical index (by surname) of people listed in the resume. You can scroll through this index, find the person's death date, and then jump to the appropriate page of the resume.

The sixth page is notes and background. I highly encourage you to read this before going through the index the first time. There are some notes and explanations that will clarify many items within the index that would otherwise seem odd.

Special thanks to Jon for bringing this document to my attention, and also to Toney Krajewski, the Ogallala City Works Manager for making sure I got out of his office with these copies the very same day.


Resume Notes
Resume Surname Index
February 1886 - July 1888
July 1888 - May 1903
May 1903 - September 1908
September 1908 - October 1911

Family Obituaries

These are family obituaries that have been compiled, transcribed, and submitted by other researchers. If you would like to post your family obituaries here, please Contact Me for more information.

Allen Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Kathy Carter
Campbell/Royalty Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Nancy Hartman
Hughes Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Keith Hughes
Rice Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Lexi Romero
Mannon Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Lexi Romero
Matthews Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Lexi Romero
Brown Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Lenore Sroka
Railsback Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Donna (Railsback) Braly
Madison Family Obituaries
Courtesy of Alyce Madison

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