Who's Who in Jefferson County, Nebraska
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Who's Who in Nebraska
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NEGenWeb Project - Jefferson County
Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940

Who's Who

Naomi W. Ellsworth

EGEND says the first white men in Jefferson County were squaw men--usually French-Canadians--who were living with the Indians. But like the Indians, they were nomadic, and can hardly be termed settlers. The true settlers are those who arrived in the late fifties and sixties, bringing their families and planning a life of farming. The prosperity of later Jefferson County citizens was made possible by the conquering of hardships and privations by these pioneers.
   It was either Daniel Patterson at Big Sandy, or Newton Glenn at Rock creek, who built Jefferson County's first residence. Both arrived in 1865, two years after Jack Nye was reported to have settled on the Little Blue river near the Big Sandy station. According to some early pioneers, Nye left when the Indians proved too hostile, and it is said he was killed on the return trip to the east.
   Patterson and D. C. McCandles did the first planting on Jefferson County soil, in 1859. Both had fields near the mouth of Rose creek, and their harvests were bountiful. McCandles possessed the county's only plow, which he had bought at Leavenworth, Kas. A great deal of ground was broken with this plow, for all the neighboring farmers borrowed it. Rye, wheat and oats were sown broadcast and brushed into the soil with log-spiked harrows or bushy tree branches dragged over the fields.
   The southern part of this county--near the Kansas-Nebraska border -- is very rough, and through it flow the Little and Big Blue rivers. Soil in these river valleys is a light sandy loam. The county's northern section, on the other hand, is mostly high rolling prairie land, with rich dark loam soil. The government's first survey of the county, made in 1857, emphasized the agricultural value of the lowlands, but said nothing of the prairie's farming possibilities. Today, however, the uplands have proved the county's best agricultural area.
   To supply the needs of travelers going to California gold fields and the Oregon country, several persons early established ranches and stores in Jefferson County. Joel Helvey came in 1859 to the Little Sandy creek, about four miles east of Big Sandy, and with his sons did a general ranching and station house business for the next ten years. George Weisel opened a ranch and store the same year Helvey did. He continued to do business on the Big Sandy until the Oregon Trail fell into disuse. D. C. Jenkins, returning from Pike's Peak in 1859, erected a cabin a short distance below Big Sandy station and used it as a small store. A year later he built a toll bridge across the stream. He carried on a station business until 1864, when he bought the west ranch at Rock creek.
   Dennis Myers filed the first Jefferson County land warrant, Jan. 16, 1860. His claim was directly north of the present town of Harbine. Four months later Benjamin Ogden and James Shepherd took out their claims, and James L, McCandles filed in August of that year. These men all got their land by exercising squatters' rights. After the homestead law was passed in 1862, the first man to take advantage of it in Jefferson County was Jacob Tenesh. He located southwest of the present town of Powell, on the Big Sandy. Tenesh was followed by hundreds of sturdy pioneers, who stayed through the lean years and were the county's backbone.
   Jefferson County was first organized in 1864, when an election was held on the Big Sandy. Three years later an act of the territorial legislature enlarged it by combining it with Jones County on the west. In 1871 another legislative act dissolved this union of the two counties, and the eastern part, which had been called Jones County, was named Jefferson. Between 1857 and 1864 Jefferson was attached to Gage County for judicial purposes.
   Meridian was Jefferson County's first town, being founded about 1868. It boasted the county's first drug store, which Scott Lewis operated from 1868 to 1871, when he moved his stock to Fairbury, the new county seat. The first school in the county, however, was held in 1860. Valentine Kyle, another who returned from the Pike's Peak gold rush, taught classes in a log cabin close to the Big Sandy.
   In this log cabin schoolhouse the county's first sermon was preached, by the Rev. J. B. Maxfield in 1862. Rev. Ives Marks of Rose Creek two years later organized a Sunday School which met in this building. A church was built in 1864, also, and services were conducted in it for many years.
   For the next several years, the county prospered, while new settlers took nearly all the available land. In 1871 the county seat was placed at Fairbury, located on the Little Blue near--the county's geographical center. A building for a

in Nebraska

courthouse was erected that year on the southwest corner of the square. Nineteen years later a $60,000 courthouse was completed in the center of the square.
   The summer of 1874 was the most disastrous in pioneer times. A long drouth had nearly ruined the crops and a cloud of grasshoppers completed the devastation. These insects arrived in such numbers that they darkened the sun. Grasshoppers did not seriously bother Jefferson County crops again until 1936, and in 1937 they caused the most damage of any year since pioneer times.
   A railroad through Jefferson County was first planned at a meeting in St. Joseph, Mo., in 1857. Thirteen years later the St. Joseph and Denver City railroad reached Jefferson County. Completion of this line virtually eliminated travel over the old Oregon Trail. In 1886-87 the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific built a line through the county, and in 1912 the Union Pacific completed Jefferson's railway development by beginning to run trains through Fairbury. In that year, too, the route of the Oregon Trail was marked with small stone monuments.
   By the year 1900 Jefferson County's agricultural resources had been developed enough to support a county fair. The first exposition was managed by Jasper Helvey, president of the board, and H. P. Showalter, secretary. Two years later Fairbury boasted forty-six business structures, aggregating $97,000 in value. In April, 1902, the complete south side of the square was destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt by Christmas of the same year.
   The Jefferson County Y. M. C. A. was organized in 1920, with A. H. Hiltner as secretary. E. J. Hested was elected chairman and has held the office since. A year later Camp Jefferson, west of Endicott, was purchased as a recreational center for the county citizens. It provides facilities for everyone, and seven Sunday School classes are conducted there regularly.
   Editor's note: An interesting sidelight on the history of Jefferson County is given by Andreas' History of Nebraska in which is described "one of the most desperate battles ever waged on the American continent between savage tribes." Sixteen thousand Indian warriors fought for three days, with a loss of life estimated at 5,000. Pawnee and Sioux tribes, with their families, were battling over possession of disputed hunting grounds. This fierce engagement, Andreas writes, took place in 1832 "near the junction of the Big Sandy creek and the Little Blue rivers," within Jefferson County's borders. He continues:

