Franklin County, Nebraska B Surname Obit Index


Franklin County, Nebraska
B Surname Obit Index File


Lynn Chase has generously transcribed the index card file located at the Franklin Public Library and is offering to do look ups.

Lynn will be happy to give free email information for the cards that have little information on them. Other cards that have news articles or obits attached to them will need to be photocopied and mailed. The cost for these copies is $1.00 per name and a SASE. Please contact Lynn and she will let you know up front if there is only a little information that she can just email you, or if there is a lot of information and how many copies it will take.
Thank you Lynn for making this valuable Franklin County resource available to us all!

LEGEND of the index card file:

Maiden names and other information are in ( )
Birth and death date or age at death are in ( )
Abbreviation at end of line preceeded by ---
AN = Aniversary News
BIOG = Biography
BN = Birthday news
C = Card
CR = Cross Reference
CT = Card of Thanks
D = Death notice
F = Funeral trax
H = History
O = Obituary,
M = in Memorium
MR = Marriage Record
N = News
N/MIA = News-Missing in Action
PN = Probate News
TR/M = Tribute to Memory

Franklin County Index Card File B Surnames


BAACK, Alma Matilda Dorothea (Turk) (1900-1968)---C-D-O

BAACK, Ernest Otto Jr. (Rev) (1920-1968)---C-O

BAACK, Ernest Otto Sr. (Rev) (1888-1972)---C-O

BAACK, Virginia (Hieronymus) (1923-2002)---O

BABCOCK, Frank Eldon (1920-1990)---C-O

BABCOCK, Henry Clay (1838-1916)---C-O

BABCOCK, Opal (Shaw) – Lorraine  (1923-2006)  ---O

BACH, Bess (Riggins) (1897-1966)---C-O

BACH, Brenda Jo (1966-1985)---C-O

BACH, Christine Emaline (Claudell) (1919-1989)---C-O

BACH, Elsie Esther (Peery) (1904-1964)---C-F

BACH, Herman J. (1895-1979)---C-O

BACH, Joseph Henry  (1909-1987)  ---O

BACH, Martha G. (Janssen) (1906-1997)---C-D-O

BACH, Mary Magretha (Fossenbarger) (1870-1944)---C-O

BACH, Robert Joseph (1904-1982)---C-O

BACH, Sam & 2 Children (    -1926)---C-D

BACH, Theodore (1864-1936)---C-O

BACH, William J. (1897-1977)---C-O

BACON, Alma (1883-1885)---C

BACON, Ellona Mae (Howard) (1872-1942)---C-O

BACON, Frank F. (1870-1915)---C-O

BACON, Raymond V. (1930-1995)---C-O

BACON, William L. (1928-2001)---D-O

BADSTEEN, Emma (Leahy) (1882-1959)---C-O

BADSTEEN, Raymond R. (1925-2000)---D-O

BADSTEEN, William (1883-1955)---C-O

BAETZ, Frank James  (1929-2006)  ---O

BAETZ, George J.  (1891-1967)  ---O

BAETZ, Gerald Lewis (1919-1981)---C-O

BAETZ, Goldie E. (1909-2000)---D-O

BAETZ, Goldie Mae (Rust) (1912-1991)---C-O

BAETZ, Harold Robert (1921-1995)---C-O

BAETZ, John Fred (    -1972)---C-O

BAETZ, Karen Sue (Rust) (1952-1992)---C-O

BAETZ, Larry Duane  (3y    -1967)  ---D

BAETZ, Ralph John (1911-1992)---C-O

BAETZ, Voneda (Delka)  (1919-2002)  ---D-O

BAETZ, Walter Arthur  (1917-2006  ---O

BAIER, Walter (    -1998)---D

BAILEY, Agustus R. (1876-1956)---C-O-MR

BAILEY, Alice (90y-1893)---D-PN

BAILEY, Donald Floyd (1918-1981)---C-O

BAILEY, Frederick W. (    -1949)---C-O

BAILEY, Glenn (    -1987)---C-O

BAILEY, Grant (    -1883)---C

BAILEY, Grant (    -1912)---D-O

BAILEY, Ida R. (Dudek)  (1881-1909)  ---D-O

BAILEY, Minnie (Hecht)  -Schobel-  (1862-1938)---C-O-MR

BAILEY, Orestus G. (1845-1931)---C-O

BAILEY, Orphalie (Hiatt) (1921-1976)---C-D-O

BAILEY, Orrilla B. (Means) (1848-1892)---C-D-O-PN

BAIN, Gerald W.  (1916-1985)  ---O

BAIN, Rebecca R. (Webber) (1913-1990)---C-O

BAKER, Anna (1859-1939)---C-O

BAKER, Carla Joan (1955-1976)---N-O-F

BAKER, Daniel Webster (1854-1939)---C-O-MR

BAKER, David C. (1843-1902)---C

BAKER, Edward F. (1847-1933)---C-O

BAKER, Ellen A. (Fox) (1837-1920)---C-O

BAKER, Esther (Schriner) (1933-1987)---C

BAKER, F. W. (    -1935)---D

BAKER, Fanny E. (Jaffe) (1884-1948)---C-O

BAKER, Frank Lawrence (M.D) (1885-1951)---C-D-O

BAKER, Frank M. (1904-1922)---C

BAKER, Gertrude Mae (Peterson) (1908-1998)---C-O

BAKER, H. M. (1869-1910)---C

BAKER, Hiram (1818-1913)---C

BAKER, Infant Daughter of Will  (    -1922)  ---D

BAKER, Isadora M. (1913-1914)---C

BAKER, Kenneth Walton (1908-1976)---C-O

BAKER, Nancy (Garrett) (1860-1946)---C-O-MR

BAKER, Orpha I. (1914-1915)---C-O

BAKER, Ross W. (    -1918)---C-D

BAKER, Ruth (    -1995)---D

BAKER, Ruth Elizabeth (1919-1920)---C-O

BAKER, Seth M. (1819-1899)---C-O

BAKER, Son of Will  (4y6m –1922)  ---D

BALDWIN, Alice M.(    -1877)---C

BALDWIN, Corena O. (    -1877/1899?)---C

BALL, Caroline (    -1956)---C

BALL, Lula (Ewing) (    -    )---C

BALL, Margaret (Lane) (1924-1970)---C

BALL, Noble L. (    -1948)---C-D

BALLARD, Edgar Francis (1856-1920)---C-O

BALLARD, Ruth (    -1880)---C

BALLENGER, Daryl (    -1996)---D

BALLIE, Elizabeth (Ulrichs) (1848-1933)---C-O

BALLIE, Frederick (1885-1971)---C-D-O

BALLIE, Fredrich (1849-1924)---C-D-O

BALLIE, Wilhelm Andrew “Will”  (1889-1909)---C-D-O

BALLOU, Anna Margaret (Thomas)  - Metz (1905-1977)---C-O

BALTHAZOR, Annette A. (19\22-2005)  ---D-O

BALTHAZOR, Eli  V. (1897-1975)---C-D-O

BALTHAZOR, Joseph Vincent (1926-1943)---C-D-O

BANDT, Forrest Duane (1927-1990)---C-O-F

BANDT, Harold Leroy (1918-1991)---C-O

BANG, Andrew  (    -1931)  ---D

BANITS, Reuben Alexander (    -1933)---C

BANKS, Ben (1906-1966)---C-O

BANKS, Ben P.  (1859-1940)  ---O

BANKS, Betty (Olson) (1860-1947)---C-O

BANKS, Clara (    -1989)---C-D

BANKS, Donald M. (1931-2001)---D-O

BANKS, Harry Lee  (1884 – 1958)  ---O-MR

BANKS, Hennis (1838-1898)---C-O

BANKS, Ira C. (1875-1960)---C-O

BANKS, Irene (Hanson)  (1909-2009)  ---O

BANKS, John (1896-1963)---C

BANKS, Myrtle E. (1880-1886)---C

BANKS, Noye (    -    )---C

BANKS, Oscar M. (1889-1975) ---O

BANKS, Winnie C. (McHale) (1878-1973)---C

BANKS, Zeta Arvilla (Foutz) (1898-1984)---C-O

BANKSON, Larry Lee (    -1992)---C-O

BANNISTER, Robert Lee (1911-1976)  ---O

BANNISTER, Will (    -1926)---C-D

BANTA, George Kent (1909-1997)---C-O

