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Jefferson County Biographies
The following biographies were taken from The Rambler a series of articles which appeared in the Fairbury Journal, Friday, April 28, 1911 thru June 2, 1911.

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The Journal's Field Man Again on the Road. He will Call on you Next.

Route 1

Fred Vieth - After leaving Fairbury Thursday morning of last week over Route One my first stop was at the ome of Fred Vieth. Mr. Vieth was not at home bu the scribe had a very pleasant chat with Mrs. Vieth. It was learned that in addition to other duties. Mr. Vieth has charge of the cemetery, which lies just east of his house.

M.A. Pratt - In calling at the comfortable home of M.A. Pratt, I was disappointed in not getting to talk to Mr. Pratt. He was away from the house attending to farm work. However, he is spoken of by his neighbors as being a very thorough and energetic young farmer. The only fault you could find with Mr. Pratt is that he is living the life of a bachelor. But, be patient, dear reader; some maid will capture his heart an dhand and secure a capital prize.

Maggie Galer - My call at the home of Mrs. Maggie Galer proved very pleasant and full of interest, for she is a lady of much interesting conservation, having had a hard struggle to rear her family since the death of her husband a few years ago. Mrs. Galer has a very comfortable little home and is the possessor of a nice flock of full blooded Plymouth Rock chickens, which she takes great interest in.

A.J. Newman - In passing the time of day with A.J. Newman, whom I chanced to meet on the road, it was learned that he came from Gentry County, Missouri, but a short time ago and is at present making his home with his son-in-law George Bradshaw of Fairbury. Mr. Newman is very enthusiastic over what he has seen so far of Jefferson county, and says it is beyond doubt the greatest spot of the west.

John G. Rawles - The writer had a pleasant chat with John G. Rawles at his home on the I. Bonham farm. Messrs, Rawles and Bonham are extensive dealers in mules, both in buying and selling. At present he has a fine herd on hand, which he is preparing for the market. They are also breeding some fine Duroc-Jersey hogs and all broods are kept up to the standard of excellence. Mr. Rawles is an up-to-date farmer and stockman, but as a marksman is a failure, especially when his target ia a crow.

Theodore Boward - Theodore Boward was not at home when I called, consequently not much information could be obtained. But it is safe to say that he is one of those hard working, energetic and progressive farmers, as the surroundings of his place will attest.

C.P. Welton - C.P. Welton has a beautiful country home and has everything around him that goes to make life a pleasure. He has men at work on his house adding to the beauty and comforts of home. Mr. Welton is the mail carrier on Route 1 and is giving his patrons excellent service, for which he is highly commended. Harry, his son, is also a carrier, on Route 4, Mrs. Welton is a very pleasant lady to converse with.

Milo Scriven - Milo Scriven is another one of the up-to-date farmers of this section of the county. He has made his home at the present location for the past four years and has accumulated everything around him tomake home happy and comfortable.

Martin Johnson - Martin Johnson has just moved on to the farm he now occupies, and will no doubt prove his ability to keep up his part of he farming to the high standard for which this community is noted. He is an extensive breeder o fine Poland China hogs as his herd shows. Mr. Johnson has been a resident of Jefferson county for thirty years, and is well versed in many of the hardships endured by the early settlers of the country.

Sell B. Williams - When I called at the home of Sell B. Williams, it was learned that Mr. Williams was not at home, but I found Mrs. Williams a very pleasant and instructive lady to talk to. They moved onto their place last March and are very comfortably situated. Everything about the place looks neat and cozy. Mr. Williams has been a resident of the county for twenty-five years.

J.A. Newman - It was about the noon hour when I arrived at the home of J.A. Newman. It was just in time to partake of a well gotten up dinner which was greatly relished. They moved from Missouri to this county a few weeks ago, and in that case, it was only natural to expect a good, wholesome meal as family like all other Missourians, believe in making everything as comfortable and pleasant as possible for those around them.

E.A. Taylor - E.A. Taylor is rather a new comer, hailing from Missouri. He is here to reap his reward by tilling the excellent soil of Jefferson county. He is very enthusiastic of what he has already seen of Jefferson county. In the future he will be a reader of the Journal, as he knows it to be the leading paper in this neck of the woods.

Dale Gehr - Dale Gehr has just recently located on the farm he now occupies. He has been a resident of the county for the past twenty-seven years. Howard Darrow is assisting Mr. Gehr in getting the best out of the soil, and as both are energetic and wideawake there is no doubt but what they will be rewarded with success.

