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A Surnames



My g-g- Grandfather Henry H Adams moved to Furnas County after the Civil war. He and his wife Martha Ann are buried in or near Oxford as well at least one son Byron Dekalb Adams. Do you have any information about them? I am really interested in finding their parents names. He was born in Washington Co.,PA  8 Sept 1824 and died in Oxford  27 Feb 1907 Thanks for any assistance. Suzanne Adams Davis

B Surnames



I am looking for marriage information on:    WILLIAM MILBURN BAILEY to MATTIE H. ????? ca 1915 in Oxford, NE.   On the 1920 census it show:    BAILEY, Milburn W.     36  TN   TN   TN   Shopman - Railway Roundhouse                                               Mattie H.                     23  NC   NC   NC  None                                                Helen R.                       4 9/12  CO   TN   NC                                                Ralph V.                       2 1/2    CO   TN   NC   This is my Great Uncle and family. Please advise me whatever info you can give to me on them and let me know how much money I need to send for copies.  Thank you so much!!   Missy Palmer  


I am just beginning to search for information on my paternal grandfather Arthur Levi Beck born in Cambridge in 1881 or 1882.  All I know beside this is that he had a brother named John.  I am a real novice at this, so any help or direction you can give me would be appreciated.  Thanks. 
I am searching for information on my paternal grandfather, Arthur Levi Beck, born in Cambridge in 1881 or 1882.  He had a brother named John.  If anyone has information please respon to Thanks Dick Beck


Am looking for family history of Frank W. Seaburg and Levia A. Boswell.
Furnas County, Nebraska Marriage Index 1876-1935 confirms their marriage in
1886.  Family "lore" says both moved to Cambridge to stake claims, met,
fell in love, and intended to return to Iowa for a wedding.   However,
someone was diputing Levia's claim, so they married in Arapahoe.  Have
basic info on descendents, but nothing on antecedents.  Have naturalization
papers showing Frank to have received US citizenship prior to moving to
Nebraska.  We believe the family came from Sorbey(?), Sweden and that
Frank's father was John Anderson.  Frank was nine when the family arrived
in New York and settled in Jefferson County, Iowa.  Know absolutely nothing
about Levia Boswell.  Does anyone have any information on these family

Thanks for any help.
Sheryl Cooley
Great grandchild of Frank W. Seaburg/Levia A. Boswell


Hi,   I searching for information on my great grandfather and I'm having a difficult time finding information on him or his family.  His name is "James L. Beedle" or "James J. Beedle" and he was married to "Anna Meers".  She was from Troy, Kansas.  I'm told James came from Union Town, Indiana.  I know they are both buried in Arapahoe Cemetery in Furnas County, NE.  If anyone has any other leads or information it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much. Kim Beedle-DiEsposti  

C Surnames


I am looking for any information on Edgar Crisp.  He was a WW1 veteran and was married to Belle Crisp.  They are both buried in Cambridge.  He was born in 1896 and that is all I have on him.   They had a daughter Nellie June Crisp born in 1918 born in Cambridge.  Belle and Edgar lived in Cambridge until 1948 when he died and she later moved to Missouri.  Any information would be helpful. 

Thanks Valerie Wheeler


I was told that there used to be Crocker's that lived in thei town of Beaver City.Henry H. A. Crocker b1858--? Married a Effie-----.
   He was a 1/2 bro. to my Grandpa Jesse T.Crocker--b1869/70-- in Perry, Dallas Co Ia. m Margaret O'Connor.
14 Feb. 1899 at Beebe town Ia.
  Not much was ever spoke of his kin. So I am trying to find them , and have had a good return, from some of the lines. But not so much from this line of John Crocker  b6-Jan-1832 Tyrone Twp.Pa. John's Dad was Joseph C. Crocker  b1803 Black Log Valley ,Pa d 14 June--1873 Buried Slippery Rock ,Pa m 5 Mar--1829--To Sarah Davidson b Md 28-may 1801. Which they had 10 Children, But would like to find,some more of John's family which is ,My gggrand pa.
       Hope this is not to long. If it is just sent it back.
Thanks so much Donna Crocker Frueh.

D Surnames


Looking for Davey Family in Arapahoe .  I have letters from Rebecca and George Riley Davey living in Nebraska in the 1800's.  The correspondence was between George and his brother Christopher who lived in Michigan.  George Riley had lived in Michigan previous to moving to Nebraska.  He had served in the civil war under general Sherman.  I am trying to connect this man with my great grandfather Francis/Franklin Davey who lived in Traverse City Michigan.  Currently my only clue is my grandfather saying that his grandfather had served in the Civil war under Sherman, the only "DAVEY" I can find serving from Barry County Michigan under Sherman's command is George Riley.  From there I cannot make the link.
If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Lynne (Davey) MacDowell



I would like to locate information about my grandmother and her family. Her
name was Evelyn Davis, born the 12th of February, 1886, in Beaver City,
Furnas, NE.  Her mother was Sarah, and I believe her father was Henry or
Jasper Henry Davis.  Her mother may be buried in Beatrice, Gage, NE.  Any
information would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy King


Looking for information on  the Madison Greeley Demaree family that lived in the Wilsonville, Furnas County grandmother  Bertha Frances Demaree was from in Wilsonville born  on Aug 15 1885 in Wilsonville. she was one of eight children....any help would be appreciated.

Ellen Booth



Surname: Sarah Alice Dunwiddie
Sarah Alice Dunwiddie Osborn was my Grandmother. She was born 5 Jun 1855
Green Co. Wisconsin, died 29 Apr 1935 Edison, Furnas, NE. Sarah went to
Edison to visit her sister Ruth Dunwiddie Osborn, married to George Osborn.
While in Edison she met and married William Francis Osborn, brother of
George Osborn. I think the Dunwiddies originally came from Green Co. Wisconsin.
I have more info but it isn't handy at the moment!!! What info do you have
for Dunwoodie? It could be the same family, different spelling!!

