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You can find many of these towns on the older maps that we have on our Maps Page. Check the date of their existence and then look at the map for that time period.

   Hamilton county was named for Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804), secretary of the treasury in George Washington's cabinet. Its boundaries were defined by an act approved February 16, 1867.

"History of the State of Nebraska", A.T. Andreas, pub., 1882 - Hamilton County Chapter
  • Alvin - See Hamilton
    See Hamilton - PO name changed from Hamilton, January 10, 1876; discontinued February 23, 1888. (1.)
  • Aurora - See Spafford's Grove
    This town was surveyed and platted in 1882. Its name was suggested by David Stone, an early settler, as a compliment to his wife who was a native of Aurora, Illinois. Mr. Robert Miller has the distinction of having named the town because he cast the two votes that determined the selection of the name. Aurora is the county seat of Hamilton county. (3.)
  • Avon - See Marquette
    PO established August 19, 1875; name changed to Marquette December 2, 1881. (1.)
  • Briggs Ranch (1.)
  • Bromfield - See Lerton and Giltner
    PO name changed from Lerton Febr. 25, 1887; changed to Giltner Sept. 14, 1895. (1.)
  • Buckeye
    PO established Dec. 14, 1876. Discontinued April 7, 1884. (1.)
  • Bunker Hill
    PO established June 14, 1876. Discontinued Dec. 22, 1881. (1.)
  • Case
    PO established Febr. 15, 1881; Discontinued Febr. 18, 1887. (1.)
  • Cedar Valley
    PO established June 23, 1874; Discontinued April 6, 1880. (1.)
  • Curry (1.)
  • Deep Well Ranch
    Stopping point for early freighters. Established by John Harris and Alfred Blue. (1.)
  • Farmers Valley - See Farmvale
    PO established August 26, 1869; name changed to Farmvale Nov. 3, 1894. (1.)
  • Farmvale - See Farmers Valley
    Name changed from Farmer's Valley Nov. 3, 1894; discontinued Dec. 1, 1895. (1.)
  • Giltner - See Huntington, Lerton and Bromfield.
    Giltner was named in honor of the Reverend Mr. Henry M. Giltner, a Presbyterian minister and missionary of the early days in Nebraska and in this vicinity in particular. It was surveyed and platted in the spring of 1886 and was originally named Bromfield. (3.)
  • Glover
    PO established April 17, 1879; Discontinued Febr. 24, 1880. (1.)
  • Hamilton
    Note: There seems to have been two different locations named Hamilton in the county. According to Perkey's (1.), Hamilton PO established Febr. 18, 1874; check the 1876 map on the Maps page. named changed to Alvin Jan. 10, 1876. Alvin was located in Sec. 8, town 10, range 7 on the 1888 map and Hamilton was in the following location:
    "Hamilton is situated on the northwest quarter of section ten (10), town ten (10), range six (6), west. This quarter section was homesteaded by J. H. Elliot in April, 1871, and a portion of it laid out as a town, by T. H. Glover and J. F. Glover, in the spring of 1874, and entered for record as a town, May 20, 1874. T. H. Glover opened the first store in the fall of 1874, and during this year it entered the contest for county seat honors, and gave promise of becoming quite a town. After Aurora had won the county seat, Hamilton began to be deserted, its business men joining their fortunes with Aurora. In 1874 a school was established in the building known as the Hamilton High School building, taught by H. G. Cass." (2.)
  • Hampton
    The town of Hampton was surveyed and platted in October, 1879, on land owned by Joshua Cox. Mr. Cox wished it to be named Plano because that was the name of his home in Illinois; but since there was another town by that name on the railroad, it was given the name Murray. Later the name was changed to Hampton, because there was a town on the Burlington and Missouri railroad named Murray and this caused confusion in freight shipments. (3.)
  • Henderson Settlement (York Co.)
  • Hordville
    This town was named in honor of T. B. Hord who formerly owned a great deal of land in the vicinity. It was settled in 1907. (3.)
  • Huntington - See Bromfield, Lerton and Giltner
    RR name for Bromfield. (1.)
  • Kronberg
    Community east of Marquette. (1.)
  • Leonard
