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Hamilton County Cemeteries

This is a list of cemeteries in Hamilton County. The completed cemetery indices are held at the Plainsman Museum. You can contact them for further information.

Note: There are a few Hamilton County indexes available in the USGenWeb Tombstone Project. Check their Hamilton County page.

cemetery location map

Janet Humphrey jchumphrey@msn.com has offered to do lookups in Giltner, Greenwood, Lerton and Seatonville cemeteries. Please be specific in your request and don't forget to send a big Thank-you, too.

Jackie Rudnick is able to take tombstone photos again. She cannot do general lookups for cemeteries. Please give her specifics as to name, cemetery and anything else that will help her to find the stone. This is done with some time constraints so please allow her time to do this and be sure to send her a special Thank-you.

Hamilton County Cemeteries

Map # Cemetery Name PrecinctLocationTwp #RangeSection
1.AbrahamsBeaver  10527
2.Aurora and Catholic (in separate binders)
Partial Index
in USGenWeb Tombstone Project
3.Beaver Valley Beaver  10511
4.Case (Salem Baptist) ScovilleMap9822
5.Dick & Friesen Farmer's ValleyMap952
6.Farmer's Valley
1934 news article about the cemetery and index
Farmer's Valley Map9526
7.Foster (Riverview, Bluff)Bluff  1352
8.Franklin (Hinrichs) UnionMap9724
9.German Methodist Beaver  10521
10.Giltner - Lookup availableUnionMap975
11.Greenwood - Lookup available
12.Hampton ValleyMap11533
13.Hordville (Fridhem Lutheran)Bluff  13521
14.Immanuel Lutheran
(MO Synod)
Now merged with Danish Lutheran
Bluff  13536
15.Immanuel Lutheran (Danish)
Now merged with Immanuel Lutheran
16.Lerton - Lookup availableUnionMap978
17.Lincoln ValleyValleyMap11530
18.Lyndale (Swedish Baptist)BluffMap13525
19.Mamre (Swedish) South PlatteMap1261
20.Mennonite Brethren
(Evangelical Free)
Monroe  1273
22.Mount ZionBluffMap13532
23.North Blue
24.Phillips & St. JoePhillipsMap11833
25.Pleasant View
Hamilton  10723
26.Prairie Gem (United Brethren)
Partial Index
in USGenWeb Tombstone Project
(primarily United Brethren)
South PlatteMap12632
29.St. Genevieve (Catholic)
removed to a York Cemetery
Otis  12514
30.St. Joe Catholic
Partial Index
in USGenWeb Tombstone Project.
31.St. John's Lutheran (Kronborg) OtisMap12519
32.Salem Evangelical
in USGenWeb Tombstone Project
33.Salem Lutheran (Troester) BeaverMap10520
34.Schierling Otis  9513
35.Seaton - Lookup available
36.Siloa (Swedish) MonroeMap11711
37.Stockham Farmer's ValleyMap9530
38.ToewsBeaver  10523
39.West Blue (Norwegian) UnionMap9734
40.Western (Weston)
(George Western)
Index also in USGenWeb Tombstone Project
South PlatteMap12610
41.Youst BeaverMap10510
42.Zion Lutheran
(German Mo Synod)
1511 North Y Rd.

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