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Photos submitted by Doris Counts, 2010

Highway 11 north of Atkinson to 890 Road. (East of Sunny View Cemetery on the gravel road)


Highway 281 north of O’Neill - 16 miles. At the stone windmill turn west 4.1 miles on paved road to sign 488 ave - 887 road. Turn north and take winding sandy gravel road 3.1 miles to sign 488 ave 890 road. Turn west 2.6 miles to Phoenix Cemetery.
Alternate directions: South Saratoga township
Northwest quarter of northeast quarter 25-32-13
Highway 281 north of O'Neill, 18-19 miles, cross Eagle Creek, turn west. Stay on that road.

Sign on gate: In Memory of Violet Syfie

Land deeded by Hans and Catherine Storjohann (east quarter) Saratoga township. Northwest quarter of northeast quarter and northeast quarter of northwest quarter in 25-32-13. Nov 22,1918

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~ A ~

SurnameGiven NameBirth DateDeath Date Photo Note
AegerterMyrtle Lillian DameroAug 27,1900  April 11,1924      Obituary  
AndersonElnora LamphierOct 23,1889Aug 11,1922  Obituary
AndersonSamuel MillerJune 10,1875Nov 10, 1948  Obituary

~ B ~

BauschInfant Son  1917PhotoHenry & Jessie Bausch
BauschMarvin D1923194?Photo  
BellingerIdaMay 5,1874May 24,1927Photo
Reuben and Ida Bellinger share a stone, next to the stone basket
BellingerReubenMay 27,1874May 27,1962Photo
Reuben and Ida Bellinger share a stone, next to the stone basket
BrilesJesse BlaineApril 15,1918Nov ,1924  Obituary
BurleyInezJune 26,1902Dec ,1917PhotoObituary  
BursellDiane DAug 23,1952Feb 16,1954    
BursellDonald LAug 22,1927May 28,2002  Married Nov 30,1949
Parents of Donna and Diane
Tec 5 US Army World War II
Donald L and Elza D Bursell share the same stone
BursellElza DNov 4,1930no date  Married Nov 30,1949
Parents of Donna and Diane
Donald L and Elza D Bursell share the same stone
BursellLyman WMay 7,1896Sept 6,1981PhotoFather
Married May 2,1927
BursellSadie MApr 6,1906Sept 6,1982PhotoMother
Married May 2,1927

~ C ~

CleftonSarah SmithJan 1,1851July 8,1886Photo  
CoburnAudrey RNov 27,1934no date  Married June 15,1957
Parents of Susan, Bruce, Nancy, Joel
Harold J and Audrey R. Coburn share a stone
CoburnH RexJune 14,1897Nov 6,1990  Obituary
Married March 19,1927
H Rex and Helen Coburn share a stone
CoburnHarold JMarch 12,1929July 14,2003  Married June 15,1957
Parents of Susan, Bruce, Nancy, Joel
Harold J and Audrey R. Coburn share a stone
CoburnHelenNov 14,1902Aug 3,1996  Married March 19,1927
H Rex and Helen Coburn share a stone
CoburnLottie S18741967  Ray E. and Lottie S. Coburn share a stone
CoburnRalph S19031978  Ralph S. and Vera E. Coburn share a stone
CoburnRay E18691932  Ray E. and Lottie S. Coburn share a stone
CoburnVera E19052001  Ralph S. and Vera E. Coburn share a stone
ColemanMichaelJuly 7,1835May 19,1883/8Photo
Co F 2 Wis Cal Vols - Civil War

~ D ~

DameroFrankAug 27,1866Dec 2,1943  Obituary
DameroFrederika VossFeb 27,1837April 2,1928  Obituary
Married John Damero
DameroHarmenOct 10,1873July 18,1950  Obituary
DameroLenaOct 20,1872June 9,1934  Obituary
DameroLouise Catherine GrossmanSept 19,1888Feb 8,1978  Wife of John F Damero
DameroMary LamphierMay 8,1873June 25,1930  Obituary
DohnalJosephineApril 24,1896Jan 26,1991PhotoObituary
DohnalLouis AApril 11,1891May 20,1950PhotoObituary
DunhamSarah M  May 9,1884Photo
Aged 34 years 4 months 3 days
Wife of G H Dunham

~ F ~

Fink                    Jan 22,1909  Atkinson Graphic

~ G ~

Gottschalk   Amelia Margaret Schwindt  Oct 24,1904March 4,1945          Obituary  
GrossmanAnna Magdalena BayDec 3,1868Nov 23,1937  Obituary
GrossmanCarl FrederickFeb 2,1851July 27,1944  Obituary

~ H ~

Hendrix   Jacob  Aug 20,1885  Photo  
Age 44 years
HenkelDauApril 4,1906 April 19,1906      Dau of Mr and Mrs C and C Henkel
HenkelEnnice P19031980Photo  
HenkelDr FranzMarch 3,1899Jan ,1970PhotoObituary  
HenkelMarieSept 14,1909March 26,1910      
HenkelSophiaApril 27,1907June 29,1909    
HenkelZane Grey19371991Photo  
HoweG E18401918    
HuntEsther Caroline Miller  Aug 29,1829Feb 2,1910PhotoMarried Jacob Wilson Hunt
HuntJacob WilsonMay 14,1828Feb 14,1910Photomarried Esther Caroline Miller
Civil War Vet
children: Milton Wilson, Denton Delose, George Henry, Charles Birch, Emma Eoline Ellis, Esther Ida Cornelia, Olive Veronica Nachtman, John Jachin, Minnie May Coleman
Turner Before Today page 426