    PO established Jan. 12, 1880; discontinued Dec. 7, 1885. (1.)
  • Lerton - See Bromfield, Linden and Giltner
    Name changed from Linden May 7, 1875. Changed again to Bromfield Feb. 25, 1887. (1.)
    Lerton.--This is a postoffice in the southeast part of the county, eleven miles distant from Aurora. (2.)
  • Lincoln Valley - See Saint Joe
    PO established Nov. 12, 1872; name changed to Saint Joe Nov. 12, 1878. Located in farm home of Charles Tompkins. (1.)
  • Linden - See Lerton
    PO established Jan. 23, 1874; name changed to Lerton May 7, 1875. (1.)
  • Marquette - See Avon
    Marquette was surveyed and platted by the Lincoln Land Company in 1882. Thomas M. Marquette of Lincoln, a member of the company, was then general attorney for the Burlington railroad and the town was named for him. (3.)
    Marquette.--Marquette is a station of the B. and M. R. R., in Nebraska, eleven miles north of Aurora. It was laid out as a town and filed for record, June 29, 1881. It is fast putting on the appearance of a live business town and business is well represented. (2.)
  • Millspaw Ranch
    Frist ranch in Hamilton County. Stop for freighters on Mormon Trail. Named for David Millspaw in 1861. (1.)
  • Miramichi
    PO established Febr. 20, 1874; Discontinued Nov. 27, 1877. (1.)
  • Murphy
    PO established April 2, 1912; discontinued 1943. (1.)
  • Orville City
    This town was named in honor of Orville Wescott, the son of C. O. Wescott. It was surveyed and platted in 1870. (3.)
    PO discontinued Jan. 29, 1880. Site later became the County Poor Farm. (1.)
  • Otis
    PO established Oct. 29, 1873; discontinued April 6, 1889. (1.)
  • Overland
    Burlington RR station. (1.)
  • Penn
    PO established April 16, 1895; discontinued 1986. (1.)
  • Phillips
    Captain R. O. Phillips of Lincoln at one time had charge of establishing town-sites for the Lincoln Land Company. The town of Phillips was named in his honor. (3.)
  • Phillips Station - See Phillips
    PO established May 28, 1884. named changed to Phillips April 16, 1895. (1.)
  • Prairie Camp
    Relay stage station on Overland Trail 6 miles west of Millspaw Ranch. (1.)
  • Primrose
    PO established Sept. 5, 1881; discontinued Nov. 27, 1882. (1.)
  • Rock
    PO established Jan. 9, 1879; discontinued Nov. 27, 1882. (1.)
  • Saint Joe See Lincoln Valley
    Named changed from Lincoln Valley Nov. 12, 1878; discontinued Oct. 23, 1885. Town buildings moved to Phillips when RR bypassed St. Joe. (1.)
    St. Joe.--This little town is about two years old, and is located in the western part of the county, about twelve miles from Aurora, and ten miles from Grand Island. The town was laid out by J. W. Skelton in October, 1878, and filed for record, May 10, 1879. A number of buildings have been erected and business is quite well represented. (2.)
  • Sandburg (1.)
  • Seaton
    PO established March 17, 1884; discontinued Febr. 17, 1887. Robert Seaton, first postmaster. (1.)
  • Shiloh
    PO established May 17, 1876; discontinued May 11, 1889. (1.)
  • Spafford's Grove - See Aurora
    PO established April 5, 1871; name changed to Aurora May 2, 1872. Named for Silvester W. Spafford, first postmaster. (1.)
  • Stark - See Hordville
    PO established Oct. 21, 1887; name changed to Hordville Oct. 25, 1907. (1.)
  • Stockham
    This town was named for Joseph Stockham who was a member of the town board of trustees. It was surveyed and platted in 1887. (3.)
    Stockham.--Stockham is a post office twelve miles south of Aurora. At this point are located the Stockham Mills. This mill is on the Blue River and is one of the best flouring mills in this part of the state. It was built by Messrs Stone, Starkey & Co. in 1877, has two run of stone and is furnished with all late and improved machinery, and turns out the best quality of flour. Business is also well represented by two houses, carrying general merchandise. (2.)
  • Traill
    Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR station. (1.)
  • Verona - See Orville City
    PO established Dec. 14, 1870; name changed to Orville City Dec. 4, 1872. (1.)
  • Williamsport
    PO established May 2, 1872; moved to Hampton in December, 1879. (1.)

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