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Furnas County Gazetteer


    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Furnas County
Beaver City -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, September 1999
Transcriber's Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the letter or word was difficult
or impossible to read in the copy.

Arapahoe  Beaver City  Cambridge  Edison  Hendley  Holbrook
Oxford  Precept  Sett  Sherman  Spring Green  Wilsonville

   Arapahoe is the largest town in Furnas county and is located in the northern part of the county on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. from Ohmaha to Denver.  It is 16 miles north of Beaver City, the county seat.  The location is a favorable one, on the north side of the Republican river, on the second bottom lands about midway between Elk and Muddy creeks, which flow into the Republican a short distance apart.  On the town site the land is nearly level, but slopes sufficient-
ly to insure good drainage.  It is the principle grain market and shipping point for almost the entire county.  Several fine brick structures are indicative of the prosperty [sic.] of the town.  The First National Bank, J. W. Tomblin, president, with a capital of $50,000, and the Bank of Arapahoe do a general banking business.  The requirements of the traveling public are well provided for by the American House, P. W. Swartz, proprietor, and the Arapahoe House, L. Clute, proprietor.  The Pioneer and the Public Mirror are the local newspapers and are ably conducted.  The churches represented here are the Methodist, Christian and Catholic.  Its secret societies are A. G. & A. M., I. O. O. F., G. A. R., A.O. U. W. and K. of L.  Population 1,000.

Allen E N, hardware.
American House, P W Swartz, prop.
Arapahoe House, Lewis Clute, prop.
Arapahoe Pioneer, W E Smith editor and pub.
Ballard C E, physician.
Bank of Arapahoe, capital $50,000
     paid up, Thos B McPherson pres,
     F C Condon vice-pres, P L Hole,
Baxter J N, blacksmith.
Beach J D, dry goods.
Bellamy R H, drugs.
Benjamin & Sailor, livery.
Boehner & Co, genl mdse.
Brown W H, genl mdse.
Butler A C, physician.
Child E S & Co, land attys, real estate
Childs P R, second-hand goods.
Clark D P Mrs, Millinery.
Clute Lewis, prop Arapahoe House, $2 per day.
Coates W H, justice of the peace.
Crowell H W, harnessmaker.
D'Allemand & Ball, pumps.
Davis J L, jeweler.
Dean C E, durgs.
Disbrow E, livery.
Dudgeon J A, attorney at law.
Early S J, boots and shoes.
Einstein Joseph, gents furnishings.
Ensign William, grocer.
Finch R J, genl mdse.
First National Bank,  capital
     $50,000 paid up, J W Tomblin pres,
     W S Morlan vice pres, W J Gregory
     cashier, E E Emmett asst cashier.
Garey & Dempsey, real estate.
Garey & Hill, bakers.
Gregory W J, cashier First National Bank
Hanning L C, lumber, coal, etc.
Harmon J, Photographer.
Harper Ross, atty and notary.
Harris H G, photographer
Hovey P E notions and postmaster.
Huddleston Lumber Co, M F Idle
     mgr, lumber, coal lime, etc.
Judd James, grocer.
Knowlton G C, jeweler.
Koelmer August, barber.
Lodge A E, barber.
McGee Bros, meat market.
McPherson Thos B, genl mdse.
Mitchell M, billiards.
Mooney G A, saloon.
Mooney J H, atty.
Morlan W S, atty.
Munsen M, livery.
Murphy E B, justice of the peace.
Murray J B, furniture, hardware
     and agl implts.
Public Mirror, Chas E Reed editor.
Reed Chas E, editor Public Mirror.
Reed W H, genl mdse.
Rexford J W, livery.
Reynolds Bros, durgs.
Rowley H M, billiard hall.
Smith W E, editor and pub Arapahoe Pioneer.
Stevens E B, atty.
Swartz P W, prop American House.
Tomblin H F, stationery, etc.
Tomblin J W, pres First National Bank.
Wagner J J, hardware.
Warner George F, blacksmith.
Wickenkamp F W, boots and shoes.
Williams F E, harnessmaker.
Woodward C W, meat market.
Wright A Y, atty.
Wright E B, atty.
Zoucks W H, photographers.

Beaver City is a growing town of 1,200 inhabitants near the center of Furnas county of which it is the
county seat.  The location is on the Orleans & St.
Francis branch of the B. & M. R. R., 16 miles south-
east of Arapahoe, with which it is connected by stage. The land in the surrounding country is fine, being suit-
able for the production of all kinds of grain.  The com-
pletion of the railway to the place has proved a great stimulus to its operations.  Some handsome structures have been built.
Among these are the court house, which cost $12,000,and a school building that cost $10,000.  The Commercial Banking Co. has a capital of $21,000 and the First National and the Furnas County Bank have each a capital of $50,000.  The Emrick House is the principal hotel of the city.  The Beaver City Times and the Beaver Valley Tribune are published weekly.  The churches are the Methodist and Presbyterian.  Societies: G. A. R., K. of P., I. O. O. F., A. F. & A. M., A. O. U. W., S. of V. and K. of G. E.
Ager W T, postmaster.
Alexander J P, livery.
Allen A D, agl implt.
Armstrong T R, drugs, genl mdse.
Ayers N M, genl mdse.
Banning & Ellis, furniture.
Bartels H, boots and shoes.
Beaver City Times, W S Dart editor.
Beaver Valley Tribune. F N Merwin
     editor and prop.
Blackman Bros, genl mdse.
Brent M E Mrs, restaurant.
Butler T R, physician.
Commercial Banking Co, capital
     $21,000, W E Crutcher pres. E D
     Jones vice-pres, G H Jones cashier.
Dart W S, editor Beaver City Times.
Dunham J A, genl mdse.
Eaves James, notions.
Emrick House, W D Sanders prop.
Evans W M, harnessmaker.
Fassett G W, carriage maker.
Ferguson W M, barber.
Fifield M I, milliner.
First National Bank, capital $50,000,
     T M Davies pres, A C Ellenberger
     assistant cashier.
Folland C H, genl mdse.
Furnas County Bank (The), capital
     $50,000, L J Dunn pres, C M
     Kincaide cashier.
Green A J, jeweler.
Green C C, physician.
Hadley M R, agl implts.
Haymaker Edward, livery.
Helmer & McClelland, genl mdse.
Hopping & Gordon, drugs.
Horton B W, harnessmaker.
Horton E C, wagon builder.
Ingalls W M, lumber, coal.
Jeffers F M, boots and shoes.
Kelley J W, meat market.
Kelsey W A, confectioner.
Kinsman W J, hardware and furniture.
Lashley E C & Co. flour and feed.
Lewis E c, dry goods.
Loar D W, drugs
McCaslan E E, sewing machines
Manspeaker J J, saloon.
Merwin F N, editor and pub Beaver
     Valley Tribune.
Norris G W, atty, notary.
Penrod Peter, grocer.
Roberts C B atty, notary.
Robison Alex, gen mdse.
Sanders W A, jeweler.
Sanders W D,prop Emrick House
Smith C E V, real estate, notary.
Thorpe F C, hardware.
Wells Wm G, blacksmith.
Whitney W B, real estate, abstracter.
Zeiser Frank, baker.

Cambridge is situated in the northwestern part of Furnas county on the Medicine creek, near the point where it empties into the Republican river, and on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., 25 miles east from McCook.  It has about 800 inhabitants, with two reli-
able banks, the State Bank and the Citizens State
Bank, flour mill, grain elevator, lumber yard, etc.  The Cambridge House, W. F. Beery, prop., and the Commercial are the two hotels of the city.  The only newspaper is the Kaleidoscope, published by J. C. Harlan. 
Babcock Bros, hardward.
Baughman D B, genl mdse.
Baughman W H, notions
Bee E R, postmaster.
Beery W F, proprietor Cambridge House.
Bennett Jarad, grocer, restaurant.
Bennett & Storey, blacksmiths.
Brown Smith, blacksmith.
Burgess C H, drugs.
Butts E L, baker and restaurant.
Cambridge House, W F Beery prop.
Cambridge Milling Co, grain, flour.
Carpenter J S, billiard hall.
Case J F Mrs. milliner.
Challstrom & Thomas, harness makers.
Citizens State Bank, G W Turner
     pres, W O John vice-pres, H W
     Sipe cashier.
Clay C H, meat market
Clay Mrs. milliner.
Cline A, livery.
Commercial Hotel, T B Weeden prop.
Doner M Mrs. milliner.
Faling W H, loan agt.
Fodrea Nathan, hardware.
Hanning & Stevens, genl mdse.
Harlan J C, pub the Kaleidoscope.
Hicks J, justice of the peace.
Huddleston Lumber Co., A V Perry
     mgr. lumber and coal.
John James, drugs.
John W O, genl mdse.
Kaleidoscope (The), J C Harlan pub.
Knight George, furniture.
Miller E W, furniture, etc.
Overstake H W, jeweler.
Rankin Bros, meat market.
Selby Frank H, atty.
Shaw Bros, genl. mdse.
State Bank, capital $50,000, E E
     Brown pres, C M Brown cashier.
Tallmadge & Boyd, genl mdse.
Vandelinder & Simpson, genl mdse.
Weeden T B, prop Commercial Hotel.
Welty D T atty.
Winter & Latham, livery.

