Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940

Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940



Edgar R. Apking

FRONTIER County's history is the story of an independent band of hardy pioneers who constructed their homes amid a wilderness almost solely by their own efforts, with little help from the outside. They found the county a region of rugged canyons, flat divides and winding creeks--virgin prairie with no permanent inhabitants. They left Frontier County largely under cultivation, herds of cattle in the pastures, farmsteads dotting the landscape, and five thriving towns serving its people.
   Here at one time--and not so long ago that it is not remembered by a few living pioneer residents of the county--buffalo, elk and deer abounded. Bands of Indians roamed the territory.
   Later came the first settlers, squaw men. Then the buffalo hunters, those adventurous providers of meat for the gigantic Union Pacific railway project. Later came the U. S. Army cavalry, followed by bands of eastern dude hunters, who included such notables as James Gordon Bennett and Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia. Here, too, at one time could have been seen Buffalo Bill Cody, General Phil Sheridan, General George Custer and others.
   Frontier County was formally organized in 1872, having at that time several stockraisers and two permanent settlers, Henry C. and Mortimer H. Clifford. The Cliffords had erected three sided Indian lodges four miles northwest of Stockville, where they lived with their families. Monte and Hank Clifford had married two sisters, daughters of a French trapper, Augustine Lutice, and his Indian wife. Tiglaka.
   On Jan. 5, thirteen men met at the Indian lodge of Henry C. Clifford. John Bratt of North Platte, Monte Clifford, W. H. Miles, Samuel F. Watts, John Y. Nelson, Arthur Roff, John D. Jones, James D. Kerr, Elias Miller, E. G. Nesbitt, Ambrose S. Shelley, Robert Cooper, and Asa McManus made up the group.
   In John Bratt's "Trails of Yesterday," his account gives the date as Jan. 18, and says, "On Jan. 18, 1872, being anxious to make a stock country of the territory south of the Platte, west of Plum Creek (Lexington) north of the Republican, and east of Julesburg, we organized Frontier County. Hank Clifford, W. H. Miles and I were appointed by acting Governor James to be its board of commissioners. Levi Carter was treasurer and 11 acted as deputy. Kirby was appointed county clerk, and others, all friendly to the stock interests, were appointed to fill the other county offices. Stockville was named the county seat.
   ". . . When we were to sign our names to the record there was neither pen and ink nor a pencil in the possession of any of us. We scraped some soot off the tepee poles, mixed it with water, sharpened a stick and dipped it in the mixture. With this stick we all wrote our names and Frontier County was born.
   "We ranged more or less stock in this country for several years. Taxes were light. In fact there was nothing except state and school tax. We had to work roads and build bridges across the Medicine, Willow and other creeks but we built these ourselves without charge to the county. I charged nothing for services as commissioner and deputy treasurer.
   "Nearly every settler had a few cattle or horses or expected to have some shortly to thrive and fatten on the rich native grama and buffalo grass, as did the numerous fat and sleek buffalo, elk, deer and antelope that ranged in this country both winter and summer.
   "Among the worthy early settlers can be named the Kibbens, Bakers, Lockwoods, Sanders, E. W. Murphy, and Hank and Monte Clifford. Both Cliffords had squaw wives and a good number of papooses. Then came the Daucheys, Schicks, Gambels, Nesbitts, Kirbys, Sutherlands, McMasons, Dolins, Beery brothers, Baskins, Cruthers, Dick Seymour (self named Bloody Dick), Webbs and many others. All were good people who settled in this country in its younger day and assisted in developing its resources, in building its schools and churches, and leading it upward and onward to a higher civilization."
   At the first meeting of the county commissioners, Feb. 5, 1872, there were so few voters in the county that everyone was needed to sign the bonds required of office holders. For four years no officer except the clerk drew any salary. A special election was held April 1, 1872, to vote on whether cattle owners must herd their stock. There were two polling places in the county. One was at Coe, Carter & Company's ranch where sixteen votes were cast, all to suspend the law. At Stockville thirteen votes were cast, twelve to suspend, and one, that of McManus, against. The herd law was suspended, therefore, and cattle allowed to run at large. The first $25 liquor license was granted July 1, 1872, to Henry C. Clifford, the sheriff.
   According to Judge Bayard H. Paine's "Pioneers, Indians and Buffaloes," not a vote was cast at the second general election, in October, 1873, because everyone was on the range fighting a great prairie fire.
   Through the later seventies, settlers gradually began drifting into Frontier County. Around the



in Nebraska



county seat of Stockville a live little village soon arose. In the northeast comer residents began to talk of a new settlement named Eustis.
   By 1880 farmers began to settle on the divides and take up land. They were at some disadvantage because there was no longer free wood, water or range. There was occasional friction over the free range which ruled in Frontier County and some of the ranchmen had trouble with the herd laws of Redwillow and Fumas Counties to the south, but the stockmen made an effort to control their stock as well as possible.
   Mrs. William Tibbetts, interviewed by Judge Paine, settled some twelve miles south of Eustis in 1878, coming from Swindon, England. Mrs. Tibbetts says the ranchers did everything they could to run out those early settlers, and from 1878 to 1880 they would permit or encourage their cattle to stampede over the corn and little gardens of the settlers. Finally the homesteaders in that neighborhood joined for protection and decided to shoot long homed cattle which stampeded over their grounds. They went so far as to build a log fort on the Tibbett timber claim, with rows of loopholes for guns. Before the plan could be carried out, however, the entire fort was burned to the ground by persons unknown to the settlers.
   In the early eighties new farmers began coming every week, and the Eustis and Maywood pioneers began their early settlements. Other trading posts and postoffices were established about the county--many of them now forgotten, some still limited to a combination store and postoffice. Quick, Freedom, St. Ann, and White are in the latter group. Forgotten are the posts of Centerpoint, Cupid, Earl, Hunt, Russell and others which do not appear on present day maps.
   History of the early settlers of Frontier County differs to a marked degree from that of most sections of the prairie states in that there were a considerable number of settlers here before the coming of the railroads.
   The county was organized in 1872, and by 1880 settlers had found a way of life along the well wooded creeks independent of railroads and towns to an unusual extent.
   In 1886 came the steel bands which welded Frontier County to the state. The Holdrege-Sterling division, known as the Highline, was originally constructed as part of the Nebraska & Colorado Railroad company. It was leased to the C. B. & Q. in 1883, and deeded to the Burlington in 1908. That portion of the line between Holdrege and Elwood was opened Aug. 12, 1885. The grade was extended to Curtis, Oct. 6 of that year and to Cheyenne, Dec. 11. The first passenger train arrived Sept. 15, 1886.
   For a time after the completion of the road to Cheyenne, where it connected with the Union Pacific, the Highline was a connecting link in a transcontinental chain--a concession made by the Union Pacific to forestall competitive extension to California. Until this agreement was set aside, the tortuous and twisted Highline carrying through Pullmans, mail, express and costly silk shipments from the Orient moved over this line.
   With the coming of the rails, real estate investors arrived. The Lincoln Land Company platted the sites of Eustis, Farnam, Moorefield, Curtis and Maywood. Today it still owns considerable quantities of real estate in these towns.
   Curtis, now the largest town in the county and site of the Nebraska School of Agriculture, perhaps owes its very existence to these early ventures of the Lincoln Land Company. In an early issue of the Curtis Enterprise, the following account of the founding of Curtis may be found.
   "The irrepressible Col. Harry Phillips, a resident of Beatrice, paid a visit to Stockville, then the county seat of Frontier County, and with the pomp and air of an English lord, and with his smooth convincing argument, many were forced to believe that the proper thing to do was to move to the new town of Curtis, for it was soon to be the great western metropolis. The contagion spread to quite an alarming extent.
   "Soon day laborers and mechanics were at a premium and the sound of hammer and saw was heard from early morn until the small hours of the night, tearing down and dissecting buildings preparatory to moving to that new town, each party anxious to be first on the ground.
   "In a short time wagon after wagon was loaded with dissected buildings, and the road, as far as the eye could see, was a panorama of buildings on wheels. The drug firm of Daken & Compton was the last to yield to the inevitable.
   "Soon the Stockville contingent was all on the Curtis townsite. Upon arrival at the new town they were confronted with the eastern contingents from Corning and Creston, Iowa, and Chicago, Ill., each faction sizing up the other, but peace soon prevailed and all began to work together for the future of their new city."
   In 1911 Curtis became the site of the Nebraska School of Agriculture, after competition with Cambridge, Holdrege, McCook, North Platte, Minden and Broken Bow. Curtis was selected principally because it is in the heart of the southwest agricultural area, and it offered to give the state a five hundred acre farm. Some townspeople contributed as much as $1,500 toward buying this land. The buildings are located eight blocks northeast of the main street, and are now surrounded by large trees and many shrubs.
   The school opened in the fall of 1913, with an enrollment of one hundred. The number of pupils has steadily increased until this year's graduating class is one hundred, and there are more than four hundred pupils in the school. Buildings have been





