Jefferson County, Nebraska Marriage Book A Index

Jefferson County, Nebraska
Marriage Records Book A

June 11, 1864 - November 3, 1880

This index was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
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The following is an index to the Marriage records book A. The book was transcribed and produced by the Jefferson County Genealogical Society. Marriage books A - F are available for purchase. Click here for a list of publications and pricing.

Jefferson county has some wonderfully detailed marriage licenses. Information includes ages of bride and groom, place of birth, parents, marriage date and place, witnesses, and minister or judge performing ceremony. Below is a sample as they appear in the JCGS publications:

Gustav Johnke, Thayer Co. Nebr Age 39 Born: Germany
Father: August Johnke Mother: Augest Dinse
Bride: Mrs. Anna Suitter, Saline Co. Nebr.
Father: Henry Miller Mother: Catherine Meinges
Marriage Date: 21 Feb 1877 Where: Swan Creek
By Whom: C. Hermann, Min. of the Gospel Witnesses: F.W.
Schultz, Jeff Co, F.W. Miller, Saline Co., Neb.

Groom, Bride, Page in Publication, and Book.

Achmann, Ferdinand	Sandmann, Caroline	20	A
Ackaret, John D.	Caster, Ester A.	4	A
Ackart, James R.	James, Emeline		35	A
Aden, Rachliff		Orton, Mary		11	A
Alexander, Dewitt	Clemens, Elisabeth	1	A
Allen, Joseph A.*	Weaver, Martha A.	10	A
Ammermen, William 	Bristow, Nellie E.	23	A
Andrews, Charles	Feathers, Sarah Ann	25	A
Andrews, Franklin J.	Ricketts, Lizzie	29	A
Andrews, Samuel		Luton, Catherine	3	A
Anyan, George		Hills, Adella		25	A
Armstrong, Ranzo	Sutton, Sophia		10	A
Armstrong, Thomas 	Jones, Ella G.		10	A
Arnett, Omar		Baur, Mary E.		32	A
Arnold, John		Armstrong, Theodosia	13	A
Ashpaugh, John B.	Rossitter, Emma		22	A
Axtell, James Henry	Hill, Abigail		10	A
Bailey, George H.	Jones, Alice E.		2	A
Bailey, Harvey Perry	Hughes, Emily Ellen	7	A
Baker, Andrew J.	Beaty, Mary		2	A
Baker, Luther S.	Wells, Amanda M.	6	A
Baner, Jacob		Brieden, Annie M.	25	A
Barkmann, Martin	Thiesen, Elisabeth	19	A
Barnes, Sawyer G.	Hobbs, Evie Ester	6	A
Barns, Samuel Miller	Bower, Louisa		2	A
Bates, Edward		Wilber, Jennie M.	21	A
Bauer, Phillip		Fanderi, Carolina	33	A
Bean, Henry		Sprague, Elisa		1	A
Bedy, James H.		Wells, Eliza M.		17	A
Bell, Jeffery		Wilkinson, Katy		20	A
Bell, Joseph M		Herrick, Rowena E.	7	A
Bender, William		Rossitter, Elisabeth	3	A
Benson, William J.	Harris, Ella		33	A
Berryman, _____		Comstock, Mary		1	A
Bevington, Henry	Hobbs, Hilda Anna	3	A
Bishop, Daniel R.	Ashpaugh, Mary J.	24	A
Bishop, George R.	Mitchell, Medeliah	28	A
Blackhall, Henry	Kemp, Jane		6	A
