Harlan County, Nebraska - Eliza Suggs, "Shadow and Sunshine"


Eliza Suggs
b. 1876
Author of 1906 Shadow and Sunshine

Eliza Suggs

In March 2007 Patti Simpson, Harlan County, Nebraska Coordinator for the NEGenWeb project received an email from Rev. Larry D. Smith asking for assistance in finding Eliza's death date.

Rev. Larry D. Smith is the editor of a religious publication GOD'S REVIVALIST printed since 1888 and with a circulation list of about 10,000. His intention was to write an article for the May 2007 issue about ELIZA SUGGS, a crippled African-American woman who lived in Orleans NE with her family a century and more ago. The Suggs were connected with the Free Methodist college in Orleans, Orleans Seminary, and Eiliza is buried in the Orleans cemetery. There has been a resurgence of interest in her 1906 little book SHADOW AND SUNSHINE, which I think was reprinted recently by NU Press for its "slave narrative." Rev. Smith is also interested in Eliza's story because he has relatives close by in Furnas County.

Because of Eliza's history of slave parents and her book, "Shadow and Sunshine" I feel she holds a place of honor here on the NEGenWeb Harlan County web site. Below are links to her book which I hope you will enjoy reading. Her original published book in 1906 now sells for several hundred dollars on eBay. I am sure Eliza would be shocked to know how her little book is now in demand.

See and read Eliza Suggs's book here (http://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/suggs/suggs.html)

A BIG THANK YOU to Larry D. Smith, Editor of "God's Revivalist" for helping to bring this important piece of Harlan County history to light.

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