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added as the enrollment increased until there are now six large buildings and seventeen minor ones. The institution offers a four year high school course, and is accredited to the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
   The transition period of the past fifty-five years, resulting from the impetus the railroad gave the county, has seen this wild, rugged territory develop into one of Nebraska's leading counties. From the first two Cliffords and their families it has grown in population to nearly 8,000.
   Agriculture and stock raising are the most important creators of wealth in the county, although Frontier does contain the largest silica or pumice deposits in the United States. These are now owned by an Eustis firm. Farm families in the area total nearly 2,000, while the spendable income produced in the county annually totals nearly two million dollars.
   During the past ten years, the population trend has reversed. Unprecedented drouth, and the tendency toward larger farming units have contributed toward this. Several towns in the county have felt the depression years keenly, and measure their population loss at from 10 to 25 percent.
   The declining curve is easing off, however. Sons of the pioneers, who once left the farms and small towns for the city, are finding a different spirit in their own sons--the third generation is sticking with the farm.
   But history is not retrospect, it is rather a living record of the lives and doings of those who accomplish worthwhile tasks.
   Judge Bayard H. Paine eulogizes the early pioneers by stating: "So the pioneers, with the utmost will and determination, sometimes were overcome by forces beyond their power. Drouths, hail, fire, and blizzards do not yield much to willpower, and these things the pioneers had to fight with little or no money.
   "Faint hearted ones by the score came, tried, and were defeated, and packed up their things in a wagon and went back to the wife's folks in the east. Only the sturdy men and women remained to fight the battle and conquer the virgin prairie and build highways over these canyons. We of the second and third generations do well to honor the brave deeds of the sturdy pioneers who drove out the redskins and brought in the ranches and farms."


   ALLEN, FRANK M: Lumber Dealer; b Lawrence Co, Mo Jan 30, 1886 s of John M Allen-Clare McCullah; ed Marionville Collegiate Inst, Marionville Mo 1904-08; Philomathean; m Beulah Maye Compton Mar 4, 1908 Marionville Mo; lived on farm 18 years; 1908-16 in restaurant bus & traveling; 1916-18 in Lawrence Co Mo; 1918-25 in Cass Co Mo; 1925-31 lbr dlr in Caney Kas; 1931- lbr dlr, Curtis; C of C, past pres; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, dir; AF&AM 276, Freeman Mo; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, wild game life; res & off Curtis.

   APKING, EDGAR R: Editor; b Daykin, Neb June 12, 1915; s of H F Apking-Marianne Bruning; ed Daykin; Lincoln HS 1931; U of N, 1931-34; mbr ROTC band; staff mbr Daily Nebraskan & Awgwan; Uni Players; Gamma Lambda; m Dorothy Alexander Sept 2, 1938 Lexington; d Mary Elizabeth; 1934-37 publisher, editor & owner Bruning Banner; 1937 editor Clay County Sun at Clay Center, later editor Albion Argus; 1936 recd NPA award for best front page, Bruning Banner; 1937 winner of first prize editorial writing, Curtis Enterprise; also NPA winner of best news story, 2nd prize for best editorial, Albion Argus; 1938 winner of NPA comm service award; 1938 2nd place winner of NPA general excellence award; NPA, dir & past VP; C of C, pres 2 terms; Rotary, secy, past VP; Luth Ch; Rep, YR; hobby, raising gladioli; father owned Daykin Telephone Co; off Curtis Enterprise; res Curtis.

   ASHBURN, CLIFFORD L: Athletic Coach; b Tilden, Neb Nov 21, 1905; s of John Ashburn-Maude Rounds; ed Tilden HS 1924; U of N 1925-29, 1931-32; Sigma Nu; 1928 honorable mention as All-American football end; 1931-32 asst freshman coach, U of N; m Berneda Eggers May 24, 1927 Beatrice; d Joan, Jean; 1929-30 played professional football with N Y Giants; 1930-31 tchr, Hemingford; 1933-34 worked for father on farm; 1934 line coach & professional football player for St Louis Blues rated All-American end; 1935-36 tchr, Wolbach; 1936- coach, Nebraska Sch of Agr, Curtis; team won conference football championship 1937 and conference basketball championship 1936-39; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing & hunting; res Curtis.

   BARTON, EUGENE E: Editor; b Buchanan, Neb Feb 10, 1900; s of Walter H Barton-Sylvia E Fairchild; ed Cotner College, Lincoln; 1913 started in printing bus with father on Eagle Reporter, Maywood; 1926-37 did linotyping for various dailies, Chicago; 1937- editor, Eagle Reporter, Maywood; during World War in SATC; C of C; hobby, printing; 1902-04 father owned & oprd Reporter, Maywood; 1905-08 published Lincoln County Journal, North Platte; 1911- owner Eagle Reporter; 1917 installed first typesetting machine in comm; res Maywood.