Boddye, Richard		Vickers, Maria C.	16	A
Bower, Fred A.		Sutton, Louisa		4	A
Bower, J. L. 		Armstrong, Rosjetta	7	A
Bradford, Loren J.	Hardaman, Catherine	35	A
Bradford, Loren J.	Casman, Catherine	35	A
Bradshaw, Charles V.	Brees, Matilda L.	27	A
Bradshaw, Francis L.	Bowers, Cora		22	A
Bradt, William W.	Keller, Elvira		2	A
Brandt, Jacob		Ens, Maria		25	A
Branhard, Noah		Shield, Euphemine	3	A
Bray, Zalmon		Barber, Ida		7	A
Brewe, Many A.		Harris, Sarah M.	7	A
Brickly, Elias T.	Lott, Francis B.	2	A
Brittain, John		Gumble, Sopiah D.	7	A
Broady, Joseph		Kanable, Comfort	29	A
Brown, Joshua P.	Karschner, Belle D.	26	A
Bruner, Lewis		Harding, Zeralda	2	A
Bull, Walter		Carlin, Rosetta Anna	10	A
Bundy, Charles A.	Ashpaugh, Martha A.	22	A
Burch, Amaziah C.	Davis, Hester		24	A
Burch, Orange C.	Cawdery, Jane A.	28	A
Burlingham, Frank E.	Squires, Delia E.	27	A
Busing, Frederick	Nelson, Matilda		8	A
Butka, Francis B.	Fisher, Henretta J.	15	A
Calaway, C.C.		Browning, Elisa		2	A
Campbell, David		Tansel, May		17	A
Campbell, Malcolm	Noble, Percilla		30	A
Carlin, Andrew		Hand, Elisabeth		10	A
Carter, Wm. A.		Kling, Maria L.		25	A
Cartright, John D.	Riker, Elizabeth	26	A
Cawdery, William H.	Matthews, Ida		26	A
Chaffin, James M.	Bone, Lucy M.		12	A
Chambers, William B.	Furgason, Prudence	21	A
Chase, Hanford J.	Ewing, Eva		21	A
Chihart, Charles	Luth, Elisabeth		1	A
Clapp, Hammond		Hollenbeck, Rebecca	9	A
Clark, Byron T.		Ryburn, Emma W.		11	A
Clark, Ira		Hill, Rosa Bell		19	A
Clark, J.T.		Barnes, Mary		14	A
Clarke, Lewis G.	Harris, Rosie E.	33	A
Cleavenger, G. T.	Evans, Willie		30	A
Clemmons, Travis	Sherman, Naomi D.	33	A
Coatney, W.H.		Wells, Elisabeth	2	A
Comstock, Ansel		McClain, Mary		1	A
Connelly, Michel	Powell, Mary		1	A
Conner, John T.		Quin, Sarah		18	A
Connor, Elisha		Wells, Irena		13	A
Cooper, Charles H.	Brown, Catharine	34	A
Cox, George W.		Sutton, Mary S.		34	A
Craig, John*		Olesen, Elizabeth	5	A
Craig, Louis		Gascal, Mary J.		4	A
Crawford, Norman	Crawford, Esther	34	A
Crawford, Norman	Tappen, Esther		34	A
Crinklaw, Robert	Flower, Ida C.		12	A
Crites, Charles W.	Nettleton, Hannah E.	32	A
Cross, Clinton T.	Moles, Martha M.	17	A
Crutcher, Everard H.	Thomas, Lyda A.		35	A
Culver, James Smith	Harvey, Amanda E.	6	A
Cunningham, Tom		Keyser, Jennie		18	A
Curtis, Albert F.	Johnson, Loisa		3	A
Daily, Nathan		Phillipps, Lydia	6	A
Dale, John T.		Graves, Leila W.	35	A
Damon, Oliver C.	Noble, Agnes M.		11	A
Darnan, Harry E.	Gaskenn, Orthna C.	30	A
Davis, Ellis		Rice, Mary		18	A
Davis, Luther C.	Babcock, Marrietta	18	A
Davis, Thomas J.	Trauer, Margret		34	A
Day, Richard D.		Evans, Cynthia M.	9	A
Dean, Jacob		Lambert, Wilhelmine	2	A