Phyllis Shafer Kantaras

E Surnames

F Surnames



I'm interested in researching my GGGGrandparents Christian Forney and Sabina Meyers (born 20 Nov. 1841 died 31 Dec 1922).  It is my understanding that Christian was an Elder in a Church in Beaver City.   My direct line is from Christian and Sabina Meyer's 5th child Stanley Edward Forney and his wife Allie Harman (Born 18 Dec 1867 and died 21 Sep 1955).    Allie's parents were William Harman and Eugenie Reynolds.  Sabina's parents were  Phillip and Mary Meyers.   I guess I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile for me to purchase any of the publications the genealogical society has on hand?  Specifically, "History of Funas County, Nebraska."  I know nothing about the Harmans or Meyers families.  So I am especially interested to know if they are mentioned in this book?    I'm also interested in knowing of anyone of these people are included in existing family trees which might be on file in Furnas County?   I will be happy to pay look up fees and expenses when you find someone who is willing to do this.   Happy 4th of July   Michelle



Looking for information on the family of William H and Ann Evette Etta (Coffman) Freeman. Children included Bessie Lois, Mae Agnes, Howard and Goldie Mason. ryWould appreciate any help I could obtain--Leon C

G Surnames

Surname: Garner, Hines
John T. Garner and his wife Susie E. Garner came to Beaver City, Furnas
County, Nebraska with his Father Benjamin Garner and Step Mother Barbara
(Myers) Garner in 1872 from Palo, Linn County, Iowa. John homesteaded and
also became a newspaper editor and also a druggist. John and Susie had
a son, Clarence, born about 1884. Susie died on 3 August 1885 and is buried
at Beaver City. John remarried to a Julie Hines on 21 December 1885 at
Norton, Norton County, Kansas. John was born 3 August 1852 at Dayton, Montgomery,
County, Ohio. Nothing is known of him, his wife or son after marriage to
Julia Hines. Would appreciate any information available.

Jack L Garner


GUTZMAN     am searching for any and all information on my grandfather Daniel Gutzman.  Moved to Cambridge 1874/75.  Wife Rosalia died in Cambrige in June 1879 10 days after daughter (Edith)  was born. And oldest son Louie died July 1879. Daniel remarried Dina Kepples in 1885 and had 8 more children all born in Cambridge: Susie, Herman, Mary, Frank, Emma, Rose (Still living 107 yrs old) George died at age 9, Clarence, and my father Albert Gutzman.  Any information on any of these people greatly appreciated. I can be reached at . I am especially interested in the year 1879.  If you have any history for the county during that summer I would really like to know.  My curiosity lies in wondering what took the lived of Rosalia and Louie at that time.                Thanks for taking the time to read this.   Jean 


H surnames



Robert &Emma

Believed to have been in Furnas County, Neb in 1884. Daughter Ada Belle born in Beaver City, 03/04/1884. Any information would be appreciated. Barb  


Surname: HENRY

I am looking for the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. My dad said
that it was in a town named Bethel, NE. Also looking for informationon
my dad (who has passed on). His name was Francis William HENRY. He grew
up in Beaver City, NE. Oh, my grandfathers name is Craig Orlando HENRY.



My great-grandfather was William Harry Hess.  He is my brick wall.  I know
where he was after 1898, but not before.  I have found the family of his wife
Jennie Norton. I have a copy of my g-grandfather's discharge paper from the Nebraska National Guard.  He enlisted in Beaver City on April 24, 1910 and served in the Fifth Regiment.  He was discharged on April 27, 1913.  Would anyone
knowif any other records might exist and where would I write to get them.Thanks in advance for any help. Sandy

Surname: Hinze

Looking for any information on the Hinze family who were in Furnas County
known dates of about 1865 when Fred Hinze homesteaded north of Oxford.
>From what I know the homestead is still in the family(last known to be
owned by I believe Fred F Knuth and Lena Hinze Knuth)
Looking for any information of the family of Emma Brocher (Brecher?) who
married Fred Hinze. Emma and her family came to Furnas county from Illinois
with her parents and two brothers---the family moved to Holbrook in 1889.
This is all I know of the family.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Dennis Pastian

I Surnames

J Surnames



I am wondering if there is information on a George Dewey Johnson buried in
Lynden Cemetery.  Born February 4, 1899; died November 18, 1974.  Lived in CA
but was born and buried in Hendley, NE.  Wonder if there is an obituary in
the local paper? 

He lived in Aitkin, MN in his youth, married in Colorado and then died in
California.  His wife Alice Swanson was from Aitkin, MN and is buried in Los
Angeles CA.

Thank you

Terry Sylvester in Minnesota
[email protected]

K Surnames


I'm interested in finding additional information regarding my great great grandparents William H and Fannie F Saunders Kellogg.  William was born (I think in Wisconsin) in 1839, died in Furnas County NE 1921.  Fannie was born in 1850 and died in Furnas County NE 1908.  They had a number of children, including my great grandfather Oscar Kellogg, born in 1877 and died in 1952.  He was married to Flora Batchelor in 1902, and they had at least three children (as of 1910 census) - Carrie, born in 1904, Mary, and Emmer (both a few years younger than Carrie). 

L Surnames


Searching for information on Joseph H. Ledbetter and Margaret R Carlisle Ledbetter. Thanks, Larry Ledbetter


Hi!  I am looking for information on my great-grandmother's husband.  This
was her second marriage and she was married to a Carl Lundberg.  In 1939 a
letter received was from Beaver City, NE and I would like to know if anyone
remembers this man.  He died in 1955 in Omaha and as far as I had known
until recently he had lived exclusively in Omaha.  His was Amelia or Emily
and there were several daughters involved.  Three of the daughters were
Karolyn, Margaret or Martha and Alice.  I have also just recently discovered
that there was a fourth little girl who would have been approximately 10
years old when her father was in Beaver City.  Amelia (Emily) died in 1943
of TB. Prior to having TB she had resided at least for a  time in the state
mental hospital.  Any information on the LUNDBERG family would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks!  Laurie Duncan 


M Surnames


Looking for any information on Wesley B. Martin and family who moved to Furnas County Nebraska......
The family consisted of Wesley, his wife Lilly Ann, and children
Cora Martin b. abt 1870
Jerry  b. 2-15-1871
Maggie b. 1873
Jeff b. 1875
William Abraham  b. 1876

Wesley moved the family to Nebraska in early 1887, settling in Furnas County, which is along the Kansas border. The family moved the 340 miles, in 72 hours, aboard a immigrant railcar on the Burlington Railroad. 1 railcar car carried the household goods and eatables, the other car carried the livestock consisting of mules and pigs.  
Upon arriving in Nebraska the family settled in Oxford, and moved into a sod house March 11th, 1887. Wesley later moved the family to the Lewis Ranch, the ranch was  two miles wide and 3 miles long.  Wesley continued to farm and he specialized in raising wheat and corn, he also kept a lot of livestock. 
Wesley is listed in the Business Directory and farmer list of Furnas County for 1890 - 1891, Martin W B, Oxford. 