   BIXLER, HORACE 0: Superintendent of Schools; b Hayes Center, Neb Oct 20, 1887; s of Lewis A Blxler- Ulrika A Peterson; ed Hayes Center; Fremont Normal 1907-10; KSTC 1913; Neb Wes, BA 1922; U of Colo 1924; U of N, MA 1927; Claremont Cal Coll; Phi Delta Kappa; m Lucy I Brown Nov 18, 1914 Grafton; s Dean A; 1910-11 tchr, Wauneta; 1911-13 tchr, Madrid; 1914-18 Hayes Co supt of schs; 1919 with Mt Arbor Nurseries, Shenandoah, Ia; 1919-20 tchr & supt of schs, Gretna; 1920-22 supt of schs, Craig; 1922-28 supt of schs, Fairmont; 1928-29 supt of schs, Cozad; 1929-35 supt of schs, Grant; 1935-36 in ins bus, Grant; 1936- supt of schs, Eustis; Neb Schoolmasters Club; NSTA; Comml Club, past secy; Rotary; AF&AM, Palisade; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; off HS; res Eustis.

   BLESSING, LEONARD LEE: Automobile Dealer; b Arlington, Neb Nov 24, 1895; s of J G Blessing-Mary Ellen Maney; ed Omaha; m Anne E Higgins June 10, 1916 Omaha; s Michael L, Rodney F; worked for Live Stock Natl Bank 2 years, for Clay Robinson Commission Co 2 years, for Higgins Packing Co 1 year, with Omaha Packing Co 1 year; 1919- owner & operator Ford Agcy; during World War enlisted Dec 10, 1917 in med corps detachment of 41st inf, disch Mar 30, 1918; Amer Leg 95; hobby, fishing; res Curtis.

   BURT, KLYTE D: Teacher; b Elwood, Neb Dec 29, 1902; s of George T Burt-Sadie E Hicks; ed Elwood HS 1919; KSTC, BA 1926, Glee Club, pres & bus mgr; U of N MA 1933, first MA granted by dept of architecture; Phi Tau; Delta Chi; m Doris Kelly June 10, 1928 Wymore; 1926-27 tchr, Pleasanton; 1927-28 tchr, Farnam; 1928-29 tchr, Ault Colo; 1929-30 in lbr bus, Long Beach Cal; 1933-36 tchr of industrial arts, supt of schools, Republican City; 1936- tchr, Curtis; NSTA; AF&AM 168; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, industrial arts; res Curtis.

   CARSTENSEN, LAFAYETTE HENRY: Railway Freight Agent; b Scandia, Kas Apr 7, 1879; s of Peter C Carstensen-Molly Guhsch; ed Elsie HS; m Rowenah Hattie West June 28, 1904 Blencoe Ia; reared niece; 1897-1900 worked for CB&Q RR in coal sheds & depot, later teleg opr Eustis; 1900-04 teleg opr in Alliance div; 1904-07 with father & brother in hdw bus; 1907-08 CB&Q RR teleg opr, Curtis; Dec 1909- freight agt for CB&Q RR; ORT, holds No 16, oldest card on CB&Q RR system; C of C; AOUW; WOW; hobbies,





in Nebraska



Hereford cattle, dogs, horses; res Curtis.

   CARSTENSEN, PETER C: Hardware Dealer; b Nortslaser, Denmark Dec 20, 1855; s of Peter C Carstensen-Christana, Petersen; ed Nortslaser Denmark; German Sch, Lyons Ia; Lyons Ia HS; m Mollie Guhsch, Apr 8, 1878 Lyons Ia; s Lafayette Henry, Earl C; 1865 came to Amer; 1873-78 tinner in Kas; 1878-90 tinner, Scandia Kas and in indep bus Smith Center Kas; 1890-99 owner hdw & tin bus, Elsie; 1899- hdw dlr, Curtis, in same bldg past 39 years, son Earl C active in bus & has undertaking establishment in hdw store; mbr town bd; Nebr Retail Hdw Assn; IOOF 170, past noble grand; Rep; hobby, stock-raising; res Curtis.

   CRANDALL, HORACE C: Teacher; b North Loup, Neb June 4, 1896; s of A L Crandall-Genia Rood; ed North Loup HS 1915; U of N, BSc; U of Wis; m Lucile Davis Aug 10, 1920 North Loup; d Barbara; 1915-16 farmer; 1920 dairyman & dairy instr, U of N Sch of Agr at Curtis, 1926 started poultry & turkey industry for sch, 1923- farm foreman & tchr of all dairy & poultry subjects; dairy herd includes several state winners, & some have won natl recognition; 1937 sch ent purebred Belgian horse bus; Rotary, pres; hobbles, hunting & fishing; res Curtis.

   DICK, JOHN: Farmer; b Laclede, Mo May 14, 1883; s of Frank Dick-Mary Tolson; ed Frontier Co; m Ethel Baker Dec 19, 1904 Oberlin Kas; d Thelma (Mrs ___ Schick); 1893-1904 helped father in meat bus, Maywood; 1904-1909 farmed near Maywood; 1909-18 owner & opr 560 A farm W of Curtis; 1918-29 oprd meat market, groc store & soft drink establishment in McCook; 1929-38 farmed at Curtis, owns 1,300 A & 150 head purebred Hereford cattle; 1938- ret; maintains active int in farms & livestock; mbr sch bd dist 88; Amer Hereford Assn; IOOF; MWA; Dem; hobby, purebred livestock; 1890 father homesteaded 2 miles S of Maywood; res Curtis.

   DICKERSON, WILLIAM EDWARD: Retired; b North Bend, Neb May 23, 1868; s of William D Dickerson- Caroline Brainow; ed Evanston Wyo; m Isabelle Gregg Dec 21, 1890 Elsie; s Charles Edward, George Dewey (dec); d Terry May (Mrs ___ Jordan); 1868-88 traveled with father, UP engr in Wyo, Neb & Kas; 1888-1901 with CB&Q RR; 1901-13 owner & opr transfer line, Curtis; 1912-16 with CB&Q RR; 1916- owner & opr drug store, Maywood; AF&AM 168, Curtis; Scot Rite 32o; Tehama Shrine; Rep; hobby, reading; res Maywood.

   DOUTHIT, HAROLD K. Superintendent, School of Agriculture: b Fullerton, Neb June 12, 1899; s of A D Douthit-Alice Judson: ed Scottsbluff HS 1920; Park College, Parkville Mo; U of N, BSc 1925; Phi Kappa Delta; Alpha Zeta; Tau Alpha Tau; m Edith Benjamin Aug 2, 1922 St Joseph Mo; s Harold K Jr; d Janet LaRue, Mary Alice, Judith Ann; 1925-27 Smith Hughes agr tchr, Red Cloud; 1927-29 Webster Co agrl extns agt; 1929-33 dir of agrl short courses, Coll of Agr, U of N; 1933- supt, Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; during World War enl Sept 7, 1918, disch Dec 1918, OTC, Louisville Ky; comm, Amer Leg post 95; SW Neb School-mens club; Rotary, past pres; hobbles, collecting & saving personal envelopes, helping boys & girls; res Curtis.