Deger, L.W.		Musselman, Josephine	12	A
Degroot, Peter		Herrick, Margaret A.	24	A
Deitz, Phillip		Hanselman, Agatha	32	A
Delate, John		Painter, Elzina		32	A
Dennis, Andrew		Thomas, Ester		20	A
Diethelm, Fred		Doff, Ann		9	A
Diethelm, Mathias Jr.	Mader, Anna		10	A
Dike, Rufus A.		Carter, Olive		23	A
Dilley, Zemas A.	Culver, Emma H.		8	A
Dopp, Anson G.		Menary, Catharine	33	A
Downing, Ulysses 	Hall, Elizabeth M.	5	A
Drake, William		Marlow, Ella S.		27	A
Drake, William		Libby, Ella S.		27	A
Drummet, Charles	Young, Mary		32	A
Duff, Norman V.		Stevens, Annie E.	20	A
Durisch, Flory S.	Wrightes, Delferna	13	A
Eaton, Geo Wallace	Zeigler, Anna		21	A
Eberstein, John		Martin, Mary M.		18	A
Edgington, Daniel J.	Stamm, Lucinda		19	A
Edgington, M. S.	Deyo, Emily		8	A
Edington, George A.	Dennis, Martha E.	17	A
Edleman, M.B.		Brown, Viola E.		19	A
Edminster, Herbert L.	Brown, Frances A.	27	A
Edmonds, James		Seeber, Rosa		29	A
Edwards, John W. Jr.	Rice, Anna		10	A
Eggert, William		Hermsmeier, Julia L.	23	A
Ehrett, John		Hartford, Mary E.	11	A
Eldridge, Ed. E.	Work, Orra		25	A
Eldridge, Lester W.	Baldwin, Ella		17	A
Elliott, Thomas M.	Lambert, Voine S.	16	A
Ellis, Amos J.		Myers, Emily		8	A
Erving, Thomas L.	Ammerman, Martha 	35	A
Euster, Christian	Sturzmeyer, Eliza	6	A
Evans, Andrew		Weeden, Sophia		11	A
Evans, M.G.		Turner, Rose A.		9	A
Evans, William W.	McMeans, Mary A.	23	A
Ewing, Frank D.		Curran, Laura C.	32	A
Fisher, Jefferson K.	Wells, Emma M.		20	A
Fisher, John P.		Rossiter, Eliza Jane	20	A
Fisher, William H.	Fourtner, Mary		23	A
Fitchpatrick, John M.	Gage, Annie C.		35	A
Flaming, David		Fast, Agatha		19	A
Flatung, Peter		Nun, Margaretha		5	A
Flatung, Peter		Thul, Barbara		15	A
Flower, George		Smith, Sarah Jane	23	A
Forsha, James P.	Phelps, Nannie M.	12	A
Fourtner, Franklin	Wells, Elizabeth	32	A
Frazier, James H.	Brees, Sarah		15	A
Free, John B.		Holiday, Catharine M.	32	A
Freed, Alfred		Hulit, Hattie		27	A
Friesen, Abraham	Sawatzkey, Sarah	19	A
Friesen, Claas		Friesen, Anganetha	28	A
Friesen, Eli Morgan	Townes, Lettinda	3	A
Friesen, Jacob		Sawatzke, Margret	19	A
Friesen, Nicholaus	Thiessen, Margaretha	25	A
Friessen, Isaac		Klasen, Katharine	30	A
Friessen, Nicolaus	Rempel, Maria		21	A
Fulford, Arthur H.	Donald, Bell L.		26	A
Fuller, Walter M.	Wakeman, Sarah R.	24	A
Gallant, Jacob		Miners, Lena		14	A
Gallant, John		Lund, Ida		32	A
Garrett, David		Axtell, Emily		9	A
Gary, Edwin A.		Watts, Elina		31	A
Gibson, John		Thornell, Ida S.	30	A
Gill, Peter		McGee, Mary		13	A
Gilmore, Thomas J.	Decker, Alice		22	A
Glaizik, John		Flaherty, Mary		13	A
Goeller, Joseph		Kling, Mary Ann		14	A