Edison is in the northeastern part of Furnas county,
on Republican Valley branch of the B. & M. R. R.,
well situated in the fertile Republican Valley, and has
a population of 125.

Anguish & Draper, flour mill.
Ayer H S, sta agt.
Bailey E, genl mdse.
Draper C R, postmaster.
Hibbs W D, drugs.
Myers Flo Miss, milliner.
Rohr R H, hardware, agl implts.
Storey T, genl mdse.
Wiley Isaac, blacksmith.
Zike Z P, justice.

Hendley, a station on the Beaver City branch
of the B. & M. R. R., in the central part of Furnas County, eight miles from Beaver City, the county
Brewer C W, blacksmith. Cotrell F, harnessmaker.
Hill W G, sta agt.
Leach & Ayers, hardware, agl implts.
Leach W D,postmaster, justice.

Holbrook, a station on the main line of the
B. & M. R. R., in Furnas county, five miles north-
west from Beaver City, the county seat.
Note: There are no businesses listed.

Oxford, is situated on a beautiful plateau in the north-
eastern part of Furnas county, at the juntion of the two main lines of the B. & M. R. R. from Omaha and from Kansas City to Denver, 78 miles from Hastings, and 18 miles northeast from Beaver City, the county seat.  The town is in the center of a fine agricultural district and
near the Republican river.  Among the prominent features of the place are two good elevators, a flour mill, three hotels and two banks, the Farmers State Bank, capital $25,000, and the Oxford State Bank, capital $23,000.  The religious societies are the Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist.  The population is 600.
Adams J E, restaurant.
Arnsberger Austin, grain elevator.
Barnard W D, blacksmith
Birt Henry, livery.
B & M Hotel, J W Trammel prop.
Brigner Geo, prop Oxford House.
Budolph Gottlib, harnessmaker.
Drew M A, livery, groceries.
Etter G L, prob Etter Hotel.
Etter Hotel, G L Etter prop.
Farmers State Bank, capital $25,000,
     E L Rowlis pres.
Frehse W M, shoemaker.
Giles E W, meat market, genl mdse.
Hamilton C P, grocer.
Hamilton W T, dry goods.
Henry A F, genl mdse.
Hooper J N, drugs.
Hughes J L, drugs.
Hughes W S, notary.
Jensen Samuel, blacksmith.
Kelly J E, billiard hall.
Kirkpatrick S B, real estate.
Koller E S, station agent.
Lee E E, livery.
Lee J M, postmaster.
Lewis D, tailor.
McIntyre D D, furniture.
McMurran E E, grocer.
Martin C H, atty.
Maston W J, restaurant.
Morris John, photographer.
Nielsen Bros, hardware.
Oxford House, George Brigner prop.
Oxford State Bank, capital $23,000,
    S L Burson pres.
Pease E J, lumber and coal.
Pettigrew N A & Son, hardware
Preston Drug Co, drugs, genl mdse.
Richardt & Nesser, genl mdse.
Trammell J W, prop B & M Hotel.
Waugh & Son, lumber and Coal.

Precept, a postoffice in the southeastern part of
Furnas County, nine miles from Beaver City, the
county seat.
Carnes J B, justice.
Quillen & Williams, genl mdse, hardware, drugs.
Williams H, postmaster.

Sett, A country postoffice in the southwestern part of Furnas County, 22 miles from Beaver City, the county seat. Note: There are no businesses listed.

Sherman, a postoffice in the extreme southwestern part of Furnas county, 24 miles from Beaver City, the county seat. Baxter J E, hardware, postmaster.
Best W A, blacksmith.
Burnight L H, justice.
Rice J W, harnessmaker.

Spring Green, a postoffice in the southern part of Furnas county, about 14 miles south of Beaver City,
the county seat. It is on Apple creek and about one
mile from the Kansas line.
Arnold Wm M, genl mdse.
Case Wm R, justice.
Wirts D, justice.
Wyatt Jane, postmaster.

Wilsonville, a station on the B. & M. R. Rl., in the southwestern part of Furnas county, 18 miles from Arapahoe, the county seat.

Draper Charles, sta agt.
Gardner Saml, blacksmith.
Gibson & Co, drugs.
Gibson & DeMore, agl implts, hardware.
Haworth & Co, drugs.
Hunt A W, genl mdse.
Hunt Wm, blacksmith.
McGaw J B, postmaster.
McIntosh D, justice.
Pierce C H, flour mill.
Shanafelt G W, genl mdse.
Shoemaker Dr, phys.
Timons Wm, harnessmaker.
Weamer & Parker, agl implts, hardware.
Whiteman J K, phys.

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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Furnas County
Beaver City -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, September 1999
Transcriber's Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the letter or word was difficult or impossible to read in the copy.


A B C D E F G H I J K L Mc M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

~ A ~

Abbott M, Arapahoe.                Abernathy I, Hendley.           Ackerman G W, Hendley. 
Adams A A, Arapahoe.               Adams Almus, Arapahoe.          Adams H H, Oxford. 
Adams John H, Hendley.             Addis J P, Oxford.              Ake Samuel, Beaver City. 
Aller F A, Arapahoe.               Allrecht Peter, Cambridge.      Allright Frank, Cambridge 
Allright Fred, Cambridge.          Allright Louis, Cambridge.      Allright Wm, Cambridge 
Alder John, Precept.               Alexander J A, Beaver City      Alexander J J, Beaver City. 
Allen E N, Arapahoe.               Allen F D, Beaver City.         Allen H P, Cambridge 
Allender T E, Beaver City.         Alloway L, Oxford.              Allstot George, Beaver City 
Alvord J, Arapahoe.                Amans J R, Cambridge.           Amans W G, Cambridge. 
Anderson J V, Wilsonville.         Anderson Louis, Oxford.         Anderson Peter, Arapahoe. 
Anderson R A, Wilsonville.         Anderson W H, Wilsonville.      Andre H A, Hendley. 
Andre Jefferson, Hendley.          Andrews Donald, Cambridge.      Andrews Thos, Cambridge. 
Anthern M, Arapahoe.               Arford John K, Stamford.        Armstrong C jr, Cambridge. 
Arnold John N, Arapahoe.           Arnold Stephen, Arapahoe.       Arnold Wm, Spring Green 
Arnsburger A, Oxford.              Arthand A, Cambridge.           Arthur M, Wilsonville 
Augustin H, Arapahoe.              Austin Will, Arapahoe.          Axtell A L, Beaver City. 
Axtell Eugene, Cambridge.          Axtell John E, Cambridge.       Ayars J J, Beaver City. 
Ayars R, Hendley.                  Ayars T P, Hendley.             Ayars H S, Edison. 