The family faced many hardships in Nebraska to include Prarie Dog farms which tore up the land, rattlesnakes, and terrible blizzards, which killed livestock. The worst hardship the family would face came in 1890.Very dry winds ruined the families possesions and crops, and they moved to Eastern Nebraska. The family moved back to Furnas County, in 1891 or 1892, and lived on part of the 31,000 acre  A.N. Clark ranch. Wesley worked on the ranch caring for the horses. Wesley continued to farm, raising wheat, and then in 1895 he stopped farming extensively. 

Any information on the family...such as burial info. in Edison...marriages or any deeds etc. would be appreciated. I also will do any lookups for Miami County, Indiana.

Thanks Craig



Hello,   I am looking for information on the Mason family.  My mother was Rose Marie Mason daughter of Hazel Josephine Winchell and John Dennis "Dick" Mason.  She was born in a farm house in Furnas county in early 1930s.  Dick's brothers were A.J. Albert J. or Bert, William or Bill,  and Clarence.  There father was Albert C. Mason and his father was James R. Mason born 1810 in Iowa.   Does this sound familiar to anyone?    Gayle L. Bandt


I am searching for any relatives to the families of McNeal, Rush
and all names listed below. What I have is a very sketchy draft
and not proven at all. I would appriciate anyone who can fill in
the details/correct anything I have that is in error.

Descendants of Grant McNeal
Generation No. 1

1. GRANT1 MCNEAL was born 1865 in Big Run, Athens Co., Ohio, and
died June 5, 1962 in Tacoma , Pierce Co., Washington. He married
HATTIE JANE VERNON September 11, 1887 in Mt. Vernon Kansas,
daughter of DAVID VERNON and MARY HADDOW. She was born March 9,
1864 in Big Run, Athens Co., Ohio, and died June 9, 1958 in
Bremerton WA.


Occupation: Retired farmer; day laborer; Fireman;PSNS
transportation dept. employee.


Occupation: Teacher, wash woman


Marriage: September 11, 1887, Mt. Vernon Kansas


i. GLENN2 MCNEAL, d. 1917, Butte Montana Mine Fire; m. BESSIE


Burial: Butte, Montana

Occupation: Miner

2. ii. GRACE MCNEAL, b. May 31, 1889; d. February 15, 1976,
Oxford, Nebraska.

3. iii. EARL MCNEAL, b. May 18, 1893; d. October 1972.

4. iv. GERTRUDE MCNEAL, b. Aft. 1894.

Generation No. 2

2. GRACE2 MCNEAL (GRANT1) was born May 31, 1889, and died
February 15, 1976 in Oxford, Nebraska. She married HAROLD RUSH.


Burial: February 17, 1976, Deaver Cemetary

Children of GRACE MCNEAL and HAROLD RUSH are:


ii. ALLEN EARL RUSH, b. June 1, 1916, Nebraska; d. May 26, 1919,
At age of 3 years old.


iv. RUA ROMONA RUSH, b. February 17, 1919; m. LYNN VERNON JONES.

v. LOTTIE LENORE RUSH, b. December 28, 1920; d. January 3, 1921,

vi. HOMER HAROLD RUSH, b. February 20, 1922; d. February 20,
1922, Nebraska.

3. EARL2 MCNEAL (GRANT1) was born May 18, 1893, and died October


Social Security Number: 533-32-7696

Child of EARL MCNEAL is:


4. GERTRUDE2 MCNEAL (GRANT1) was born Aft. 1894. She married (1)

Alias: Trudie

Children of GERTRUDE MCNEAL and TAD GILES are:



Generation No. 3

STOUFFER. She married (2) DAY.

Children of LESLIE RUSH and DAY are:



iii. FRED DAY.


Children of GLENN MCNEAL are:




Children of CLARICE GILES and KINNAMON are:




I am in possesion of a Bible which belonged to my great-great-grandmother,
Susannah HARDY/HARDING MISNER. There is a note pasted in the front of the
Bible reading, Merry Christmas to Grandma MISNER, from her brothers and
sisters of the Dover Baptist Church. December 25th 1906.
"The grass withereth and the flower fadeth, but the Word of God shall stand
forever". Isaiah 40:8.
Was there a Dover Baptist Church in Gosper County around the turn of the
Susannah HARDY/HARDING was born ca 1825 in NY, married in NY to James W.
MISNER. They and their children, James, Erastus, Gilbert and Charles migrated
to Gosper Co., NB about 1874. James W. MISNER died in 1900 and is buried
in Arapahoe Cem., Furnas Co., NB. From the Bible I have determined that
Susannah died after 1906. Are there any newspapers from that time period.
I would love to find her obituary. Gilbert MISNER married Indiana PRIME
and stayed in the Furnas & Gosper Cos area. Two of his daughters married
Smith men. One remained in Elwood and one removed to Chico, Butte Co.,
I am interested in any information on this family. Need marriage of Charles
MISNER and Martha LEWIS, location unknown although first child, Bert MISNER
was born in Arapahoe Co., NB.
Thanks for any help, Nelda


Hi,     Do you know where I can find information about the birthplace of S.L. Meyers, the first white boy in Furnas County, Nebraska?  Also any information about the Meyers family?   Thank You,       Phil

N Surnames


I have just started a search of family that I didn't know that I had. This was publiched in Beaver City and it happened in Furnas Co. Beaver City, Nebraska. I would like to know more about them and the family members of today. I am working with a member that I met on the internet who lives in Canada. Therefore, I am learning about family from many directions. Arron Nichols was my Grandmothers Grandfather.