Goodman, Charles	Axtell, Matilda		7	A
Grandy, Levi J.		Abbott, Elizabeth A.	32	A
Grason, Framon		Ammias, Catherine	1	A
Graves, Albion		Woods, Maria A.		10	A
Graves, Issac H.	Eaton, Clara		25	A
Graves, Warren		Babcock, Elisabeth	18	A
Graves, William M.	Riddle, Delilah		32	A
Graves, William M.	Thomas, Delilah		32	A
Greenwood, John T.	Pheasant, Elva		18	A
Griffith, William H.	Foss, Eliza		11	A
Grover, George W.	Dillon, Ella		31	A
Guilford, George B.	Helvey, Sarah A.	2	A
Guist, William		Houghton, Anna		34	A
Guist, William		Mavor, Anna		34	A
Gumble, A. D.		Russell, Anna E.	11	A
Gumble, John J.		Moore, Rebeca		18	A
Hall, Henry J.		Lewis, Sarah L.		29	A
Halloran, Alfred	Donald, Emma V		26	A
Hambel, William O.	Williams, Mary M.	12	A
Hamlin, Joseph C.	Scott, Anna		21	A
Hamm, Jacob		Humphrey, Almeda	34	A
Hand, William		Carlin, Sarah		14	A
Hanes, Warren J.	Ross, Margaret M.	3	A
Harms, Herman		Groathouse, Anna	26	A
Harms, Isaac		Platt, Koline		21	A
Harms, Johann		Friesen, Helena		22	A
Harris, George		Osborn, Hattie A.	16	A
Harris, William H.	Phillipps, Emma		6	A
Harris, William H.	Keithley, Mattie J.	14	A
Harsh, Enoch		Jarrard, Elisabeth	18	A
Hart, Charles S.	McCormic, Clarie R.	30	A
Hawks, Henry M.		Wood, Ada		31	A
Hawks, Henry M.		Slater, Ada		31	A
Heckendorn, Clay	Williams, Annie M.	30	A
Hedges, C.G.		Diller, Mattie		19	A
Helvey, Albert		McCreight, Mary E.	2	A
Helvey, Ansel		Califf, Mary		4	A
Helvey, George W.	Powell, Lucinda		3	A
Helvey, Hiram		Kelley, Allice		12	A
Hemphrey, Charles 	Walker, Allie M.	33	A
Henderson, Joseph	Wing, Laura W.		16	A
Hendricks, Thomas 	Baird, Amanda		9	A
Henkel, John F.		Aden, Anke M.		5	A
Herdman, Alfred*	Slocumb, Laura		15	A
Heter, William		Claybaugh, Elizabeth	6	A
Heyler, Charles L.	Bliss, Hattie		34	A
Higgins, John		Brown, Annie		12	A
Higinbotham, Jacob 	Finch, Margaret E.	10	A
Hill, Hiram		Pierce, Anna A.		9	A
Hobbs, George		Sprague, Elmira		1	A
Hoffhine, John M.	Harrison, Mary		17	A
Hogate, Nelson		Moore, Minnie		35	A
Holland, George F.	Loos, Alice		27	A
Hollingworth, Robert	Turner, Martha C.	12	A
Horton, Charles W.	Vest, Lucinda A.	8	A
Horton, Charles W.	Fulford, Adda		16	A
Hotchkiss, Charles	Manley, Mary J.		23	A
Houghton, John C.	Mavor, Annie		9	A
Hubble, William S.	Mason, Sarah O.		5	A
Huffman, George A.	Coon, Carrie N.		17	A
Hughes, Edward		Donnell, Sarah E.	20	A
Hughes, Edward		Sutton, Sabra S.	26	A
Hughes, Henry		Hinitt, Laura E.	8	A
Humphrey, Fred		Stone, Elizabeth	33	A
Hush, George W.		Dixon, Hannah F.	27	A
Ingraham, L.C.		Hammond, Mary A.	22	A
Ipson, Peter		Dawson, Ellen		16	A
Isenhauer, Peter	Brieden, Louisa		22	A
Jackson, Andrew		Baur, Martha		24	A