~ B ~

Babcock W E, Cambridge.            Bachelder C B, Cambridge.       Bachelor H, Spring Green. 
Bachelor Wm, Spring Green.         Backstrom J, Rayville, Kan.     Baer D S, Beaver City. 
Baer Israel, Beaver City.          Baer Peter, Beaver City.        Bahr W, Hendley. 
Bailey Nathan, Edison.             Bain W G E, Precept.            Baird J F, Hendley. 
Baldwin A F, Oxford.               Ballard H L, Oxford.            Barber Hiram, Precept. 
Barber Wm, Precept.                Barker C E, Beaver City.        Barlow J W, Sherman. 
Barnard W D, Oxford.               Barner S E, Stamford.           Barret L, Oxford. 
Bass F S, Wilsonville.             Bass W H, Wilsonville.          Bates T C, Hendley. 
Bates W T, Precept.                Baugher A, Arapahoe.            Baugher N, Arapahoe. 
Baugher W, Arapahoe.               Baxter J E, Wilsonville.        Baxter B P, Cambridge. 
Baxter J N, Arapahoe.              Baxter N, Cambridge.            Beaver G W, Wilsonville. 
Beck Valentine, Beaver City.       Beckwith C B, Stamford.         Beckwith G P, Stamford. 
Beckwith M D, Oxford.              Beckwith Wm, Oxford.            Beedle C J, Oxford. 
Behme J C, Cambridge.              Beiske Joseph, Cambridge.       Bell Albert, Beaver City. 
Bell Thos, Spring Green.           Bendler F J, Oxford.            Bendler H G, Oxford. 
Bensel Theo, Cambridge.            Bergston N, Holbrook.           Berner W H, Beaver City. 
Best W A, Wilsonville.             Bickford John, Beaver City.     Billings M J, Oxford. 
Binevis Louis, Stamford.           Birt H, Oxford.                 Bishop J W, Oxford. 
Bishop Richard, Oxford.            Bishop T, Cambridge.            Black W C, Wilsonville. 
Bladley L, Cambridge.              Blagraves Jas, Beaver City.     Blagraves M E, Beaver City. 
Blair Thomas, Cambridge.           Bly A W, Cambridge.             Bockerman G F, Arapahoe. 
Bolan A C, Wilsonville.            Bolan John, Wilsonville.        Bollbaugh J S, Cambridge. 
Boone A C, Cambridge.              Booth W H, Wilsonville.         Bouman J W, Arapahoe. 
Bouman M V H, Arapahoe.            Bourn H A, Wilsonville.         Vourn Walter, Wilsonville. 
Bouseman J, Beaver City.           Bower C, Wilsonville.           Boyd G D, Rayville, Kan. 
Boyd H A, Hendley.                 Braden A D, Cambridge.          Bradford D F, Oxford. 
Branen M, Oxford.                  Braner I, Oxford.               Branhard F P, Beaver City. 
Branhard H, Beaver City.           Brett John, Cambridge.          Brenaman J H, Hendley. 
Brewer B C, Hendley.               Brewer Chas, Hendley.           Brink A L, Wilsonville. 
Brink Alfred, Wilsonville.         Brinkerhoof L, Precept.         Brisenden J, Spring Green. 
Brisendine G F, Stamford.          Bristow J A, Spring Green.      Brouhard J, Beaver City. 
Brouhard Jos, Beaver City.         Brouhard N, Beaver City.        Brown A, Cambridge. 
Brown A L, Arapahoe.               Brown Albert, Cambridge.        Brown Chas, Wilsonville. 
Brown D, Cambridge.                Brown E L, Hendley.             Brown G W, Beaver City. 
Brown J L, Precept.                Brown Nathan, Beaver City.      Bruner James L, Precept. 
Bryson J M, Hendley.               Bryson T D, Spring Green.       Bryson W A, Hendley. 
Buchannan T J, Precept.            Buffington C, Beaver City.      Buormann* Wm, Oxford. 
Bullard Em_ie*, Precept.           Bunting H H, Arapahoe.          Burgan Taylor, Wilsonville. 
Burge Wm, Spring Green.            Burgess C H, Cambridge.         Burgess H C M, Cambridge. 
Burnett G W, Cambridge.            Burnight* L H, Wilsonville.     Burns G C, Wilsonville. 
Burris Wesley, Precept.            Burton J B, Arapahoe.           Bush Jacob, Wilsonville. 
Bushnell Clarnece, Precept.        Busly James, Oxford.            Butterfield A. Beaver City. 
Butterfield N, Beaver City.

~ C ~

Cadwell J H, Cambridge.            Cady G M, Wilsonville.          Cady J J, Arapahoe. 
Cady, W B, Oxford.                 Calkins J F, Hendley.           Calkins, Mial C, Hendley. 
Callahan C T, Holbrook.            Callahan W P, Holbrook.         Callow W J, Oxford. 
Calloway C, Sherman.               Cameron Jas, Beaver City.       Cameron J D, Cambridge. 
Campbell John, Wilsonville.        Campbell Robt, Wilsonville.     Campbell Wm, Wilsonville. 
Campbell W S, Wilsonville.         Cantnell Geo R, Arapahoe.       Carbol Andrew, Precept. 
Carmean Josiah, Beaver City.       Carmean W, Beaver City.         Carmean Wm, Beaver City. 
Carnes J B, Precept.               Carpenter D R, Hendley.         Carpenter F C, Arapahoe. 
Carpenter Harvey, Arapahoe.        Carpenter J S, Cambridge.       Carpenter S W, Arapahoe. 
Carr C E, Farnham.                 Carr F S, Cambridge.            Carr L O, Cambridge. 
Carse James A, Arapahoe.           Carter James N, Hendley.        Carter J H, Oxford. 
Carson Joseph, Hendley.            Cass B B, Beaver City.          Cass J J, Beaver City. 
Cast J H, Cambridge.               Cast Samuel, Cambridge.         Castor J W, Sherman. 
Cawkins D D, Sett.                 Chambers R B, Arapahoe.         Chambers W H, Hendley. 
Champion Wm C, Spring Green.       Chandler E R, Cambridge.        Charter* J W, Beaver City. 
Chehey A G, Cambridge.             Chehey P B, Cambridge.          Cherry Thos, Beaver City. 
Chitwood J, Beaver City.           Christianson C, Cambridge.      Clably* Joseph, Precept. 
Clarine C G. Oxford.               Clarine John, Oxford.           Clarine Jonas A, Oxford. 
Clark A E, Arapahoe.               Clark A M, Arapahoe.            Clark E C, Arapahoe. 
Clark F H, Cambridge.              Clark H D, Arapaho. (sic)       Clark J R, Arapahoe. 
Clark M, Arapahoe.                 Clark Miles, Wilsonville.       Clark O W, Beaver City. 
Clark T H, Arapahoe.               Clarkson E M, Cambridge.        Clarkson L A, Cambridge. 
Clason Jay, Beaver City.           Clason H H, Precept.            Classon Benj, Beaver City. 
Clements J E, Beaver City.         Clemmer G B, Wilsonville.       Clemmer Wm, Wilsonville. 
Clemmon J W, Wilsonville.          Clemo Peter, Precept.           Cluphf G T, Beaver City. 
Clute Oscar, Halbrook. (sic)       Coen Chas, Wilsonville.         Coen Ed, Wilsonville. 
Coffey James, Stamford.            Coffin F, Beaver City.          Coffman T B, Oxford. 
Coffman W A, Beaver City.          Cole A J, Oxford.               Cole A M, Beaver City. 
Cole G C, Stamford.                Coleman Robt, Beaver City.      Colter J M, Precept. 
Conner S S, Beaver City.           Conser J E, Oxford.             Consor E S, Oxford. 
Consor G W, Oxford.                Consor U G, Oxford.             Converse D G, Hendley. 
Converse Geo A, Hendley.           Converse H A, Hendley.          Cooper Henry, Wilsonville. 
Cooper John, Holbrook.             Cope G N, Sett.                 Coppom A, Cambridge. 
Coppom B, Cambridge.               Copsey Harry, Cambridge.        Cormac Chas, Beaver City. 
Cospork John, Arapahoe.            Covington W W, Stamford.        Cowan A A, Oxford. 
Cowan M D, Oxford.                 Cowles E F, Cambridge.          Cozad J W, Precept. 
Crabill Jaoob (sic), Wilsonville.  Craig E W, Edison.              Cramer H B, Cambridge. 
Crane G F, Edison.                 Crapser A, Cambridge.           Crawford A K, Stamford. 
Crawford Jesse, Beaver City.       Crawford J, Beaver City.        Criddlebaugh G, Stamford. 
Criddlebaugh W, Stamford.          Crippen W S, Cambridge.         Critchfield W O, Oxford. 
Critser B F, Beaver City.          Critser J L, Beaver City.       Critser Wm, Beaver City. 
Crommett Chas, Hendley.            Crommett R, Beaver City.        Crommett V M, Beaver City. 
Cronk C E, Beaver City.            Cronk M, Beaver City.           Cronk O, Beaver City. 
Crosby Wm, Sett.                   Cross Walter, Spring Green.     Cundill R, Cambridge. 
Curry G S, Orleans.                Curtis C S, Edison.             Curtis M N, Hendley 

~ D ~

Dake Francis A, Precept.           d'Allemand A, Arapahoe.         d'Allemand H, Arapahoe. 
Dallman A H, Oxford.               Danfield E, Cambridge.          Danger C W, Hendley. 
Daniels M, Oxford.                 Davis Henry, Beaver City.       Davis J T, Rayville, Kan. 
Davis John, Arapahoe.              Davis S H, Plattsmouth.         Davis W F, Arapahoe. 
Davison C C, Beaver City.          Davison Geo, Beaver City.       Day A M, Arapahoe 
Deamund S F, Arapahoe.             Deamund W H, Arapahoe.          Deaver T E, Stamford. 
Debatty Joseph, Precept.           DeMott E, Beaver City.          DeOss Henry, Holbrook. 
DeVault A J, Oxford.               Dillon Marion, Beaver City.     Davis A, Beaver City. 
Disira Edgar, Arapahoe.            Dodson Stephen, Hendley.        Donahue Daniel, Hendley. 
Donahue R E, Hendley.              Donavan John, Wilsonville.      Douning Chas, Beaver City. 
Douning J R, Beaver City.          Dowling H, Beaver City.         Dowling Wm, Beaver City. 
Downey F S, Wilsonville.           Draper C A, Edison.             Drew M A, Oxford. 
Droll Geo, Beaver City.            Droste A, Arapahoe.             Dufresne G, Arapahoe. 
Dunbar F A, Arapahoe.              Dunham J P, Oxford.             Dunwoody J B, Precept. 
Dunwoody Seth, Precept.            Dusenbury A H, Beaver City.     Dusenbury G, Beaver City.