BANTA, Leona Jewell (Lewis)  (1913-2005)  ---D-O

BANTAM, Ruth (Reiss)  (1914-2006)  --O

BANTEL, George  (1859-1915)  ---O

BANTEL, Minnie Wittfoth (1867-1933)---C-O

BANZHAF, Don C. (1933-2001)---O

BARBER, Ann (Harrison) (1821-1914)---C-O

BARBER, Clarence (    -1888)---C

BARBER, Edith Lenore (Mills) (1880-1918)---C-O

BARBER, Emma Lilly (Anderson) (1856-1936)---C-O

BARBER, Eva (1883-1903)---C-O

BARBER, F. W. (    -1912)---C-D-O

BARBER, Grover Monroe (1886-1923)---C-O

BARBER, James Monroe (1855-1910)---C

BARBER, Loyd Ralph (1901-1988)---C-O

BARBER, Merle Odell (1896-1936)---C

BARDON, Bridgett (1831-1896)---C

BARKER, Albert Ray (1916-1940)---C-D-O

BARKER, Amos Morton (1841-1910)---O

BARKER, Esther Irene (Eagleson) (1897-1988)---C-O

BARKER, Frank  (      -1908)  ---D

BARKER, Freda Emily (14 M-1904)---C-D

BARKER, Lilly C. (1868-1882)---C

BARKER, Max Richard (1922-1966)---C-O

BARKER, Ray (1895-1965)---C-O

BARNES, Alpheus Richard (1850-1934)---C-O

BARNES, Alvin C. (1847-1920)---C-O

BARNES, Archie Franklin (1887-1915)---C-D-O

BARNES, Berdena Mae (Keeten) (1937-2001)---D-O

BARNES, Claude (    -1917)---C-O

BARNES, Cora Alice (See Lantis) ---CR

BARNES, Elsa G. (1908-1997)---C-O

BARNES, Ernest LeRoy  (1922-1981)  ---O

BARNES, Esther May (1907-1908)---C

BARNES, Francis S. (1901-1934)---C-O

BARNES, Gladys Evelyn (Davis) (1902-1922)---C-O

BARNES, Guy (    -1923)---C-O

BARNES, John Douglas (1872-1953)---C-O-MR

BARNES, John E. (See Lennie C.) (1845-1910)---C

BARNES, Joseph  (1889-1972)  ---O

BARNES, Lennie C. (11m    -    )---C

BARNES, Lucy Phobea (Smith) (1895-1957)---C-O-MR

BARNES, Mary E. (See Lennie C.) (1842-1929)---C

BARNES, Maude H. (1877-1955)---C-O-MR

BARNES, Samuel S. (1837-1931)---C-O

BARNES, Semer LeRoy (1883-1965)---C-O-MR

BARNES, Wilber M. (1933-1933)---C-D

BARNETT, Lorma L. (Scoville)  ---(1916-2007)  ---O

BARNHILL, Frank  (1886-1964)---C-D

BARNHILL, Frank D. (1930-2008)  ---D-O

BARNHILL, George Carter (1876-1941)---C

BARNHILL, Grace (1891-1958)---C-D

BARNHILL, James (1883-1968)---C

BARNHILL, Maxine P. (Hill) (1932-1999)---D-O

BARNHILL, Miriam “Minnie” (Black) (1852-1931)---C-O

BARNHILL, Uriah Christian (1850-1922)---C-D-O

BARR, Carman C. (1904-1976 ---O

BARR, Dan (1894-1958)---C-O

BARR, Dannie W. (1924-1929)---C-O

BARR, Frank W.  (1853-1932)---C-O

BARR, Loyal D.  (1925-1926)---C-D

BARRICK, Edith (    -1899)---C

BARRICK, John  (    1915) ---D

BARRICK, Lula (    -1900)---C

BARRY, James (1850-1924)---C-O

BARSTOW, Sarah (Smirl)  (1842-1915)---C-O

BARSTOW, Scott (1837-1922)---C-O

BARTA, Johanna Marie “Jo” (Evers)  (89y  -2007)  ---O
BARTALONI, Luigi  (1918-2007)  ---O

BARTAY, Herbert (1900-1993)---D-O

BARTELS, Agnes (Bey) (1888-1925)---C-D-O

BARTELS, Alvin Odell (1921-1954)---C-O

BARTELS, Anna (Nitzel) (1880-1975)---C-O-MR

BARTELS, Anna Bertha Mae (Golter) (1887-1963)---C-O-MR

BARTELS, Bertha (Schmidt)  (1905-      )  ---BIOG

BARTELS, Charles (1889-1957)---C-O

BARTELS, Charlotta (Heidemann) (1859-1938)---C-D

BARTELS, Clara M.  (1902-1989)---C-O

BARTELS, Clara S. (Meyer) (1904-1995)---D-O

BARTELS, Della (Dallmann)  (1927-    )---C

BARTELS, Dorothy Helena (Sinnen)  (1911-1984)---C-O

BARTELS, Dwayne Ronald (1926-1929)---C-O

BARTELS, Elesareth “Elizabeth” Hier (Nitzel)  (1884-1913)---C-O-MR

BARTELS, Emil Henry (1900-1992)---C-O

BARTELS, Emma (Bruns)  (1915-2008)  ---O

BARTELS, Ernest Henry (1908-1926)---C-D-O

BARTELS, Fred (1902-1971)---C-D

BARTELS, George H. (1906-1991)---C-O

BARTELS, H. Arnold (1915-1916)---C

BARTELS, Henry Christoph (1851-1933)---C-D-O

BARTELS, Henry F. (1877-1920)---C-MR

BARTELS, Herbert W. “Herb” (1917-2001)---D-O

BARTELS, Herman G.  (1899-1928)---C-O

BARTELS, John Conrad (1883-1962)---C-O-MR

BARTELS, Laverne Fred (1922-1959)---C-O

BARTELS, Lawrence (1920-1920)---C

BARTELS, Lena M. (1911-1912)---C

BARTELS, Lenora (Oltmans)  (1927-2005)  ---D-O

BARTELS, Lloyd F. (1923-1998)---C-D-O

BARTELS, Louis (    -1914)---C

BARTELS, Louise (Titkemeier) (1889-1928 ---O

BARTELS, Mildred M. (Evers)  (1921-2009)  ---F

BARTELS, Neil R.  (1950-1974)  ---O

BARTELS, Oscar John  (1911-2007)  ---O

BARTELS, Otelia O. (Grams) (1899-1996)---D-O

BARTELS, Robert Allen (1945-1968)---C-O

BARTELS, Rudolph A. (1909-2000)---O

BARTELS, Theodore Henrey (1918-1999)---O

BARTELS, Walter Lewis “Jim”  (1918-2003)  ---D-O

BARTELS, Wilhelm Chris  (1879-1953)---C-O-MR

BARTELS, William Frederick “Willie”  (1902-1920)---C-O

BARTELSON, Anna (Juhl)  (1868-1955)---C

BARTELSON, August (1860-1909)---C

BARTELSON, Dorothy Louise (Walker) (1898-1929)---C-O

BARTH, Adam (Same as John Adam) (1869-1938)---C-O

BARTH, Christina (Miller) (    -1949)---C-O

BARTH, John Adam  (Same as Adam) (1869-1938)---C-O

BARTH, William Joseph (1898-1921)---C-O

BARTLETT, Leland (1896-1898)---C

BARTLETT, Maria or Jane F. (See Emerson) ---CR

BARTLEY, Dean (1918-1997)---C-O

BARTLEY, Muriel E. (    -1999)---D

BARTRUFF, Edna G. (Dreher)  (1915-1992)---C-O

BASA, Augusta J. M.  (1887-1888)---C

BASCUE, Malissa A. (Williams) – Knauber  (1841-1909)---C

BASFORD, Alice M. (1907-1907)---C

BASFORD, Arvin E. (See Orvin) (1865-1933)---C-O

BASFORD, Christiana A. (Parr) (1842-1920)---C-O

BASFORD, Henry (1832?-1916)---C

BASFORD, Orville S. (1868-1937)---C-O

BASFORD, Orvin (Owen?) (See Arvin E.)  (1868-1933)---C-O

BASH, Jon Derek (1957-1992)---C-O

BASHFORD, Alice Fay  (1905-2005)  ---O

BASHFORD, Clarence P.  (1901-1974)  ---O

BASHFORD, Cordon L (1924-1925)---C

BASHFORD, Elizabeth (Hisey)  (1846-1924)---C-O

BASHFORD, George H.  (1873-1949)---C-D-O-MR

BASHFORD, Golda S.  (1905-2003)  ---D-O

BASHFORD, Mary Katherine (Graf)  (1879-1974)---C-D-MR

BASHFORD, Roy H. (    -2000)---C-O

BASHFORD, Thomas John (1875-1954)---C-O

BASS, Thomas (Grampa)  (    -1914)  ---D

BASS, Lloyd (    -1876)---C

BASS, Olive Phoebe (Pitzer) (    -2000)---D

BASS, W. T.  (    -    )---C                    Probably Thomas William  (1838-1914)

