Hall County Records & History

Hall County Records & History

The Hall County NEGenWeb Project mission is to post . . .
Hall County Cemetery Records; Birth, Death, & Marriage Records; Deed Books, Minutes, & Tax Lists; City Directories, Church Records, Histories, Atlases, Census Records, & Miscellaneous Hall County Records.

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1890 Biographies & Historical Sketches are a brief accounts of those who were in Hall County during that period.

Much of the information found on the Hall County NEGenWeb site comes from "The History of Hall County," by Buechler, Barr, & Stough published in 1920 and is a comprehensive account of the first 73 years, (1857-1920), of Hall County. The Prairie Pioneer Genealogical Society has a copies of this part of history of Hall County. To learn more (CLICK HERE).

The Who Who's in Nebraska of Hall County was written in 1940 of those citizens who lived in this county. Come and see some of the prominent citizens of Hall County.

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Many of these books of Hall County Nebraska are brought to you by "OLD HISTORY & GENEALOGY BOOKS ONLINE By Matthew D. Friend". There have been a great deal of time taken to transcribe and encode each of these books so they can be available for your view to do some historical and genealogical research.

Visit our library of OLD HISTORY & GENEALOGY BOOKS ONLINE By Matthew D. Friend.

If you have any old books of Hall County Nebraska and would like to see it place online. Contact Matthew D. Friend. Thank You!

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Many of our Hall County Cemeteries were transcribed and donated by Connie and Paul Ludwig for they they spent many hours in most of these cemeteries. If you have any information like a list of a cemetery or some photos of your ancestors headstone and would like to share it. Please send an email to the WEBMASTER along with your legalible photograph of the headstone and we will place them online.

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These censuses were transcribed by volunteers. Please take the time to thank them for the wonderful job in putting in the long hours in transcribing these images. Thanks - Volunteers!

1860 Census

1860 Census had two settlements, all mostly from Grand Island Post Office area.

1870 Census

1870 Census had only three precincts, all mostly from Grand Island & Wood River Station Post Office area.

1900 Census

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Directories & Gazetteers

County & City Directories along with other resources such as the Farm Gazetteers, can be wonderful tools in locating ancestors, especially the between years of the census enumeration. They're not as 100% complete as the census can be, but they often don't list every member of a household, as they do list the husband, and sometimes the wife.

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Here you'll find lots of information on early Hall County and the people who lived here. These pages are a "work in progress," so be sure to check back often.

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Maps & Place-Names

In Hall County there have been a great deal of changes. And maps are one of the changes that we can learn from the past to the present.

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The following marriage license information was found in the Grand Island Daily Independent. These are ONLY a lists of licenses applied for, it's unknown if all marriages took place, other than what is shown. Also it other marriage newspaper clipping. To see the list...

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Military & Veterans

This section is dedicated to those men and women who served our country from Hall County.

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On July 1, 1870, the first newspaper in the county was established by Seth P. and Mrs. Maggie G. T. Mobley, and at the beginning it was known as the Platte Valley Independent. It was later removed from North Platte, where it was formerly published and moved to Grand Island being called the Grand Island Independent.

You may find a name or two....but if not...this still makes a pleasant break from some of your family research. Most of the "tid-bits" were found while searching for obituraries and such. Thanks Kaylynn for your hard work!

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Obituaries are wonderful resources for family history and genealogy. We often don't find any other means of information on our ancestors until we get an obituary on them but yet it isn't always accurate too. So if you are like most of us researchers you would do ALOT of checking for further information.

Submit your Hall County obituaries, along with date of publication and newspaper name to the County Coordinator/Webmaster to be posted and link our "Hall County Obituaries" page.

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Photo Album

Hall County have many wonderful photographs through its history. Below are the many, many photo albums that have been put together by many of our contributors.

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Precincts & Townships

There were many changes from the time when Hall County have been started in the 1860's. Click on the Index to Precincts & Townships and read about this history. Below are a list of some of the history that was recorded on our Precincts & Townships.

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Queries & Surnames

NOTICE: As of June 27, 2001 the queries posted to the GenConnect Boards will no longer be connected to the Hall County site. This change is made due to the fact the GenConnect Boards have been transferred to MyFamily/Ancestry.com. As always, the USGenWeb Project's main goal is to provide "Free" access to records and information.

Hall County NEGenWeb Project has provided a few of links to the other Hall County messageboards or mailing lists online go to our "Hall County Lists" page.

If you would like to post a query or surnames to the Hall County NEGenWeb Project site, please send your post to:


Visit one of the following on-going Hall County NEGenWeb projects

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Hall County NEGenWeb Project Presents

Hall County NEGenWeb Project is doing an on-going project of those citizens who once resided in this county. Come and visit some of those submitted "Family Group Sheets" of Hall County.

If you would like to submit your Hall County ancestors "Family Group Sheet." CLICK HERE for more details on how to do that. Thanks to those who have submitted their "Family Group Sheets".

All Email addresses are encoded in "Character Entities" to assure it can be spam-free.

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These are what's available in our Hall County school history and all who attended them during those early days.

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Local Taxes

In every town, city, county, and state there was some kind of tax list published in the local newspapers of those citizens in the community, who paid their taxes. Here was one list that was published in the 1920's Grand Island Independant newspaper.

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