Daykin, Nebraska

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This full page advertisement for Daykin appeared in the Fairbury Journal June 3, 1910

Located in the northwest part of Jefferson County, in the richest farming country on earth. This town is rapidly getting to the front. If you live within driving distance, why not take a trip to Daykin the next time you want to do some trading? We have here two general stores, two elevators, a meat market, a new hotel, harness shop, two blacksmith shops, good carpenter shop, an up-to-date auto garage, livery barn, a big implement house, band, furniture store, barber shop, jewelry store, fine lumber yard, a cement block manufacturing concern, a local telephone company, two churches, Methodist and German; two egg, butter and cream stations and a winning ball team. We also have good graded schools, secret societies and a Woodman hall. The people here are progressive and up-to-date and have taken this space to argue with you a little why you should trade at Daykin.

THE REASON WHY: The business men of Daykin invite the farmers within ten or fifteen miles to come here to trade. We are going to show you that it is your advantage--that you are losing money when you drive past Daykin to the larger town or send money out by mail. We sell our goods at a closer margin than in cities because our expenses are less. We have no high store rent to pay. we have no expensive delivery to keep up. Our taxes are much less. WE CAN SELL OUR GOODS CHEAPER TO YOU THAN THE CITY MERCHANT and still make a fair profit. Why go elsewhere and help to pay the expenses of the merchant a larger place? The cost of living is increasing. Why not keep YOUR cost of living down by trading where you get most for your money. Come to Daykin and examine the stocks of goods offered. Try the Daykin mechanics when you want work done. Try the Daykin professional men. Sell your grain at Daykin and get the highest market price. If you are going to build, or paint, or have your whiskers trimmed, patronize the men who are your friends and neighbors. Remember, that trade, like charity, should begin at home.

When You Move to Town

Why not move to Daykin. Why go to a larger place and be eaten up with taxes, high prices for lots, where you cannot own a little farm because the ordinances forbid: where there is not "elbow room" for a healthy man? Why not come to Daykin, buy one of our sightly lots, hire our competent mechanics to put you up a house and enjoy yourself in a happy, progressive community. You do not have to move to the large town or the city to have the advantages. Modern science gives you the same conveniences in the small town, and the "cost of living" which is worrying the life out of the man in the city, is no terror here. You can have your own water system, your heating plant, your telephone, the mails several times a day, automobiles and trains in and out when you want to go elsewhere. All we ask is investigate, think it over, come to Daykin and see for yourself and give us a chance.

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