   After a desperate struggle of three days the Sioux were compelled to withdraw from the battlefield, but not until 3,000 of their braves had fallen in the fatal, fruitless struggle for mastery over the disputed country. But the Pawnees paid dearly for their victory, 2,000 of their warriors having fallen... The infuriated Pawnees sought revenge by burning 700 prisoners at the stake during the engagement.
   This was the Waterloo of the great plains and gave mastery of this country to the Pawnee nation. This they never relinquished. They became the most warlike and powerful tribe on the plains, a terror both to the feebler tribes and the early settlers.
   Mr. D. C. Jenkins, from whom we received this tradition, received it in 1870 from Monsieur Mont Crevie, an old French trader, who claimed to have spent forty years of his life among the Indians on the plains and mountains. . . Owing to his extensive relationship he must have had a thorough knowledge of the various tribes and been well posted in their traditions, and since we cannot find any contradictory evidence we must credit it. The facts as herein stated were further corroborated by an old blind Pawnee warrior who claimed to be the only survivor of the terrible conflict.
   That this Pawnee was the battle's only survivor, however is incorrect, for it is quite probable that many of them were quite young and would now (1882) be only about sixty years of age.
   James B. Hickock "Wild Bill," a native of Illinois, came first into prominent notice by his memorable fight at Rock Creek in Jefferson County.
   "Wild Bill" was then known simply as Jim Hickock, and was tending stock for the Ben Halliday Stage company at Rock Creek in 1861. J. McCaulas, an early Jefferson County settler and southern sympathizer, attempted to persuade Hickock to join a Southern company McCaulas was organizing, turn over the stage company's stock and go south. On Hickock's refusal, McCaulas threatened to kill him and take the stock.
   When McCaulas returned that afternoon with three men, Hickock saw them coming and prepared. He killed McCaulas with a rifle shot as the latter stepped through the front door, turned and killed two of the others with his revolvers as they stepped through the back door The fourth man saw what was happening through a window and escaped, but only after he was followed for some distance.
   Hickock was tried at Beatrice, Gage County. His plea was self-defense, and no one appearing against him he was released. It is evident that the design of the men was to take his life or it is most probable that the man who escaped would have appeared at the trial.
   The log house on Rock Creek, where this fatal encounter occurred can still be seen. It is situated about two miles east of Endicott, in Jefferson County, on the line of the Republican River Branch of the Burlington & Missouri railroad.

   ACKERMAN, ANTON DECKERT: Jeweler; b Peru Ill June 5, 1867; s of Herman Ackerman-Sophie Deckert; ed Peru, Ill; m Lydia B Hess Dec 18, 1889 Peru Ill; s Edwin Bernard, Arthur Henry, Walter Herman Lewis; d Sophia B (Mrs William H Nider), Lucille E (Mrs T L James); 1886-89 appr in jewelry store, La Salle Ill; 1890- owner & opr A D Ackerman Jewelry Store, Fairbury; 1899 watch inspector CRI&P & UP RRs; ch mbr Neb St Jewelers Assn; ch mbr Neb St Optical Assn; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; KT; Presby Ch; Rep; bobby, fishing; res 519 6th, Fairbury.

   AINLAY, GEORGE W: Physician & Surgeon; b Farnam, Neb Oct 18, 1896; s of William J Ainlay- Katherine E Albert; ed Farnam & Holdrege; Neb Wes, BFA 1917; U of N, BSc, MD 1927; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; m Adaline N Mickey May 31, 1917 Lincoln; s George W Jr, John M; d Patricia A; 1927-29 interne Uni Hosp, Omaha; 1929- prac with Fairbury Clinic. Fairbury; 1930 VP Fairbury sch bd; during World War, army field arty replacement depot, Camps Funston, Taylor, Knox; Amer Leg, comm


Who's Who

1934-35; BPOE; AF&AM 35; RAM; KT; C of C; Kiwanis; Country Club; secy Jefferson Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; commanding ofcr Co D 110th med regiment NNG; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, music; off First Natl Bank Bldg; res 923 G, Fairbury.

   BACHORITCH, CECIL JAMES: Owner Investment Co; b Fairbury, Neb May 29, 1890; s of Frank J Bachoritch-Martha E Brubaker; ed Fairbury HS 1909; U of N, BA 1914; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Irene Costello Nov 9, 1916 Fairbury; 1914-19 founder & ptr McGee-Bachoritch Ins Agcy, Fairbury; 1919-33 founder & ptr Bachoritch-Yeakle Ins Agcy; 1919 founded Home Saving & Loan Co, now secy-treas; 1923- founder, 1st pres City Investment Co, Fairbury, owner since 1933; BPOE; Rotary; C of C; past pres Kiwanis; ch mbr, dir Country Club; Natl Assn of. Sales Finance Cos; Amer Finance Conf; Neb Assn of Discount Cos; Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; Amer Assn of Personal Finance Cos; Amer Philatelic Soc; hobbies, stamp collecting, photography, golf; off 511 E; res 809 7th, Fairbury.

   BIEHN, ALBERT L: Educator; b Lincoln, Neb June 20, 1902; s of John Biehn-Edna Graves; ed Hebron HS 1920; U of N, BA 1927, MA 1934; PSTC; Kas St Agrl Coll; Northwestern U; Wis U; Morehead Minn Tchrs Coll; grad work, U of Wis; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Kappa; "K" Club, Kas Aggies; "P" Club, Peru; m Velma Willmore Dec 25, 1926 Hebron; s Don Lorenz; 1923-24 instr & coach, Guide Rock HS; 1924-25 asst coach & instr, Fairbury HS; 1925-36 coach & history tchr, Fairbury HS, football teams undefeated 1927-35; 1933 track team won mid state track championship; 1936- prin & history tchr, Fairbury; 1936 basketball team won dist tournament; has completed requirements for PhD, to be conferred during 1940 at U of N; Dad of DeMolay, Fairbury 1934-35; NEA: NSTA; Schoolmasters Club; C of C; VP Kiwanis; AF&AM, past master; RAM, past high priest; York Rite 29, past comm; Chris Ch; hobby, athletics; off HS; res 1023 H, Fairbury.