~ E ~

Eby J W, Hendley.                  Edmonds Thos H, Precept.        Ehelberger J T, Cambridge. 
Ehrman F E, Oxford.                Elder Geo W, Rayville, Kan.     Eldred Elisha, Beaver City. 
Ellis B V, Stamford.               Embree R, Beaver City.          Ems F R, Arapahoe. 
Ems J W, Arapahoe.                 Ems W R, Arapahoe.              Erickson Amos, Holbrook. 
Erickson Eric, Holbrook.           Erickson Hans, Precept.         Erickson Peter, Holbrook 
Erickson Victor, Holbrook          Escher Wm, Beaver City.         Evans Caleb, Cambridge. 
Evans Geo, Cambridge.              Everhart A, Oxford.

~ F ~

Fallert B, Beaver City.            Fallert Fidel, Arapahoe.        Fancett N E, Wilsonville. 
Farmer S L, Edison.                Farrand A, Beaver City.         Farrand C A, Beaver City. 
Faw David H, Sett.                 Fay Thos, Wilsonville.          Fells George L, Cambridge. 
Fend A, Edison.                    Fend Edward, Edison.            Fend James, Edison. 
Fifer August, Cambridge.           Fiscus J, Beaver City.          Fish Elmer, Beaver City. 
Fisher Ben, Edison.                Fisher E, Edison.               Fisher John F, Edison. 
Fisher M, Arapahoe.                Fisher P J, Edison.             Fletcher H C, Beaver City. 
Fleming W, Beaver City.            Flemming F, Wilsonville.        Flemming R, Wilsonville. 
Flint S B, Arapahoe.               Folkman G E, Beaver City.       Forney C, Beaver City. 
Forney S E, Beaver City.           Forrest I E Oxford.             Forrest I N, Oxford. 
Foster Samuel, Arapahoe.           Francis E A, Wilsonville.       Francis Franklin, Hendley. 
Francis G T, Wilsonville.          Francis R H, Hendley.           Franks J, Beaver City. 
Frawe Henry, Precept.              Frase William, Precept.         Freeman E, Beaver City. 
French Ira, Edison.                French Phillip, Beaver City.    Frey Wm, Beaver City. 
Fritz Gotlieb, Cambridge.          Fritzer Peter, Oxford.          Frost Geo O, Beaver City. 
Frost John C, Beaver City.         Fulkerson Wm, Hendley.          Fults Danl, Wilsonville. 
Fults D M, Wilsonville.            Fults G A, Wilsonville          Funder burk Thos, Precept.

~ G ~

Gaiser John, Arapahoe.             Gamble A H, Spring Green.       Gamble E V, Spring Green. 
Gamble G H, Spring Green.          Gamble J M, Spring Green.       Gaphen Danl, Precept. 
Gardner Saml, Wilsonville.         Garey A J, Beaver City.         Garey C H, Beaver City. 
Garey M F, Beaver City.            Garey R S, Beaver City.         Garner H W, Beaver City. 
Garner S D, Beaver City.           Garner Wm, Beaver City.         Garrett Benj, Oxford. 
Garrett L F, Precept.              Gartrell Geo, Beaver City.      Gartrell W E, Beaver City. 
Gartrell Wm, Beaver City.          Gerrish S S, Wilsonville.       Gillett E R, Cambridge. 
Gillilan Jno, Wilsonville.         Gilliland Wm F, Precept.        Gilmore W C, Beaver City. 
Gilpin W W, Hendley.               Glahn Henry, Oxford.            Glandon W C, Beaver City. 
Giele John, Beaver City.           Goble B F, Hendley              Goble Geo, Cambridge. 
Good Thos, Wilsonville.            Goodman G W, Beaver City.       Goodman Wm, Beaver City. 
Goodwin D N, Hendley.              Goodwin T A, Hendley.           Good David H, Wilsonville. 
Goosic C W, Beaver City.           Goosic Jack, Beaver City.       Goosic J E, Beaver City. 
Gordon* P, Spring Green.           Gorley* John, Hendley           Gorton C M, Arapahoe. 
Gorton T W, Arapahoe.              Goshon Ed, Precept.             Gould Wm, Beaver City. 
Graves D S, Holbrook.              Graves H T, Spring Green.       Graw Christian, Oxford. 
Greenfield A M, Beaver City.       Greeson S, Beaver City.         Gribble P, Oxford. 
Griffis Frank, Beaver City.        Griffis M S, Beaver City.       Griffis W J, Beaver CIty. 
Griffith F A, Stamford.            Griffith L C, Oxford.           Griggs J O, Oxford 
Groves J S, Beaver City.           Grush Isaac, Oxford.            Gustafson J M, Oxford 

~ H ~

Hagery F A, Arapahoe.              Hain Philip, Cambridge.         Haley Bryan, Holbrook. 
Haley John, Holbrook.              Haley Michael, Holbrook.        Hall J D, Wilsonville. 
Hall Orin, Precept.                Hamilton J H, Edison.           Hamilton Wm, Arapahoe. 
Hammon C, Oxford                   Hammon W P, Hendley.            Hammond A P, Edison. 
Han R E, Arapahoe.                 Hancock R V, Wilsonville.       Haney J M, Beaver City. 
Hanners S N, Hendley.              Hanning L P, Hendley.           Hanson A J, Cambridge. 
Hanson Erick, Precept.             Hardin A O, Precept.            Hardin E L, Beaver City. 
Hardin Geo W, Cambridge.           Hardin I A, Beaver City.        Hardin Robert, Beaver City. 
Hardin T, Beaver City.             Harding D, Spring Green.        Harding Geo O, Cambridge. 
Harding J F, Sett.                 Harding P G, Spring Green.      Harding S D, Spring Green. 
Harding Wm, Hendley.               Harger S E, Stamford.           Harlan A F, Cambridge. 
Harlan A N, Cambridge.             Harlan Ashley, Cambridge.       Harlan Philip, Beaver City. 
Harlan S W, Cambridge.             Harmon John, Beaver City.       Harmon O Y, Beaver City. 
Harmon R V, Beaver City.           Harmon W H, Beaver City.        Harned W S, Hendley. 
Harrington C F, Arapahoe.          Harris J S, Stamford.           Harris Willis, Hendley 
Harrus C T, Oxford.                Harry J M, Precept.             Harry R G, Precept. 
Harry R S, Precept.                Hartwell C A, Hendley.          Hasty S S, Arapahoe. 
Hatcher Elisha A, Precept          Hawsler August, Holbrook.       Hawkins B W, Beaver City. 
Hawkins J H, Beaver City.          Hawkins M Wilsonville           Haynes John, Cambridge. 
Hazon E P, Edison.                 Headt Wm, Hendley.              Hebb Wm D, Edison. 
Hedges Timothy, Precept.           Heideloff Chas, Oxford.         Heller James, Wilsonville. 
Hellner Fred, Oxford.              Henderson Eli, Hendley.         Henderson N, Cambridge. 
Hendrickson J R, Precept.          Henry C O, Beaver City.         Henry John, Hendley. 
Herron L R, Oxford.                Hester Henry, Beaver City.      Hewitt E E, Beaver City. 
Hewitt I N, Cambridge.             Hewitt W B, Beaver City.        Hewitt Wm, Cambridge. 
Hicks John C., Cambridge.          Higgins E A, Cambridge.         Higgins J, Cambridge. 
Higgins U G, Cambridge.            Hilker Henry, Arapahoe.         Hill B D, Arapahoe. 
Hill Hiram, Cambridge.             Hill J A, Arapahoe.             Hill Nathan A, Edison. 
Hill Simon, Arapahoe.              Hill V, Arapahoe.               Hillman R L, Wilsonville. 
Hilton Philo, Cambridge.           Hinshaw Ambrose, Hendley        Hinze Carl, Oxford. 
Hinze Fred, Oxford.                Hinze Wm, Oxford.               Hitch C J, Oxford. 
Hobbs G R, Wilsonville.            Hogencamp A, Cambridge.         Hogencamp W, Cambridge. 
Hoke Thomas J, Edison.             Hokra John, Precept.            Holley W J, Cambridge. 
Hollinger E A, Oxford.             Hollinger I W, Oxford.          Hollingsworth L D, Cambridge. 
Holmarst Ole O, Holbrook.          Holton Lyman, Spring Green.     Hoover John S, Hendley. 
Hopkins C W, Spring Green.         Hornaday N H, Arapahoe          Horton Cyrus, Edison. 
Hosier James R, Edison.            Hougham J, Wilsonville.         Hougham R, Wilsonville. 
Hougnon John, Cambridge.           Houghnon J, Cambridge.          Houpt A D, Hendley. 
Howell W H, Precept.               Huff C A, Oxford.               Huff E G, Oxford. 
Huff Ira, Oxford.                  Huff T B, Oxford.               Hulet W W, Wilsonville. 
Hultze W P, Cambridge.             Hunnicutt B F, Hendley.         Hunnicutt Joseph, Hendley. 
Hunt Chas, Oxford.                 Hunt R, Oxford.                 Hunter J C, Hendley. 
Huston Edgar* J, Arapahoe.         Huston Jas B*, Arapahoe.        Hutchison D H, Holbrook. 
Huxall Ernest, Arapahoe.           Huxall Hermon, Arapahoe.        Huxall Whilhelm, Arapahoe 
Hyde Geo, Oxford.                  Hyer H J, Beaver City.