   DUNN, DAVID L: Retired; b KnoxvilIe, Tenn Apr 23, 1861; s of Benjamin Dunn-Relda Miller; ed Knoxville Tenn, Liberty; m Arminda McMains Dec 4, 1884 Pawnee City; s Lloyd (dec), Harley M, Ira L, Troy Mason; d Lottie (Mrs ___ Coburn), Lillie (Mrs ___ Jewell), Fern (Mrs ___ Beck); m Mary Catherine Campbell Jan 8, 1925 Curtis; reared by uncle & worked on farm; 1877-84 worked on farm near Liberty; 1884-1939 homesteaded S of Curtis; past owner 1,800 A; sons Harley & Ira now farm original holdings; dir dist 47 sch bd 21 years; AF&AM 168; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, livestock; res Curtis.

   ELLSWORTH, A EUGENE: Music Teacher; b Grand Island, Neb Oct 2, 1910; s of Allen E Ellsworth- Minnie Reinecke; ed Grand Island HS; Grand Island Coll; U of N, BA 1933, BFA 1934; Northwestern U; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Rho Tau; Pi Kappa Lambda; mbr U of N ROTC band; piano soloist with U of N Symphony Orchestra; m Ardeth Pierce June 17, 1936 Lincoln; 1934-36 music supvr, Goodland Kas; 1936-37 music supvr, Minden; 1937- music supvr, Neb Sch of Agr & Curtis public sch; Curtis band & orchestra recd superior rating in dist contest 1938-39, band reed 2nd rating in regional contest 1938, brass sextette reed 1st rating in regional contest 1939, student of French horn, 1st rating in regional contest 2 consecutive years; NSTA; Neb Music Educators Assn; Musicians Union; AF&AM, master at Goodland Kas; hobby, photography; res Curtis.

   GAUGER, LUDWIG W: Merchant; b Grand Island, Neb Mar 26, 1895; s of Louis G Gauger-Mary Zimmerman; ed Eustis HS 1913; U of N 1914; m Jeanette Kugler Aug 22, 1926 Denver; d Mary Jean, Shirley Lou, Kay Louise; 1915-17 worked for father; 1918- store mgr after death of father; mbr town bd; during World War enl July 31, 1917 in USN, disch Dec 21, 1918; Amer Leg 257, past comm; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Comml Club; Rotary; AF&AM past grand, Elwood; Scot Rite; Tehama Shrine; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, current events; res Eustis.

   GREEN, JAMES J: Druggist & Postmaster; b Centerville, Ia Dec 17, 1868; s of Joseph Alfred Green-Cecilia Sharp; ed Polk Co; m Emma Gregg July 16, 1897 Wallace; s James A; d Helen (dec); 1891-97 worked in various drug stores in state; 1894 became reg pharm; 1897- owner & opr drug bus, Moorefield, oldest bus man & oldest res; 1902-14, 1926- P M; mbr sch bd 18 years; mbr town bd; Neb ch Natl Assn of PMs; AF&AM 168; Scot Rite; Tehama Shrine, Hastings; Rep; father took timber claim in Polk Co Ia, 1872, took pre-emption 1881 Dawson Co; res Moorefield.

   HABLITZEL, JOHN JACOB: Farmer; b Wilchingen, Switzerland Nov 21, 1861; s of Jacob Hablitzel-Maria Elizabetha Hablitzel; ed French Inst of Agr, Lausanne Switzerland 1877-79; m Anna Gisel May 15, 1888 Homerville (dec Nov 3, 1920); s Emil W, T William, Jacob Herman, Albert, Alfred; d Clara, Amelia; 1880 worked on dairy farms near Montclair N J & Cleveland 0; 1880-82 appr in foundry, Cleveland 0; 1883-84 emp in flour mill, Columbus Neb: 1884-89 homesteaded in Frontier Co, pur adjoining timber claim for $400; 1890 went to Ore by covered wagon via old Oregon Trail; 1895-1935 farmed on old homestead, Frontier Co; 1935- ret; has originated flesh colored variety of corn which he calls 'Pride of Frontier Co, It is called Hablitzel corn in neighborhood, Dutch corn in Kas & Mutchie corn in Colo; has developed new variety of grapes; raises seedlings from western cedars & bull pines; res Eustis.

   HEATER, ARTHUR A: Retired; b Greene Co, Ia, July 3, 1875; s of Arch E Heater-Mary F Gilliland: ed Greene Co Ia; Frontier Co; PSTC 1898-1901, mbr football team 1901; m Ethel Ruby June 25, 1902 Frontier Co; s George (dec 1914); d Helen (Mrs Clifford Strumbaugh), Mae (Mrs Melvin Bailey), Ruth (Mrs Truman Barrett), Lola, Nona (Mrs A J Smith), Clarice, Vaneta (dec), niece Elaine; 1885-99 helped father farm, Frontier Co; 1900-06 tchr, Frontier Co, owner farming ints; 1906- farmer of 960 A, Frontier Co; has bred prize-winning Percheron horses & Hereford cattle; mbr sch bd; mbr state legislature 1925, 1927, 1933; Frontier Co Farm Loan Assn, pres; mbr Frontier Co Fair Assn; Comml Club, past pres; IOOF 23, past noble grand; hobby, managing baseball teams; res Eustis.

   HEATER, MRS ETHEL RUBY: Homemaker; b Ringgold Co, Ia Apr 10, 1885; d of Colin Ruby-Matilda Falls; ed Ringgold Co Ia.; Dawson & Frontier Cos; m Arthur A Heater June 25, 1902 Frontier Co; s George (dec 1914); d Helen (Mrs Clifford Stumbaugh), Mae (Mrs Melvin Bailey), Ruth (Mrs Truman Barrett), Lola, Nona (Mrs A J Smith), Clarice, Vaneta (dec), niece Elaine; Womans Club, past pres, ch mbr; InterCounty Fedn of Women's Clubs, pres; past mbr Central Comm Club: 1902- homemaker; mbr lib bd; mbr bd of edn 3 terms; Rebekah 135 at Elwood, 197 at Eustis, past noble grand; Meth Ch, mbr of missionary soc; Dem, pct committeewoman: hobbles, raising perennial flowers, reading; res Eustis.

   HECHT, FREDRICK H: Farmer; b Hastings, Mich Jan 23, 1868; s of William S Hecht-Mary Jane Bishop; ed Grafton HS; m Edna Moul Sept 8, 1891 Lushton; s Floyd, Reuben, Alvah; d Hazel (Mrs R Z Johnson), Alethla (Mrs Carl Grous), Vinnie (Mrs Ira Clawson), Myrtle (Mrs Delbert Luckey), Fern (Mrs Carl Jorgensen), Mabel Irene (Mrs Richard Jorgensen), Iva Mae (Mrs Pat McWerny), Elsie P (Mrs Lloyd Jorgensen), Edna (Mrs Earl Hatch); prior to 1889 farmed with father; 1889-92 farmed in York Co; 1892-1900 farmed In Fillmore Co; 1900-07 farmed near Fairmont; 1907- farmer in Frontier Co, owns 1,280 A land, farms 1,560 A, runs 100 head Hereford cattle, 25 head Belgian horses; org & past pres Curtis Tele Co; Master Farmer; Frontier Co commr 1910-13; past mbr sch bd dist 1 Fillmore Co; past dir sch dist 70 York Co: mbr sch bd dist 78 Frontier Co; Neb Crop Grow-





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ers Assn; Farm Bur, bd mbr; Frontier Co Fair Bd; Comml Club, past mbr; Royal Highlanders; WOW; IOOF 170, past noble grand; AF&AM 186, sr deacon; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, 4-H Club work; res Curtis.