   BOCKHOLDT, FRED: Hardware Dealer: b Neuburg, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany Apr 8, 1869; s of Martin Bockholdt-Sophie Sass; ed Jefferson Co; St Paul's Luth Parochial Sch, Plymouth; m Sophie Jordening Jan 14, 1892 Jefferson Co; s William C (dec 1909), Fred H, Louis H, Raymond M (dec 1931); d Ida (Mrs George Helliger), Ella M (Mrs Irvin Bode), Esther; 1873 came from Germany to Joliet Ill; 1878 came to Jefferson Co; 1890-1904 farmed with father in Jefferson Co; 1904-26 owner half int in hdw & impl bus, Plymouth; 1926- owner & opr hdw bus, Plymouth; chmn town bd; mbr sch bd 26 years; AAA chmn pct com; Rep, committeeman, Plymouth pct; St Paul Luth Ch; hobbies, plumbing, mechanics; res Plymouth.

   BRICKELL, ORVILLE C: Auto Dealer; b Alton, Kas Aug 15, 1893; s of Archie M Brickell-Saphronia McConnell; ed Fairbury HS 1912; m Lucile M Hurlburt Dec 8, 1914 Fairbury; s Robert O (dec 1938); d Ruth, Kathleen; 1912-19 salesman for A H Jones Co, Hastings; 1919-23 with Fairbury Nurseries; 1923- owner O C Brickell Co, Chevrolet dealers; past pres C of C, mbr good roads com, 1930-34 arranged for coop road bldg program & 128 miles gravelled roads in Jefferson Co, 1937-39 com helped obtain two viaducts over railroads in Fairbury & oil roads from Beatrice to Fairbury; dir Neb St Auto Dlrs Assn; 1936- dir planning com Omaha zone Chevrolet Dlrs Assn; past pres Kiwanis; Country Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; AF&AM; RAM; KT; BPOE; trustee & deacon Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 18th & Spruce Ave, Fairbury.

   BRUNK, HOMER L: County Clerk; b Jefferson Co, Neb July 18, 1899; s of Fred Brunk-Lydia Timm; ed Western HS; Fairbury Bus Coll; m Edna Nispel June 24, 1923 Plymouth; 1918-19 farmed in Jefferson Co; 1919-24 emp in Gerhardts Gen Mdse Store, Plymouth; 1924-32 mgr Farmers Store, Diller; 1933-35 emp in Fairbury; 1935-39 owner & opr Farmers Store, Fairbury; 1939 Jefferson Co clk; C of C; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, outdoor sports, trap shooting; off Courthouse; res 820 G, Fairbury.

   BUSWELL, JOHN WESLEY: Druggist; b Kentland, Ind Mar 19, 1878; s of Rev William Mann Buswell- Malissa Haritt; ed Plattsmouth; m Estella Hauser Sept 16, 1903 Beatrice (dec); 1897-1902 with Beckwith Drug Co, Beatrice; 1902-05 with Harley Drug Co, Lincoln; 1905-19 owner & mgr Buswell Drug Store, Beatrice; 1909-10 owner & mgr Buswell Drug Store, Paducah Texas; 1910-14 with Harley Drug Co, Lincoln; 1914-30 ptr in Spear-Buswell Drug Co, Fairbury; 1930- pres Spear-Buswell Drug Co, Inc; dir Fairbury State Bank; dir Fairbury ARC; past pres C of C; past pres, past secy Rotary; past pres city coun; past pres of Neb Rexall Club; dir YMCA; mbr finance com Meth Ch, lay del Neb annual conf; hobbies, baseball, fishing; res 827 E, Fairbury.

   CATLIN, CAREY GILES: County Treasurer; b Henry Co, Ia Nov 23, 1861; s of Samuel B Catlin-Mary Emeline Ives; ed Middletown Ia; m Orpha Elizabeth Rockhold July 4, 1885 Belleville Kas; s Floyd E, Fay L; d Florence D (Mrs Fred E Hadley), Gertrude C (Mrs Arthur W Kimball), Ruth (dec 1899); 1875-80 teleg opr CB&Q RR, Middletown Ia; 1880-82 teleg opr MoP RR Atchison Kas; 1882-87 opr & station agt, MoP RR, Kas; 1887-96 opr & agt for CRI&P RR, Neb & Kas; 1896-1903 opr & agt, Fairbury; 1903-05 ptr in Ayres & Catlin Impl Co, Fairbury; 1905-10 owner & opr C G Catlin Impl Co, Fairbury; 1909-24 opr Ford agcy; 1924-35 son ptr in bus; 1935- Jefferson Co treas; direct descendent Gov William Bradford; 5 ancestors served in Revolutionary War; AF&AM; Eastridge Golf Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf, genealogy; off Courthouse; res 1027 5th, Fairbury.

   CATLIN, FLOYD E: Auto Dealer; b Lenora, Kas Oct 23, 1886; s of C G Catlin-Orpha E Rockhold; ed Fairbury HS 1905; m Mabel McFarland Dec 4, 1907 Colorado Springs Colo; d Dorothy C (Mrs R J Brown), Doris C; 1905-08 with father in impl bus; 1908-18 in U S postal service; 1918-28 in auto bus with father who shipped in first Fords for S Neb; 1923-28 opr Hudson-Essex agcy; 1928- opr Graham agcy; 1930- also in auto maintenance work; helped org Kiwanis Club, opr Camp Jefferson 16 years; tchr scout master sch; scout master 10 years, org one of first 3 troops in Fairbury; past mbr bd of edn; mayor Fairbury 1938-39; C of C; past special dep conservation ofcr, Neb game, forestation & parks commission; First Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, magic; res 1208 H, Fairbury.

   CAVETT, LEWIS MANSON: Publisher; b Boone Co, Ind July 8, 1876; s of Andrew J Cavett-Miami Coupland; ed Diller HS; m Grace Isabelle Pearce 1898 Diller; m Martha Bixbey Diller May 80, 1917 Wilber; s Claude E, Frank L; d Fern A (Mrs Lloyd M Hurst), Veda Mae (Mrs Alvin Hirsch); 1889-1900 learned printing trade under Frank F Pearce, Jefferson Co Record; asst P M, Diller 1892; 1900-34 carp, gen contr in various parts of Neb; 1934- owner-publisher Diller Record; past mbr village bd; pres sch bd; active in band; NPA: Comml Club; AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch, SS tchr 25 years; Rep; hobby, music; res Diller.