~ I ~

Ingersoll C A, Cambridge.          Ingersoll C F, Cambridge.       Ingram George, Edison. 
Inman C H, Beaver City.            Inman Eber, Beaver City.        Inman E D, Beaver City. 
Inman E S, Beaver City.            Inman Wm, Beaver City.          Ireland G M, Arapahoe. 
Ireland Z T, Arapahoe.

~ J ~

Jackson A, Beaver City.            Jackson C A, Hendley.           Jackson Chas, Edison. 
Jackson J E, Beaver City.          Jackson J O, Beaver City.       Jackson Joseph, Precept. 
Jackson W H, Beaver City.          Jacobs Edwin, Arapahoe.         Jacobs Frank, Precept. 
Jacobs Hudson, Arapahoe.           Jacobs Jacob, Precept.          Jacobs J M, Oxford. 
Jacobs John, Arapahoe.             Jacobson Louis, Holbrook.       Jamison J N, Wilsonville. 
Jamison John, Wilsonville.         Jannett J P, Edison.            Jarvis S W, Arapahoe. 
Jaycox William, Edison.            Jenkins D B, Wilsonville.       Jenkins Harvey A, Hendley. 
Jenkins Hermon, Hendley.           Jenkins M E, Hendley.           Jennings Oron, Hendley. 
Johnson Alfred, Holbrook           Johnson A, Cambridge.           Johnson A P, Hendley. 
Johnson Chas, Holbrook.            Johnson E J, Wilsonville.       Johnson Harry, Precept. 
Johnson Henry, Hendley.            Johnson Jno N. Cambridge.       Johnson L E, Wilsonville. 
Johnson Newton, Precept.           Johnson Olof M, Hendley.        Johnson Wm, Wilsonville. 
Johnson Wm D, Wilsonville.         Jones B F, Hendley.             Jones Caleb, Beaver City. 
Jones C E, Hendley.                Jones F A, Hendley.             Jones J H, Hendley. 
Jones Jno T, Hendley.              Jones Jos S, Hendley.           Jones L K, Hendley. 
Jones T L, Hendley.                Jones Wm, Hendley               Jonson E R, Oxford.

~ K ~

Kramerer Chas, Oxford.             Kammerer Fred, Oxford.          Kanode Frank, Hendley. 
Karrish M, Cambridge.              Kasson D H, Beaver City         Kasson T R, Beaver City. 
Kaster W S, Arapahoe               Kaveny Patrick, Edison.         Keeler N O, Arapahoe. 
Keep F E, Hendley.                 Keep G A, Hendley               Keep Z T, Hendley 
Keith W H, Precept.                Keith W J, Spring Green.        Kendall A A, Edison. 
Kendall S, Beaver City.            Kendall W T, Beaver City.       Kent Fred, Edison. 
Kenyon R E, Arapahoe               Kern Calvin P, Beaver City.     Keyes S K, Cambridge. 
Kief Jasper, Arapahoe.             Kief R, Arapahoe.               Kimbrell J C, Hendley 
Kimbrell W P, Beaver City.         Kimmel B R, Arapahoe.           Kimmel H W, Arapahoe 
King Isaiah, Stamford.             King Nathaniel, Hendley.        Kinne A R, Sherman. 
Kinsman A L, Beaver City.          Kinsman Chas, Beaver City.      Kinsman E C, Beaver City. 
Kinsman L, Beaver City.            Kinsman Wm, Beaver City.        Kintner Geo V, Hendley. 
Kintsel S H, Stamford.             Kirkpatrick S B, Oxford         Kirste Ernest, Hendley. 
Kiser A F, Stamford.               Kiser Jno, Stamford.            Kithcart C B, Wilsonville. 
Kithcart J, Wilsonville.           Klemmann G, Wilsonville.        Klepper Alfred, Hendley. 
Klepper Jas, Hendley.              Klepper R, Hendley.             Kline B S, Cambridge. 
Klingersmith G, Wilsonville        Kniesel P A, Arapahoe           Knuth Fred, Oxford. 
Kramer J W, Wilsonville.           Krouse Julius, Cambridge.       Krumme Aug, Arapahoe. 
Kyte Joseph, Wilsonville.          Kyte M, Wilsonville.            Kyte M T, Wilsonville 
Kyte S A, Wilsonville.

~ L ~

Labat J M, Oxford.                 Lally F M, Beaver City.         Lalonde E A, Rayville, Kan. 
Lalonde John, Rayville, Kan.       Lambert C S, Wilsonville.       Lambert F B, Wilsonville. 
Lambert G W, Beaver City.          Lamborn John H, Hendley         Lamer Fred, Cambridge. 
Landgreen Gust, Hendley            Landgreen John, Hendley.        Laponce Antoine, Rayville, Kan. 
Larson B S, Arapahoe.              Larson C AS, Arapahoe.          Larson M, Hendley. 
Larson Peter, Holbrook.            Lashley C P, Beaver City.       Laub Chas, Hendley 
Laughery James, Stamford.          Laverack C, Beaver City.        Lawson James, Beaver City. 
Leach A W, Hendley.                Leach O S, Cambridge.           Leach W D, Hendley. 
Lee J M, Oxford.                   Lee Rue, Oxford                 Lee S, Oxford. 
Lee, Stephen, Cambridge.           Leiding Fred, Beaver City.      Leiding John, Beaver City. 
Lemmon S J, Wilsonville.           Lemonnier Joseph, Precept.      Lemonnier L L, Precept 
Lemonnier Joseph, Precept.         Lemonnier L L, Precept          Lenocker G H, Cambridge. 
Leoncker H D, Cambridge.           Lenocker J B, Cambridge.        Leochner Fred, Cambridge. 
Leonard Henry, Beaver City.        Leonard Wm L, Beaver City.      Lewis Abner, Stamford. 
Lewis Geo, Beaver City.            Lewis J A, Oxford.              Lewis J W, Arapahoe. 
Lewis N H, Edison.                 Lewis S K, Stamford.            Libly Wm, Hendley. 
Lidly A M, Oxford.                 Linne A, Oxford.                Litz Chas, Hendley 
Litz Edward, Hendley               Litz Ferdinand, Hendley         Loechner John, Wilsonville. 
Lomax C, Spring Green.             Lomax H H, Wilsonville          Lomax R M, Wilsonville. 
Lord S V, Holbrook                 Lord Vincent W, Hendley.        Loucks Geo, Arapahoe. 
Loverns R T, Wilsonville.          Lundy John, Oxford.             Lundy O P, Oxford 
Lupton S J, Beaver City.           Lupton W F, Beaver City.