BASSETT, J. Vern (1918-2001)---O

BASSETT, Phyllis M. (Brouillette) (1921-2000)---C-O

BASSETTE, Leo (1874-1946)---C-O

BASWELL, Owen  (16y  -1946)  ---D

BATES, Andrew Jackson (1892-1967)---C-O

BATES, Bernard Owen (1917-1933)---C-O

BATES, Celia – (Kunze)(1870-1943)  ---O

BATES, Charlie  (      -1959)  ---D

BATES, Clare Cecil  (1897-1953)---C-O

BATES, Cordilla (Marshall) (1853-1959)---C-O

BATES, Daniel B. (1856-1917)---C-D-O

BATES, Daniel LaMont (Monte) (1889-1953)---C-D-O

BATES, Edna May (Lantis) (1898-1986)---C-O

BATES, Elizabeth J. (Olmstead) (1844-1901)---C

BATES, Elizabeth Permelia (Gruber) (1865-1925)---C-O

BATES, Etta N. (Nelson) (1844-1896)---C-D-O

BATES, Irwin (1888-1946)---C-O-MR

BATES, Johnston (1855-1912)---C-O

BATES, Julia E. Kirtley (1867-1922)---C-D-O-MR

BATES, Keziah (Chapman)  (1824-1913)---C-O

BATES, Matilda (Jensen) (1892-1973)---C-D-O

BATES, Merlin (1927-1981)---O

BATES, Monte  (64y – 1953)  ---D

BATES, Scott W.  (1860-1921)---C-MR

BATTLES, Dorothy P. (Rutt) (1897-1994)---D-O

BAUER, Albert Frank (1901-1967)---C-O

BAUER, Carl John William (1855-1926)---C-D-O

BAUER, Carl Thomas Friedrich (1926-1998)---C-D-O

BAUER, Carl William (1890-1979)---C-D-O

BAUER, Charles (Mrs)  (    -1920)  ---D

BAUER, Charley (1863-1895)---C-O

BAUER, Craig Allen  (1956-1979)---C-D-O-M

BAUER, Doris Evelyn (1922-1935)---C-O

BAUER, Elizabeth A. (Gearhart)  (1841-1929)---C-O

BAUER, Ella Johanna (Loschen) (1905-1990)---C-O

BAUER, Ervin (    -1951)---C-D

BAUER, Flora (Loschen)  (1901-1979)---C-O-F

BAUER, Fred (1882-1966)---C-O

BAUER, George (    -1932)---C-D

BAUER, J. J.  (36y11m5d -1898)---C

BAUER, Jerry C. (1948-1986)---C-O

BAUER, Josephine L. (Haines)  (1898-1920)---C-D-O

BAUER, Katie Barbara (Westerbuhr) (1888-1957)---C-O

BAUER, Kenneth O. (1924-1994)---C-O

BAUER, Roxayn “Roxie” (Keiser)  ---(1924-2007)  ---O

BAUER, Selma Anne (Kennison)  (1941-2003)  ---D-O

BAUER, Sophia (Wendt) (1860-1944)---C-O

BAUERLE, Albert Christian  (1882-1971)  ---O

BAUERLE, Christine J. (Loschen) (1902-1964)---C-O

BAUERLE, Clara Wilhelmena (Fratzke) (1878-1955)---C-O-MR

BAUERLE, Edna Naomi (Smith) (1911-1948)---C-O

BAUERLE, Emma Ida (1897-1917)---C-O

BAUERLE, Gottlob J.  (1869-1941)---C-MR

BAUERLE, John (1908-1975) ---O-F

BAUERLE, Lawrence Ervin (1920-1991)---C-O

BAUERLE, Lydia Barbara (Ott)  (1885-1977)  ----O

BAUERLE, Marie A.  (1900-1916)---C

BAUERLE, Otto W.  (1896-1967)---C-O

BAULD, John Robert  (1892-1962)  ---O

BAUMANN, Frances Ivy Caroline (Joy)  (1880-1951)  ---O

BAUMANN, Lanny Ross (1947-1969)---C-O

BAUMANN, Phillip Frederick (1913-1989)---C-O

BAUMANN, Ralph Michael (1921-2000)---O

BAUMGARDNER, Margaret Isabelle (Strain)  (1866-1931)---C-O

BAUMGARDT, Mrs.  (    -1894)---C

BAUMGART, Augusta (    -1888)---C

BAUMGART, J.  (    -    )---C

BAXTER,  Alf (Mrs)  (    -1890)---C

BAXTER,  M. Wils  (    -    )---C

BAXTER, M. Wils (Mrs)  (    -    )---C

BAYARD, Cornilia (1864-1956)---C

BAYARD, Mina Emerson (    -1934)---C-O

BAYARD, William (    -1928)---C

BAYER, Herman Charley  (1895-1974)---C-O

BAYER, Rosina (Heuschele) (1865-1941)---C-O

BAYER, William (1860-1943)---C-O

BAYER, William George  (1894-1968)  ---O

BAYNE, Helen M. (Adam)  (1937-1982)  ---O

BEACH, A. C. “Gusty”  (1915-2002) ---D-O

BEACH, America (Anderson) (1858-1934)---C-O

BEACH, Angeline (    -1892)---C-D

BEACH, Ann P. (Shiner)  (1842-1918)---C-O

BEACH, Anthony (1836-1918)---C-O

BEACH, Arden Rollie (1922-1984)---C-O

BEACH, Benjamin Franklin (1847-1927)---C-O

BEACH, Bonnie (Kelso)  (1916-2006)  ---O

BEACH, Charles (1877-1900)---C-O

BEACH, Earl Eugene (1905-1973)---C-O

BEACH, Edgerray T. (1925-2000)---D

BEACH, Everett D.  (1886-1954)---C

BEACH, Harold A. (1916-1998)---C-D-O

BEACH, LaVerna E. (Bates) (1885-1960)---C

BEACH, Lillie May-Cline-James (1906-1999)---O

BEACH, Mary E. (Kelso) (1910-1993)---O

BEACH, Merle L. (1912-1990)---C-O

BEACH, Mina  (    -1938)---C-O

BEACH, Oscar E.  (1908-1924)---C-O

BEACH, Ray Lester (1915-1988)---C-O

BEACH, Roy (    -1976)---C-O

BEACH, Scott Allen (1971-1971)---C-O

BEACH, Tressie Opal (Dooley) (1903-1980)---C-O

BEACH, William O.  (1855-1940)---C-O

BEAL, Etta  (Buster)  (    -    )---C

BEAM, Cecile (    -1995)---D

BEAM, Jean C. (Carson)  (1941-2008)  ---O

BEAN, Bruce Everett (1923-1998)---C-D-O-F

BEAN, Florance M. (    -1991)---C-D

BEAN, Jerry A.  (1938-2002)  ---O

BEAR, Clarence Henry  (1919-2008)  ---O

BEAR, Elmer Leroy (1930-1994)---D-O

BEAR, Emeline H. – (Kirtley) (    -1898)---C-D

BEAR, Helen Marie (Warriner) (1905-1975)---C-O

BEAR, Molly J. (Kirtley) (    -1892)---C-D-MR

BEAR, Orra E.  (1899-1992)---C-O

BEAR, William  (1880-1940)  ---O

BEARD, Children of J. A. & S. B. (    -    )---C

BEARD, Iva Mae (Hayhurst)  (1903-1977)---C

BEASLEY, Carolyn Sue “Butch” (Cook) (1941-2001)---D-O

BEATY, Thomas L. (1919-1993)---O

BEAUCHENE, Omer (1875-1909)---C-O-MR

BEAUCHINE, Odna (Mercier)  (1878-1955)  ---O-MR

BEAVER, Child (    -1900)---C

BEAVER, R. A.  (1838-1884)---C

BEAVERS, Carrie M. (Hanna) –Clow-  (1876-1972)---C-O

BEAVERS, Glen Jackson (1880-1970)---C

BEBENSEE, Anna Helena (Habben)  (1894-1983)---C-O

BEBENSEE, Barbara (1950-1998)---C-D-O

BEBENSEE, Bertus  (1920-2004)  ---D-O

BEBENSEE, Gustav  (1890-1974)---C-O

BEBENSEE, Olive (Hess)  (1923-2007)  ---D-O

BEBENSEE, Ralph  (1925-2008)  ---O

BECK, Alfred Ludwig (1885-1949)---C-O

BECK, Alonzo Laird (1865-1957)---C-O

BECK, Andrew (1823-1914)---C-D

BECK, Chester Raymond (1910-1989)---C-O

BECK, Doris Virginia (Clow)  (1912-2008)  O            

BECK, Edward Larson (1875-1946)---C-D-O-MR

BECK, Elizabeth L. (Laird)  (1823-1897)---C-O

BECK, Emma Louise (1885-1945)---C

BECK, Emma M. (Scheuneman) (1875-1955)---C-O-MR

BECK, George (Mrs)  (      -1934)  ---D

BECK, Henry W. (1847-1916)---C

BECK, John Daniel  (1878-82y)  ---O

BECK, John F. (1906-1986)---C-O

BECK, Margaretha (1825-1964)---C

BECK, Martha Jane (Kreglow) (1849-1942)---C-D-O

BECK, Mary Alice (    -1886)---C

BECK, Nathan (1814-1900)---C-O

BECK, Otto Julius (1896-1984) ---D-O

BECK, Pennelle (Eliasdatter) (1843-1907)---C

BECK, Rasmus C. (1850-1905)---C

BECK, Reynold Clinton “Ren” (1913-1997)---O

BECK, Robert Edward (1930-1930)---C

BECK, Sophia (1835-1923)---C

BECK, William W. “Bill”  (1941-2007)  ---O

BECKENHAUER, Harriet Margaret (Graf) (1914-1993)---C-O

BECKER, B. R. (    -2000)---O

BECKER, Charles H. P. (1815-1899)---C

BECKER, Charlotte Jane (Rima) (1843-1904)---C-O

BECKER, Laverne “Cal” (    -1995)---D

BECKER, Mat (    -1937)---C-D

BECKER, Michael “Pappy”  (1963-2005)  ---O

BECKER, Nellie Maude (Douglas) (1907-1992)---O

BECKER, Peter (1875-1912)---C-D-O

BECKER, Son of John (8Y-1912)---C-D-O

BECKMAN, Charles LeRoy (1893-1920)---C-O

BEESON, Ada  Belle (Denny) (1868-1946)---C-O

BEESON, George J. (    -1942)---C

BEESON, Louisa (Severns) (1857-1937)---C-O

BEESON, Stephen Austin (1873-1944)---C-O

BEESON, Walter R. (1881-1942)---C

BEESON, William Earl (1886-1925)---C

BEESON, William P.  (1880-1931)---C-O

BEEZLEY, Verleen (Hall) (    -1998)---D

BEHRENS, Jacob (    -1892)---C-D

BEHRENS, Lena Hilka (Caspers) (1917-1952)---C-O

BEHRENS, Sake G. (1858-1895)---C-D-MR

BEISEL, Caroline Amelia (Gucker) (1855-1929)---C-D-O

BEISEL, Charles (1863-1937)---C

BEISEL, Cordelia Graham “Cora” (Taylor) (1866-1946)---C-D-O

BEISEL, Fay (1900-1977)---C-O

BEISEL, Lena A. (Nelsen)  (1906-2002)  ---O

BEISEL, Valentine (1856-1907)---C

BEITEL, A. G.(J)?  (1858-1902)---C-D

BEITEL, Arthur Eugene (1883-1923)---C-O

BEITEL, Bertha A. (    -1939)---C-D

BEITEL, Beth (1890-1890)---C

BEITEL, Elizabeth (Stouffer) (1862-1931)---C-O

BEITEL, Emma E.  (    -1893)---C-D

BEITEL, George I.  (1896-1990)---C-O

BEITEL, Jeannie (Johnston) Daniels (1869-    )---C-O-MR

BEITEL, Julius H.  (1852-1942)---C-O-MR

BEITEL, Sarah G. (Sandborn) (1863-1893)---C-D

BEITEL, Son (1882-1882)---C

BEITEL, Vera A. (Gettle) (1889-1948)---C-O

BELL, Bertha (Sickafoose) (1869-1945)---C-O

BELL, C.E. “Coop”  (    -1911)---O

BELL, Dora Jane (Cook) (1900-2002)---D-O

BELL, Earl (1897-1993)---O

BELL, Eliza (    -1891)---C

BELL, Eva A. (Wetsett) (    -    )---C

BELL, James Hays (4d  -1911)---C-D

BELL, James S. (1855-1929)---C-O

BELL, Joseph  (       -1919)  ---D

BELL, Joseph J. (    -    )---C

BELL, Laura (Hays) (    -1883)---C

BELL, Lester J.  (1932-2008)  ---O

BELL, Patty Jo (Kruse)  (1940-2007)  ---O

BELL, Robert (1837-1917)---C-O

BELL, Will (    -1912)---C-D

BELL, William (1840-1916)---C-MR

BELL, William (Mrs)  (      -1929)  ---D

BELLAMY, Grace M. (Tiberghein) (1890-1951)---C-O

BELLAMY, Lula (    -1922)---C

BENBOW, Pearl (Miller) (1899-1968)---C-O

BENCKEN, Chris (1905-1992)---O

BENCKEN, Leonard Joseph (1915-2000)---D-O

BENDEL, Charles E. (1852-1953)---C-O

BENDEL, Katherine (Huber) (1836-1902)---C

BENDEL, Mary (Hirsch) (1862-1913)---C

BENDEL, Mathias (1817-1906)---C-O

BENDEL, Perle Hazel (McFarland) (1889-1982)---C-O

BENDEL, William M. (1887-1960)---C-O

BENDFELDT, Jessie (75y -1995)---D

BENDFELT, Walter (80y -1997)---D

BENEDICT, Ada (Myers) (1894-1944)---C

BENEDICT, Charles Nichols (1823-1906/08)---C-O

BENEDICT, Cordelia (Curtis) (1840-1919)---C-D-O

BENEDICT, David C. (77y - 1947)---C-O-MR

BENEDICT, Gerald P. “Fats”  (92Y – 2003)  ---D-O

BENEDICT, Isaac (1822-1915)---C-O

BENEDICT, James E.  (1893-1969)---C-O

BENEDICT, Mae (Conkling)  (1879-1963)---C-O-MR

BENEDICT, Nathaniel E.  (1872-1921)---C-O

BENEDICT, Nila M. Sr. (1907-1994)---D-O

BENEDICT, Raphael T.  (1912-1953)---C-O

BENEDICT, Wilfred (    -2001)---D-O

BENJAMIN, Claude (1906-1991)---O

BENJAMIN, Ephrem (1867-1941)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Georgianna (Boudreau)  (1869-1930)---C-D

BENJAMIN, Gustave (1859-1938)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Laura (1889-1900)---C

BENJAMIN, Leah (1897-1911)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Louis J.  (1896-1937)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Margaret E. (Eastwood)  (1870-1938)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Maurice O.  (1894-1922)---C-D