   HECKELMAN, EMMA AMELIA: Homemaker; b Reynolds, Ind Sept 3, 1864; d of Urban Spitznagel-Pauline Krining; ed Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; in John Fredrick Heckelman Feb 14, 1893 Sheldon Ill (dec 1928); s Urban, Bennet, John; d Louise, Pauline; 1893 came to Neb, husband in meat & stock bus; during World War co chmn womans div of Liberty Loan drive; mbr coun of defense; pres sch bd, helped org present sch system, Curtis; WCTU; Degree of Honor, ch mbr & past pres, has held all state offices; WRC, past natl pres; Rep; hobby, women's drill work; res Curtis.

   HERRICK, CHARLES ROSCOE: Farmer & Legislator; b Harmon, Ill Aug 17, 1892; s of Lyman Herrick-Martha Fidelia Woodard; ed Franklin Acad, Kearney 1906; KSTC 1909; m Nola Belle Ritchey Aug 17, 1909 Cowles; s Robert Wesley, Richard Lyman, Charles Alon; d Marian Gwendolin; 1906-07 sch tchr near Inavale; 1908-09 sch tchr Keene; 1909-11 HS tchr, Doniphan; 1911-12 HS prin, Red Cloud; 1912-17 supt of Indianola HS; 1917-18 in hdw bus, Indianola; 1918-19 supt of Oxford schs; 1919-22 supt of Bartley schs; 1922-24 farmer near Indianola; 1923-24 sch tchr near Indianola, also farmed; 1924-25 supt of consolidated sch, Red Willow; 1925-28 supt of schs, Indianola; 1928- farmer near Curtis; 1934-36 mbr Neb legislation 86th dist, 1938- mbr legislature 38th dist; past mbr Indianola sch bd; Quick Meth Ch; past Chris Ch SS supt, Indianola; hobby, playing checkers; res Curtis.

   HOWE, JOHN: Merchant; b Hiawatha, Kas Sept 19, 1872; s of Truman Howe-Gertrude M Graham; ed Gage Co; Stockville; m Cathryn Thompson Jan 1910 Clay Center; s Truman A, Loyal J, Royal; d Neomi (Mrs Fred Berke), Doneta M; 1883 came from Kansas to Gage Co; 1884-1908 farmed, homesteaded near Stockville; 1908 owner gen merc & hdw store; 1898 with N H Darton, geologist, helped compile geology of comm; IOOF 173, past noble grand, past deputy grand master; hobbies, archeology & ancient history, has hunted Indian lore since 1884; father was Civil War veteran Co K 9th Mich inf; res Stockville.

   HUEFTLE, GUST A: Farmer & Stockman; b Frontier Co, Neb Jan 6, 1886; s of Carl Hueftle-Fredrica Kiesel; ed Frontier Co; m Dora Timm Oct 7, 1915 Eustis; s Carl, Edward; d Almira, Lola, Dora, Doris; 1902-10 worked for father on homestead; 1910-14 mgr father's farm; 1914- indep farmer, breeder of registered Hereford cattle; owner & opr 2,500 A ranch, 240 A homestead, 160 A irrigated land; an org & dir Eustis Mere Co; 1920- org & dir Farmers State Bank; 1929- an org & dir Eustis Co- op Creamery; 1930- org & pres Co-op Oil Co; mbr sch bd; has sung in same male chorus 35 years; Meth Ch, steward; Rep; hobby, raising Hereford cattle; res Eustis.

   JOHNSON, BERTHA I: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Hamilton Co, Neb; d of Nels Johnson-Sarah Rasmussen; ed York Bus Coll; foster d Edna (Mrs Don Orcutt), Helen; 1906 with parents came to Frontier Co; 1918-20 steno Crawford Mere Co, Crawford; 1920-23, steno, & bkkpr Lindsay Billings Co, & in real est off, Billings Mont; 1924-28 asst cash Farmers & Security Bank, Maywood; 1938- in ins bus, Maywood; RNA; res Maywood.

   JOHNSON, DEAN R: Teacher; b Crete, Neb Jan 26, 1889; s of Frank Johnson-Ellie M Davis; ed Aurora HS; Colo St Coll Fort Collins Colo, summer courses 1929-33; coaching sch at Notre Dame U 1925, & Hastings Coll, 1928; m Wilda Elsie Marsden June 11, 1911 Curtis; s Dean Richard; d Norma G, Helen M, Eleanor; emp 2 years as surveyor for CB&Q RR; 1909-16 head miller Curtis Mills; 1916-18 mechanic at Ford Agcy, Curtis; 1918- tchr of mechanics, Neb Sch of Agr, football coach 1926-33; 1926-30 mbr bd of edn; 1930-34 mbr city coun; 1934- city elk; during World War 2nd lt of HG; Rotary; First Congl Ch, trustee; hobbies, architecture, machine work, HS athletics; res Curtis.

   KLEHN, MAGDALENA: Merchant; b Sutton, Neb Aug 4, 1878; d of Henry Pfeiffer-Magdalena March; in John Klehn Sept 14, 1904 Moorefield (dec); s John H; 1884-1904 came with parents to Frontier Co, lived on homestead; 1904-34 mgr husband's store; 1934 son became mgr; hobby, collecting stamps; father one of first homesteaders in Frontier Co; res Moorefield.

   KLEHN, JOHN H: Merchant; b Moorefield, Neb Aug 3, 1905; s of John Klehn-Magdalena Pfeiffer; ed Moorefield HS 1924; m Helen Cashen Aug 16, 1932 McCook; 1924-34 clk in parents store, 1934- mgr; treas village bd; KC, McCook; hobby, stamp collecting; res Moorefield.

   KOCH, AUGUST K: Farmer & Stockman; b Wurttemburg, Germany Feb 8, 1884; s of Fredrick P Koch-Marie C Pfannenschwarz; ed Germany; Frontier Co; m Martha W Vonder Lohe June 4, 1913 Otoe; s Walter F, Herbert A, Harold C, Elmer A, Clarence T; d Ellen M (Mrs Walter Schutz), Emma C; with parents came from Germany to Frontier Co 1893; has always lived on same farm, tenant farmer 4 years; owns 750 A grass land, 370 A farm land; raises Hereford cattle & spotted Poland China hogs; Luth Ch; hobbies', raising horses & cattle; res Eustis.

   LIDGARD, RALPH E: Superintendent of Schools; b De Witt, Neb Jan 25, 1900; s of James Lidgard-Rose Crom; ed Bladen HS; U of Valparaiso, Ind U; KSTC, Jr Coll Diploma, Phg; Kappa Delta Pi; Caledonian; m Inez Gale Logan June 10, 1931 Curtis; during HS emp in gen store, Bladen; 1920-22 Frontier Co dep clk, Stockville; 1926-30 HS prin 1 year, supt of schs 3 years, Stockville; 1930-34 clk of dist court; 1934 supt dist 9 grade sch; pres bd of edn, Stockville rural HS; mayor, Stockville; ARC, Frontier Co chmn; Frontier Co Fair Assn, secy; Frontier Agrl Soc, chmn; cemetery assn, secy; AF&AM, Bladen, RAM; Rep, secy Frontier Co Central Com; hobby, athletics; res Stockville.