~ Mc ~

McBean Donald, Beaver City.        McBean Finley, Beaver City.     McCall James, Wilsonville. 
McCan A E, Edison.                 McCarty John, Beaver City.      McCarty M, Beaver City. 
McCarver J H, Beaver City.         McClain J O, Hendley.           McClain Joseph, Hendley. 
McClellan C, Arapahoe.             McMlintock J W, Cambridge.      McCullough John, Hendley. 
McCully W M, Beaver City.          McComb J, Wilsonville.          McComb John, Wilsonville. 
McComb Wm, Wilsonville.            McCrea V R Spring Green.        McDonald A, Spring Green. 
McDowell J G, Beaver City.         McDowell J W, Stamford.         McElroy J, Wilsonville. 
McFadden H W, Holbrook.            McFarland J, Cambridge.         McFarland J H, Wilsonville. 
McGinley D, Edison.                McGraw John H, Sett.            McGuire E T, Spring Green. 
McGuire W T, Spring Green.         McInturf D J, Stamford.         McKean G W, Cambridge. 
McKelvey H L, Wilsonville          McKillip T, Cambridge           McKinney C, Stamford 
McKinney W T, Spring Green.        McKoun Jeff, Wilsonville        McLaughlin J F, Beaver City. 
MeLellan A D, Oxford.              McMaster A, Hendley.            McMillan D G, Wilsonville. 
McNaught J, Arapahoe.              McPhee Donald, Edison.          McRoberts J L, Wilsonville. 
McSuord C E, Stamford 

~ M ~

Maly S E, Edison.                  Madison Joseph, Holbrook.       Madison Ole, Holbrook. 
Magee James, Wilsonville.          Maher Patrick, Cambridge.       Maher Thos, Cambridge. 
Malone M A, Beaver City.           Manahan Wm F, Beaver City.      Manley M V B, Beaver City. 
Manley Oliver, Beaver City.        Manlove J E, Cambridge.         Mann Mathias, Hendley. 
Manning John, Cambridge.           Manning M J, Cambridge.         Manrins John B, Precept. 
Maralee Mathias, Hendley.          Marble S A, Beaver City.        Marble Henry, Stamford. 
Marble Wm, Precept                 Markham A E, Beaver City.       Marler B F, Beaver City. 
Marshall J C, Beaver City.         Marshall J J, Beaver City.      Martin A, Spring Green. 
Martin A W, Hendley.               Martin C E, Hendley             Martin D A, Beaver City. 
Martin G A, Beaver City.           Martin Gabriel, Beaver City.    Martin G W, Spring Green. 
Martin Hartzel, Hendley.           Martin J L, Hendley.            Martin J R, Hendley. 
Martin M C, Hendley.               Martin W B, Oxford.             Martin Wilson, Beaver City. 
Martin W O, Hendley.               Martin W W, Beaver City.        Marvel Alfred, Hendley. 
Masters J H, Spring Green.         Maston W J, Oxford.             Matthews Chas, Hendley. 
Maulsly A P, Hendley.              Maulsly E, Spring Green.        Maulsly L C, Wilsonville 
Maybon J J, Beaver City.           Mayes L T, Stamford.            Mayo I N, Precept. 
Mayo Issac A, Precept.             Mayo James, Precept.            Mayo R V, Precept 
Mayo T J, Beaver City.             Mayo Will, Precept.             Mead Geo M, Hendley 
Meader John W, Hendley.            Mecham Chas, Wilsonville        Mecham Moses, Hendley. 
Medlyn J, Cambridge                Mellinger E, Oxford.            Menear Jacob, Arapahoe. 
Merrill H P, Arapahoe.             Meyers Chas T, Hendley.         Meyers F O, Edison. 
Meyers Frank, Hendley.             Meyers Henry P, Hendley.        Meyers Isaac S, Hendley. 
Meyers Jonathan, Hendley.          Meyers Philip, Hendley.         Mickleson N, Spring Green. 
Miles Frank, Cambridge.            Millard Jas, Hendley            Millard W W, Beaver City. 
Miller A H, Rayville, Kan.         Miller C J, Arapahoe            Miller David, Beaver City. 
Miller E G, Beaver City.           Miller Geo M, Wilsonville.      Miller George, Cambridge. 
Miller G G, Cambridge.             Miller G M, Beaver City.        Miller H G, Cambridge. 
Miller J S, Edison.                Miller Lomax, Beaver City.      Miller Martin, Wilsonville. 
Miller Preston, Beaver City.       Miller W A, Wilsonville.        Milligan S J, Beaver City. 
Milligan Wm, Beaver City.          Mills Amos, Edison.             Mills E, Beaver City 
Miner* Gratus, Cambridge.          Misner Gilber, Arapahoe.        Mitchell Arthur, Precept. 
Mitchell Jno T, Hendley            Mitchell M, Arapahoe            Modlin Jno F, Beaver City. 
Mohr U G, Oxford.                  Mohrman H, Holbrook.            Moll J W, Oxford. 
Molone G*, Beaver City.            Montague J, Beaver City.        Montgomery E, Spg Green. 
Montgomery H, Precept.             Moon O J, Wilsonville.          Moore B F, Hendley. 
Moore C S, Hendley                 Moore Ezra, Edison.             Moore J C, Tyrone. 
Moore Jos, Hendley.                Moore M B. Tyrone.              Moore S, Hendly. 
Moore Saml, Wilsonville.           Moore S W, Stamford.            Morgan Frank B, Hendley. 
Morgan Geo R, Hendley.             Morgan J H, Holbrook.           Morgan Jos, Hendley. 
Morgan Thos, Hendley.              Morgan Wm B, Edison.            Morris J W, Wilsonville. 
Morris T J, Beaver City.           Morrisey M, Holbrook.           Morrisey J E, Holbrook. 
Morrs Leo, Edison.                 Morton S C, Spring Green.       Morts* Jacob, Edison. 
Mosher G, Beaver City.             Mosher Jno, Beaver City.        Mudge D E, Rayville, Kan. 
Mudge M S, Rayville, Kan.          Mudge S P, Rayville, Kan.       Murdock P, Holbrook. 
Mues Wm, Arapahoe.                 Mulford A H, Cambridge.         Mullen* J E, Wilsonville. 
Mullen Peter, Beaver City.

~ N ~

Naffzuger* H F, Holbrook.          Neamier* Adolph, Holbrook.      Neare* M H, Wilsonville. 
Neer Hempel, Beaver City.          Nelsfin* John H, Stamford       Nelson Olof, Wilsonville. 
Ness J C, Beaver City.             Newbaner Hugo, Oxford.          Newell J W, Beaver City. 
Newerburg J H, Oxford.             Newton C C, Cambridge.          Newton M J, Stamford. 
Nichols Aaron, Beaver City.        Nichols James, Beaver City.     Nichols Peter, Beaver City. 
Nichols W J, Oxford.               Nicholson G F, Beaver City.     Nicholson G, Beaver City. 
Nickleson Wm, Oxford.              Norton Milo, Beaver City.

~ O ~

Oatney A, Arapahoe.                Oatney J, Arapahoe.             Oatney J J, Arapahoe. 
Oatney M A, Arapahoe.              Oatney O M, Arapahoe.           Oatney P, Arapahoe. 
Olerquelle F W, Oxford.            Olerquelle Wm, Oxford.          O'Brien Daniel, Stamford. 
O'Connor P, Cambridge.             Odell Henry A, Hendley.         Odell Lyman, Hendley 
Ogden Wm, Hendley.                 Oldham R C, Beaver City.        Oleson Sevor, Holbrook. 
Oling P E, Cambridge               Orcutt Ed J, Hendley            Orr Isaac, Wilsonville. 
Orr Robt, Wilsonville.             Osborn A J, Edison.             Osborn Geo L, Edison. 
Osborn H H, Edison.                Osborn R M, Oxford.             osborn W F, Edison. 
Overstake H, Cambridge.            Overstake Lieu, Cambridge.      Overstake Peter, Cambridge. 
Owen Eugene, Cambridge.            Owen Frank, Hendley             Oxford J W, Hendley.