Jackson, James F.	Haas, Elizabeth		28	A
Jackson, Rufus L.	Crosman, Mary Jane	3	A
Jakes, George		Willson, Mariah		15	A
Janin, Antorne		Missing, Elizabeth	30	A
Johnke, Gustav		Suitter, Anna		19	A
Johnson, H. M.		Shott, Mary Nelson	9	A
Johnson, Otis T.*	Ross, Charlotta		4	A
Johnston, John A.*	Trotter, Ellen		13	A
Jones, David R.		King, Ella		27	A
Joslin, Theodore H.	Edgington, Eva May	11	A
Jurgens, John H.	Berndenss, Tenny	29	A
Kaiser, William		Granzoe, Mary		20	A
Karschner, Michael	Rishel, Hattie L.	27	A
Kelley, Henry D.	McKenna, Catharine	28	A
Kelley, John		Wolf, Hannah F.		5	A
Kelley, Oliver B.	Williams, Sarah Jane	26	A
Kellogg, Philander E.	Leming, Caroline	3	A
Kelly, George W.	Vanwy, Barbara A.	24	A
Kendall, William H.	Barker, Addie G.	28	A
Kennedy, Parks I.	Culver, Ella J.		33	A
Kesterson, John C.	Purdy, Susan C.		16	A
Keyser, George E.	Bower, Clara E.		10	A
Kimberly, Milton A.	Myers, Arminnie		34	A
King, Benjamin F.	Purdy, Rachel S.	34	A
King, Cyrus		Young, Rosie Jane	22	A
Kirkland, Orville B.	Stanclift, Carrie	14	A
Klase, August*		McCrey, Phebe		10	A
Klorez, William		Shaffer, Julia		20	A
Knaller, George		Rathmaier, Theresia	35	A
Koch, John F.		Luebbert, Louisa M.	26	A
Krause, John		Friesen, Anna		19	A
Lawrence, James G.	Pheasant, Laura E.	21	A
Legrand, Thomas G.	Slater, Lucy		8	A
Leland, Henry W.	Cawdery, Alice J.	8	A
Lenore, John*		Morris, C.V.		20	A
Ligintz, William	Grouthouse, Nellie	17	A
Limes, Joseph		Turrell, Sarah F.	35	A
Lindell, Andrew P.	Harrison, Annie		17	A
Lloyd, George D.	Alkire, Minerva		28	A
Lloyd, Richard S.	Hiner, Angy		8	A
Lloyd, William R.	Carter, Ervilla		7	A
Long, Frank		Zeigler, Leoner		16	A
Lott, Alpheus B.	Jenkins, Emma E.	22	A
Lott, Ransom		Luton, Harriet Jane	13	A
Louderback, Mathew	Davis, Amanda A.	34	A
Lucas, Andres D.	Hunt, Rebecca		35	A
Luce, Alden		Gifford, Sophia		3	A
Luce, Leonard P.	Cantice, Mary A.	1	A
Marks, David L.		Kling, Martha E.	1	A
Marks, William		Owen, Charlotta		6	A
Martin, Henry W.	Munger, Adelia		9	A
Martin, Oliver P.	Ryburn, Elizabeth S.	11	A
Mason, Florance A.	Jarvis, Josephine	12	A
Mattingly, Joel T.	Hawks, Nancy M.		5	A
Mattocks, Edward E.	Moulton, Mary C.	27	A
Maxson, Henrie A.	Gaskell, Amanda A.	7	A
Maxwell, David*		Schofstall, Catherine	4	A
McCandless, William	McCreight, Martha	2	A
McCanles, Julius A.	Andrews, Mary V.	29	A
McCord, Joseph D.	Hartford, Nancy Jane	6	A
McCormick, Henry 	Parks, Mary E.		28	A
McCreight, John A.	Bras, Lucy M.		11	A
McManis, Richard C.	Carl, Susie		31	A
McQueen, John		Stewart, Ellen E.	34	A
Messing, Michael	Dietz, Luise		28	A
Metzger, Conrad		Lippert, Emma		22	A
Meyer, Charles		Wonholtz, Anna		27	A
Meyer, George A.	Birkholz, Bertha	13	A