BENJAMIN, Zoe (Paulin) (1837-1911)---C-O

BENJAMIN, Zoe E.   (1898-1911)---C-O

BENKER, Fannie (    -1889/90)---C

BENNETT, Alda J.  (1879-1958)---C-D-O

BENNETT, Amy Violet (Ready) (1904-1989)---C-O

BENNETT, Belle (Smithson)  (1913-2007)  ---O

BENNETT, Bert W. (    -1991)---C-O

BENNETT, Charles L.  (1888-1971)  ---O

BENNETT, Clarence N.  (1891-1914)---C-D-O

BENNETT, Earl F. (1907-1917)---C-D

BENNETT, Eli (1855-1929)---C-O

BENNETT, Elmo J. (1919-1997)---C-O

BENNETT, Frances Edna (Clow) (1882-1964)---C

BENNETT, Infant (    -1913)---C

BENNETT, Infant (1898-1898)---C

BENNETT, James Smithson (1935-1935)---C

BENNETT, Leroy (1880-1951)---C-O

BENNETT, Lydia Jane (Johnson) – Shoemaker  (1858-1948)  ---O

BENNETT, Mary C. (Dalyrumple) (1859-1910)---C

BENNETT, Mildred (Rhoads) (1909-1989)---C-O

BENNETT, Modie J. “Slim” (1927-2001)---O

BENNETT, Nellie (1871-1914)---C-D

BENNETT, Nettie (Middleton) (1878-1936)---C

BENNETT, Olinda Agnes (Neal) (1883-1953)---C-O

BENNETT, Roland M. (    -1933)---C-O

BENNETT, Ronald Ervin (1906-1968)---C-O

BENNETT, Samuel D. (1865-    )---C

BENNETT, Tillaye (Matilda Schwarz) (1889-1981)---C-O

BENNETT, W. H. (68Y – 1953)10 ---D

BENNETT, Wilbur K. (Dr)  (1913-1991)---C-O

BENNETT, William Thompson (1875-1950)---C-O

BENNETZEN, Sena (Johansen)  (1921-2007)  ---O

BENOIT, Arthur  (72y  -1946)  ---D

BENSON, Alice V.  (1895-1974)---C

BENSON, Andrew  (    -1920)  ---D

BENSON, Anna  (1862-1936) ---O

BENSON, Bendix (1853-1931)---C-D-O-MR

BENSON, Betty Ann (Fritz) (1934-1999)---O

BENSON, Catherine Anna (Crilly)  (1840-1939)---C-D-O-MR

BENSON, Clara (Rowe)  (1934-2003)  ---D-O

BENSON, Clarence Edgar (1890-1961)---C-O

BENSON, Delores B. (Custer) (1933-1990)---C-O

BENSON, Dolly  (      -1904)  ---D

BENSON, Elijah M.  (1840-1910)---C-D-MR

BENSON, Ellen (Oline)  (1862-1949)---C-O-MR

BENSON, Ernest (1889-1959)---C

BENSON, Gerald V.  (1915-1963)---C

BENSON, Jack L.  (1926-2002)  --D-O

BENSON, Jan Marie  (1963-2007)  ---O

BENSON, Jobobine Laure  (1866-1925)  ---D-O

BENSON, John Alexander  (1860-1904)---C-D-O

BENSON, Joshua Thomas (1983-1999)---O

BENSON, Lena (Jameson)  (1889-1978)---C

BENSON, Leslie (Mrs)  (    -1978) ---D

BENSON, Lester (1912-1913)---C

BENSON, Louis (1852-1923)---C-D-O-MR

BENSON, Lyle L. (1915-1984)---C-O

BENSON, Mildred M. (Conyers) (1908-2002)---D-O

BENSON, Nannie J. (Evans) (1849-1901)---C

BENSON, Oscar Winfred (1887-1970)---C-O

BENSON, Raymond M. (1905-1992)---C-O

BENSON, Ted R. (1905-1993)---C-O

BENSON, Vera M. (Spargo) –Mattison-Schroder  (1922-2005)  ---O

BENSON, Viola (Damel) (1911-1999)---D-O

BENSON, Virgil W. (1911-1994)---D-O

BENSON, William H.  (1877-1898)---C-O

BENSON-RAGER, Marguerite (See Rager)  (90y-2005  ---D

BENT, June N.  (1856-1929)  ---O

BENTLEY, Charles Leonard  (1906-1906)---C-O

BENTON, Joseph Brian (1998-1999)---C-O

BENTON, Susie (    -1932)---C-D

BENTZ, Harold  (1917-2003)  ---O

BERDINE, Cassie E. (Grimes) (1862-1933)---C-O

BERDINE, Grace (Hussong) (1878-1967)---C-O

BERDINE, Henry John (1859-1920)---C-O

BERDINE, John Henry   (1883-1947)---C-D-O

BERDINE, John M. (1907-1963)---C

BERDINE, Kenneth (Infant) (    -1908)---C

BERDINE, Leah Grace (1913-1915)---C-O

BERG, Ed (1870-1943)---C-D

BERG, Gada Harms “Tyade” (1813-1910)---C-O

BERG, Magnhild C.  (1909-1991)---C-O

BERGEN, Marie (Fenney) (    -1935)---C-D

BERGER, Catherine H. (Ginrich) (1897-1996)---C-D-O

BERGER, Louis (1895-1975)---C-O

BERGER, Napoleon  (      -1942)  ---D

BERGGREN, Kenneth (1906-1994)---O

BERGGREN, Myrna L. (Richter)  (1938-1989)---C-O

BERGMAN, Beulah Beatrice (Joy) (1907-1995)---C-D-O

BERGMAN, Charles H. (    -1999)---D

BERGMAN, Eric O.  (1874-1958)  ---D-O-MR

BERGMAN, Glen & Guy  (Inf sons of E. O.)  (1912-1913)  ---O

BERGMAN, Guy & Glen  (Inf sons of E. O. )  (1912-1913)  ---O

BERGMAN, Howard Ralph (1909-1995)---O

BERGMAN, Ivan R.  (1912-2007)  ---O

BERGMAN, Oliver E. (1907-1994)---O

BERGSTROM, Lenora Marie (Grote) (1910-2001)---C-O

BERGSTROM, Merrill Stanley (Mert) (1932-1986?)---O

BERGSTROM, Stanley (50y -1954)---C-O

BERLIE, Bertha Dorothy (Glese)  (1912-1988)---C-O

BERLIE, Beverly F. (Mucklow)  (1930-2002) ---D-O

BERLIE, Darrel R. (1927-1967)---C

BERLIE, David (1894-1976)---C

BERLIE, Donald D. (1916-1982)---C-O

BERLIE, Dorsey (Russell) (1926-1929)---C-O

BERLIE, Fred J. (    -1932)---C

BERLIE, Fred Junior  (1933-1933)  ---O

BERLIE, Lyle DeWayne (1932-1932)---C-O

BERLIE, Michael D. (1953-1995)---O

BERLIE, Rena Belle (Borland) (1893-1939)  ---C-D-O

BERNARD, Juliana D. (80y -1995)---D

BERNHARD, William  (72y -1946)  ---D

BERNHARDT, Martha Sophia (Braams) -Schmidt (1894-1985)---C-O

BERNS, Anna M. (1869-1933)---C

BERNS, Gerldine (Feis)  (1931-2006)  ---O

BERNS, Joseph P. (1863-1928)---C-D

BERRY, Charles Herbert (1891-1982)---C-D-F

BERRY, Edna M. (See Haubold) ---CR

BERRY, Everett  (1928-2003)  ---D-O

BERRY, Fayette Arsula (Bauhard)  (1894-1969)---C-D-O-F

BERRY, Johanna “Gertie  (    -1909)  ---PN

BERRY, Kendra Kay (1986-1986)---C-O

BERRY, Lydia Roan (Bauhard) (1863-1953)---C-O

BERRY, Richard Henry (1857-1936)---C-O

BERTRAND, Bernard (1919-1978)---C-O

BERTRAND, Charles (1869-1957)---C-O

BERTRAND, Clara (1906-1907)---C

BERTRAND, Eva Lena (Howell) (1883-1977)---C-D-O

BERTRAND, Francis (    -1975)---C-D

BERTRAND, Henry (1878-1946)---C-O

BERTRAND, Julian (1865-1950)---C-O

BERTRAND, Louis Jr.  (1892-1972)---C-O

BERTRAND, Lyndell (    -1997)---D

BERTRAND, Marie Julie (Sonnet) (1890-1969)---C-D-O

BERTRAND, Marie Celina (Flocard) (1845-1934)---C-O

BERTRAND, Pierre “Peter”  (1829-1913)---C-D

BERTRAND, Rose (1904-1986)---C-O

BERTRAND, Sarah Jane (Adamson) (1892-1971)---C-O

BERTRAND, Wayne Milton (1943-1943)---C-D

BERTWELL, Arthur  (    -1879)---C

BERTWELL, John S.  (    -1879)---C