~ P ~

Page Wm, Sett.                     Pahl Frank, Cambridge.          Paine B F, Oxford. 
Paine E A, Oxford.                 Palmer J, Spring Green.         Palmerton W, Cambridge. 
Pape Chester, Beaver City.         Parish W A, Hendley.            Parker Ernest W, Hendley 
Parmenta James, Edison             Parson S F, Hendley             Patch Charles, Sett. 
Patterson J W, Wilsonville         Payne H J, Spring Green.        Pease E J, Oxford. 
Pearson Olof, Oxford.              Pearson Olof, Wilsonville       Pearson W H, Hendley. 
Pechin J, Beaver City.             Peer Cyrus, Precept.            Peer M, Precept. 
Peer Wm C, Precept.                Perdue J M, Cambridge           Perkins L, Beaver City. 
Perkins M C, Beaver City.          Personet John, Edison.          Peterson Chas, Wilsonville 
Peterson E, Holbrook.              Peterson John, Holbrook.        Peterson Ole, Holbrook. 
Peterson Swan, Arapahoe.           Petitjian H, Rayville, Kan.     Petitjian S, Rayville, Kan. 
Pettyjohn Allen, Hendley.          Pettyjohn John, Hendley.        Pettyjohn R, Hendley. 
Phelps F M, Arapahoe.              Phelps H W, Arapahoe.           Phillips W, Oxford. 
Pickett W, Oxford.                 Pickett Z E, Wilsonville        Pierce I A, Wilsonville. 
Pieriaux Joseph, Precept.          Pierson Isham, Holbrook         Plant M B, Oxford 
Plummer J H, Cambridge.            Poder G J, Rayville, Kan        Pointer George, Edison. 
Pointer Mm A, Edison.              Pollard C T, Hendley            Pollard James, Hendley. 
Pool Samuel, Wilsonville.          Pope Chas, Edison.              Pope Oscar, Hendley 
Potter M, Beaver City.             Pratt A M, Wilsonville.         Pratt E M, Wilsonville 
Pratt M B, Arapahoe.               Prehn E. Oxford.                Press Phillips, Edison. 
Preston E M, Wilsonville.          Preston Levi, Beaver City.      Prichard J S, Wilsonville. 
Prime Daniel F, Edison.            Prime D N, Arapahoe.            Prime F M, Arapahoe. 
Prime Geo A, Arapahoe              Prime Geo S. Arapahoe.          Prime John, Edison. 
Prime Wm S, Oxford.                Pryor John, Holbrook.           Pryor Wm, Arapahoe.

~ Q ~

Quillen Fred, Precept.             Quillen J P, Beaver City.       Quinn James, Stamford. 
Quinn J H, Hendley.                Quinn John, Oxford.

~ R ~

Ramsey Charles, Beaver City.       Ramsey Frank, Beaver City.      Ramsey R S, Beaver City. 
Rankin A, Oxford.                  Rankin A C, Oxford.             Rash James A, Edison. 
Rasmusson B, Arapahoe.             Rea John, Stamford.             Reagor A E, Cambridge. 
Reed A G, Hendley.                 Reed Chas, Arapahoe.            Reed E E, Arapahoe. 
Reed P M, Arapahoe.                Reed Sam, Beaver City.          Reed Stephen, Beaver City. 
Reed W J, Beaver City.             Reeder L C, Oxford.             Register John W, Arapahoe. 
Reid J O, Arapahoe.                Reid M S, Arapahoe.             Reincks Wm, Spring Green. 
Reitman P, Beaver City.            Reitz Adam, Arapahoe.           Reitz Henry, Arapahoe. 
Remer John, Oxford.                Revere* Frank, Hendley.         Revere Gilbert, Cambridge. 
Rexford A A, Arapahoe.             Reynolds F M, Stamford.         Reynolds M C, Arapahoe. 
Rhoades S M, Beaver City.          Rice Henry, Wilsonville.        Rice Silas, Beaver City. 
Riggs J W, Beaver City.            Richards Geo, Beaver City.      Riley Douglas, Beaver City. 
Riley Jack, Beaver City.           Ritz Gelah, Hendley.            Ritz Joseph, Hendley. 
Roberts C W, Beaver City.          Roberts J W, Beaver City.       Roberts Lewis F, Hendley. 
Robeson Andrew, Henley.            Robeson Frand, Hendley.         Robeson Mahlon, Hendley. 
Robeson Wm A, Hendley.             Robinson J, Almena, Kan.        Robinson Wm, Beaver City. 
Robinson W S, Stamford.            Rodantke A, Arapahoe.           Rodgers E, Beaver City. 
Rodgers W M, Hendley.              Roe Burt, Beaver City.          Roe Oscar, Beaver City. 
Roesner D D, Arapahoe.             Rogers Wm, Rayville, Kan.       Roger Wm, Cambridge. 
Rohr R H, Edison.                  Rowe E, Arapahoe.               Rowe J M, Cambridge. 
Rowles* J D, Arapahoe.             Rowley Jesse D, Hendley.        Rowley Stephen, Hendley. 
Roy Jos, Wilsonville.              Royse P, Hendley.               Rubottom Jno, Beaver City. 
Ruby Robt, Beaver City.            Ruby E A, Beaver City.          Runkle Albert, Cambridge. 
Runkle D L*, Cambridge             Runkle Eli, Cambridge.          Rupp Jacob, Arapahoe. 
Rush A, Stamford.

~ S ~

Sallstrom Jno, Beaver City.        Sammons D, Hendley.             Samples E S*, Edison. 
Sandey J A, Arapahoe.              Sanford G W, Spring Green.      Schardt* Gustav, Arapahoe. 
Schamp* J L, Wilsonville.          Scheer* Phillip, Precept.       Schneler* Conrad, Oxford. 
Schnooter Jno, Arapahoe.           Schrock J M, Rayville, Kan.     Schults* L, Spring Green. 
Schultz* Aug, Hendley.             Schultz E W, Oxford.            Schultz Fred, Oxford. 
Schuyler* Wm V, Wilsonville.       Schwartz C, Arapahoe.           Scofield* Jno T, Hendley. 
Scott* C E, Hendley.               Scott* F M, Oxford.             Scott Jno M, Hendley. 
Scott* J W, Wilsonville.           Scott* R J, Beaver City.        Scull* J S, Wilsonville. 
Sears* I N, Hendley.               Seibert* B F, Beaver City.      Selk* Ignaz, Arapahoe. 
Sexaon* A J, Arapahoe.             Sexon* C B, Arapahoe.           Sexon* C S, Arapahoe. 
Sexson J H, Arapahoe.              Sexon W B, Arapahoe.            Shafer G W, Beaver City. 
Shanks Martin, Stamford.           Shank M E, Hendley.             Shaub* J R, Cambridge. 
Shaw M J, Cambridge.               Shawl Simon, Beaver City.       Shearer Isaac, Beaver City. 
Shearer Sino, Beaver City.         Shelel* John, Stamford.         Shellenbarger A, Beaver City. 
Sherwood A, Oxford.                Sherwood Ezra M, Oxford.        Sherwood J H, Oxford. 
Shinzel* J A, Stamford.            Shoemaker H D, Beaver City.     Shoemaker J L, Wilsonville. 
Shonman G W, Wilsonville.          Short A, Wilsonville.           Shull H M, Wilsonville. 
Shull W E, Wilsonville.            Shults Burr, Hendley.           Shults* Leander, Hendley. 
Simon C A, Oxford.                 Simon Peter, Oxford.            Simpson Sam E, Hendley. 
Sims George, Precept.              Slater* W J, Cambridge.         Sleight Wm C, Beaver City. 
Slinder Scott, Hendley.            Smead Henry S, Edison.          Smith A H, Beaver City. 
Smith E A, Precept.                Smith E D, Wilsonville.         Smith F, Arapahoe. 
Smith F, Rayville, Kan.            Smith F P, Arapahoe.            Smith G M, Arapahoe. 
Smith H A, Oxford.                 Smith H H, Wilsonville.         Smith Homer, Tyrone. 
Smith S N, Arapahoe.               Smith Thos, Cambridge.          Snell Pleasant, Beaver City. 
Snoderly H M, Hendley.             Snyder J, Beaver City.          Snyder W C, Edison. 
Southard S, Beaver City.           Spalding H M, Hendley.          Sparks James, Precept. 
Spath Xavier, Arapahoe.            Spear G W, Oxford.              Spencer John F, Precept. 
Spotlean J, Cambridge.             Sprague E A, Wilsonville.       Sproul James A, Hendley. 
Stack T, Arapahoe.                 Stambaugh H A, Wilsonville.     Stanley Edwin J, Hendley. 
Starr H A, Oxford.                 Starrett J W, Cambridge.        Starualt W A, Beaver City. 
Steavens George, Edison.           Steavens John, Edison.          Stebbins H, Arapahoe. 
Stephen J H, Beaver City.          Sterner G W, Beaver City.       Strener M, Beaver City. 
Sterns Ed, Beaver City.            Stevens E C, Cambridge.         Stevens Oscar, Edison. 
Stevenson J, Hendley.              Steward Chas H, Hendley.        StJohn Oliver, Edison. 
Stone C H, Beaver City.            Stone Frank, Hendley.           Stone Geo O, Wilsonville. 
Stone H E, Hendley.                Stone J M, Beaver City.         Stone J O, Wilsonville. 
Stopher J H, Edison.               Storey A G, Edison.             Storey Clarence, Edison. 
Storey Joseph, Edison.             Storey Thomas, Arapahoe.        Story A, Arapahoe. 
Story A C, Hendley.                Story R P Arapahoe.             Story S A, Arapahoe. 
Story T, Edison.                   Stover Wm H, Oxford.            Stowe C A, Arapahoe. 
Stowe T J, Arapahoe.               Stratton J, Arapahoe.           Strickland A, Beaver City. 
Strickland A Y, Beaver City.       Stueber Fred, Cambridge.        Stump Abraham, Edison. 
Stump Daniel, Edison.              Stump Jacob, Edison.            Stump Levi, Edison. 
Sturtevant W H, Beaver City.       Sutton J F, Hendley.            Swafford M D, Cambridge. 
Swaim Peter, Beaver City.          Swain J B, Beaver City.         Swan Fred, Oxford. 
Swanson Paul, Cambridge.           Swanson Swan, Beaver City.      Swarts P, Arapahoe. 
Swartz Chas, Arapahoe.             Swartz H W, Arapahoe.           Sweeney Wm, Arapahoe 

