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Immanuel Lutheran

Photo by: Leona L. Gustafson, 1987
Monument commemorating Immanuel Lutheran Church & School
1882 - 1967
with Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in background

In early 1881 a group of German immigrants, living in Washington County, near what is now Arlington, loaded their families and belongings into covered wagons and headed west.  They stopped in southern Gosper County where they took homesteads in East Muddy, Turkey Creek, Elk Creek, and Union Townships.  These families formed the core of what would become known as "The German Community."  Nearly all were related, or would become related, to the Schievelbein family.  The patriarch and matriarch of this extended family were Wilhelm Christian and Maria Christine (Koepke) Schievelbein.  To this group God and their religion were as important as food and water; so one of their first acts after performing all that was necessary to insure shelter and food was the establishment of a church in 1882.  The fist deaths among these folks were twins who died soon after birth.  Only a few people know today where they are buried.  When a tragic accident claimed the lives of two more children Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery was formed on a quarter acre of the land their father had donated for a church building.  The first two burials were Emma (1883-1886) and Otto (1885-1886) Schievelbein, children of Wilhelm F. C. & Bertha (Melchert) Schievelbein, and grandchildren of Wilhelm and Maria.

Immanuel Lutheran School was built in 1888, and for several years the school building served as the church on Sundays and a gathering place for the whole German community.  With the automobile came the inevitable and inexorable move from country churches and schools to town.  In 1966 the school closed its doors for the last time and a year later the church memberships were moved to either Trinity Lutheran Church in Arapahoe or Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Elwood and the church doors closed forever.  The cemetery is still being used by descendants of the original community.

This list of those buried in the cemetery is incomplete. If you know the names of others buried there, please, send them to and I will add them to the list.

If you live near this cemetery or plan to visit it anytime, please, consider photographing some, or all, of the gravestones and contributing them for use on this page. Or if you already have one or more photographs of stones in this cemetery I would be most happy to use them on this page. Write to if you would like to contribute photos for this or any Gosper County cemetery.
I want to thank Don Wohler for contributing most of the names included on these pages. I'm sure there are still some names that have been omitted. I will add any that are sent to me. If you see any errors, please bring them to my attention and I will try to correct them.

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Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Gravestone Photos

Name Birth Death
BAKER, George F. J.19041913, age 9y 2m 6d
BAKER, Leo Whilhelm Heinrich
Son of Mary and Leroy
  October 23, 1906
BAKER, Leroy A.18731912; age 38y 8m 19d
BLOCH, Agnes B.August 06, 1897February 04, 1987
BLOCH, Clara U.August 14, 1889February 22, 1907
BLOCH, Emil G.October 04, 1887February 10, 1974
BLOCH, EmilieAugust 28, 1852June 05, 1955
BLOCH, GustavDecember 25, 1852September 08, 1908
BLOCH, Harold A.September 9, 1919October 13, 1989
BLOCH, Helene E.October 05, 1881June 20, 1979
BLOCH, Leonard O.May 20, 1923November 20, 1977
BOLLI, Paulina - Daug. of Heinrich July 2, 1889, age 31y 9m
ESSLINGER, Al Vin MartinAugust 9, 1926March 21 1928
ESSLINGER, Alma A. K.May 22, 1893April 29, 1976
ESSLINGER, Anna B. - MotherAugust 24, 1885December 27, 1963
ESSLINGER, Christoph18551936
m. March 2, 1947, Renatta L.
December 4, 1920 March 3, 1975
ESSLINGER, Emil C. - FatherMarch 21, 1891January 27, 1954
ESSLINGER, Emma18861976
ESSLINGER, George F. J.June 10 1921February 28, 1922
ESSLINGER, Gustav AdolfJuly 8, 1895January 13, 1908
ESSLINGER, HeinrichOctober 26, 1881August 31, 1952
ESSLINGER, Jerbert J.August 4, 1916September 26, 1976
ESSLINGER, HermannJanuary 1, 1000February 21, 1900
ESSLINGER, John F.December 25, 1888October 3, 1971
ESSLINGER, Karolina18541933
ESSLINGER, LouiseMay 13, 1883August 9, 1962
ESSLINGER, Ludwig18801948
ESSLINGER, MinnieDecember 2, 1911June 23, 1929
m. October 12, 1952, Lucille
July 27, 1922 August 4, 1980
ESSLINGER, Rudolph - FatherMarch 5, 1883January 30, 1943
ESSLINGER, William(November 13, 1916)November 13, 1916
GEHRING, Albertina Mary - MotherNovember 7, 1863September 10, 1946
GEHRING, Eldon L.May 5, 1944March 5, 1988
GEHRING, Emilla SusannaJuly 7, 1890May 25, 1919
GEHRING, John - FatherJanuary 5, 1855January 10. 1946
GRANING, Harry J. F.
Nebr Pvt 338 Inf, 85 Inf Div, WW II
July 2, 1913 September 25, 1944
GRANING, Laura E. - MotherApril 22, 1904February 21, 1980
GRANING, Wayne E. - Father19271953

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: All items appearing in parenthesis ( ) were added by the transciber from other records.

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Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Gravestone Photos



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