   LOGAN, RICHARD D: Druggist; b Pleasant Hill, Ill Jan 22, 1864; s of David E Logan-Mary Margaret Wells; ed Pleasant Hill Ill; Griggsville Ill; m Josephine Harvey Sept 16, 1885 Alma; s Clarence R, Dean E; d Cecile Blanche (Mrs ___ Sawyer), Gail Inez (Mrs Ralph E Lidgard); 1864-83 helped father farm; 1883-85 clk in Star Clothing Store, North Platte; 1885-89 emp by T W Lowry & I F Harris Elevator Co, Republican City; 1888 passed state pharm bd; 1889- owner & opr drugstore, Stockville; 1908-12 bred Poland-China hogs, owned several farms; 1916-24 P M, Stockville; oldest resident in Stockville; assists daughter, Mrs Lidgard, who is P M; pres B & L Assn, Republican City; pres B & L Assn, Stockville; 1897-1901, 1905-10 Frontier Co treas; 1902-04 Frontier Co coroner; mbr sch bd; past mbr town bd, Republican City; AF&AM 196, past grand master, recd 50 year button from grand lodge; IOOF, past grand; MWA; Dem, mbr State Central Com 8 years, chmn Frontier Co Central Com 44 years; hobbies, reading, collecting coins & Indian relics; off Phoenix Pharmacy; res Stockville.

   McCOWIN, LINN B: Superintendent of Light Co; b Maywood, Neb, June 7, 1887; s of W H McCowin-Mary Loughran; ed Curtis HS 1903; m Mabel Gardner Sept 14, 1911 Curtis; s Glen (dec 1925); d Phyllis (Mrs Howard Cowlishaw), Eleanor Lois, Helen Faye; 1905-10 emp by CB&Q RR & C&S RR in Neb, Colo & Wyo; 1910-13 impl dlr, Curtis; 1913-22 oprd garage; 1922-25 emp by Blessing Auto Co, Curtis; 1925- supt Curtis municipal light & water plant; C of C; asst chmn town bd; past chmn sch bd; past chief vol fire dept; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; off Muicipal (sic) Light & Water Plant; res Curtis.

   MACKEY, WILBUR C: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Eustis, Neb Apr 25, 1890; s of Marcellus Mackey- Viola Clark; ed Eustis HS 1907; Franklin Academy 1909; KSTC 1913; U of N extn work; m Genevieve Woodman Jan 8, 1936 Morrill; d Jean, Joan; 1913-15 tchr & prin, Loup City; 1915-18 supt of schs, Leigh; 1920-26 supt of schs, Eustis, also farmer; 1926-34 farmed & raised stock, 200 pure-bred Herefords; 1934- Frontier Co agr agt; during World War enl May 1918, 88th div 339th field arty, 20th div heavy arty, Aug 1918 commd 2nd lt, disch Dec 24, 1919; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts, secy & treas; Rotary, Comml Club; Kearney Alumni Assn; AF&AM, Elwood; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, raising pure-bred Hereford cattle; off Agrl Extn office, Stockville; res Curtis.

   MAGILL, VAN H: Physician; b Corning, Kas Dec 11, 1898; s of Isaac H Magill-Jennie Vernon; ed U of Kas, BA 1921, MD 1924; grad work in New York City; Phi Chi; m Leila Hoffman Mar 17, 1932 Lexington; s Vernon, Roger; 1924-25 interne St Francis Hosp, Wichita Kas; 1925- prac med, Curtis; during World War enl in USN, U of Kas 1918, 1st lt MORC; Amer Leg 95; C of C; AF&AM 168; hobbies, fishing, tennis; res Curtis.




in Nebraska



   MESSERSMITH, LAUREN H: County Superintendent of Schools; b Frontier Co, Neb May 20, 1901; s of Harry Messersmith-Mary Johnson; ed Frontier Co; Farnam HS 1921; Neb Wes BA 1935; Phi Gamma Mu; m Marguerite Davis June 17, 1928 Stockville; worked with father on farm 15 years; tchr Frontier Co 11 years; 1921-22 tchr, Dawson Co; 1925-30 tchr, Stockville, pastor Congl Ch; 1930-34 with wife tchr of 10-grade sch, Bluff View, led religious services each Sunday in schoolhouse, led 17 4-H clubs; 1934- Frontier Co supt of schs; dir of sch bd; Neb St Assn of Co Supts, treas 2 years; Rotary, Curtis; chmn Frontier Co 4-H com; AF&AM 196, jr warden; hobby, taking moving pictures; res Stockville.

   MILLS, BERNARD I: Physician & Surgeon; b Arnold, Neb Nov 3, 1884; s of Ira P Mills-Clarinda Perrin; ed Arnold; Lincoln Med Coll 1908; m Della Chamberlain Sept 21, 1911 Lincoln; s Bernard C; 1908-09 prac med, Pleasant Dale; 1909- prac med Maywood; staff mbr St Mary's Hosp, North Platte; staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp, McCook; SW Neb Dist Med Soc, pres; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM 225; Scot Rite & Tehama Shrine, Hastings; Rep Chmn Frontier Co Central Com 1938-40; hobbies, raising catle & trapshooting; res Maywood.

   MORRISON, FRANK B: Attorney; b Golden, Colo May 20, 1905; s of Frank Morrison-Viva Brenner; ed Manhattan Kas HS 1923; Kas State Coll, BSc 1927, 2nd lt ROTC; mbr Debate Team; U of N, LLB 1931; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; PI Kappa Delta; press sr law class; mbr debate team; awarded law scholarships 2 1/2 years; m Maxine Hepp June 28, 1936 Lincoln; s Frank B Jr, 1928-29 supt of schs, Farwell; 1931 prac in law firm of Gallagher & Morrison, Omaha; 1931-32 tchr Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; 1932-34 prac law, Maywood; 1934- Frontier Co atty; treas sch bd; mbr town bd; SW Neb Bar Assn, past VP & treas; Neb St Bar Assn; dir Curtis Rotary; Y D Club, natl committeeman from Neb, del to natl conv, past state treas; hobby, gardening; res Stockville.

   MORRISON, MAXINE: Homemaker; b Greeley, Neb Sept 18, 1915; d of John F Hepp-Jessie Martin; ed Greeley HS 1933; Neb Central Coll 1933-34; m Frank B Morrison June 28, 1936 Lincoln; s Frank B Jr; while in HS won superior voice rating in state contest 1932; 1934-36 tchr near Greeley; 1936 homemaker; pres & 1938- org & pres Federated Woman's Club; Frontier Co Extn Service; Kensington Club; Meth Ch, Congl Missionary Soc; Dem, mbr Neb St Central Com, vice-chmn Frontier Co Central Com, del to natl conv In 1939; hobby, music, voice training; res Stockville.