The subject of this sketch was born eighty-six years ago last May in Ontario, Canada. There he gained his education; there he grew to manhood. Sixty-five years ago next month he was married to Elizabeth Northay. Their family of thirteen children was born there and in whole or in part received their education. Two of them died in infancy, all the others grew to maturity and were married, eight of them still living. Mrs. Delilah Davis, Aron, William, and Peter live in Peterborough, Canada; Nakes at Foreht Grove, Ore., while the others, Mrs. Jane Davis, Mrs. Mary A. Hardin and Mrs. Elizabeth Chambers reside here. One of the children and family reside on the old homestead near Selwyn, Canada, where the parent lived for forty years.

This is a remarkable couple. Besides caring for their own Rooseveltian Family, they raised eleven others, four of his brothers, four of her brothers and sisters and three of their eldest son’s children, fifteen boys and nine girls all in one big family. They not only educated them but when they were married set them up in housekeeping.

The old Presbyterian church still stands in Peterborough were they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony many, many years ago. They united with the Baptist church fifty years ago. Everything about them speaks of stability, frugality, honesty. He was a constand reader of the Word of God until blindness prevented about a year ago, since that time his children have read it to him until his death, August 16, 1911. His aged companion loved to sing to him the old hymns and songs she had learned in England before leaving there when she was thirteen years old.

The last years have been spent with their children, they alternated between those here and those in Canada. Near the end, excruciating pain entered the diseased organs of sight and his desire was to be freed from the anguish incident thereto and to depart to his eternal rest.

The companion of this stalwart man survives at the age of eighty-five. She has been a kind and loving mother, a noble wife, and a good neighbor. In sickness she was equalled on by skilled doctors. She had great success nursing in Canada before leaving there. She know over a hundred children whose mothers she nursed and cared for in Nebraska since coming here in 1883, when the country was new, and doctors hard to get. She never lost a mother or a child. With accute memory, keen appreciation of life's hardships and a consolation in knowing that she never shirked the call of duty or failed to respond to the sympathy that came from tender heart, she now awaits the summons that will soon call her to go and be rewarded in that blest abode where loved ones await her any where she hopes to watch for many precious ones to follow after. We would say more, but choicest words but fail to speak in accents clear as their lives portray to deepest lessons of the old homes our fathers knew, the homes that gave forth a sturdy race of honest, noble, patriotic heroes. Only heaven can reward them and heaven will.

The funeral of Aaron Nichols was held at the home of his youngest daughter, Mrs. Chambers, August 16. 1911, Rev. B. F. Ederhart reading the last chapter of his discourse. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Boyd, Mrs. G. W. Warner and J. B. Leach sang beautiful hymns of long testing. Interment in Beaver City, Cemetery

Below is information concerning my Grandmother and Grandfather who were married in Furnas Co., Beaver City, Nebraska. I have a copy of their marriage certificate. It is a very beautiful and elaborate treasure. It would be very nice to learn more about family that I didn't know that I had.

James Rue Foster + Selena Davis Family

James Rue Foster:

born in Seklor Co., Kewanee, Illinois on November 27, 1866; died in York, Co. Nebraska on July 7, 1954

Selena Davis

born inTownshhip of Smith in Peterbro, Co, Ontario, Canada on September 1, 1872; died June 6, 1938 in Creston, Iowa

Married: in Beaver City, Nebraska on September 2, 1889

There are many more places in Nebraska where I must contact people for information. Furnas Co, Beaver City is the place of begining for me because that is where the marriage took place.

Billie Edward Houchin, 1101 South 3rd West, Missoula, MT 59801, phone: (406) 728-0196, Fax: (406) 543-5357

O Surnames

P Surnames

Q Surnames

R Surnames



Researching August and Minnie Kaster Radantke family.  They married in 1884 and had 9 children, all born in Arapahoe. I have family journal in August's handwriting which chronicles the purchase of furniture and items for home they built in Arapahoe.  Are there any Radantke's left and does anyone know the original family name?  They came from Prussia.

Jim Arano


I am tracing the Rodabaugh families and am looking for information on Joseph Abraham Rodabaugh.  He died in Beaver city, Furnas Co., Nebraska May 1, 1889.  I wouold be very interested in corresponding with anyone who may have ties to him or his family.  I'd also like to get a copy of his death certificate and obituary if possible.  Thanks, Tim Rodabaugh

S Surnames



I'm interested in making contact with any ancestors for the following names.

Allen Jones Scott died Beaver City, Ne. also lived in 1893 Lebanon....daughter Melcina Francis Scott Longsine of Stamford, NE.

Robert Jones Scott died Beaver City, Ne. in 1893 he lived in Precept, one daughter married to a doctor in Beaver City...

Conrad C. Scott in 1893 lived in Oxford, NE.
James Rodgers in 1893 lived in Stamford, NE.
and another James Rodger lived in Precept, NE. in 1893

Diane Moore


Am looking for family history of Frank W. Seaburg and Levia A. Boswell.
Furnas County, Nebraska Marriage Index 1876-1935 confirms their marriage in
1886.  Family "lore" says both moved to Cambridge to stake claims, met,
fell in love, and intended to return to Iowa for a wedding.   However,
someone was diputing Levia's claim, so they married in Arapahoe.  Have
basic info on descendents, but nothing on antecedents.  Have naturalization
papers showing Frank to have received US citizenship prior to moving to
Nebraska.  We believe the family came from Sorbey(?), Sweden and that
Frank's father was John Anderson.  Frank was nine when the family arrived
in New York and settled in Jefferson County, Iowa.  Know absolutely nothing
about Levia Boswell.  Does anyone have any information on these family

Thanks for any help.
Sheryl Cooley
Great grandchild of Frank W. Seaburg/Levia A. Boswell