   CHAMBERS, MARGARET M: Press Correspondent; b Jefferson Co, Neb Sept 13, 1887; d of James Chambers-Susannah Shackelford; ed Fairbury HS 1905; Fairbury Bus Coll; Richard Burton Schs, Minneapolis Minn; Moody Bible Inst, Chicago; chmn press & publicity com NFWC, 1912-33 dept leader; 1933- club correspondent Fairbury News & Fairbury Journal; 1934- press correspondent & feature writer; 1935- writer of column for Inter-Church Messenger; 1937- mgr own farm; 1926-28 pres Womans Club; secy Jefferson Co Hist Soc; recording secy Fairbury Comm Chest; WCTU; hobbies, nature study, photography; res 1105 7th Fairbury.

   CHASTAIN, KENNETH M: Grocer; b Hutchinson, Kas Nov 16, 1909; s of Fred H Chastain-Carrie Munson; ed Macksville Kas; Manhattan HS; Kas St Coll, Manhattan, 1930; Delta Tau Delta; m Hazel Allen June 25, 1935 Marysville, Kas; step-d Elaine Rodgers; 1930- with father & brother opr groc stores in Manhattan, Junction City Kas & Fairbury; 1931- opr Chastain's Food Store, Fairbury; C of C; mbr mchts com; BPOE; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, golf, hunting; res 524 E, Fairbury.

   CLARKE, H L: Physician & Surgeon; b Ontario, Canada June 10, 1858; s of Lewis J Clarke-Deborah Teeple; ed Aylmer Ontario, Canada; normal sch, Toronto Canada; U of Mich, MD 1882; N Y Med Coll, MD 1882; m Alice E Corwin Apr 30, 1884 Grass Lake Mich; s Corwin S, Harvey L, Jr; 1882-84 prac, Grass Lake Mich; 1884-86 prac, Fremont, O; 1886- prac in Fairbury, past city health ofcr; past Jefferson Co phys; Amer Inst Homeopathy Natl; MWA; WOW; First Bapt Ch, deacon past 22 years & 7 years chmn of bd, chmn bd of trustees 10 years; tchr men's Bible Class 19 years; hobbies, building; off Steele Bldg; res 618 6th, Fairbury.


in Nebraska

   COOK, JOSEPH E: Chief of Police; b Fairbury, Neb Jan 1, 1896; s of Enoch Cook-Alice Brown; ed Fairbury Bus Coll; m Zelma A Watts Jan 6, 1922 Washington Kas; s Gerald E. Joseph E Jr, Gerald D; d Audrey; 1915-18 & 1919-24 farmed in Jefferson Co; 1924- with Fairbury police dept, 1924-26 night chief, 1926- chief of police; 1938 one of org, VP Neb Policemans Assn, 1939 1st VP; 1918-19 in U S army during World War, O/S with 38th div 138th field arty; Amer Leg; VFW; C of C; IOOF; KP; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 1602 D, Fairbury.

   CUMMINGS, ALONZO GUY: Pharmacist; b Delhi, Ia. June 15, 1885; s, of Judson Alexander Cummings-Florence Breach; ed Tobias HS; Babcock Sch of Pharm, Des Moines Ia 1915-17; 1913-15 druggist with Walter Wright, Callaway; 1917-18 with C J Linehart Drug Store, Norman; 1918-23 with Lynn Thompson Drug Store, Scottsbluff; 1923-28 emp in drug stores in Cal; 1928-29 with Terminal Drug Store, Lincoln; 1929- mgr J A Cummings Drug Store, Daykin; past mbr town bd; past pres Business Mens Club; past pres Comm Club; past mgr & treas Baseball Club; IOOF, Tobias; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, horse races; res Daykin.

   CUMMINGS, JUDSON ALEXANDER: Druggist; b Delhi, Ia. Feb 15, 1853; s of Ephriam Cummings- Lucinda Stone; ed Delhi Ia; m Florence Breach June 13, 1877 Delhi Ia; s Louis L, Ira L, Arlington E, Alonzo G, Lester J, Richard T; d Cora L (Mrs G A Wilson), Jaso P (Mrs E I Beggs); teleg opr short time; learned drug trade in Delhi Ia; 1887 came to Beatrice; 1887-89 emp in Drake Drug Store, Beatrice; 1889-1915 opr drug store, Tobias; 1915-29 owner & opr drug store in Daykin; 1929 ret, 50 years a druggist, son now mgr; past mbr town & sch bds of Tobias; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Daykin.

   DAVIS, HOMER MILTON: Lumber, Hardware & Grain Dealer; b Orleans, Neb Aug 7, 1896; s of Rev J W Davis-Lavina Dodds; ed Cowles HS 1915; Neb Wes; m Frances Matilda Haase Mar 29, 1919 Lincoln; d Mary Jean, Verna Elaine, Helen Maxine; 1919-20 emp as a mechanic in Jordan Repair Shop, Lincoln; 1920-27 owner & opr garage, Denton; 1927-28 yard man for Melville Lbr Co, Keystone, 1928-39 mgr; 1939- part owner & mgr Pauley-Davis Co, lbr & hdw dirs, Reynolds; past mbr Denton town bd; mbr sch bd; chief of vol fire dept; during World War enl in U S air corps Dec 2, 1917, O/S 13 mos, staff ofcr with 3rd AIC in France, disch at Mineola N Y Feb 1919; Amer Leg, 317; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; IOOF, Ogallala; AF&AM 159; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, raising chickens; res Reynolds.

   DAVIS, RUSSELL A: Abstractor; b Fairbury, Neb Dec 7, 1893; s of J Monroe Davis-Jane Arnell; ed Fairbury HS 1911; Neb Wes, BA 1915; Everett; m Maria Dawson Oct 14, 1915 Bennet; s James Monroe Jr; 1915-17 with father in abstract off, Fairbury; 1919-20 emp in abstractors off, Fairfield Idaho, also homesteaded; 1921- mgr Jefferson Co Abstract off; 1916-17 & 1926-30 city clk, Fairbury; 1931-33 mbr city coun, 1933 pres; during World War, Oct 12, 1917 enl in US army Fort Logan Colo; QMC Madison Barracks N Y, commd 2nd lt QMC Fort Myer Va, disch Dec 20, 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; 1928-29 pres Neb Title Assn; Amer Title Assn; C of C, past pres, past dir; AF&AM; past secy, Rotary; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, Amer Leg work; res 1014 E, Fairbury.

