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Cemetery  LatitudeLongitudeRemarks
Adams CemeteryMap 425214N0985810W  
Anson's Cemetery Map       located 882 Road, 485 Ave - 9 miles east of Atkinson, 5 miles north
Catalpa Grove CemeteryMap     Nw corner of NE ¼ section 21, township 31, range 13 near the post offices of Catalpa and Richmond.
Celia Cemetery
Celia Cemetery*
(2nd transcription)
Map 424145N 0985554W north of Atkinson to 888 Road and 478 Avenue
Chambers War Memorial *
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map    Chambers, Nebraska
Cleveland CemeteryMap424634N0990634W  
Conley Cemetery - NEW!!
(Lutheran Cemetery)

Conley Cemetery *                                     
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 420700N0984123WFrom Chambers: south 5 1/2 miles, east 3 miles on south side of road
Dorsey Cemetery - NEW!!

Dorsey Cemetery *
* Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives Project
(Apple Creek)
Map 424032N0982003Whighway 281 north of O'Neill to 887th, turn east - 16 miles to 508 Ave and 887 Rd, follow signs, goes southeast about 3/4 mile
Ewing CemeteryMap 421458N0981815W  
Farmers Hill Cemetery - NEW!!

Farmers Hill Cemetery *
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 420704N0984152WFrom Chambers - south 5 1/2 miles, east 2 1/2 miles on north side of road
Inman Cemetery *
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 422112N0983126W  
Blackbird Cemetery - NEW!!
Also Known as Joy Cemetery
Map      10 (11) miles north and one and ½ miles east of O'Neill, Nebr.
NE ¼ of NW ¼, section 32, township 31, range 11
The Postoffice of Joy had a post office, black smith shop, and general store. After 1914 became known as Blackbird.
Lambert CemeteryMap 422548N0982019W  
Mennonite Cemetery Map       located north of O'Neill, west on Highway 281 4 miles to gravel road (489 Ave), turn right follow road north to Cem (Rd 881)
Mineola Cemetery
Map 423638N 0982710W Located northwest quarter of northwest quarter of section two township 30 range 10. Original started 1886.
The city of Mineola was located 6 miles northeast of Opportunity or 7 miles from Niobrara.
Powell Grove Cem
(First Mineola Cem)
Map       ½ mile west of the larger cem, Section 3, township 30, range 10
O'Neill Cemetery - NEW!!
Prospect Hill Cemetery

Prospect Cemetery*
Calvary Cemetery
*Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map      North of Pump and Pantry in O’Neill on Highway 281, about .5 miles. On the west side of the highway.
West edge of cemetery is bordered by Highway 281.
North edge of cemetery is bordered by W Hynes Street
East edge of Cemetery is bordered by N Madison Street
South edge of cemetery is bordered by W Adams Street.
N Jefferson Street runs north and south right through the middle of the cemetery.
Catholics are usually buried between N Jefferson and Highway 281
Protestants are usually buried between N Jefferson and N Madison.
There is a sign facing the highway in the southern half of this cemetery that says O’Neill Cemetery
The older graves are in the northern half.
The graves were first marked with wooden crosses, but they all burned in a prairie fire. So only iron and cement markers survived. That leaves areas between stones that look empty.
Page Cemetery
(Cherry Hill)
Map 422401N0982415W1/2 mile east of Page, NE
Phoenix Cemetery
     2006 partial listing

Phoenix Cemetery
     2010 index
Map 424331N0984706W  
Pine Valley Cemetery
Map      Go south of Atkinson on Highway 11, 27 miles or to the substation, 472 avenue and 849 road turn west 4 miles to 468 avenue and 849 road.
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Map      These two cemeteries are located in Holt County, Nebraska. They are about 14 miles north of O'Neill, then about 1 miles east. There are two cemeteries on this road about ¼ mile apart, Paddock and Pleasant Valley.
Pleasant Valley cemetery was established in 1890
Pleasant Valley- NE ¼ of NE ¼ Section 7, township 31, range 11
On the gate of the Paddock Union Cemetery are the following words:
“In memory of Hon Frank Nelson State Sen 1949-1966”
Paddock Union Cemetery
Prairie Home   NEW!!
Map       NW of Emmet, Nebraska
Small Rural Cemetery   NEW!!
         This small plot is on private land. You will need to get permission from the owner before visiting.
This small cemetery is on a hill over looking the Niobrara River. Go straight north of O'Neill, till just about a mile from the river, turn west and follow the road, at the house, go into the pasture and in one of the small grove of trees is this cemetery.
Saint Anthonys Cemetery Map 420639N 0982612W   
Sexton - Adams Map     SE ¼ of SW ¼ section 33 township 34 range 14
Stuart Community Cemetery

Stuart Community Cemetery
2006 (partial listing)

St. Boniface Cemetery 2006

St. Boniface Cemetery**
**2nd Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map    Stuart, NE
Check both Stuart Community Cemetery and St. Boniface Cemetery for your names.
Saint Patricks Cemetery *
(Lutheran or Ziems)
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 420747N0981917W  
St. Joseph Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery*
*2nd Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map    Atkinson
St. Peter's Cemetery
Saint Peter Cemetery
(2nd transcription)
Map 421611N0981914W  
Scottville Cemetery - NEW!!

Scottville Cemetery *
*Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 424100N0983038WHighway 281 north of O'Neill to 887th, turn east, 7 1/2 miles to 499 Ave and 887 Rd, then 1/2 mile east on north side of road
Star Cemetery - NEW!!Map 423827N0982038W884 Rd and 508 Ave on east side, north and east of Page
Sona View - Sunnyview Cemetery
Map       1874-1902 located north of Atkinson, along the highway to Butte.
SW ¼ of SW ¼ section 21 township 32 range 13
16 miles northeast of Atkinson on Highway 11
Vandersnick CemeteryMap421237N0982353W  
Valley View Cemetery-  NEW!!
Also Known as Trussel Cemetery
Map 421031N0983532WFrom Chambers: 4 1/2 miles east to highway 281, south 2 miles, 3 miles east, south side of road
Wolf Cemetery *
* Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 420613N 0981946W   
Wooden Shoe Cemetery Map   Holt    most of the graves were moved to Atkinson later. Located on Fred Jansen's land, two miles east and five miles north of Atkinson. Surrounded by lilac bushes.
Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery**
**Transcription in the Holt County ALHN Project
Map 423216N0985922W  

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