BESSINGER, Lillian L. (Meyer) (1912-2001)---C-O

BEST, Alvin John (1902-1932)---C-O

BEST, Ehje (1845-1909)---C

BEST, Elmer D. (  39y  )---C-O

BEST, Eta (Quadhamer) (1877-1950)---C-O-MR

BEST, Harm (1898-1994)---O

BEST, Johannes (1874-1962)---C-O-MR

BEST, John J.  (   76y   )---C-O

BEST, John Mathew (1917-1991)---C-O

BEST, Lavern H. (Lee)  (1921-1990)---C-O

BEST, Mary Mabel (1902-1959)---C

BEST, Tena Jessie (Schmidt) (1902-1983)---C-O

BEST, Terry Lee (Twin) (    -1958)---C

BEST, Veka (Kaufmann) (1836-1921)---C-O-2nd MR

BETAN, Infant of Napoleon  ---

BETHUNE, Emma (Neff) (1877-1964)---C-O

BETTIS, Infants Twins of Orren (1910-1910)---C

BETTIS, Leroy (1850-1898)---C

BETTIS, Melisa Louise  (Gleason) (1855-1917)---C-O

BETTS, Ella Jean “Fern”  (1887-1962)---C-O

BETTS, Mary Ann (Ruch) (1832-1907)---C-O

BETTS, Mary Ellen (Frieden) (1867-1958)---C-O-MR

BETTS, Newton Oscar  (1858-1925)  ---C-O

BETTS, Orren M.  (1826-1890)---C-O

BETZ, Alice Elizabeth (1879-1937)---C-O

BETZ, Anna E. (Adler) (1877-1925)---C-D-O-MR

BETZ, Anna M.  (1916-1916)---C

BETZ, Caroline B. (Endorf)  (1909-1931)---C

BETZ, Catharine (1853-1913)---C

BETZ, Charlotte (Eckhart) Tillman (1876-1910)---C-D-O

BETZ, Fred (1872-1961)---C

BETZ, Grace S.  (Meyer) (1907-1998)---C-O

BETZ, Henry Jacob  (81y5m26d – 1912)  ---O

BETZ, Henry Jr. (1875-1968)---C-O-MR

BETZ, Henry Sr. (1852-1928)---C-D-O

BETZ, John Jacob (1872-1974)---C

BETZ, Katharina E. (    -1879)---C

BETZ, Mary E.  (    -1931)---C

BETZ, Rudolph A. (1904-1964)---C

BETZ, Ruth (1914-1916)---C

BETZ, Theodore T.  (1912-1914)---C

BETZER, Raymond J. (1893-1928)---C-D-O

BEVINS, Mariah Jean Marie (1994-1994)---C-O

BEVINS, Shirley (Daft)  (1929-2005)  ---O

BEYER, Marie Lene  (1836-1922)  ---O

BICKEL, Infant Daughter (See Myrtle)  (      -1946) ---O

BICKEL, Myrtle  M.  Josh) (1913-1946)---O

BICO, Ruth Abilene (Homan) (1912-1999)---O

BIEHN, John (1832-1880)---C

BIENHOFF, Adeline Anna Johanna (Frecks) (1926-1983)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Albert Harm (1916-1990)---O

BIENHOFF, Alfred (1919-1994)---D-O

BIENHOFF, Anna Margaretha E (Stuhmer)  (1899-1962)---C

BIENHOFF, Antje Jacobina (Raveling) (1886-1947)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Dorothy Margaret (Ebke) (1922-1998)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Ehme H.  (1930-2008)  ---O

BIENHOFF, Ehme U. (1894-1966)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Elmer Sam (1924-1973)---C

BIENHOFF, Emma K. (Bruns) (1891-1969)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Frieda Marie (1908-1979)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Harm U. (1886-1969)---C

BIENHOFF, Henry Ulfert (1884-1972)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Johanna Julianna  (Post) (1900-1989)---C-O

BIENHOFF, John Harm (1917-1997)---C-O

BIENHOFF, John Jr. (1928-1928)---C

BIENHOFF, John Ulfert (1891-1958)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Joyce JoAnn (Janssen) (1938-1998)---O

BIENHOFF, Mary Jane (11m3w – 1961)  ---O

BIENHOFF, Middent U. “Mid” (1897-1994)---D-O

BIENHOFF, Neil Vernon (1919-1993)---D-O

BIENHOFF, Orville U. (1961-1993)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Tena Maria (Eilers) (1898-1963)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Trientje M. Harmina (Saathoff) (1863-1943)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Ulfert H. (1861-1939)---C-O

BIENHOFF, Velma B. (Hines)  (1923-2003)  ---D-O

BIENHOFF, Verna Lee (    -1949)---C-D

BIENHOFF, Vernon H.  (1926-2007)  ---O

BIERHAUS, Ada L. (Hardy)  (1887-1958)  ---D-O

BIERHAUS, Amelia M. (Feis) (1882-1928)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Carl (1898-1969)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Carrie J.  (1889 -1976)  ---D

BIERHAUS, Chris J. (1875-1967)---C

BIERHAUS, Donald (1926-1999)---D-O

BIERHAUS, Elizabeth (Vandergrift) (1906-1934)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Emma Viola (McCoy) (1901-1956)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Ervin Jesse  (4y –1911)  ---O

BIERHAUS, Eva (Watson) (1878-1930)---C-O-MR

BIERHAUS, Frederick “Fritz”  (1921-2008)  ---O

BIERHAUS, Gerhard (1836-1897)---C

BIERHAUS, Henry William (1870-1937)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Herbert W.  (    -1979)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Leslie L.  (1901-1961)---C

BIERHAUS, Norma (Warner) (1900-1938)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Wilhelmina (Carstans) (1841-1928)---C-O

BIERHAUS, Wilhelmine Elvina (Koehler)  (1877-1946)---C

BIERHAUS, William (1877-1951)---C-MR

BIERKLE, Theo B.  (    -1955)---C-O

BIHLER, Seb (1813-1886)---C

BILLIAR, Jacob  (1825-1888)---C

BILLIAR, Jacob  (1850-1927)  ---O-MR

BILLIAR, Sophia Johanna (Wittfoth) (1862-1934)---C-O-MR

BILLIER, Walter Frederick  (1891 – 1954)  ---D

BILLINGS, Arlie Ruth (Persell)  (1898-1986)---C-O

BILLINGS, Arthur Dale (1920-1990)---O

BILLINGS, Aubery A. (1869-1915)---C-O

BILLINGS, Forrest David (1896-1984)---C-O

BILLINGS, Infant Daughter of Nuel  (    -1914) ---D

BILLINGS, Leota M. (Johnson) (1926-1999)---D-O

BILLINGS, Mary Etta (Dannels)  (1873-1946)  ---O

BILLUPS, Earl G. (1886-1905)---C

BILLUPS, Eliza (1862-1946)---C

BILLUPS, Emily (Corns) (1833-1914)---C-D-O

BILLUPS, Ida Fay (1890-1893)---C-O

BILLUPS, James L. (1861-1932)---C

BILLUPS, John William (1855-1938)---C-O

BILLUPS, William Allen (    -1955)---C-D

BILLUPS, William O.  (1828-1905)---C-O

BILTOFT, Carolyn Beth (Keith)  (1940-1998)---C-O

BILTOFT, Charles R.  (1952-2004)  ---O

BINDER, Emma Marie (Koch)  (1880-1970)---C-D-O

BINDER, Gotlieb (1870-1923)---C-D-O

BINDER, Katie (Rutt)  (    -1911)  ---D

BING, Helen (    -1888)---C

BING, James (Mrs) (    -    )---C                        (Maybe Helen)