I am looking for HANNA (HANAH) SHEPARD who lived in Oxford. She is my GGrandmother's cousin - NANCY MAHALA PARKER.  Nancy was married to Andrew Howard Gregory on 05 Dec 1918 and lived in Oxford until her death on 04 Dec 1939. She is buried in the Oxford Cemetery. I believe Hanna is her cousin, Hanah (Parker) Shepard born Jul 1857 in Monroe County, Kentucky. I have no other information on her except that her parents were Jacob Parker and Nacka Jane (Jackson) Parker, married in Greene County, TN on 04 Aug 1850 and she is the forth child of twelve. Please advise me if you find any info on her and thank you so much!!!   Missy Palmer

I'm interested in information on my great grandfather, Robert Stout, who
was born in Arapahoe, Gosper Co., in 1852. He lived in Tazewell Co. IL
in 1880 and Dallas Co. IA in 1900. If you have information on his
mother's or his wife's name, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank
Judy Warmanen

I'm looking for information on my great grandfather, Robert Stout, who
was born in Arapahoe in 1852.  I think he was born in or near the Pawnee
tribal lands. His father was John Stout of Poweshiek Co., IA. If anyone
has information on who Robert's mother was, please contact me. I also
need Robert's wife's full name. All I have is her first name and middle
initial,"Marthy F." She was probably born in Illinois in about 1860.
Thank you for your help.
Judy Warmanen


T Surnames

Surname: Thomas

Furnas County,NE, looking for any info on Susan Varner Thomas, Mother of
Cyrus Varner Thomas, She was Born 1-10-1819, in Md, Married to Daniel Hanson
Thomas in MD, moved from IA, in 1879. died in NE, where unknown, Cyrus
was born 7-13-1854 in Ia, Died in Beaver City on 2-9-1909, Any help on
either would be apprieciated, thanks in advance, Duane. p.s. Susan is my
Great, Great Grandmother. Duane Thomas

U Surnames


Updegraft and Shepherd

Am looking for any information on an Updegraft and Shepherd family that apparently lived in Furnas Co in the 1860's.  I believe a Catherine Updegraft who married Thadeus Shepherd 17 Jan 1886 in Wilsonville, Furnas, Nebraska is the daughter of my great uncle, Deuser Updegraft that was born in Indiana in 1848.  I would like to find someone that can confirm this information.  I also found a Catherine and Thad Shepherd buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, (Longview) at McCook, Willow Grove Pct. in the 1900's.  Could these be the same couple.  I thought they had gone to live in Sarpy Co, Nebraska.  Would really appreciate any help in finding out who these people belong to.  Thank you,   Mary Jane Parsons<><

Am searching for an Updegraft family that evidentally lived in Furnas Co., NE about 1866.  A Catherine Updegraft married Thadeus Shepherd 17 Jan 1886.  She is reported to have been born in Wilsonvile, Furnas, NE about 1866.  Would anyone have access to the census for 1860, 70, or 80?  I am trying to find who Catherine's parents might have been.  Was hoping to find a Deuser or Densor Updegraft in this vicinity.  He was born 1848 in Indiana and came to Nebraska, date unknown.  Any help in finding information on these people would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you, 

V Surnames

John Van Cleave, one of the best known and highly respected citizens of Wilsonville, who had been a resident of Furnas county for many years, died at Rio Hondo, Texas, on Wednesday, December 10, 1930, at the age of 74 years. He had gone to Texas a few weeks previously where he and Mrs. Cleave expected to spend the winter.

John Van Cleave was born in Pulaski county, Ind., in 1856. When he was 10 years old, the family moved to Van Buren county, Iowa, where he grew to manhood. He was educated in the common schools and taught several terms in the rural schools.

In 1878, Mr. Van Cleave came to Nebraska and homesteaded in Furnas county southeast of Wilsonville on which he and his family lived for many years. Mr. Van Cleave was energetic and ambitious to succeed, and he soon overcame the difficulties that beset the pioneers, and the soil yielded him a competence.

Mr. Van Cleave was united in marriage to Miss Pheobe Banta in 1880. Mrs. Van Cleave shared the tolls, trials, and successes of her husband for fifty years.

There remains to mourn his loss his widow; three sisters, numerous other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held at the M. E. church in Wilsonville, Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Howard Murphy and interment was in the family lot in the Wilsonville cemetery. Services at the grave were in charge of the Masonic fraternity.

Times-Tribune newspaper - Dec. 18, 1930 Beaver City, Nebraska

I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of this family.
Interested in hearing from anyone with info on John and Pheobe (nee Banta) Van Cleave. John was b. IN, 1856, son of John and Sarah (nee Dunn) Van Cleave. Came to Furnas Co. NE from Van Buren Co. IA in 1878. John died 1930. Buried in Wilsonville Cem.
Would also like info on his brother Albert who was listed living in this household in 1880.


Am searching for information on my ggrandfather William Vest who was married to a Sarah (Sadie) Dickerson.  Children born were Frank b 20 Nov 1888, William (Bud) b abt 1888, Elizabeth (Lizzie) b 1886, Faye b 1883, Nellie b 1884, Eddie b 10 Apr 1885 and my grandfather James Joseph (Joe) b 23 Jul 1890.  James Joseph was born in Cambridge (from his obit).  They came to Cambridge from Ottumwa, Iowa area unknown when and believed to have left Cambridge sometime between my grandfather's birth and 1894.   I believe a Charles Vest whom I have some information on was William's brother as evidenced by his father's signature on his (Charles) marriage license.    My gggrandfather would be a Joseph Jacob VEST b in Indiana and married to a Lucretta ROGERS who in believe was b in Illinois.   Family lore has it that my ggrandfather William died enroute moving his family back to the Ottumwa, Iowa area.  We do not know where or when his death took place.   Would appreciate hearing from anyone having any information on this family.   Ron Vest



Would like information on the following family--marriages, deaths, etc., found on the 1920 census of Furnas county, living in Oxford.