Middleton, James F.	Sidmore, Nancy Jane	14	A
Middleton, John		Harvey, Ida M.		27	A
Miles, William F.	Gibson, Miginonette	5	A
Miller, Franklin	Edmonson, Amelia	5	A
Miller, John A.		Marvin, Anna M.		20	A
Miller, M.N.		Moore, Sarah Jane	3	A
Mills, David R.		Beatty, Lewella A.	4	A
Mills, G.N.		Box, Ida		16	A
Mitcham, Henry W.	Cox, Anna E.		18	A
Mitcham, John I.	Miller, Arizona		24	A
Mitcham, John I.	Thompson, Laura E.	11	A
Mitchell, George	Fandrei, Otilia		32	A
Moles, Willson		Cross, Ellen E.		15	A
Moling, August		Shankenburgen, Lana	2	A
Monroe, James M.	Harbine, Catharine A.	29	A
Mooney, Michael		Davey, Elisabeth	6	A
Moore, Jehiel		Ball, Susan L.		7	A
Morgan, Bryon		McCord, Delila		8	A
Morrison, John H.	Jakes, Evangeline	15	A
Mortimore, D.T.		Shelburn, Mary E.	14	A
Muir, Albert		Moore, Jane E.		17	A
Munger, Seth Reed	Bundy, Louisa		7	A
Neider, John		Harvey, Dora		24	A
Nelson, James H.	Bridges, Elizabeth	29	A
Nemitz, Henry		McNitt, Lydia		27	A
Newel, Richard N.	White, Lucy Maranda	7	A
Nichols, C.A.		Merry, Minnie L.	31	A
Nightengale, Charles*	Woldemath, Augusta	4	A
Nightengale, William	Alexander, Mary		1	A
Nightingale, John	Alexander, Anne		1	A
Nordlinger, David	Wright, Alvira		8	A
Norman, Theodore 	Roberts, Emma		30	A
Nun, Andrew		Schwinler, Mary		25	A
Oakley, Edwin C.	Edgington, Sarah	8	A
Onnen, Gerhard		Broder, Katrina C.	13	A
Osborn, Charles H.	Evans, Lucy M.		29	A
Osborn, Volney		Buckley, Jane		5	A
Osburn, Volney*		Buckley, Jane		4	A
Parker, Cyrus G.	Sprague, Anna		22	A
Parker, Cyrus G.	Anna Anddrews		22	A
Parkhurst, Spencer	Layton, Rachel		2	A
Parks, Yuba R.		Reddick, Lydia C.	4	A
Paul, Henry		Nunnenkemp, Louise	21	A
Pearce, Charles W.	Wehn, Emma M.		21	A
Pearce, Frank T.	Lamb, Charlotte		26	A
Pearson, William	Marsters, Emma B.	24	A
Perry, Charles H.	Mason, Andora		19	A
Phelps, A.E.		Clark, Marion		15	A
Phelps, Allen T.	Rood, Melissa A.	24	A
Phelps, Charles		Winz, Addie		14	A
Phillips, Charles	Mangar, Harriet		21	A
Phillips, William H.	Brown, Marion J.	12	A
Pickens, Wesley		Bower, Maria L.		15	A
Pickering, Joseph	Powell, Emma		9	A
Pierce, Charles		Carlin, Francis Jane	20	A
Pierce, Henry		Roba, Anna		13	A
Pierson, N.C.		Puckett, Priscilla	1	A
Porter, Alvin		Gallant, Nancy E.	17	A
Porter, Manley J.	Tice, Francis E.	16	A
Porter, Nelson B.	Bates, Mary R.		15	A
Posnau, Henry E.	Gleab, Mary		35	A
Postle, John A.		Case, Stella		29	A
Pounds, Amos		Puckett, Anna		6	A
Powell, James D.	Phelps, Rosetta D.	2	A
Powell, Thomas J.	Cross, Mary E.		21	A
Prentice, Thomas J.	Pierce, Emma E.		12	A
Pretzl, Joseph		Ulmer, Anna		33	A
Province, John H.	Slocum, Laura E.	18	A
Pugh, John		Hendershot, Angie	2	A