Geo. T. Mock - Geo. T. Mock is classed as one of the leading spirits in the farm line in this section of the county. He is an industrous worker, and he has succeeded in doing all that's possible to make his family happy and contented. Mrs. Mock has lived in Jefferson county all her life, and is an excellent helpmate to her husband.

J.H. Rusher - When the call was made at the home of J.H. Rusher he was found in the field at work. He appears to be a very pleasant fellow. He informed the writer that he had been a resident of Jefferson county since 1896.

A.F. Hiner - It is with much regret that Mr. A.F. Hiner was not at his home at the time I called, but meeting Mrs. Hiner proved equally as well for in a very intelligent manner she imparted the desired information. They have lived at the present home for ten years. He has fixed his home so as to be comfortable and congenial. Mr. Hiner has a fine herd of full-blooded Poland-China hogs, and Mrs. Hiner takes great pride in the large flock of Barred Plymouth Rock chickens.

W.H. Lenger - It was a pleasant chat and visit the writer had while at the home of W.H. Lenger, on Friday of last week. Mr. Lenger was as usual very busy working but he is always willing to extend the hand of welcome and impart any information that may be desired. Mr. Lenger has 160 acres of as fine land as can be found in any locality and he certainly knows how to cultivate it.

W.A. Hubbard - W.a. Hubbard was not at home when your Uncle Dudley called, but Mrs. Hubbard informed me that they had lived on the farm where they are now for six years. He is one of the best farmers in that locality and is a breeder of the finest species of Poland-China hogs in this county.

Anna Timmerman - Mrs. Anna Timmerman and daughter are living on a beautiful 80 acre farm and seem to be surrounded by everything needed to make home comfortable and happy. When I called Mrs. Timmerman was busy at work in her flower garden, which from present indications is to be a thing of beauty. They have a comfortable little home and enjoy it to the fullest intent.

C.C. Craig - For one to be in this neighborhood and not call on C.C. Craig would be missing a treat, for he and his family are situated in such a position that it would greatly encourage this back to the farm doctrine. Mr. Craig is a farmer who does not do anything by halves, and knows how when and where to do things, to the best advantage.

Isaac Rhoad - The beautiful little home of Isaac Rhoad has been saddened the past four or five weeks on account of the serious illness of Mr. Rhoad. But thru all his trouble he has made it a point to be cheerful, and hte few minutes the writer spent with him were fully enjoyed. He has been in bed for the past four weeks with inflammatory rheumatism, but is gradually improving and expects to be able to be up and around soon.

I.A. Yeakle - It is certainly a pleasure for any one to make a visit at the home of I.A. Yeakle. He is quite a stock raiser and takes great pride in his Poland -China swine and his hornless Durham cattle. Mrs. Yeakle has a fine flock of thorbred Plymouth Rock chickens as one would wish to see. He has an acetylene lighting system installed in his house and has the gas piped into every room. Every department is conveniently arranged and denotes the thrift and energy of Mrs. Yeakle.

G.B. Clary - My next stop was at the home of G.B. Clary. Here I found as nice, neat and comfortable a home as one could find anywhere. Mr. Clary is engaged in farming, dairying and stock raising. He has an 80 acre farm in a high state of cultivation. He is conducting the dairy business on quite a scale and is making it profitable. There are no better Poland-China hogs in the country than those he has, and the place is dotted with full blooded White Wyandotte chickens.

Adam Wagner - The scribe had a pleasant talk with Adam Wagner. Mr. Wagner is one of the most extensive farmers in this sction of the county having 320 acres of as fine land as can be found in any locality. He has nothing but the very best of stock around him. He was born and reared in Jefferson county and bids fair to make his mark in the agricultural world.

A.K. Pottinger - Upon my arrival at the home of A.K. Pottinger, in our conversation I learned that he was just recovering from the effects of an accident with which he met some weeks ago. He is just able to be around now. He has lived on the farm where he now lives for the past eleven years. Mr. Pottinger owns a quarter section of as fine land as there is in Jefferson county. He purchased this land a short time ago and built a nice house on it.

Fred Lott - My next stop was at the home of Fred Lott who was also absent from home, but as in many other cases I found Mrs. Lott a most agreeable lady to talk to and soon obtained the desired information. He has a nice farm and good substantial buildings located on a half section of land. From the surroundings, I would judge that he was a wide awake up to date farmer.

F.J. O'Connell - F.J. O'Connell is another of the progressive and well to do farmers of that section. He has a splendid farm of 160 acres with excellent improvements. He is also engaged to some extent in raising stock. Mrs. O'Connell has a fine flock of Barred Plymouth Rock chickens which she takes great pride in and which she says is about as profitable accessory as is on the place.