   MOUSEL, HENRY LAWRENCE: Farmer &Stockman; b Frontier Co, Neb Apr 14, 1878; s of Michael Mousel-Mary Ann Lawler; ed Cambridge; LBC; m Mabel Estelle Welty July 27, 1903 Denver Colo; s Paul Welty, Charles Henry, George Aaron, Ashur Michael; d Lucile Ileen (Mrs Henry Shirley), Ruth Luella (Mrs. John F Ryan), Madeline (Mrs Donald Coder; ranched with father until 1898; 1898- ptr of brother, Robert Daniel in cattle bus, raising purebred Herefords; holds world record for average price per head recd for beef cattle; 1919 averaged $3845 for 50 head; 1920 averaged $4020 for 73 head; 1920 ten bulls sold at an average of $8,870 & one brought $2,000; 1916 ptrs pur Gudgell & Simpson holdings, consisting of 200 purebred Herefords, direct descendants of Anxiety 4th imported from Herefordshire England in 1880; pres of Unit Pub Pow & Irrigation dist, 1938-39 spent 14 mos in Washington D C in behalf of project; S W Neb & Neb Hereford Breeders Assns; Amer Hereford Assn; Comm Club; St Johns Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, study of animal husbandry & genetics in purebred Hereford cattle; res Cambridge.

   MOUSEL, ROBERT DANIEL: Farmer; b Frontier Co, Neb Apr 21, 1877; s of Michael Mousel-Mary Ann Lawler; ed Frontier Cc; Shenandoah Ia Normal Coll; m Pluma Evelyn Babbitt Oct 16, 1901 McCook; s Claude Michael, Lloyd Harvey, Robert Wendell, Robert Daniel Jr, Carnellen King; Dorothy Madaline (Mrs Harold Metcalf), Agnes Evelyn (Mrs Parley Anderson), Beulah Harriet; after finishing school worked with father on ranch in Frontier Co; 1898- ptr of brother Henry L, in raising of comml cattle, & purebred Herefords, they now hold world's record for average price per head for beef cattle; 1919 averaged $3,845 for 50 head, 1920 averaged $4,020 for 73 head, 1920 10 bulls averaged $8,870, Superior Mischief, one of bulls sold for $2,000; 1916 with brother pur greater holdings of Gudgell & Simpson, consisting of 200 head purebread Herefords, direct descendants of Anxiety 4th, imported from Herefordshire, England 1880; Southwest Neb Hereford Breeders Assn; org & 1st pres Neb Hereford Breeders Assn; Amer Hereford Assn; Comm Club; AF&AM 150, Scot Rite; Tehama Shrine; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, fancy livestock; res Cambridge.

   OELKERS, HENRY: Retired; b Honover, Germany Aug 9, 1870; s of Otto H Oelkers-Anna Poppe; ed Hanover, Germany; Martin Luth Seminary, Lincoln; m Amanda Ihfe Apr 26, 1939 Frontier Co; s Earnest, Edward; d Emma (Mrs ___ Watt), Clara (Mrs ___Fiene); 1882 with parents came from Hanover Germany to Lincoln; 1894- indep farmer, owns approximately 1500 A and 150 head purebred Hereford cattle; 1929-30 mbr from Frontier & Gosper Cos in sttae (sic) legislature; treas tele lines; pres Farmers Elevator; pres Eustis Sale Barns; mbr sch bd 38 years; Frontier Co commr 8 years; JP; assessor 3 terms; Comml Club, treas, past pres; Rotary, sgt at arms; pres ARC; Mo Synod Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading & travel; res Eustis.

   PALMER, J CURT: Farmer; b Davidson Co, Mo Mar 21, 1871; s of Joshua Palmer-R Anna Dillon; ed Davidson Co Mo; Frontier Co; Harlan Co; m Lettie Stinnette Oct 21, 1891 Frontier Co; s Harley, Glenn; d Amy (Mrs Appleyard), Ethel (Mrs ___ Berg), Pearl (Mrs ___Trindel); 1891- farmer, raises Hereford cattle; pres Moorefield Co-op Elevator; pres Moorefield Co-op Creamery; pres Co-op Oil Co of Moorefield; mbr dist 30 sch bd 25 years; assessor Moorefield & Stockville pcts; Bapt Ch; past clk; Rep; hobby, current events; father, Baptist preacher, homesteaded in Harlan Co, org Pleasant Ridge sch which son & grandchildren att; res RFD 1, Moorefield.

   PICKERING, LEO L: County Treasurer; b Gosper Co, Neb Jan 12, 1895; s of John P Pickering-E Adell; ed Eustis HS 1913; U of N 1913-17; Phi Delta Chi; m Marguerite Austin Jan 14, 1928 Lincoln; s John Scott; d Peggy Ann; 1915 emp in groc store while in U of N; 1917-25 owned & oprd drug store, Eustis; 1925 traveled; 1926 worked in store & carried mail; 1926- Frontier Co treas; AF&AM at Elwood, past master; Scot Rite, Tehama Shrine, Hastings; hobby, fishing; res Stockville.

   REYNOLDS, JAMES L: Railway Agent; b Seward Co, Neb Mar 5, 1878; s of Thomas G Reynolds-Ann Carrel; ed Staplehurst; Boyles Bus Coll Omaha; m Carrie A Kelley 1902 Madrid; s James E; d Nona (Mrs C B Shaffer), Mildred (Mrs H V Osterhoudt), Laverne (Mrs P B Jurgens); 1898-99 emp on CB&Q RR, Arcadia, 1899 night opr at Trenton, Franklin & Holdrege, 1900-02 messenger boy at Oxford, Curtis, & Moorefield, 1902-06 at Madrid, 1906- agt, Moorefield; oldest in seniority Sterling div CB&Q RR; mbr ORT 30 years; CB&Q RR Veterans Assn; hobbies, fishing, hunting, athletics; res Moorefield.

   RIDDELL, FRANK F: Jeweler; b Lincoln, Neb; s of James Riddell-Elizabeth Laughlin; ed Lincoln HS; LSC; m Bessie M Glenn May 1933, Curtis; s Orville C; d E Marguerite (Mrs ___ Barton); has been asst to freight & passenger agt, UP RR, also editor of Bertrand Herald, Bertrand; 1914- jeweler & watchmaker, Curtis; ofcl time inspector CB&Q RR & UP RR; past city treas; past mbr city coun; Amer Natl Retail Jewelers Assn; Horological Assn of Amer; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, study of psychology & romance languages; res Curtis.

   ROACH, R MERLE: Banker; b Maywood, Neb Jan 13, 1893; s of William T Roach-Blanche Rumsey; ed Maywood; m Arlene Pearson Sept 1, 1935 Bristow; d Janet Arlene, Kathleen Annette; 1913-15 tchr in rural schs; 1919-20 emp on father's farm near Maywood; 1920-26 emp by Amer Railway Express Co & in Ford assembly plant, Los Angeles; 1926-33 bkkpr, asst cash, Farmers Security Bank, Maywood; 1933-35 appraiser, Fed Land Bank, Omaha; 1935-38 asst cash, Farmers Security Bank, Maywood; 1938- org, mgr & cash, Farmers State Bank, Maywood; chmn town bd; treas sch bd; during World War enl Sept 14, 1917 89th div, Co C 355th inf, o/s 9 mos, disch Mar 14, 1919 sgt, OTC; Amer Leg 272, comm; AF&AM 168; Scot Rite, Tehama Shrine, Hastings; Meth Ch; Rep; off Farmers State Bank; res Maywood.