~ T ~

Tabor A, Cambridge.                Taft H W, Beaver City.          Taggard F M, Hendley. 
Tague J M, Cambridge.              Taylor A B, Alma.               Taylor David, Wilsonville. 
Taylor E H, Rayville, Kan.         Taylor H A, Rayville, Kan.      Taylor Henry, Spring Green. 
Taylor J R, Beaver City.           Tibbets E A, Wilsonville.       Tedford Wm, Wilsonville. 
Teeter Wm E, Hendley.              Tiffte* Will, Beaver City.      Teitze Herman, Cambridge. 
Thayer J W, Cambridge.             Thee John H, Beaver City.       Thieben H R, Beaver City. 
Thirwieter S S, Stamford.          Thomalla John, Cambredge.       Thomas C, Oxford. 
Thomas C V, Beaver City.           Thomas David, Oxford.           Thomas Ellis, Beaver City. 
Thomas James, Oxford.              Thomas Lewis, Beaver City.      Thompson D, Cambridge. 
Thompson G, Cambridge.             Thompson G W, Beaver City.      Thompson H, Cambridge. 
Thompson J N, Beaver City.         Thompson J W, Cambridge.        Thompson Lee, Wilsonville. 
Thompson Ole, Holbrook.            Thompson S, Beaver City.        Thompson W H, Wilsonville. 
Thornten A A, Wilsonville.         Thornton A A, Hendley.          Thornton A W, Beaver City. 
Thrush E, Arapahoe.                Thuline N O, Oxford.            Thurston David, Hendley. 
Thurston D W, Cambridge.           Thurston W W, Cambridge.        Tiffany N B, Beaver City. 
Tiffany R M, Beaver City.          Titus R, Edison.                Tofflemoyer E, Wilsonville. 
Thompkins Ira, Hendley.            Toothman A J, Hendley.          Tower A, Wilsonville. 
Toys John, Stamford.               Tumble J D, Wilsonville         Trosper B F, Cambridge. 
Trowbridge P, Hendley.             Trowbridge Rufus, Hendley.      Trowbridge Social, Hendley. 
Trunnell W L, Arapahoe.            Trupe Ernest, Cambridge.        Tucker W R, Cambridge. 
Tulier A D, Beaver City.           Tunison R V, Hendley.           Turner Amos, Wilsonville. 
Turner C H, Wilsonville.           Turner D B, Precept.            Turner F F, Precept. 
Turner Geo L, Beaver City.         Turner John, Wilsonville.       Turner J W, Beaver City. 
Turner L I, Beaver City.           Turner Wm, Precept.             Tuttle J L*, Cambridge. 
Tyson I* L, Cambridge. 

~ U ~

Uhlman* John, Edison.              Underhill E, Beaver City. 

~ V ~

Van Buskirk J C, Oxford.           Vancleave A, Devizes, Kan.      Vancleave C J, Wilsonville. 
Vancleave J B, Arapahoe.           Vancleave J, Devizes, Kan.      Vancleave M E, Wilsonville. 
Vancleave S, Wilsonville.          Vangorden C, Arapahoe.          Vanhoosen Justus, Precept. 
Vanhoosen W, Beaver City.          Vanorsdel E M, Beaver City.     Van Pelt A, Oxford. 
Vest Chas, Cambridge.              Vest J J, Cambridge.            Vest Wm, Cambridge. 
Vice A J, Wilsonville.             Vincent David, Arapahoe.        Vincent John, Arapahoe. 
Vincent Wm, Arapahoe.              Vining Wm H, Precept            Volgamore W, Beaver City. 
Vroom Chas, Beaver City.

~ W ~

Wade J H, Wilsonville.             Wade J M, Wilsonville.          Wade J W, Beaver City. 
Wade M J, Wilsonville              Wagman E C, Cambridge.          Walker M H, Oxford. 
Wallace Henry M, Stamford.         Wambaugh A J, Holbrook.         Ward L A, Precept. 
Warehime A, Wilsonville.           Warehime J, Wilsonville.        Warehime J H, Wilsonville. 
Warner F, Oxford.                  Warner Frank F, Arapahoe.       Warner Fred, Arapahoe. 
Warner G M, Hendley.               Watson A, Oxford.               Watson L A, Beaver City. 
Watson Wm A, Oxford.               Watts* E M, Arapahoe.           Watts* Frederick, Edison. 
Way R B, Wilsonville               Weatherwax F S, Hendley.        Weaver F R*, Spring Green. 
Weaver W J, Beaver City.           Webster William, Hendley.       Wells J H, Hendley. 
Wells John W, Arapahoe.            Wemple E K, Hendley.            Wentz August, Oxford. 
West D P, Precept.                 Wetmore H* H, Cambridge.        Wheeler* C* F*, Precept. 
Whetstone* Wm, Cambridge.          White Daniel*, Beaver City.     White Henry, Beaver City. 
White H, Spring Green.             White John, Beaver City.        White John M, Edison 
White L, Beaver City.              White Will*, Beaver City.       White W L*, Oxford. 
White W T, Edison.                 Whiteman* M J, Cambridge.       Whiteman D B, Cambridge. 
Whitten* L* D*, Beaver City.       Whittenburg E S, Beaver City.   Whittenberg J W, Beaver City. 
Whittington R., Wilsonville.       Wilcox Geo jr, Beaver City.     Wilcox L E, Spring Green. 
Wilder B* S*, Spring Green.        Wilford John H. Stamford.       Wilker* S D, Arapahoe. 
Wilkinson J B, Beaver City.        Willard W E, Hendley.           Willey Saml, Beaver City. 
Williams C S, Precept.             Williams Geo, Cambridge.        Williams Gird*, Oxford. 
Williams Henry, Precept.           Williams J C, Precept.          Williams John, Beaver City. 
Williams L, Precept.               Williams N, Stamford.           Williams R, Wilsonville 
Williams T M, Beaver City.         Williamson G S, Beaver City.    Williamson H S, Beaver City. 
Wills A C, Cambridge.              Wills C E, Cambridge.           Wilson E C, Beaver City. 
Wilson L* M, Wilsonville.          Wilt Nathaniel, Sett.           Winchester R A, Cambridge. 
Winner A S, Cambridge.             Winslow D S, Beaver City.       Winslow M F, Beaver City. 
Winter John, Beaver City.          Wise J B, Beaver City.          Wise Perry, Beaver City. 
Whiteman H A, Cambridge.           Wixson* E E, Sett.              Wolf H L, Edison. 
Wolf D C, Edison.                  Wolfe A B, Cambridge.           Wolfe A D, Cambridge. 
Wolfe And* B*, Cambridge.          Wolfe G W, Cambridge.           Wolfe J B, Wilsonville. 
Wolfe Jos*, Cambridge.             Wolfe M D, Cambridge.           Wolfe S A, Cambridge. 
Wolfe W G, Cambridge.              Wolton Jas, Hendley.            Wood Hiram, Beaver City. 
Woodburn Geo B, Hendley.           Woodburn J M, Hendley.          Wooden F, Spring Green. 
Woodring H H, Precept.             Woodruff Albert, Stamford.      Woodruff D, Stamford. 
Woodruff Simeon, Stamford.         Woods A H, Arapahoe.            Woods W D, Precept. 
Woolsworth C A, Arapahoe.          Worthing W, Arapahoe.           Worthington J L, Oxford. 
Woster J B, Beaver City.           Wyatt Amos S, Beaver City.      Wyatt E A, Spring Green. 
Wyatt J M, Wilsonville             Wyaman J M, Wilsonoville 

~ Y ~

Youck J jr, Arapahoe.              Youck J sr, Arapahoe.           Young Jar, Wilsonville. 
Youngquist J, Wilsonville.

~ Z ~

Zehr Christian, Arapahoe.          Zehr Peter, Arapahoe.           Zike S P, Edison. 
Zimmerman T D, Cambridge.

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