Quin, William		Fisk, Mary F.		21	A
Rand, George R.		Bailey, Sarah Emma	29	A
Ratzlaf, Bernhard	Thiessen, Susana	25	A
Rayner, Alois		Kilhoffer, Magdalina	22	A
Rayner, Alois		Killhoffer, Magdalena	24	A
Reimer, Heinrich	Barkmann, Catharina	31	A
Reynolds, Reuben O.	Hardman, Mary C.	29	A
Rhode, William		Layton, Martha A.	2	A
Rhodes, Frank		Trotter, Hannah		1	A
Rhodes, Milton		Campbell, Catherine	4	A
Rhodes, Milton*		Campbell, Catherine	4	A
Rhodes, William		Layton, Martha		1	A
Riber, William		Jefferson, Mary		2	A
Riley, John		Clabaugh, Mary		7	A
Robare, Alfred		Chandler, Angeline	25	A
Robare, William		Hindman, Mary E.	25	A
Robinson, Ebenezer	Grant, Mary A.		23	A
Robinson, William	Wookey, Elmeda L.	15	A
Rogers, Edwin J.	Anderson, Mary E.	23	A
Rogers, George A.	Kimberly, Rebecca J.	4	A
Rollins, William M.	Clemmons, Lella		22	A
Roper, Theodore W.	Kelley, Rhoda		9	A
Rosener, Ernest		Sellman, Augusta	4	A
Routzahn, A.C.		Porter, Lina		14	A
Ryburn, Howard M.	Eliot, Armintie		5	A
Salisbury, D.E.		Ball, L.E.		14	A
Saxon, John		Munn, Sarah H.		12	A
Saylor, Isaiah		Omstead, Mary N.	28	A
Schell, William E.	Peirsan, Alice Lillie	30	A
Schlieter, Frank	Blachek, Antoine	23	A
Schmidt, August		Biercols, Caroline	16	A
Schrader, John		Grouthouse, Mary	9	A
Scott, Jacob		Vanwy, Nancy Jane	5	A
Scott, James		Dinming, Martha J.	8	A
Scott, William T.	Rowe, Mahala J.		31	A
Secor, James		Seffens, Milla C.	26	A
Shanly, Edward S.	Ryburn, Mary E.		5	A
Shaw, Ambrose M.	Baker, Carrie L.	23	A
Shaw, James P.		Mussleman, Sarah	10	A
Shaw, James P.		Haggard, Sarah E.	31	A
Shelburn, Benjamin 	Holliday, Dilla		28	A
Shepherd, Elbert	Masters, Hattie		23	A
Shepherd, William	Phillips, Lillie	23	A
Shippee, James H.	Cook, Molley		17	A
Shoen, Frederick	Schoenke, Henrietta	34	A
Sim, Henry		Shiell, Elisabeth	8	A
Simpkins, Judson B.	Merchant, Minnie J.	31	A
Slopauskey, Charles	Cerveny, Ottilla	19	A
Smiley, James G.	Bobbitt, Orphie A.	35	A
Smith, Charles W.	Scherrer, Mary		32	A
Smith, Frank H.		Higgins, Sarah		23	A
Smith, Henry		Shields, Jennie		3	A
Smith, James W.		Morton, Nancy L.	35	A
Smith, John M.		Heaton, Amanda J.	24	A
Smith, Louis C.		Stauss, Mary A.		27	A
Smith, Riley M.		Snyder, Dollie		13	A
Smith, William S.	Walden, Annie		33	A
Smith, Wm H.		Gilmore, Margaret 	3	A
Snavley, Walter W.	Tippin, Diana Alice	28	A
Snooks, James W.	Foss, Mary		1	A
Snyder, Elias		English, Carrie		12	A
Snyder, Solomon		Keefer, L.A.		34	A
Snyder, Solomon		Cole, L.A.		34	A
Sonderegger, Carl	Hohl, Barbetta		15	A
Souder, James		Davis, Samantha		6	A
Sprague, Louis		Luce, Zebech		1	A
Sprague, William	Andrews, Anna		1	A
Stacy, Wright M.	Cole, Ruth		20	A