VEON, John B., age 45, b. WV, mail clerk on railway. Wife Ella V. VEON, age 42, b. NE. Children, all b. NE:
1. John R. VEON, age 10
2. Kenneth W. VEON, age 9
3. Dorothy H. VEON age 5
4. Fern V. VEON age 3 4/12

Thanks very much,

W Surnames


Am interested am information on the Christopher Willerton family. Christopher died on Dec. 5, 1909 in Holbrook, NE. Does anyone know if there was a local newspaper then.
Margaret Wegner
Midland, MI


X Surnames

Y Surnames



I'm trying to locate information on my grandparents.  Herman Yeager was born in Hendley NE 15 March 1892 and died in Furnas County 30 March 1956.  He married Carrie "Katie" Kellogg, born in Furnas County 1904 and died in 1973 (she was married several other times and I'm unsure her name at the time of her death).  They had several children, including my father Lavern Fay Yeager and his twin Ray, born in Wilsonville NE 17 July 1931. 

I'm looking for my great grandmother Laura Turner Yeager - born in 1874 or 75 in Woodford Co IL, moved with her family to Crete NE at age 3, then to Blue Hill at age 4. Age 11 she and her family moved to Furnas Co NE. She married Fred/Fritz Yeager in Furnas Co NE 18 Jan 1891, and they had 4 children: Herman W (1892-1956, married TO Carrie Kellogg Meyer), Amiel (1894-1965), Albert C (24 March 1896-25 March 1974), and Minnie Louise Yeager (5 April 1898 - 10 November 1935). Laura's parents were both born in Germany and moved to US in 1867. Any help is very much appreciated. Laura's last name is sometimes spelled Torney or Tourney.  I can be reached at  

I'm looking for information regarding my grandmother Carrie Kellogg Meyers Yeager's family.  Carrie was born in Furnas County in 1904 to Oscar and Flora Ann May Batchelor Kellogg (married in 1902).  Fora's parents were William and Fannie Saunders Batchelor.  My grandmother Carrie was the oldest of at least 3 children (as of 1910 census) - she had a younger sister named Mary and a younger brother named Emmer.  Carrie was married to Charles Meyers and they had three children: Charles Jr, Ruby, and Leroy.  She later married Herman Yeager, and they had twin sons Lavern Fay and Ray, born 17 July 1931.  Any information is very much appreciated. 

I am looking for additional information regarding Fred Yeager (also went by name of Fritz) - he was born in Germany in 1858, came to America in 1859, and settled in Furnas Co NE sometime in late 1800's.  He married Laura Turner (born in Woodford Co IL in 1874, arrived with her family in Furnas Co at age 11 or 12).  He and Laura had four children: Herman W (married to Carrie Kellogg Meyers), Amiel, Albert, and Minnie Louise.  Fritz died in Furnas Co in 1940, and Laura died in 1943.  Any information regarding this family would be very much appreciated. 

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Seeking information on Grace ZEIGLER born about 1887 in NE, married to Arthur BROWN 1901in Nebraska.  Arthur BROWN was born 19 Dec 1880 in Cambridge, Furnas County,NE.  The father of Grace ZEIGLER is James L. ZEIGLER.  I would like to know who her mother was.   I am especially seeking the place and cause of death of Mollie ZEIGLER of NE. She is buried in the Allmon Cemetery in Arnett, OK.  Mollie ZEIGLER (nee DEAN) is distantly related to Grace ZEIGLER by marriage.  Mollie ZEIGLER was a school teacher, perhaps in Furnas County.  She died in 1904 in NE.  Thank you for any reply.  Shirley Ransom  