   DENNEY, ARTHUR J: Attorney; b Daykin, Neb Aug 24, 1889; s of Charles H Denney-Dora A Reesman; ed Fairbury HS 1907; Fairbury Bus Coll 1907; Creighton U, LLB 1919; m Helen Weaver Jan 5, 1914 Fairbury; s Max A, Robert V, Richard James; d Maxine H (Mrs Joseph J Nelson); while in HS, active in football, capt basketball team, track, pres sr class; 1907 bkkpr Jefferson Co Bank, Daykin & steno in fathers law off at Fairbury; 1908-14 P 0 clk, Fairbury; 1914-20 RR postal clk at Council Bluffs Ia while att law coll at Omaha; Apr 6, 1920 adm to bar & recd certificate from supreme court; 1920-32 prac with father in Fairbury; 1936-37 prac with son Max A; 1937- prac indep; pres Jefferson Co Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past pres C of C; past pres, past lt gov div 6 Neb-Ia dist & past gov of Neb-Ia dist, Kiwanis; twice past master AF&AM; past high priest RAM; past comm KT, grand generalissimo of Neb; Sesostris Shrine; councilor DeMolay; past worthy patron OES; IOOF; BPOE; past bd mbr Country Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; hobby, athletics; off Fairbury State Bank Bldg; res 608 J, Fairbury.

   DIEHL, OLIN CARL: Physician & Surgeon; b Marshall Co, Ill Dec 25, 1872; s of Ezekias Diehl-Mary Francis Chapman; ed Henry Ill HS; Creighton U, MD 1902; Chicago Polyclinic 1909-13; Phi Rho Sigma; m Lois R Rhodes June 4, 1902 Beatrice; s Oliver R; d Eleanor R (Mrs W C Steffensmeyer) ; 1894-98 sch tchr Gage Co; 1902-07 prac in Reynolds; 1907- prac Diller; 1907- mbr bd of health; AMA; Diller Comml Club; Beatrice Country Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, golf, travel, hunting; res Diller.

   DILLER, J SMITH: Farm Manager; b Plainfield, Penn Feb 12, 1872; s of John Bear Diller-Katherine Smith; ed Diller; Beatrice Bus Coll; m Nellie Madden 1896 Beatrice (dec); s Neal V, John Carroll, Aubrey, Robert, Henry; m Laura Mays 1912 Omaha; s Franklin Laurice, Roger, Stanley Vaughn; d Marian Lois, Eloise, Rachel Ellen, Julia Ann; 1890-97 bkkpr Peoples State Bank, Diller; 1897-1905 farmed; 1905-16 lbr dlr Diller; 1916-18 VP Citizens State Bank, 1918-32 cash; 1932- farm mgr & ins agt; 1906- mbr bd of edn dist 70; village clk 4 years; chmn local pct com AAA, treas wheat & corn-hog allotment programs; Farm Bur; ACP; AF&AM; ch mbr MWA; Presby Ch; secy-treas Prot Orphan's Home at Diller; res Diller.

   DILLER, SAMUEL HENRY: Hardware Dealer; b Carlisle, Penn Dec 16, 1873; s of John Bear Diller-Katherine A Smith; ed Fairbury HS; m Anna Brown Jan 1, 1900 Fairbury; d Catherine (Mrs Robert C Wiles), Susanna (dec 1917); 1897-1903 emp by W G Uhley & Co, Fairbury; 1903-28 ptr of W G Uhley in Diller Clothing Co, Fairbury; 1929- ptr in Howell-Diller Hdw Co; 2 terms mbr city coun; 2 terms mbr sch bd; mbr cemetery bd, treas since 1919; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; KT; Presby Ch, mbr since 1893, past trustee & past treas, choir leader many years; Rep; hobby, gardening; res 803 7th, Fairbury.

   DUIS, PAEBE ALBERT: Hardware Dealer; b Rockport Mo; Aug 24, 1890; s of Ralph Duis-Hannah Luebben; ed Gage Co; m Sophia Wieters Feb 10, 1916 Lanham; d Lauline (Mrs Lauren Blacksher), Maxine; farmed with father in Gage Co until 1916; 1916-29 farmed indep; 1929-37 farmed in Jefferson Co; 1937- owner & opr hdw store, Steele City; secy sch bd; Steele City Mens Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Steele City.

   EDMUND, JOHN MARTIN: Osteopath; b Trenton, Neb Mar 16, 1891; s of L J Edmund-Amanda Louise Foerste; ed Grand Island Coll Acad; Grand Island Coll, BA 1913; U of N, summer 1915; Neb Wes 1916; Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, Kirksville Mo, DO 1920; Theta Psi; m Marguerite Stoner Sept 14, 1917 Beatrice; s John Martin Jr; d Eileen L, Phyllis R; 1920 interne Amer Surgical & Osteopathic Hosp, Kirksville Mo; 1920- prac, Fairbury; 1926-37 owner & opr Edmund-Hasen Hosp, Fairbury; 1925-26 mbr city coun; ch mbr Kiwanis; C of C; past mbr YMCA, past secy, past mbr Jefferson Co exec com; Eastridge Golf Club; BPOE, esteemed leading knight; IOOF, past noble grand & chief patriarch, patriarch militant, Lincoln; SE Dist Osteopathic Assn, past pres; Neb Osteopathic Assn; Amer Osteopathic Assn; Amer Osteopathic Assn; Bapt Ch, past SS supt, deacon; Rep; hobbies, flower gardening; off 510 1/2 E; res 904 6th, Fairbury.

   ELLSWORTH, MRS NAOMI W: Librarian; b Fairbury, Neb Mar 18, 1903; d of Albert Delano-Carrie Harris; ed Fairbury HS 1919; m A C Ellsworth July 25, 1921 Fairbury; emp in teleg & payroll depts of CRI&P RR during HS vacations; 1919-21 timekeeper in off of supt CRI&P RR; 1924-28 asst librarian, Fairbury city lib; 1928- librarian; past pres B&PW Club; Neb Lib Assn, VP 1938; ALA; YWCA; First Chris Ch; hobbies, poetry, literature, nature study; res RFD Fairbury.

   ELSE, IRL ROY: Banker; b Hollenberg, Kas; s of William M Else-Emily Packer; ed Hollenberg Kas; Washington Kas HS 1904; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill, BA 1917; m Gertrude Lynch Apr 5, 1931 Fairbury; s Willis Irl, Wilbert Harold; 1914-16 sch tchr, Washington Kas; 1917 bkkpr for Citizen's State Bank, Diller; 1917-30 cash Harbine Bank, Fairbury, now Fairbury State Bank; 1930-36 with father oprd real est loan bus; 1936- org & opr Fairbury State Bank; during World War in U S army, hdqrs Co, Camp Funston, Kas 1918-19; Kiwanis; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, outdoor sports; res 903 8th, Fairbury.