P.J. Connell - P.J. Connell was absent from home when I called, but Mrs. Connell was willing and ready to answer all questions, and with her intelligence I soon gained the information asked for. Mr. Connell is classed as one of the best farmers in Jefferson county and from the surroundings we would say he is in the right class. He has lived there for twenty years and is held in high esteem by all who know him.

L. Cross - L. Cross has been a resident of Jefferson county since 1885, and has the distinction of being one of the progressive farmers of that vicinity. He has 160 acres of land and has everything at hand to make a success. Mrs. Cross is an able conversationalist and an excellent housekeeper.

H.C. Zierenberg - My next journey was to the home of H.C. Zierenberg where it was learned that he had just moved onto this farm this spring. While he has just come to this locality, he is a Jefferson county boy having been born and raised in the county. As soon as my mission was announced, Mrs. zierenberg gladly welcomed me.

T.H. Joslin - Arriving at the home of T.H. Joslin about the noon hour an invitaion to dinner was accepted with pleasure and a sumptous meal enjoyed. Mr. Joslin informed me that he had lived on the place since 1868, it being the original homestead. Mrs. Joslin says they would hardly know how to keep house without the weekly visits of the Fairbury Journal. Roy Joslin is recovering from an accident he met with some time ago, and is able to be about again.

Wm. Hanneman - When I called at the home of Wm. Hanneman, I found him taking life easy and comfortable, as a man of his age should. This remarkable gentleman has been a resident of the state for 35 years and has made his home on the place where he now resides for the past six years. His advanced age has made it necessary to retire from active life.

Milton Pottinger - Milton Pottinger is one of the ambitious young farmers of this locality. He is a hustler of the old school and is making a grand success. He has a neat, cozy, nice little home, located on a quarter section of land which he purchased recently and on which he built a house. The wires got crossed at this particular point last week in the make up of this article and a connection was made with A.K. Pottinger in reference to the newly acquired quarter of land.

Stanley B. Williams - It was a real pleasure to visit the beautiful home of Stanley B. Williams. He took great pleasure in showing this scribe the conveniences of his elegant home and the fine stock he has on the place. His house is lighted by gas from cellar to garret. His barn and hog house also contain gas jets. Mr. Williams is an extensive farmer and grower of fine stock.

Frank Hale - The next stop was at the home of Frank Hale, another reader of the Journal. Mr. Hale was at home and the visit there was a pleasant one. He farms 160 acres and deals considerably in stock. Mr. Hale is a very ambitious and hard working farmer and thoroughly understands his business. He owns 80 acres of land in Rock Creek precinct.

Edgar A. Shoebotham - Mrs. S. welcomed me and invited me to look over the fine herds of stock on the place. Mr. Shoebotham has 200 head of cattle, eighty of which are thorobred Shorthornas. He has one thorobred bull that cost him $80. In addidtion to his cattle, he is also an extensive breeder of fine Poland China hogs. He has a half section of fine land and is making good use of it. Dave Riggle is assisting in the farm and stock work and lives in a tenant house on the place.

R.E. Brown - The next call was at the home of R.E. Brown. He has a comfortable home on a quarter section of fine land and is in the class of the best farmers in Jefferson County. Mr. Brown was born and raised in this county and is spoken of by all who know him as being energetic with a thoro, go-ahead disposition.

Davis Funk - Davis Funk is comfortably located on a hundred and sixty acre farm. He has been on this place one year. Mr. Funk was born in Illinois and came to Nebraska in 1892 and located in Jefferson county in 1900. He is living on one of Mr. McDonnell's farms and the two are branching out in the raising of full blood Duroc Jersey hogs.

Roscoe Jones - Roscoe Jones has lived at his present location for four years. He was born in Iowa and moved to Saline Co. coming from there to this county four years ago. Mrs. Jones was born in Indiana but came with her parents to Nebraska when nine years old. They live on a 160 acre farm and are dealing to some extent in full blood Berkshire hogs. Mrs. Jones takes great pride in her poultry and butter making.

Lacy Clark - Lacy Clark informed me that he had lived at the present location but a year. The farm he is on is a quarter. Mr. Clark was reared in the eastern part of the state and came to Jefferson county nine years ago.

C.F. Craig - My call on C.F. Craig was very agreeable and he soon told me his little history. He has a nice home on a 240 acre farm and is dealing in cattle and hogs. His cattle are Shorthorns and the hogs Poland Chinas. Mr. Craig was born in Indiana and came to Nebraska nine years ago, locating at the present place 8 years ago.