FOR 2003

The following questions and information came from the Furnas County list or Query Express. Query Express no longer exists so hopefully the email addresses are still current. If you find an address that does not work please contact me. Thomas Corey
Surnames: EATON KELLER Date: 14 Nov 2002 Look for information on Lufana Eaton listed as a widow in the 1900 census with Grandson Rodney Keller. Which of Lufana's children is Rodney's Mother?
Surnames: PHILLIPS COE MOLLRING Date: 16 Nov 2002
Several months ago, I did some research using FURNAS COUNTY HISTORY BOOK, 1987. In that book, there is a lot of good information on the COE and PHILLIPS families. Some of the most informative articles were written by Donna MOLLRING. I would like to make contact with her or some of her family to do some further research. I recently uncovered some interesting new material on Theodore PHILLIPS family Look forward to hearing from you soon. Michael Davis Atkinson, NE
I have recently made contact with a researcher and learned some new infomation on the Theadore PHILIPS family. Previously, all the information I had came from FURNAS COUNTY HISTORY BOOK, 1987. In that book, there are several articles on the COE and PHILLIPS families. However, I have recently uncovered some additions,one of the biggest additions in learning of a child born to Theadore and Mary PHILIPS, younger than my great grandmother Dixie New Era (born April 12, 1864 in Iowa) A son William Henry "Willie" PHILLIPS is reported to have been bonr 6 November 1868 also in Iowa.. Are there other researchers out there working on this line. If so please make contact with me. Michael Davis Great Great Grandson of Theodore PHILIPS Atkinson, NE
I was recently given information that my great grandmother was buried in Oxford Nebraska on a family plot. Her madian name was Mann her first name was Grace. She was born in Nebraska and died in Bouldar Colorado in 1930. All my grandmother can remember is that they went to Oxford to bury her. I also found five Manns buried in Oxford Cemetary, but none are my great grandmother and we do not know any of her family. Does anyone have any information or could please tell me the address or phone number of Oxford cemetary? Thank You, Brandy Harris
My name is Patricia Kuehn Alston. My Grandfather Richard Joseph Kuhn changed his name to Kuehn when he settled came to Albany He came from Pundrech, Germany in the mid 1880's. His brother Stephan continued on to Cambridge, NE. I just recently came in possesion of a letter Stephan wrote to his sister in Germany. Her grand daughter gave a copy of the letter to me. It was written in German from Cambridge 4 Feb1923. In the letter he said he had "60 acres of land, 10 horses, 25 heads of cattle, 18 pigs 100 hens and no debts." Over the weekend I wrote a generic letter to ten people within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge whose last name is Kuhn. I just might get lucky and find a descendent of my great uncle Stephan! Do you have any advice for me as I continue my search ? Thank you for any help you can give me! Pat Alston
Surnames: PRIDEAUX DAWLEY MCKINNEY Submitter: Debra Dawley Date: 06 Jan 2003 I would like information on Mabel Prideaux . She is my husband's great grandmother. she celbrated her 100th birthday at the same time as Beaver City celbrated their 100th year. I would like the obituary of her and her husband. And if some one knows about her daughter Ethel who married Cecil Dawley information is much appreciated.
Submitter: Laurel Mains Date: 06 Jan 2003 Can someone look in directories from 1910 and tell me there was ever a Wood Photo Company in, or around, Beaver City, Nebraska
Surnames: CARROLL Submitter: William Cordero Date: 20 Jan 2003 My Great Grandfather, James Henry Carroll, was the Postmaster in Cambridge, NE during the Woodrow Wilson Administration, 1911-1920. Are there any pictures or any written information available on my Great Grandfather? I thank you for any assistance you can help me with. William Cordero
Submitter: Mark Phillips Date: 25 Jan 2003 Ref. the Edward and Grace Phillips family photo provided by Diane Woodard, from l-r the family is Charles, Grace, Pearl, Opal, Caley, Edward and Ben. Opal is my fathers mother.
Submitter: Robert Douglas Date: 31 Jan 2003 Looking for info on Patrick McCoy d. Dec.2,1923 in railroad accident. Buried Mitchell, Ne. Burial or death certificate, etc.
Submitter: Mickey McCall Date: 31 Jan 2003 I am looking for information on John E. Baxter, his wife Alice Bas(z)elton and their children. They moved to Furnas Co., from Mills Co Iowa about 1886. Their children are Laura, Ira, George, Samuel, Elbert, Lizzie, Fred, Jesse, and Orpha. I am interested on information about them in Furnas Co. Thank you.
--- Robert Douglas Looking for info on one Patrick McCoy d.Dec.2,1923 when he fell or was pushed off a Western Pacific train traveling from Salt Lake City to Ne. He is buried at Mitchell, Ne. Would like to see the death & burial certificates. He is a relative of mine & any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Robert
Surnames: KIRSTE LALLY Date: 04 Feb 2003 Looking for any info. on Ernest(Ernst) KIRSTE & family living in Hendley, Furnas Co., NE and/or Thomas W. LALLY (school teacher in Furnas Co.). Mr. Lally married Bertha Kirste (a former student at his school)...ANY info would be appreciated!! Thanks!
Surnames: LIVELY BROYLES Submitter: S. Dixon Date: 07 Feb 2003 I see in the Marriage Records a Renick L. Lively and Sadie E. Broyles who married on Apr. 6 , 1894. Renick Lee Lively was from West Virginia. Sadie died in 1913. They had twins, a boy and a girl in 1906. Would anyone be able to tell me more about this family? Thanks in advance. S. Dixon
Submitter: Darrel Carter Date: 08 Feb 2003 William P. Bennett was foster parent to my grandmother in the late 1890's. Grandmother name is Alta Spence m. Elmer Carter in 1907. The Carter family lived in Cambridge. Marriage was in McCook but both Elmer and Alta lived in Cambridge. Elmer was the son of James Carter and all the Carter children went to school in Cambridge
Submitter: Darrel Carter Date: 08 Feb 2003 Looking for James L Spence and wife Libbie Spence the adoptive parents of Alta (Howell) Spence. Alta was adopted in 1884 at the age of one month in Traverse County, Michigan. The family moved to Nebraska sometime between 1884-1900. Alta married Elmer County in McCook 1907 but both Alta and Elmer lived in Cambridge at the time of the marriage.
Surnames: MEYER MYER SPECK Submitter: Diane Gleason Date: 08 Feb 2003 I am looking for information on Elizabeth Meyer/Myer Speck. I believe she homesteaded in Arapahoe, and I know she passed away there on 11, April 1827.
Surnames: MEYER MYERS SPECK Submitter: Diane Gleason Date: 10 Feb 2003 I recently had a query about ggrandmother Elizabeth Meyer/Myers Speck. I said she died in Arapahoe in 1827. I would like to change that, she was born in 1827 and died 4 March 1880 in Arapahoe. Sorry about the error. Diane
I am looking for help in locating divorce records for my great grandparents. Willis Addison (Wid) COE and Dixie New Era (PHILLIPS) COE I have learned from reading the Furnas County history book, that Wid COE left Furnas County in July, 1916. He went to Colorado, and his wife (Dixie New Era) and children stayed in Furnas, County. [I would love to find out why he left Nebraska] but that is not my main question this day. I have recently documented that Mrs. COE (Dixie New Era) remarried November 2, 1925. She married Mr. Peter W. OLESON at Oxford. Their wedding certificate indicates that she was divorced. My research indicates that Mr. Wid COE died January 20, 1933 and is burried in Scott City, Kansas. As a result we know that the divorce was most likely between 1916 and November 1925. Is there an index of Furnas County divorces, or perhaps someone would be so kind as to voluneer to search tor this divorce record. As you can imagine there are a lot of questions, and very little discussion over the years. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Michael Davis Great Grandson of Willis Addison and Dixie New Era COE