Who's Who

   FAST, HERMAN T: Bank Cashier; b Jansen, Neb May 23, 1891; s of Jacob J Fast-Agnes Thiesen; ed Jansen HS; m Hulda Oblander June 21 1919 Arnett Okla; s Robert J; worked with father who was P M & owner gen mdse store in Jansen until 1914; 1914 owner store in Harbine; 1915-18 owner gen store pur from father at Jansen, also was P M, 1919-20 asst cash State Bank of Jansen, 1920- cash; past mbr sch bd; past band leader of Jansen; 1918-Jan 1919 during World War in US army, Fort Riley Kas; Amer Leg, past comm; Fairbury Country Club; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Me; Chris Ch; hobbies, golf, fishing, music; res Jansen.

   FORNEY, ELMER DIEHL: Farmer; b Woodford Co, Ill Aug 25, 1874; s of Adolphus W Forney-Mary Ann Diehl; ed Daykin; m Viola Graves Dec 27, 1898 Saline Co; s Rollin A, Lester W; d Helen (Mrs Clyde Damke), Florence (Mrs Kermitt Erickson); came to Daykin Mar 15, 1889 with mother, met father who came earlier; 1889- farmer near Daykin; 1916- representative Stark Bros Nursery, Louisiana Mo; 1917-37 agt for Farmers Mutual Ins Co, Lincoln; 1938- agt for Woodman Accident Ins Co, Lincoln; Meth supt SS 6 years; Rep; hobby, raising fruit; res Daykin.

   FREEMAN, WILLIAM GUY: Merchant; b Fairbury Neb Mar 20, 1879; s of W P Freeman-Ida Pierce; ed Fairbury; m Bessie Owen Oct 22, 1907 Fairbury; d Marjorie D (Mrs H S Bennell); 1896 with Timmerman Bakery, Fairbury; also with Ed Lyons gen mdse store; 1896-1902 appr & machinist with Fairbury Iron Works, now Fairbury Windmill Co; 1902-06 machinist with RRs & contract shops in various parts of U S; 1906 estab bicycle & gun repair shop, Fairbury; 1910 branched into second-hand store; 1918 discontinued repair shop, since opr Freeman Store; 1927 built one of first vans in US ever to opr successfully on Chevrolet chassis; 1918-20 mbr city coun; 1898 in Co D 2nd Neb vol inf during Sp-Amer War, Chickamauga Park Ga: past mbr Internatl Assn of Machinists: Rotary, past pres; past pres C of C: AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, pictorial history of Fairbury, rock gardening; res 1010 6th, Fairbury.

   GALBRAITH, MRS EDNA ELLEN: Homemaker; b Fairbury, Neb Jan 26, 1892; d of Wilson Shoebotham-Ruth Augusta Clampitt; ed Fairbury HS 1910; m Clarence James Galbraith Sept 18, 1912 Fairbury; s George Wilson; d Ruthanna (Mrs Ronald C Chase), Maxine Wilma, Catherine Jean; father came from London, Canada to Jefferson Co 1869: 1910-11 clk in Latzke Dry Goods Co, Fairbury; 1912 homemaker & clubwoman; pres & past VP Fairbury Womans Club; past secy Fairbury Tri-Club; past secy Fortnightly Club; mbr exec bd Comm Chest; pres exec bd Jefferson Co YWCA; capt Girl Scout troop 3: tchr Fairbury Week-Day Bible Sch; First Chris Ch; past pres Evening Missionary Soc, past VP womans coun, benevolent secy; 1934-39 SS tchr: hobby, gardening, club work; res 701 F, Fairbury.

   GALLAMORE, JOHN THOMAS: Chiropractor; b Gallatin, Mo July 16, 1875; s of Samuel Gallamore- Nancy Elizabeth Mapes; ed Gallatin Mo; Crabtree Chiropractic Coll, Coffeyville Kas; Neb Chiropractic Coll, Lincoln; m Edythe Octiva Blakely (dec); m Pearl L Nichols Nov 25, 1936 Lincoln; s Samuel Etter; 1912-13 chiropractor, Fremont; 1913-16 chiropractor, Lincoln; 1916- chiropractor, Fairbury; pres Fairbury Fellowship League; 1919-22 mbr at bd of chiropractic examiners; Neb Chiropractic Assn; C of C; Rotary; BPOE; AF&AM; IOOF; res & off 408% 4th, Fairbury.

   GATES, DALE L: Merchant; b Fairbury, Neb July 12, 1894; s of John D Gates-Hattie Wirt; ed Jefferson Ia; m Ruth Rosenquist June 22, 1925 Denver; d Marlene Joyce; 1924-21 (sic) with Frank Fincher, clothier, Fairbury; 1921-28 with Uhley & Diller Clothing Co, Fairbury; 1928-31 ptr of Will Uhley & Roy Livingston, clothiers; 1931- ptr, Livingston & Gates, clothiers; during World War, ent U S army June 15, 1918 O/S with 84th div of Camp Sherman O, tsfrd to 320th machine gun batt of 82nd div, disch May 1919; Amer Leg; VFW; C of C; Kiwanis, pres & past dir; Country Club; First Chris Ch; hobbies, golf, billiards; res 927 H, Fairbury.

   GERKEN, JOSEPH FRED: Clergyman; b McPherson Co, Kas Oct 2, 1893; s of Cord Gerken-Catherine Timken; ed St Johns Coll, Winfield Kas; Concordia Seminary, St Louis, Mo BA, 1918; m Marie A Salzman June 30, 1919 Yuma Colo; s Robert C, Phillip J, Richard J (dec), James Paul; d Frances Claire; 1918-22 traveling missionary for Mo synod Luth Ch, Akron Colo; 1922- minister & religious instr Immanuel Luth Ch near Plymouth; Blue Valley conf; Rep; hobbies, gardening, fishing; res RFD 2, Plymouth.