BINKER, Fannie B.  (    -1888/89?)---C

BIRCHELL, Frank A.  (1875-1932)  ---D

BIRDSALL, Hemon L. (1905-1994)---D-O

BISBE, Eddie G. (    -1892)---C

BISBE, Frankie E.  (    -1882)---C

BISBE, Small Grave (    -    )---C

BISBEE, Small Grave (    -    )---C

BISBEE, T. J. (1836-1894)---C

BISHOP, D. L.  (1842-1901)---C

BISHOP, Grant Odell (2y 5m  -1901)---C

BISHOP, Harriett G.  (96y -1938)---C-O

BISHOP, James Denver  (1910-1981)  ---O

BISLOW, Alice Marie (Butterbaugh)  (1918-1964)---C-D

BISLOW, Arthur Beck (1910-1991)---C-O

BISLOW, Ellen C. (Beck)  (1880-1954)---C-O

BISLOW, Harry Ralph (1912-1990)---C-O

BISLOW, Irene Marie (Dallmann)  (1921-1992)---C-O

BISLOW, LeRoy William (1908-1973)---C-O

BISLOW, Orville Leslie (1915-1988)---C-O

BISLOW, William (1893-1961)---C

BJORKLUN, Anna Christina (Hammer) Hokanson  (1875-1941)  ---C-D-O

BJORKLUN, Charles B. (1871-1954)---C-O

BJORKLUN, Herman E. (1905-1991)---C-O

BJORNSTAD, Ara Edna (Fuller)  (1903-1946)  ---D-O

BLACK, Candace Sarah (Webster) –Tussey  (1858-1929)  ---D-O

BLACK, Claude R.  (1933-2006)  ---D-O

BLACK, Edward Walter  (1872-1934)---C-D-O

BLACK, Ella Irene  (Schmidt) (1910-1929)---C-D-O

BLACK, Esther A. (1875-1943)---C

BLACK, Gloria (Fatiga)  (1942-2004)  ---D-O

BLACK, Issac (1823-1906)---C-D-O

BLACK, James P. A. (    -1918)---C-MR

BLACK, Jane Mongomery (    -1878)---C

BLACK, Kittie C. (Ross)  (1861-1885)---C-MR

BLACKBURN, Dorotha Inez (1908-1909)---C

BLACKBURN, Eldon Ernest  (1918-1945)  ---O

BLACKBURN, Eleanor (1854-1893)---C

BLACKBURN, Infant of Elmer (1896-1896)---C

BLACKBURN, Infant Son of C. E. (1908-1908)---C

BLACKBURN, Osie Christina (Nybroe) (1870-1943)  ---O-MR

BLACKLEDGE, Asa (1854-1930)---C-O-MR

BLACKLEDGE, B. F.  (1851-1882)---C

BLACKLEDGE, Caroline  (1832-1904)  ---D

BLACKLEDGE, Child of Asa (1894-    )---C

BLACKLEDGE, David (1824-1893)---C

BLAKE, Anna R. (Guthrie) (1852-1913)---C-O

BLAKE, Daughter of E. E. (    -1892)---C-D

BLAKE, Edna Clare (See Burton) ---CR

BLAKE, John Crittenden (1889-1913)---C-O

BLAKE, Mabel Agnes (Fox) (1901-1986)---C-O

BLAKE, Susan (1820-1893)---C

BLAKE, Winfield Scott (1849-1931)---C-O-H

BLANCHARD, Ethel (Wharton) – Lantis (1879-1968)---C

BLANDIN, O. J. (Mrs)  (    -1910)---D

BLANK, Albert Thomas (1904-1921)---C-O

BLANK, Anna E. (Fegter) (1871-1956)---C-O-MR

BLANK, Anna Georgina (Madsen)  (1922-2009)  ---O

BLANK, Earl H. (1921-1996)---D-O

BLANK, Edna Louise (1912-1918)---C-D

BLANK, Emma (Hauboldt) (1869-1942)---C-O-MR

BLANK, Ernest W. (1911-1962)---C-O

BLANK, Esther Rixtie (See Yelken) ---CR

BLANK, George Harry (1918-1993)---D-O

BLANK, Gertie (Saathoff) (1894-1978)---C-O

BLANK, Harman T. (1883-1958)---C-D-O-MR

BLANK, Harmina George (Tjaden)  (1896-1971)  ---O-F

BLANK, Harry  Herro”(1842-1910)---C-D-O

BLANK, Harry Thomas (1891-1964)---C-D-O

BLANK, Harry W. (1892-1972)---C-O

BLANK, Henry T. (1903-1919)---C

BLANK, Herman J. (1905-1997)---C-O

BLANK, Homer  (1921-2008)  ---O

BLANK, John C. (1903-1996)---O

BLANK, John H. (1871-1919)---C-MR

BLANK, John T. (1878-1961)---C-O-MR?

BLANK, Karen Ann (1938-1947)---C-O

BLANK, Kenneth T. (Col) (1930-1972)---C-O

BLANK, Laura Ottillie (Knuth) (1907-1998)---D-O

BLANK, Lavern Ray “Dr”  (1927-2006)  ---O

BLANK, Lavina Trientje Mary (Bienhoff)  (1921-2002 ---D-O

BLANK, Lela Mae (1934-1947)---C-D-O

BLANK, Lena Caroline (Steinkruger) (1891-1973)---C-O

BLANK, Lila L. (Sargent) (1897-1970)---C-O

BLANK, Lizzie M. (1905-1924)---C-D

BLANK, Lottie Elizabeth (Schurman) (1906-1990)---C-O

BLANK, Marie Johanna (Casper)  1917-2006)  ---O

BLANK, Mary (Kleen) (1886-1953)---C-D-O-MR

BLANK, Matilda Charlotte (Kleen) (1880-1965)---C-O

BLANK, Max Wayne (1925-1949)---C-D-O

BLANK, Maxine (Roberts) (1910-1989)---C-O

BLANK, Merle D. (DeBerry) – Holman  (74y  ---2005)  ---D

BLANK, Norma Jean (Bierhaus) (1922-1956)---C-O

BLANK, Raymond F. (1917-1983)---O

BLANK, Rixte “Rachel” (Dierks) (1850-1923)---C-O

BLANK, Russell Alan (1956-1956)---C-O

BLANK, Thomas Hero (1867-1948)---C-O-MR

BLANK, Thomas R. (1881-1956)---C-O

BLANK, Thomas T. (1850-1932)---C-O

BLANK, Thomas William (1900-1987)---C-O

BLANK, Tillie (Kleen) (1880-1969)---C-D-O-MR?