Surnames: CARTER SHIELDS Submitter: Jacqi Dagenais Date: 01 Mar 2003 The Carter family (George, Laura Ann (Shields, Vivan, Golda m Strickland, and Ivan Francis) lived in Arapahoe in late 1920s to 1940 when George died. Any information on them would be appreciated.
Surnames: DEEDER DILLON SHARP Submitter: Ken Schroeder Date: 04 Mar 2003 I researching the Deeder families that lived in Furnas County. William Henry and Arthur Deeder, brothers, lived there in as early as 1900. Arthur married Edith Sharp. William married Emma ? and they are buried in Lyden Cemetery. They had Hubert and Alberta. Hubert married Andria Dillon. Anyone with information about any of the Deeder families please contact me.
Surnames: STUMP ROBERTS Submitter: Michael Pierce Date: 07 Mar 2003 Interested in any information on the STUMP or ROBERTS family. We know about the following: L. STUMP (probably Levi) married Emma C. Stump. Their daughter, Sara Elizabeth STUMP married Charlie E. ROBERTS. They had a daughter Ilda Marie ROBERTS, who moved to Colorado and lived here with her husband, Elmer Ray RENO. Any pointers you can provide would be wonderful!
Surnames: WINSLOW VANDIVER Submitter: Laurel Mains Date: 17 Mar 2003 I was looking for the family of George W. Winslow and his wife Jennie in the 1910 census. I was also looking for any information about his daughter Lavina's marriage to Frank Vandiver.
Surnames: CARTER SHIELDS Submitter: Jacqi Dagenais Date: 31 Mar 2003 George Carter and Laura Shields were married on Novmeber 26, 1896 in Atchison, Kansas. They lived in Furnas County in the 1920's to 1940. Any information?
Surnames: ABBOTT BARLOW WILLIAMS Submitter: sherry Date: 07 Apr 2003 I am looking for more information on Pearl Abbott that married Alexander Barlow on November 17, 1908 in Furnas co., Nebraska. Her parents were Hiram Abbott and Mary Williams. Thanks, Sherry
Submitter: Tim Klingensmith Date: 09 Apr 2003 Hello, I am trying to find a platte book breakdown for Furnas County. Where all the precincts or townships are located in Furnas county and where all the cemeteries are located in relation to them.
Surnames: ROWLEY WEED WESTFALL Submitter: Karl Morgan Date: 03 May 2003 Hello, I am researching Stephen (age 66)and Laura (age 59)"Weed" Rowley and their grand children Perry (age 12),and Albert Westfall (age 8) who resided with them during the 1880 Federal census Film 1254749 NA Film Number T9-0749 Page Number 693D. Stephen Rowley died 16 July 1894. and he and Laura (Loura) Rowley both originated in Pa/NY depending on the boundries of both states at various times. and raised their Gsons for a period after their mother Esther Westfall died in 1873. Any info on any of these folks would be greatly appreicated. Thank you very much for your time Karl Morgan.
I have just joined your mailing list and am looking forward to a visit to Edison this summer as I travel across the US. My great grandfather & grandmother were William Green & Ida May Lee - both of whom are buried in the Edison Cemetery. I am the granddaughter of Russell R. Lee who was born in Edison in 1902 and just recently passed in August 2002 - 100 years old. He graduated from H.S. in Edison and I still have many of the school newspapers. If there is anything that you might share to make my brief visit more meaningful, I would appreciate a reply. I am hoping, maybe not this visit, to find the land & or home where my g-grandparents lived. Thanks! Susanne Lee Bergum
My grandmother and her family moved to Furnas Co. near Wilsonville in the mid 1880's then moved back to Iowa in 1890. They lived in a sod house. I have a picture of it. Some of my grandmother's sisters married and lived there for sometime. Fannie (Winchell) married a John C. Kinkead. The names of their parents were Alvin Van Ransselaer Winchell and Harriet Adelaide (Backus). They had 13 children. Their oldest child died there - William Alvin Winchell d.1887 age 24. An aunt also died there Clara (Backus) McCombs (David) in 1930. Clara and Harriet's mother died in Elm Creek, Ne. in 1899. Her name was Caroline (Eldredge) Backus (Samuel). I don't know what cemeteries William Winchell, Clara McCombs, or Caroline Backus are buried in. Lloyd Sheldahl [email protected]
I've "rescued" a group of photographs belonging to the KANOST Family. The first photograph is of Mattie, Will, Charles, and Edna KANOST taken at the F.C. Bartholomew Studio in Arapahoe, Nebraska. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with the children being about 1-3 years of age at the time. Charles looks to be the oldest of the two children with Mattie appearing to be in her 20's at the time and Will probably about 40 years old. The second photograph appears to also have been taken in the 1880's, but now with four children including twins who look to be about 1 year old at the time. The older two children, Charles and Edna appear to be 3-5 years of age in this photograph. It is noted that they are still in Nebraska at the time. The third photograph including all four children, identified as Charles, Delmer, Elmer, and Edna along with their parents. The twins look to be about 4 years old with Charles and Edna about 6-9 years old at the time. This photograph is taken at the Wiggins Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, likely in the 1890's. Based on limited research I believe these are photographs of the family of William F. KANOST and his wife Martha COWGER who were married in Des Moines, Iowa on 29 January 1879. Other photographs recovered from the same source are identified as members of the COWGER Family. I'm hoping to locate someone from this family so that these wonderful old photographs can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley
Hi list, We are searching for Minnie Henry born 1866 died perhaps before 1930. Her parents were James Hunter and Ann Myerly, but she was raised by Susan and James Hunter. Minnie married John Henry in 1887 in Furnas County Nebraska. They had at least 5 children: Frank, Clell, Thomas, Ivy, and Fay. We would like to hear from anyone related to this family. We would also like to know where they are buried. Joanie and Robi Robison [email protected] Searching: Bashore, Blair, Burke, Conyers, Dawson, Ewing, Frantz, Funk, Harrison, Irwin, Little, McFadden, Montgomery, Myerly,Newcomer, Platt, Pointer, Robison, Sexton, Schultz, Warden.
My father grew up in Arapahoe, Neb. His mother's maiden name was Maria Haussler, and dad said she was born on July 9, 1894. I found a close entry on page 33 of the St. Matthew TAUF register and if it turns out to be her, I can upgrade your records with date of death, husband's name (Stillmann) and the change of the last name to Stillman when WW1 began because of the German heritage. Sherwood Stillman
Hi, thanks for taking a minute to listen to me. My name is Sandy Gregg (nee Willey) My Dad Norris Willey and his family lived South Of Beaver City in the 20's. His Dad was Alonzo, Mother Mary E. Could you please give me any information concerning the family. My Dad siblings were: Brothers: Lawrence & Jim; (Dean Or Glen) Sisters: Mary, Eva, Faye, Deveda, Ruth. My grandpa Willey died when my Dad was about three years of age. Thank You Sandy Willey Gregg