Who's Who


   ROSENAU, 0 P: Physician & Surgeon; b Drake, Mo Jan 9, 1900; s of J W Rosenau-Rebecca Bell; ed Hastings; Alexandria HS 1918; Hastings Coll, BSc 1922, U of N, MD 1927; Kappa Tau Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Lola Sinn June 19, 1929 Lincoln; s Dee Oliver, 1922-23 tchr & athletic coach, Fairfield; 1927-28 interne Covenant Hosp, Chicago; 1928- prac med, Eustis; Frontier Co phys; staff mbr Farnum Memorial, Lexington Comm & Holdrege Hosps; mbr town bd 3 terms; Amer Leg 257, past comm, adjt, secy & treas; Dawson Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Rotary; Comml Club, past pres & secy; IOOF; hobby, reading med works; off Easton Bldg; res Eustis.

   SCHERER, JACOB: Retired; b Fort Madison, Ia May 14, 1851; s of Peter Scherer-Elizabeth Kinsinger; ed Oskaloosa Ia; m Amy E Jessup Feb 13, 1876 Madison Co Ia (dec 1925), s Forrest C, Charles Melvin; d Blanche (Mrs R W Gilbert), Nellie V (dec), Vida (Mrs Edgar Gardner), ___ (Mrs. M H Albright); 1867-79 worked on farms, learend (sic) blacksmith trade in 1873, Madison Co Ia; 1879-86 lived in Indianola; 1886-96 blacksmith in present town of Curtis, built first bldg in town, in hdw bus 1892-94; 1896-1902 farmed; 1902-34 blacksmith, Curtis; 1934- ret; mbr 1st sch bd 1886; mbr town bd; 1902-05 Frontier Co commr & pct assessor; Neb Blacksmiths & Welders Assn; IOOF 170, past noble grand, representative to grand lodge conv 8 times; AF&AM 168, past master, only living ch mbr & oldest mbr, awarded 50 year medal 1938; Dem; hobby, his work; res Curtis.

   SCHRODER, ALBERT W: Lumber Dealer; b Fort Atkinson, Wis Jan 28, 1876; s of Frederick C Schroder-Mary Grimm; ed Fort Atkinson, Wis; Eustis, PSTC 1899; m Ellen Fenwick June 2, 1915 Gothenburg; s Albert W Jr; 1894-99 tchr, Eustis; 1900-09 mgr Perry Lbr Co, Holbrook; 1909-26 mgr & part owner of Perry Lbr Co at Eustis, 1926 owner & mgr A W Schroder Lbr Co; past mbr sch bd; past mbr town bd; Rotary; Comml Club; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; Tehama Shrine; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Eustis.

   SCHROEDER, FRED J: Attorney; b Eustis, Neb Aug 23, 1893; s of Fred C Schroeder-Katherine Moomau; ed Eustis HS 1908; Lincoln HS 1910; U of N 1914; U of Mich 1916; m Alta Latham Nov 1918 Curtis; s Fred Jr; d Bety, Katherine, Helen; 1916-17 Frontier Co atty; 1919- prac law, Curtis; 1922-35 Frontier Co atty: during World War in OTC Camp Funston, 13 mos; Amer Leg post 95; AF&AM, Curtis; hobby, raising pigeons; res Curtis.

   SMITH, MERRILL CLARK: Publisher; b Curtis, Neb July 26, 1900; s of Wenzel John Smith-Ida M Allen; ed Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; Neb Wes; U of N; m Olive Ramels Aug 7, 1921 Curtis; d Ann Jeanette; 1917-21 with Dunbar's White Hussars Singing Band on road during summers; 1921- publisher Curtis Enterprise, 1928 consolidated Stockville Faber with Curtis Enterprise; 1933-36 publisher McCook Tribune; 1935- exec secy Neb St Med Assn; NPA; Natl Edit Assn; AF&AM, past master; Meth Ch; hobby, legerdemain; off 416 Federal Securities Bldg, Lincoln; res Curtis.

   WATKINS, ROBERTO: Dentist; b Lincoln Co, Neb Mar 20, 1902; s of Robert G Watkins-Elva Whitehead; ed Stockville HS 1923; Kansas City Western Dental Coll, DDS 1928; Trowel; m Neva Taylor June 16, 1930 Curtis; s Robert G: d Luanne; 1929- dentist, Curtis; mbr sch bd; SW Neb Dist Dental Soc: Neb Stae & ADA; C of C, past pres; AF&AM 196, Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, trap shooting; off Langerin Bldg; res Curtis.

   WETZEL, LEON S: Funeral Director; b Minneapolis, Minn Nov 24, 1901; s of George N Wetzel-Adaline Seaver; ed Minneapolis, Minn; Waterloo Bus Coll 1919; U of Minn 1922; m Freda Scharf Aug 22, 1927 North Platte; s George C; d Wilma J; 1920 emp in bank, Floyd Ia; 1921 worked on father's farm; 1923-24 emp in funeral home, St Paul, Minn; 1925-29 mgr mortuary dept for H D Kempton, Curtis; 1929- ptr of father-in-law in Scharf & Wetzel, Hdw, Imp Store & Mortuary; mayor 4 terms; mbr city coun; C of C; AF&AM 168, secy; hobby, music; res Curtis.

   WILKINSON, HARRY R: Bank President; b Weeping Water, Neb Sept 9, 1889; s of Robert S Wilkinson- Nettie H Pearl; ed Weeping Water HS 1906; Doane Coll, BA 1912; m Bertha E Penner Aug 15, 1916 Lincoln; s Robert Scott, Donald Penner; 1912-13 athletic dir, Wisner HS; 1912 athletic dir, Norfolk; 1914-19 athletic dir Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; 1919-21 asst cash Curtis State Bank, 1921-29 cash, 1929-35 VP, 1935- pres; dir C C of C; AF&AM 168; Congl Ch; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Curtis.

   YOUNG, LEE: Contractor & Farmer; Crete, Neb May 11, 1884; s of Izaak Newton Young-Jennie Heim; ed Friend; Doane Coll; m Florence Christenson Aug 19, 1908 Lincoln; d Helen (Mrs ___ Dybdabl), Ardis (Mrs ___ Smith); 1908-12 farmer; Roseland; 1912-16 farmed, Langdon N D; 1916 farmer & contr, Maywood; owns 2 farms in Frontier Co & ranch in Holt Co; Maywood Equity Exchange, dir 1918-26; Frontier Co commr 1920-25; Neb ch Assoc Gen Contrs of Amer; mbr sch bd 1908-12; treas town bd, Langdon N D 1913-16; hobby, reading; res Maywood.