Louis Craig - Louis Craig is another one of the prosperous farmers of this section. He lives on a farm near his father. He is very energetic and full of business from morning until night, with his energy and push he is fast coming to the front as a successful farmer.

George D. Clark - George D. Clark was born in Richardson county, Nebraska in 1858 and came to Jefferson county nine years ago and located on the place where he now lives. He has three quarters of fine land and deals to a considerable extent in stock. He has Shorthorn cattle and Berkshire and Poland China hogs.

R.B. Barnes - R.B. Barnes has just moved onto the place where he now lives, this spring. He was reared on Rose Creek near Reynolds. He will farm 130 acres this year. Mrs. Barnes was born in West Virginia and came to Nebraska when a small girl.

Dan Dick - At he noon hour, the "Rambler" rounded into the beautiful little home of Dan Dick. Mr. Dick is one of the early settlers of this section, having lived in Jefferson county since 1875. He has retired from farm duty and is making his home wiht his daughter, Mrs. J.W. Lueck. Mr. Lueck is managing the 120 acre farm. He has been in control of the place for one year and is proving his worth as a farmer. Many thanks for the excellent dinner, served by Mrs. Lueck.

August Ridder - August Ridder has made his home for three years where he now lives. mr. Ridder was born in Missouri and came to this county when only five years of age. Mrs. Ridder was born in Lincoln county, Missouri. They are farming 160 acres.

F.A. Leonard - It is a pleasure for one to visit the beautiful home of F.a. Leonard and look over the place. Mr. Leonard has 400 acres of land and is an extensive dealer in fine stock. He handles Shorthorn cattle and Duroc Jersey hogs and Poland Chinas. He now has 24 head of fine cattle on full feed for the market and has 200 head of hogs. He has lived here for twenty-three years and has every convenience on the farm, including gas lights for his house and barn. Roy Lynch is assisting Mr. Leonard with his stock and makes his home on one of the places.

O.H. Sollenberger - O.H. Sollenberger was busy grinding feed when I called. He was living there for seven years and has a fine herd of Duroc Jersey hogs. He is just starting in with full blooded Holstein cattle. He has one two year old heifer that is a perfect picture. Mr. Sollenberger was born in Illinois and came to Jefferson county in 1892. Mrs. Sollenberger was born in Pennsylvania. They live on a nice 80 acre farm.

J.L. Wagner - J.L. Wagner is living on the place where he was born. He assumed control one year ago. It consists of 160 acres. Mrs. Wagner was born in Nebraska.

Lizzie & Alice Lott - The two sisters Misses Lizzie and Alice Lott have a nice comfortable little home and are enjoying the comforts of single happiness. They have made this their home for 42 years, and have a very attractive place of 42 acres which is conveniently arranged.

S. Sollenberger - The "Ramber" stopped for the night at the elegant home of S. Sollenberger. Mr. and Mrs. Sollenberger were born in Pennsylvania and came to Jefferson county nineteen years ago, locating on the place where they now live. he has a fine quarter section. Mr. and Mrs. Sollenberger have practically retired from active farm life and have turned the management of the farm over to their son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bedell. Mr. Bedell is a young and ambitious farmer just starting in the toil of life and will no doubt make a success. This article would not be complete without special mention of the fine flock of Plymouth Rock and White Leghorn chickens which Mrs. Bedell takes great pride in. My stay over night at this beautiful home was very agreeable.

Henry Schultis - My brief stay at the home of Henry Schultis revealed the information that he had lived here for two years and was located on 160 acres of land. Mr. and Mrs. Schultis were both born and raised in Illinois. Mr. Schultis is in partnership with August Roelf who owns the farm. Mr. Roelf has lived here for eight years and is a very industrious worker.

J.W. Ulmer - At the home of J.W. Ulmer it was learned that he had lived at the present location for fourteen years. He was born in Pennsylvania and came to Nebraska fifteen years ago. Mrs. Ulmer was born in Vinton county, Iowa and came to Nebraska 26 years ago. They have a nice 160 acre farm and are surrounded by plenty.

E.E. Gerrard - With my call at the home of E.E. Gerrard I learned that he had lived on this farm for about a year. He was born in Cass county and has been a resident of Jefferson county 31 years. Mrs. Gerrard was born in Iowa and came to this county 27 years ago. They have the gift of being excellent entertainers.

Ed Clem - Ed Clem has been a resident of Jefferson county for 31 years and has lived on the present home farm for 25 years. He came from Illinois. Mrs. Clem was born and reared in Nebraska. Mr. Clem has a nice farm of 240 acres and has good improvements.