~ K ~

KiteHerman  Aug 13,1885PhotoAge 2 years 1 month 30 days
Son of ? and M Kite

~ L ~

LampheirGeorgeJuly 26,1852Feb 27,1916  Obituary
LamphierFrancis J AchlyJuly 16,1852Aug 3,1921  Obituary
LewisJennie Mae TurnerMay 16,1899April 28,1935PhotoObituary

~ M ~

McMainMrs        April 13,1908  Obituary
MillerPerry  May ,1907       

~ N ~

NaberInfantAug 4,1933Aug 5,1933  Obituary  
NilsonBlanche L RobertsDec 22,1902Jan 13, 1983  Obituary
NilsonClyde OJune 13,1892July 8,1968PhotoNebr PFC US Army World War I
NilsonElsie Vinnie SpenceApril 17,1889Feb 2,1916PhotoObituary
NilsonNellie MaySept 8,1869Nov 9,1918  Wife of Otto Nilson

~ P ~

ParshallDanial LeRoy  Mar 21,1927  Aged 2 years 6 months 2 days
Son of LeRoy Parshall
ParshallEdwardMay 21,1930May 19,1940  Obituary
ParshallFloydFeb 26,1893Dec 7,1917  Obituary
ParshallMarguerite Erma GoodMay 25,1918April 8,2006  Obituary
PricePaul HFeb 3,1916Sept 25,1916Photo  

~ R ~

RobertsAngela LynnAug 20,1968Aug 20,1968      Obituary  
RobertsCynthia Arlepha SummersMarch 25,1871  Nov 21,1941  Obituary
RobertsFred AJune 3,1909Dec 2,1984  Obituary
RobertsMilfred WSept 30,1869April 17,1951  Obituary

~ S ~

Sandoe        Photo      
SandoeClara L  Feb 17,1907 April 19,1908  PhotoDau of WS & A
SchwindtAmelia KriegerMar 24,1875Jan 29,1928  Aged 52 years 10 months 5 days
SchwintJohn  Jan ,1913  Obituary
SmithDonald DavisDec 6,1915March 12,1916  Obituary
SnowArthur      Baby of JM and ME Snow
SoderstenAnna EFeb 10,1889Aug 12,1889PhotoDau of Peter M and Harriet E
SoullsJake StewardOct 21,1878Dec 6,1914  Obituary
SpryBernard CecilMarch 2,1931  March 13,1989  Photo  
SpryCecil WApril 7,1904May 8,1974Photo  
SpryCora LJune 16,1912June 14,1995Photo  
SpryGale  Aug 20,1931  Obituary
SpryIda May CorbySept 10,1879June 12,1920  Obituary
StenbockJohanaDec 6,1832Nov 30,1903Photo
StenbockMary18591935  Mother
StewartAda BurleyJan 29,1903Jan 6,1987Photo  
StewartBobbyDec 25,1926Sept 24,1929Photo  
StorjohannMrs Hans  May ,1939  Obituary
StorjohannAugust  1945  Father
StorjohannBertha CJune 20,1891Dec 4,1894  Dau of Claus and Mary Storjohann
StorjohannClausAug 2,1852Aug 15,1935  Aged 83 years 13 days
Married Mary Steinbock
StorjohannClaus18591936  Father
StorjohannEarl CJuly 12,1925July 18,2005PhotoObituary
StorjohannEarlene MeiningerJuly 4,1922Sept 25,2007PhotoObituary
StorjohannFredJune 10,1858Mar 26,1904Photo
StorjohannHenry H  1968  Obituary
StorjohannLouis AugustMar 31,1923Dec 21,1995PhotoObituary
StorjohannLouise CNov 12,1899Aug 30,1901PhotoDau of C and M
StorjohannMary "Marie" Steinbock  Aug 20,1859Mar 26,1936  Obituary
StorjohannNellie  1947    
StorjohannNellie GoekeFeb 17,1892May 26,1945PhotoAged 53 years 3 months 9 days
Married August Storjohann
StottsFred Mitchell "Chick"Sept 4,1888June ,1964    
SyfieGeorge  Dec 23,1955  Aged 80 years
Married Edith Damero
Children: George, Eva Mitchell, Violet, Alma Angus, Neomia Schoberg
SyfieGeorge JrApril 6,1914April 30,1999  Aged 85 years
Married Evelyn Esther Frickel

~ T ~

TurnerFrederickMar 2,1877Dec 10,1918Photo
Married Minnie May Hunt Coleman
Children: Jennie Mae Lewis, Jason Tubbs, Edward

~ U ~

Unknown      Photo
Unknown      Photo  
Unknown      Photo  
Unknown      Photo  
Unknown      Photo  

~ V ~

Van FleetDoris A19291978Photo  
Van FleetWillard W "Bud"May 25,1924Dec 25,2008PhotoObituary

~ W ~

Wabs      Photo    
WabsCatherinaNov 14,1848Mar 21,1927  Dau of Hans Storjohann
married Joachim Wabs
WabsFrederickSept 16,1881May 10,1913Photo
WabsJoachimMar 14,1844Nov ,1923  Aged 80 years
WabsLois Ann19321989    
WabsMildred ScheinostMar 4,1921Dec 8,1986  Aged 65 years
Wife of Leo Wabs
WabsWilliam "Swede"Dec 25,1871May 20,1950PhotoObituary
WagnerJoseph GNov 5,1847April 21,1907PhotoCivil War - Co C Iowa Regt
Married Alice Schwartz
Children: Florence Carr, Hazel B, George, Ralph, Howard
WagnerRalph A18811942Photo  
WagnerWinnie P18901982Photo  
Warner          Photo __ Co C ___ PA Inf
WhitneyGlendora MarieJan 8,1932July 9,1935  Obituary

~ Z ~

ZeikHenry    Sept ,1913     Son of Conrad Zeik

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