   GRETZINGER, ADAM HERWIG: Farmer; b Adams Co, 0 Dec 27, 1879; s of John Gretzinger-Catherine Herwig; ed Jefferson Co; m Cora J Bixby Sept 19, 1907 Diller; s Reuben J; d Bernice, Margaret (Mrs Lyle Cassell), Ruth; 1900- farmer near Steele City; mbr bd of edn 18 years; past pres Steele City sch bd 9 years; AF&AM 206; Steele City Mens Club; MWA; Presby Ch, elder; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Steele City.

   HARTIGAN, JOHN C: Attorney; b Kansas City, Mo May 20, 1870; s of Michael A Hartigan-Martha Crandall; ed Plattsmouth HS; Hastings Coll; m Nelle Brown June 5, 1895 Hastings; s John M, Richard M; d Kathleen (Mrs F L Catlin); 1889 adm to bar; 1889-94 prac, Hastings; 1894- prac law, Fairbury; 1901-02 mayor; city atty several terms; past chaplain maj & col 2nd NNG, adjt gen of Neb 1909-11; during Sp-Amer War, lt Co D 2nd Neb vol inf, Chickamauga Park Ga; IOOF; BPOE; past pres & ch mbr Rotary; past secy C of C; Jefferson Co & Neb St Bar Assns; off First Natl Bank; res 1018 G, Fairbury.

   HEATH, GEORGE ARTHUR: Physician & Surgeon; b Athens, O Feb 10, 1873; s of James H Heath-Isabelle Tope; ed Geneva; Ill Med Coll, MD; Chicago Post Grad Coll 1901, 1907; m Addle B Waggoner Sept 1, 1898 Daykin; s James Barton; d Bernice Helen (Mrs Ray Otten); 1897-1907 prac med, Daykin; 1907- prac med, Fairbury; past mbr city coun 5 years; mbr Jefferson Co Med Soc; mbr legislative com Neb St Med Assn; Country Club; C of C; AF&AM, RAM, KT, Sesostris Shrine; ch mbr, past pres Rotary; hobby fishing; off Harbine Bank Bldg; res 617 6th, Fairbury.

   HENRY, WILLIAM JOSEPH: Farmer: b Jefferson Co, Neb Aug 17, 1890; s of Benjamin Franklin Henry-Catherine Burkey; ed Jefferson Co; Fairbury Bus Coll 1908-10; m Lubt Brinkman Jan 22, 1913 Jefferson Co; s Walter Irvin, Wesley Everett, Wayne Edward; d Elinore Mae (dec 1925); 1911 opr home farm near Daykin; mbr & past pres Farmera Co-op Elevator; past dir Comm Club; dir Credit Union Assn; past deacon St John's Luth Ch; Rep; res RFD, Daykin.

   HOHENSEE, ELMER D: Grocer; b Daykin, Neb Sept 4, 1908; s of Sidney C Hohensee-Ida Strasser; ed Daykin HS 1926; m Velma Marschman Feb 18, 1936 Daykin; d Elaine Joyce; 1928-32 oprd mother's farm; 1932-36 farmed near Daykin; 1937- owner & opr groc & dry goods store, Daykin; secy Comm Club; mbr vol fire dept, secy; Luth Ch; hobby, traveling; res Daykin.

   HOLTGREWE, GEORGE FRANK: Grocer; b Franklin Co, Mo Sept 11, 1892; s of Herman J Holtgrewe- Mary Birkman; ed Johnson HS; m Alma L Ohlon July 1, 1912 Fairbury; s Rex LeRoy, George F Jr, Richard Dean, Theodore Allen; d Darlene LaVerne (Mrs Lyle E Weyand); 1906-08 emp in print shop, P O & RR station while in sch; 1908-19 emp by J F Holtgrewe Gen Mdse, Johnson; 1909-10 with H A Keehne Gen Mdse, Johnson; 1910-12 with Henry W Holtgrewe Gen Mdse, Daykin; 1912-14 ptr in Holtgrewe & Co, Hubbell; 1914-19 owner & opr George F Holtgrewe Gen Mdse; 1919-20 traveled for J C Ridnour Co, Grand Island; 1920 resided in Helvey short time; 1920- owner & opr George F Holtgrewe Gen Mdse Store, Daykin; 1928-31 P M Daykin; clk town bd 2 terms; past dir sch bd; 1935 mbr bldg com of bd that built schoolhouse; mbr good roads com, Comm Club; Evang Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, flowers; res Daykin.

   HOUSTON, FRANK A: Abstractor; b Wamego, Kas Mar 31, 1874; s of John Houston-Mary Carr; ed Manhattan Kas; Musgraves Bus Coll. Manhattan Kas; m Jessie V Davis June 19, 1899 Fairbury (dec 1938); d Lucile H (Mrs Frank Gaughenbaugh); 1892-96 clk for Purcell Trading Co, Manhattan Kas; 1896-1900 clk CRI&P RR Goodland Kas, Chickasha Okla, Fairbury Neb, Herington Kas; 1900-13 Jefferson Co clk; 1913- owner & opr abstract & investment off, also ptr in Houston & Swartz Coal & Paint Co; 1917- secy Fairbury B & L Assn; 1927- farmer, Jefferson Co. now owner & opr 6 farms; 1929- dir First Natl Bank, Fairbury; 1907-19 mbr city coun; 1913-14 mayor Fairbury; 1918 clk of dist court; AF&AM; KT; Scot Rite 32o, Sesos-


in Nebraska

tris Shrine; past dir C of C; past pres, dir, ch mbr Kiwanis; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobby, livestock; off 512 4th: res 820 D, Fairbury.

   HOWELL, CHARLES CLEMENT: Hardware Merchant; b Woodhull, Ill June 2, 1863; s of Lewis White Howell-Suzanna Howell; ed Woodhull Ill; m Lurene Leavitt Oct 9, 1890 La Harpe Ill; d Ruth Leavitt (Mrs Hays Hunter Culbertson); 1879-80 learned mdse bus & worked for H A Kufus; 1885-86 clk for George E Jenkins, Fairbury; 1886-88 ptr of brother in hdw store, Chester; 1888-99 clk, Eldridge & Gribben Hdw Store, Fairbury; 1899-1928 ptr, Howell Bros Hdw; 1928-30 owner Howell Bros, 1930 sold an int to Mr Diller, renamed bus Howell & Diller; 1931-32 mayor; mbr city coun 2 terms; past dir lib bd; Comm Chest; C of C; Rotary; pres Jefferson Co Hist Soc; past treas Country Club; hobbies, hunting, fishing, traveling & Indian lore; res 915 7th, Fairbury.