H. Stegeman - H. Stegeman has 160 acres of good land and raises considerable stock. He has lived on this place for seven years.

Charles Brown - Charles Brown has a half section of fine land on which he has lived for the past five years. His place of birth is Illinois. On his farm he raises considerable stock and like all Illinois people he has the spirit and progressive ideas that go to make up the genuine farmer.

Chas. Rohrbaugh - Chas. Rohrbaugh is one of the farmers who was born and raised in Nebraska and he knows something of the hardships that the early settlers had to endure. He has one of the best 160 acre farms in the county and deals extensively in stock and has a nice home and plenty around him. He is serving his third year as county commissioner and makes an excellent officer. He is also president of the Jansen Telephone Co.

August Meyer - From the pleasant chat I had with August Meyer, I learned that he had lived here on his 160 for ten years, but that he had been a resident of the state for 28 years. He was born in Wisconsin of German parnetage. Mrs. Meyer was also born in Wisconsin.

Chris Seaman - Chris Seanran was found in the field at work and said he had just moved on the farm this spring. He has 160 acres rented and believes by hard work he will reap a good harvest this fall. Mr. Seaman was born and brot up in jefferson county. Mrs. Seaman was born in Pittsburg, Kans. They are living as cozy in their new home as you please.

Phillip Gooeble - Phillip Gooeble is practically a new comer to this locality, having come from Russia to this county about two or three years ago. Not being able to talk or understand his native language, I was unable to gain much information from him.

W.F. Iwohn - At the home of W.F. Iwohn, it was learned that he had been a resident of Jefferson county for nineteen years. He has been farming on his own for eight years. He was born in Germany and came to America in 1890. Mrs. Iwohn was born in Russia and came to this country in 1893. He is farming a quarter section of land.

Robert Leonard - The greeting at the home of Robert Leonard was very agreeable and it was learned that the has been a resident of Jefferson county for 32 years, having been born in Wisconsin. Mrs. Leonard was born and lived in Michigan. They have a nice 160 acre farm and raise and breed considerable livestock.

Ray Wagner - Ray Wagner has been farming for himself for about nine years and was born and raised on the farm that he now occupies. He has 160 acres of fine, productive land and is making good use of it. Mrs. Wagner was born in Indiana, subsequently the wrtier felt quite at home while in conversation with her.

A. H. Howard - If anyone in the world whould be happy, it is A.H. Howard, for he has a nice 200 acre farm, with plenty of everything around him. He informed me that he was born in Ohio and immigrated to this county 30 years ago. He has two daughters who keep house for him. He is now living at the place he first moved onto after coming to the county.

John McKie - When the "Rambler" called on John McKie, he was busy stirring up the soil. He has been living here a year and has a fine 80. He has resided in the county 31 years and is of Scotch birth. Mrs. McKie was born in Omaha. Like all Scotchmen Mr. McKie is very entertaining and well posted on all current events.

H.J. Sixel - H.J. Sixel was born in Wisconsin and came to this state ten years ago. He has been on the farm here for five years and has 160 acres of fine land. He is a good farmer but does not give much attention to raising of stock, only just what is necessary to run the farm.

John & Carl W. Braasch - John Braasch and Carl W. Braasch are two brothers who are farming together. They have been on the farm for five years but have lived in the neighborhood for nine years. They were both born in Jefferson county and are both hard working and earnest men. They deal some what in stock.

T. L. Rohrbaugh - T.L. Rohrbaugh was not at home when I called but it was learned that he has been living at the present location for seven years and is classed as one of the best farmers in the locality.

John Lueck - John Lueck was away from home also but thru the neighbors I found he had lived in the vicinity for about seventeen years.

Eilt Eilts - Eilt Eilts was born in Germany and came to this country fifteen years ago and located where he now lives eleven years ago. Mrs. Eilts was born in Nebraska. They own 160 acres of fine land.

John Quick - John Quick has been living on his 160 for seventeen years, having come here at that time from Illinois. Mrs. Cook, his sister, is keeping house for him.

Amanda Rohrbaugh - The short visit I had with Mrs. Amanda Rohrbaugh at her home was very pleasant and full of interest. She came from Indiana in 1874 and located where she lives at the present time. She has lived to see many important changes in this locality and is now taking life easy.

L.E. Lueck - There was no one at home when I called at the farm of L.E. Lueck, consequently not much can be said of him or his family.

Ed Hughes - Ed Hughes has lived on his 240 acre farm for forty years, being one of the very early settlers of hte county. Ed Hughes, Jr. was raised on the farm where he now makes his home. They are well to do farmers and have a plenty of everything around them.

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