Stainbrook, W.H.	Rundas, Fannie		25	A
Stanclift, Henry M.	Hill, Fannie J.		13	A
Stanclift, Ranson S.	Terry, Rosella		24	A
Starr, Peter D.		Stacy, Caroline		12	A
Starr, Peter D.		Hondescheldt, Louisa	29	A
Steage, Henry*		Schweinber, Mary	4	A
Steege, Henry W.	Krumpe, Julia		26	A
Stephenson, William	Smith, Annie (Mrs.)	11	A
Stevenson, Andrew 	Harris, Mary J.		33	A
Stockings, George	Dixon, Barbarba		20	A
Summers, Ezekiel H.	Stickels, Amanda	30	A
Swartz, Mallon A.	Foss, Harriet Ellen	6	A
Swifel, Albert		Boyce, Margaret		1	A
Switzer, John V.	Watson, Louise W.	18	A
Tappen, Miles G.	Ball, Mirom		14	A
Taylor, Charles		Grace, Mary E.		28	A
Terp, Peter		Gilmore, Sarah		33	A
Terry, Charles H.	Box, Anna C.		31	A
Thiessen, Abraham	Hiedebrecht, Anna	30	A
Thiessen, David		Sawatzky, Anna		32	A
Thomas, Benjamin F.	King, Corilla Genette	13	A
Thompson, James		Axtell, Mary		18	A
Thrasher, August	Cooper, Mary		33	A
Todhunter, Richard	Hill, Pheba M.		25	A
Torry, Lewis		Parks, Jennie E.	33	A
Towers, Daniel W.	Fawler, Josaphine	31	A
Town, Moses		Gouldsberry, Elisabeth	17	A
Townes, William		Rhodes, Josephine	3	A
Townsend, John P.*	Crum, Ella N.		15	A
Townsend, Perry		Blair, S. E.		1	A
Trassel, Samuel		Pierson, Elisabeth J.	19	A
Traum, Henry Jr.	Foreman, Mary		10	A
Vamwy, John*		Herrick, Allice		15	A
Vamwy, Orison		Carlin, Mabel Jane	16	A
Van Nortick, Wesley	Knox, Emma		4	A
VanWaning, Jacob 	Chaloupka, Christina	31	A
Volk, John		Pretzel, Anna		26	A
Walker, Benson		McCullach, Margaret	14	A
Walther, William	Lantz, Mary E.		11	A
Ward, John E.		Meese, Emma		4	A
Warden, Alfred M.	Montgomery, Ophelia	32	A
Warnke, Fredrick	Tate(tridt), Mary Jane	11	A
Watkins, Victory L.	Evans, Sarah		31	A
Watts, Samuel		Case, Mary A.		1	A
Watts, William P.	Jolly, Matilda		1	A
Weaver, Orson L.	Finch, Mary Ett		24	A
Weisel, George		Boss, Anna Mary		26	A
Welch, Warren K.	Welch, Esther B.	30	A
Welch, Warren K.	Benedict, Esther B.	30	A
Wells, C. W.		Stacy, Mary		9	A
West, Nathan C.		Wells, Julia A.		34	A
Westley, Charles W.	Corey, Nettie		31	A
Wheeler, Joseph		Wilcox, Lucy D.		2	A
Whitman, E.W.		Shinn, Ellen		16	A
Whitsell, Joseph M.	Clark, Rachael Jane	13	A
Wiederkehr, Casper	Bahm, Christine		17	A
Wiens, Peter		Krause, Catherine	19	A
Wilkinson, Horace 	Pierson, Susannah H.	16	A
Willson, Albert		Jones, Mary Ann		5	A
Witte, John H.		Ellermeir, Anna M.	21	A
Wolcott, Pearly E.	Parker, Sally M.	7	A
Young, John J.		Jolley, Minerva A.	22	A
Zawodsky, Victor*	Smith, Mary		14	A
Zellmer, Michael	Grouthouse, Martha	18	A

*Not completed or not returned. Couple could have married in another county or not at all.

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