BLANK, Walter G. (1907-1911)---C-O

BLANK, Walter Leslie  (1913-2005)  ---D-O

BLANK, William A. (72y -1986)---C-O-F

BLANK, William Thomas (1894-1984)---C-O

BLANK, Yeka (1836-1921)---C

BLANKENBAKER, Marjorie (Humphrey) (1919-1997)---C-O

BLANKENBAKER, Stan N. (1956-1994)---C-D-O

BLASÉ, Harold Sophus (1861-1929)---C-D-O

BLASINGGAME, Judith Amanda M. (See Cook)---CR

BLATCHLEY, Melinda (1815-1876)---C

BLAUVELT, Spencer (    -1903?)---C

BLAZKOVEC, Rose (Kolarik) (1880-1960)---C-O

BLENEBARD, Ethel (    -1968)---C

BLICKEM, Lucille E. (Sparks)  (79y – 2004)  ---D

BLINCOW, Grace Mae (Huffman) (1896-2000)---D-O

BLISS, Fredrick Emil (    -1989)---D

BLOCK, Alice (Tomlin) (79y    -    )---D         died before 1968

BLOCK, Mary Florence (Shively) (1880-1955)---C-O

BLODGETT, Infant Son  (    -1938)---C

BLOEDORN, Ada R.  (1878-84y)---C-O

BLOEDORN, Alvin O.  (1891-1971)  ---O

BLOEDORN, William (1846-1929)---C-O

BLOODGOOD, Sarah A. (See Clapp) ---CR

BLUHM, Alfred Carl (1899-1990)---C-O

BLUHM, Rose Marie (Branch)  (1901-1991)---C-O

BLUM, ?ten? – Infant  (    -1878)---C

BLUM, Anna P. (1877-1878)---C

BLUM, Harold G. Sr.  (1904-2003)  ---D-O

BLUM, Helen  Fern (Covey)  (1908-2007)  ---O

BLUM, Pearl Louise (1911-1912)---C-O

BLUM, Sarah Jane Etta (Arkle)  (1905-1980)  ---O

BLUNT, Wilbur (    -1944)---D

BLYDENBURGH, Daisey E. (1907-1970)---C

BOBBETT, Bernice Evelyn (Clow) (1906-1996)---C-O

BOCOCK, Elmer Alfred  (1877-1956)  ---O

BODENTSCH, Bertha W. (Lemmert) (1889-1935)---C-O

BODFIELD, Robbie  (1953-2003)  ---O

BODGER, Thomas (1877-1949)---C-D-O

BODLE, Ida Eliza (Thorn) (1876-1950)---C-O

BODURTHA, Emma (    -1890)---C

BODWELL, Sarah (    -1872)---C

BOECK, Emma (Frerichs) (1904-1971)---C-O

BOEHL, Foeline Marie (Boumann)  (1862-1921)  ---O

BOETEL, Fern O. (Gwennap)  (1919-2009)  ---O

BOGART, Donald  (1935-2006)  ---D-O

BOGGS, Marilda J. “Martha” (Stausberry) (1843-1920)---C-O

BOGGS, William A. R.  (1840-1933)---C-O

BOHATY, Shirley A. (Stover) (1946-1994)---C-O

BOHM, Alice Marie (Rogers)  (1932-2004)  ---D-O

BOHRER, Bridgett (Rice) (1869-1957)---C-D-O

BOHRER, Charles Henry (Same as Henry) (1863-1943)---C-O

BOHRER, Charles S. (1899-1978)---C

BOHRER, Edward Arley (1907-1964)---C-O

BOHRER, Estella (1893-1974)---C

BOHRER, Florence Sebastian (1862-1921)---C-O

BOHRER, Francis V. (1899-1961)---C

BOHRER, Fred A. (1902-1974)---C

BOHRER, Gretchen (1904-1907)---C

BOHRER, Henry (Same as Charles Henry) (1863-1943)---C-O

BOHRER, John J. (    -1941)---C

BOHRER, John M. (1900-1977)---C

BOHRER, Josephe H. “Joe”  (1907-2007)  ---D-O

BOHRER, Josephine Maryette (Stewart) (1903-1999)---C-O

BOHRER, Marietta Faye (1956-1958)---C-O

BOHRER, Marjorie J. or M. (Buss) (1942-1975)---C

BOHRER, Mary Ann (McInerney) (1877-1971)---C-O

BOHRER, Mary Josephine (Drummond) (1872-1952)---C-O

BOHRER, Randy Lee (1961-1989)---C-O

BOHRER, Richard Lyle (1932?-1947)---C

BOHRER, Robert Edward (1932-1999)---D-O

BOHRER, Roberta (Kugler)  (1938-2009)  ---O

BOHRER, Roderick L. (Infant) (1960-1960)---C

BOHRER, Thomas Gilman (1906-1957)---C-O

BOISEN, Averill Vincent  (1913-1943)  ---O

BOISEN, Bernice G. (L’Heureux)  (1927-2007)  ---O

BOISEN, Harley Clifford  (1916-1993)---D-O

BOISEN, Minnie (Tonneson)  (1838-1923)  ---D-O

BOLDMAN, Infant of James (    -1918)---C

BOLDMAN, Marie (Schobel) (1883-1957)---C-O-MR

BOLDT, Foeline (1862-1921)---C

BOLDT, Fredericka (1849-1941)---C-O

BOLDT, Fredrick  (      -1903)  ---D

BOLDT, Robert F. (Buldt) (1913-1913)---C-D

BOLDT, W. C. (    -1939)---C-O

BOLES, Arthur Dr.  (77y  -1968) ---D

BOLES, G. Elsie (Arnold) (98y -    )---C-D

BOLEY, Nancy Jane (Hubbird) Grandma (1829-1925)---C-D-O

BOLING, Raymond  (1931-1982)  ---O

BOLLE, Carl  (1919-2009)  ---O

BOLLE, Dorethea “Dorothy” (Aschemann) (1889-1944)---C-O

BOLLE, Florence (Greening) (1916-1975)---C

BOLLE, Nettie Marei (Nocita)  (1916-2003)  ---D-O

BOLLE, Theodore J. (1882-1964)---C-O

BOLLE, Theodore John Jr. (1913-2001)---D-O

BOLLENDS, Mary A. (    -1890)---C

BOLLENDS, Richard (    -1894)---C

BOLLING, Ann M. (Mohrman) (1827-1901)---C

BOLTON, Large Grave (See Fairchild) (    -    )---C

BOMARK, Lena – Lewis  (1841-1918)  ---O

BOND, Allen (1900-1901)---C

BOND, Sarah A. (Williams)  (1866-1900)---C-O-MR

BONDE, Hazel (Christensen)  (    -1991)  ---D

BONDE, Theodore A. “Ted”  (1903-2003)  ---D-O

BONHAM, Benjamin R. (1886-1944)---C-O

BONHAM, Catherine (Lucus) (1855-1942)---C-O

BONHAM, Claude Benjamin (1904-1998)---C-O

BONHAM, Dean (1935-1996)---O

BONHAM, Dialah (Adelia) (    -1888)---C

BONHAM, Estella Gertrude (Kunze) (1884-1951)---C-O-MR

BONHAM, Fay Manford (1897-1935)---C-O

BONHAM, George Franklin (1881-1944)---C-O-MR

BONHAM, Grace Louise (Palmer) (1924-2000)---D-O

BONHAM, Infant (    -    )---C

BONHAM, J. D. (    -    )---C

BONHAM, James (1854-1916)---C-O

BONHAM, Josephine (Givens)  (1912-2006)  ---O

BONHAM, Kittie E. (Rogers) (1886-1978)---C-O

BONHAM, Ross B. (1906-1994)---O

BOOHER, John B. (1907-1965)---C-O

BOOKER, Rosa (Fritson) (1910-2002)---D-O

BOOKER, Wayne H.  (1908-1973) ---O

BOON, Alexander (1851-1914)---C-O

BOON, Charles W.  (71Y – 1981)  ---O

BOON, Elsie R. (Robertson) (1881-1948)---C-O-MR

BOON, George Marvin (1879-1902)---C-D

BOON, Hannah Rebecca (Dunlevy) (1851-1928)---C-O

BOON, Lloyd Wilson (1911-1984)---C-O

BOON, Paul Taylor (1919-1919)---C-D

BOON, Rodger W. (1881-1954)---C-O-MR

BOON, Roger Ely (1940-1998)---C-D-O

BOON, Wilma L. (Bennett)  (1916-2005)  ---D-O

BOONE, Ethel M. (1909-1910)---C-D

BOONE, Ollie (Walker) (1886-1910)---C-D-O

BOONE, Twin Daughter of Art Boone (1909-1910)---D-O

BOOTON, Carolyn Sue (1945-1962)---C-D-O

BOOTON, Charles Clyde (1888-1968)---C-O

BOOTON, Gertie (McClure) (1893-1971)---C-O

BOOTON, Mary Lou (Schriner) (1919-1969)---C-D-O

BOOTON, William D. (1917-1991)---C-O

BORCHERS, Clifford H. (1922-1999)---O

BORCHERS, Gayle A.  (f1951-2008)  ---O

BORCHERS, Helena (Sump)  (1897-1958)---C-D-O

BORCHERS, Henry John (1894-1982)---C

BORCHERS, Virginia Jean (Detrick) (49y -1977)---C-O

BORDER, Carrie (See Furry) ---CR

BORDER, Catherine Ellen (See Carper) ---CR

BORGMAN, Emma Ida (Aschi)  (1910-2007)  ---O

BORGMAN, Frieda Margarete (Mennenga) (1911-1968)---C-O

BORGMAN, Grace Johanna (1903-1972)---C-O

BORGMAN, Gretie H. (Everts) (1837-1897)---C

BORGMAN, Henry T. (1904-1904)---C

BORGMAN, Henry Theodore (1906-1981)---C-O

BORGMAN, Irene (Keiser) (1919-1995)---D-O

BORGMAN, John H.  (1942-2002)  ---O

BORGMAN, John T. (1836-1914)---C-O

BORGMAN, John Theodore (1874-1957)---C-O

BORGMAN, Leona (Eckhoff)  (1917-2009)  ---O

BORGMAN, Tena (1905-1990)---C-O

BORGMAN, Theodore John (1910-1973)---C-O-F

BORGMAN, Wilhelm J. (1902-1995)---D-O

BORGMANN, Johanna Christina (Eden) (1871-1931)---C-O-MR

BORLAND, Chasma (    -1922)---C

BORLAND, Clema Lee (1900-1974)---C

BORLAND, Freeman Harmon (60y10m17d)---C

BORLAND, Harrilda Pauline (1911-1928)---C-D-O

BORLAND, Ida Nadene (1913-1928)---C-D-O

BORLAND, Infant (    -    )---C

BORLAND, James (1849-1927)---C-O

BORLAND, Lena L. (Barstow) (1875-1946)---C-D-MR

BORLAND, Leroy R. (1861-1940)---C-O-MR

BORLAND, Lily (Schriner) (1884-1945)---C

BORLAND, Lucy Sophronia (Ayers) (1887-1928)---C-D-O

BORLAND, Mary M. (Barker) (1861-1933)---C-O

BORLAND, Otto (1888-1928)---C-D-O

BORLAND, Sophia (Wilson) (1825-1911)---C-D-O

BORMARK, Fred G. (1886-1960)---C

BORMARK, Pearl Leona (Anderson) (1886-1931)---C

BORTFELD, Buelah G. (Hall) (1883-1970)---C

BORTFELD, C. Fredrich (1910-1963)---C

BORTFELD, Fred E. (1881-1969)---C

BOSE, William Henry (1911-1991)---C-O

BOSS,  Mother Troube (    -1882)---C-D

BOSS, Henry (1835-1918)---C-O

BOSS, John (    -    )---C

BOTHA,  (    -    )---C

BOUDREAU, Alexcina (Roulier) (1876-1955)---C-O

BOUDREAU, Alma (Choquette) (1899-1972)---C-O