   HOWELL, RALPH PARKINSON: Lumber Dealer; b Butte, Mont May 18, 1893; s of James Wesley Howell-Rose Glampsier; ed Morganville Kas; Phillips Acad, Andover Mass 1910-11; Kas St Agrl Coll, Manhattan 1912-14; Beta Theta Pi; m Agnes Fox Feb 10, 1918 Washington Kas; s James Edward; d Lila Jean, Helen Belle; 1914-17 mgr lbr yard Morganville Kas; 1917-22 mgr lbr yard, Washington Kas; 1922- part owner & mgr Howell Lbr Co, Fairbury; also owner yards in Marysville, Clay Center, Morrowville & Mahaska Kas & in Steele City, Odell & Gladstone Neb; during World War in USN, trained at Great Lakes Ill, served on USS Vestal; Amer Leg; C of C; Country Club; Kiwanis; dir Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; AF&AM; Scot & York Rites; Isis Shrine, Salina Kas; BPOE; Presby Ch; Rep; res 1214 H, Fairbury.

   HUGHES, GLADYS I: Clerk of District Court; b Glenwood Springs, Colo Sept 19, 1892; d of Charles Hughes-Mabel Poff; ed Fairbury HS 1910; PSTC; foster-d Patricia Helen; 1910-12 tchr, Kesterson; 1913 tchr, Steele City; 1914-15 lived at Long Beach, Cal; 1916-17 tchr, Jefferson Co; 1917-18 tchr, Goodland Kas; 1918-19 asst prin, Daykin HS; 1918- clk of dist court; C of C; ch mbr Axis Club; Chris Ch; Dem; off Courthouse; res 822 9th, Fairbury.

   HUMPHREY, HALL H: Physician; b Western, Neb Nov 20, 1888; s of Charles William Humphrey-Allie Walker; ed Tobias HS 1906; U of N, 196-07; Cotner Med Coll, MD 1913; grad course in pediatrics, Washington U, St Louis 1929-30; m Elva Catherine Rauch June 18, 1913 Lincoln; d Doris Ilene (Mrs Paul McMillan), Frances Lucille, Mary Jean; interne at state prison under R H Spradling, prison physician during last year in med sch; 1913- prac med in Daykin; past mbr Daykin sch bd, on bldg bd when new schoolhouse constructed, pres Jefferson Co Bank, Daykin; past pres Comm Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; past patron OES; Jefferson Co Med Soc, past pres; Neb St Med Assn, pres 6th dist; AMA; Rep; hobbies, gardening, hunting & fishing; off & res Daykin.

   HURLBURT, CHARLES M: Nursery Owner; b Cleveland, N Y March 4, 1861; s of M C Hurlburt-Martha Turak; ed Fairbury; business course, Kansas City Mo; m Ella Kimball Nov 28, 1888 Madison Wis (dec); s Roy; d Lucille (Mrs Orville Brickell); m Dollie Blevins May 18, 1928 Fairbury (dec): 1879-90 with Carpenter-Gage Nursery at Fairbury, 1890-94 foreman; 1894- owner & opr nursery; formerly specialized in timber claim trees; past mayor of Fairbury; past mbr city coun; AF&AM; RAM; Scot Rite, Sesostris Shrine; past pres Rotary; C of C; Amer Nurserymens Assn; Rep; hobby, travel; off Fairbury Nurseries; res Spruce Ave, Fairbury.

   HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL CASSEL: County Commissioner; b Allerton Ia Mar 14, 1870; s of William Hutchinson-Rebecca J Shriver; ed Allerton Ia, HS; m Elizabeth Eick Oct 11, 1900 Diller; s Harold R; 1891-98 farmed in Jefferson Co; 1899-1907 in mdse bus, Diller; 1907-15 P M, Diller; 1915-19 in auto & impl bus, Diller; 1919-27 VP Citizens State Bank, Diller; 1927-35 in empl bus, Diller; 1907-ins agt; 1938- Jefferson Co commr; 3 years mbr village coun; 6 years pres, secy-treas sch bd; pres Comml Club 12 years; AF&AM, past secy; MWA; Presby Ch; Rep; res Diller.

   JARCHOW, WALTER CHARLES: Banker; b Daykin, Neb May 29, 1899; s of Louis Jarchow-Emilie Germer; ed Daykin; Fairbury HS; m Nelle Biggs Aug 18, 1925 Hastings; d Patricia Jean; 1918-23 clk Farmers Mdse Co, Daykin; 1923-27 mgr Farmers Mdse Store; 1927- asst cash Jefferson Co Bank; chmn village coun 6 years; 1936-39 treas bd of edn; mbr Neb St & Amer Bankers Assn; Comm Club, past pres & past secy-treas; mbr vol fire dept; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; res Daykin.

   JONES, FREDERICK O: County Assessor; b Adair Co, Ia Jan 9, 1875; s of Benjamin F Jones-Atalia Van Wy; ed Jefferson Co; m Caroline Hermans Feb 3, 1898 Fairbury; s Edward; d Lucy (Mrs Foster Helvey), Margaret; 1884 came to Jefferson Co; 1897- farmer & carp, Jefferson Co; 1931- Jefferson Co assessor; mbr sch bd dist 51; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, travel; off Courthouse; res RFD 2, Fairbury.

   KIESEL, BERT: Merchant; b Seward Co, Neb Aug 6, 1881; s of Gottlieb Kiesel-Pauline Heuftle; ed Frontier Co; m Martha Zwink June 1909 Eustis; s Mark E, Kenneth K; 1902 org & opr Golden Rule CO, first store estab in Eustis; 1914 org second Golden Rule Store in Minden; 1918 added store in Fairbury, 1919 estab store in Columbus; 1924 estab store, Marysville Kas; 1926 store in Falls City; 1927 estab store Beloit, Kas; 1928 McPherson Kas; 1930 Clay Center Kas; 1935 Junction City Kas; 1936 Salina Kas; 1936 all Golden Rule Stores renamed Kiesel Co; 1931- VP Mikolite Co, Kansas City Kas; mgr Golden Rule Bldgs; Rotary; C of C; Fairbury Country Club; Chris Set Ch; Rep; hobbies studying bus methods; res 718 K, Fairbury,

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