BOUDREAU, Alphonse (1907-1980)---C-O

BOUDREAU, Corinne (1878-1961)---C

BOUDREAU, Elaine Helen (Brouillette) (1905-1999)---D-O

BOUDREAU, Elizabeth (1861-1923)---C-D

BOUDREAU, Frank J. (1900-2000)---D-O

BOUDREAU, George (Mrs)  (       -1952)  ---D

BOUDREAU, January (1870-1910)---C-O-MR

BOUDREAU, Joseph H. (1867-1952)---C-O

BOUDREAU, Lawrence O. (1908-2001)---C-D-O

BOUDREAU, Leon A.  (100y -2006)  ---D

BOUDREAU, Leona (Champoux)  (1911-2003)  ---D-O

BOUDREAU, Leroy (1928-1930)---C

BOUDREAU, Louis (1871-1938)---C-D

BOUDREAU, Marcella (1926-1926)---C

BOUDREAU, Michael Allen (Mickey) (1947-1949)---C-D

BOUDREAU, Ourora B. (1888-1975)---C

BOUDREAU, Rose Eliza (Sarault)  (1865-1923)  ---O

BOUDREAU, Rould G. (1884-1941)---C

BOUDREAU, Sophie (Marcelle) (1849-1906)---C

BOUDREAU, StanisasStanley  (1863-1925)---C-MR

BOUDREAU, Victoria (L’Heureux) (1872-1953)---C-O-MR

BOUDREAU, Viola May (Lavoie) (1908-1975) ---O

BOUDREAU, William J.  (1894-1972)---C-D-O

BOUMANN, Marie (1827-1902)---C

BOURDEAU, Orillen (Son of January)  (16y – 1913)  ---D

BOURDEAU, Z.  (57y – 1912)  ---O

BOUTIN, Georgiana  (1880-1920)  ---O

BOUTIN, Joseph (1848-1932)---C-D-O

BOUTIN, Lee  (    -    )---C

BOUTIN, Leonia (Berger)  (1887-1967)---C-O-MR

BOUTIN, Margaret (Berger) (1852-1929)---C-O

BOUTIN, Raymond  (59y –1978)  ---D

BOUTIN, William (1880-1969)---C-D-O-MR

BOWDEN, Timothy Alan “Tab”  (    -1986)---C-O

BOWEN, Beulah I. (Diener) (1936-2008)  ---O

BOWEN, Matilda J. (Byerly) (1877-1958)---C-O-MR

BOWEN, Oran R.  (    -    )---C-MR

BOWER, Baby (    -1913) (Same as Perry Bowers)---C-D-O

BOWER, Bessie (Fields) (1907-1998)---D-O

BOWER, Bryan Marion (1904-1965)---C-O

BOWER, Clarence Harold (1906-1983)---C

BOWER, Grace M. (Johnston)  (See Gessford) ---CR-MR

BOWER, Harry (1901-1971)---C-O

BOWER, Henry Hennis (1874-1931)---C-O

BOWER, Ida Addell (Cook)  (1876-1965)---C-O

BOWER, Jack R. (1929-2001)---D-O

BOWER, Lorance Raymond “Pete” (1909-1988)---C-O

BOWER, Virginia “Jennie”  (Helsey)  (    -1931)---C-D

BOWER, William  (     -1918)  ---D

BOWER, William M.  (1832-1920)  ---O

BOWERS, Bernice Marie (1902-1903)---C

BOWERS, Linza Evart (    -1933)---C-D

BOWERS, Louis Johnston (1903-1996)---C-O

BOWERS, M. H. (1849-1907)---C

BOWERS, Olga (    -1906)---C

BOWERS, Orlie S.  (1876-1903)---C-D-O

BOWERS, Perry (1911-1913)---C-O

BOWERS, Robert C. (49y -1929)---C-D

BOWERS, Walter L. (1897-1953)---C

BOWERS, William Anderson  (1852-1930)  ---D-O

BOWERS-PIERCE, Canzada (1852-1931)---C-O

BOYCE, Charles C. (1880-1960)---C

BOYCE, Daniel Austin (1892-1961)---C

BOYCE, Eliza Jane (Sturges) (1885-1971)---C-O

BOYCE, Elsie M. (Hutson) (1882-1961)---C-O

BOYCE, Gary Lee (1943-1989)---C-O

BOYCE, Ione I. (Moore) (1900-1973)---C-D-O

BOYCE, Louella (Pumroy) (    -1948)---C-D

BOYCE, Rex G. (1920-1989)---C-O

BOYCE, Robert D.  (1908-1938)---C-O

BOYSEN, Carl  (1917-1945)  ---O

BOYSEN, Chris (1905-1956)---C-O

BOYSEN, Christine  (96y-    )  ---D

BRAAMS, Anna Katherine (Best) (1866-1927)---C-O

BRAAMS, Anna Minnie (Hinrichs) (1884-1968)---O

BRAAMS, Benjamin Wilken (1888-1967)---C-O-AN

BRAAMS, Clara Alma Bell (Ruhs) (1890-1955)---C-O-F

BRAAMS, Edward R.  (1912-2007)  ---O

BRAAMS, Elmer Floyd (1917-1990)---C-O

BRAAMS, Fannie Friedericka (Albers) (1900-1965)---C-O

BRAAMS, Helen Nora (Blank) (1913-2001)---D-O

BRAAMS, Jacob F. (1863-1933)---C-O

BRAAMS, Jake Fredrick (1906-1943)---D-O

BRAAMS, Johann G. (1909-1915)---C

BRAAMS, Rose Ann  (Stewart)  (1916-1996)---O

BRAAMS, Wilhelm Jake (1896-1945)---C-O

BRACHEAR, Ellen E. (Kelso) (1836-1920)---C-O

BRACHEAR, Geneva A. (McCartney) (1880-1971)---C-O

BRACHEAR, Hartford R. (1866-1947)---C-O

BRADEN, Ada Lillie (Adams) (1862-1899)---C

BRADEN, Emma (    -1887)---C

BRADEN, Florence (    -1887)---C

BRADEN, Laura A. (See Simmons) ---CR

BRADEN, Luvene (Furry)  (1905-1985)---C-O

BRADEN, Mary Catherine “Kitty” (Buster) – Mitchell  (1869-1937)---C-O-MR

BRADEN, Samuel (1858-1930)---C-D-O-MR

BRADLEY, Charlene Kay (1966-1966)---C-O

BRADLEY, Earl A.  (1917-2005)  ---D-O

BRADLEY, Emily –Harvey- (Robinson)  (1873-1941)---D

BRADLEY, Harvey  (1934-2003)  ---D-O

BRADLEY, Leath L. “Lee” (Nyberg)  (1926-2007)  ---O

BRADLEY, Lyle Wendell (1929-1994)---O-MR

BRADLEY, Margaret (Bradshaw)  (1933-2009)  ---O

BRADLEY, W. (    -1915)---C-D

BRADLEY, Wayne Elmer (1914-1972)---C-O

BRADLEY, Wilma Evelyn  (1912-1926)  ---O

BRADNEY, Keith  (1887-1918)  ---D

BRADNEY, W. B. (1855-1931)---C-D-BN

BRADSHAW, Ann Olivia (Elley) (1891-1979)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Bertha  Elnora(1889-1904)  ---D

BRADSHAW, Charley Valentine (1857-1924)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Clarence Adelbert (1906-1935)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Delbert (1885-1972)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Donald E. (1940-1999)---O

BRADSHAW, Earl Raymond (1895-1956)---C

BRADSHAW, Edna M. (Jacobitz)  (1908-1982)---C-O-F

BRADSHAW, Eleanor Jean (Hollowell)  (1926-2006)  ---O

BRADSHAW, Elsie Maye (McAtee) (1907-1962)---C

BRADSHAW, Ernest (1892-1958)---C-D-O

BRADSHAW, Ethel Rhea (Horton) (1899-1977)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Harley Arthur (1905-1987)---C-O-F

BRADSHAW, James Bert (    -    )---C-O

BRADSHAW, Lena (Spargo) (1889-1983)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Lloyd “Brad” (1923-1997)---O

BRADSHAW, Mark E.  (1961-2006)  ---O

BRADSHAW, Matilda M. (Breese) (1859-1945)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Roland James (1913-1965)---C-O

BRADSHAW, Ruby F. (1904-1986)---C-D-O

BRADY, Duer S. (Dr) (1905-1993)---O

BRADY, Harold (1898-1933)---C-O

BRADY, Merle (1906-1994)---D-O

BRADY, William James  (1892-1964)  ---O

BRAGG, Ruth G. (Lundin) (1894-1989)---O

BRAMLEY, Nancy A. (Long) (1863-1907)---O

BRANDFAS, Bertha Grace (1925-1926)---C-O

BRANDFAS, Floyd Earnest (1915-1945)---C-O

BRANDFAS, John H.  (    -1945)---C-O

BRANDFAS, Myrtle (Goings) (    -    )---D

BRANDFAS, Orva Lois (1925?-1926)---C

BRANDFAS, William Henry (    -    )---C-O

BRANDT, Lucille H. (Scott)  (1910-2004)  ---O

BRANNAGAN, Louise C. (    -1997)---D

BRASHEAR Ellen E. Kelso (Brachear?) (1838-1920)---C-D

BRATT, Lawrence (Rev)  (    -1991)---D

BRATT, Wesley Reuben (1899-1992)---C-O

BRAY, John (    -1893)---C-D

BREAD, Betty Jean (    -1942)---C

BREAULT, Amedea (Champoux) (1882-1962)---C-D-MR

BREAULT, Cyrille  (1841-1929)  ---O

BREAULT, Dalima – Roy  ---CR

BREAULT, Eladie  (1839-1933)  ---O

BREAULT, Eliza “Brault  (1872-1909)---C-O

BREAULT, Gelina Simard (1850-1900)---C

BREAULT, Wilfred (1876-1948)---C-O-MR

BREBNER, William (1861-1948)---C-O-MR

BREDTHAUER, Lydia H. (Foth) (1909-1989)---O

BREEDEN, Augustin Y.”Gus” (1908-1990)---O

BREESE, Beulah L. (1918-1921)---C-O

BREESE, Caroline S. “Lettie” (Barnes) – Kiggins  (1871-1958)---C-D-O

BREESE, Elizabeth (1848-1912)---C-O

BREESE, George (1869-1941)---C-O

BREESE, Henry Allen (1869-1948)---C-O

BREESE, Henry Stephen (1908-1908)---C

BREESE, John Arthur (1888-1951)---C-O

BREESE, Margaret Jane (Barnes) (1833-1924)---C-O

BREESE, Reuben  (    -1910)---C

BREESE, Reuben Russel (1854-1937)---C-O

BREHM, Anna Elizabeth (Lutz) (1896-1989)---C-O

BREHM, Bernard C. (1925-2002)---D-O

BREHM, Francis J. “Pete”  (    -1993)---C-D-O

BREHM, Jacob (1887-1973)---C-o

BREHM, Jake "Bud" (1920-1994)---O

BREHM, Norma Maxine (Secrest) (1925-1988)---C-O

BREHM, Timmey Dean (1850-1996)---C-O

BREIDING, Mary  (1879-1975)  ---O

BREINIG, William Ivan (1920-1987)---C-O

BREITWEISER, Alma M. (1860-1941)---C

BREITWEISER, David (1857-1945)---C

BRENDEL, Frances Folsom (Vallery)  (1887-1956)  ---O

BRENDEL, Thomas Jefferson (1884-1948)---C-O

BRENEMAN, J. K. (Mrs) (1859-1895)---C-D

BRENT, Irma A. (Tunison)  (1908-2007)  ---O

BREWSTER, Earle W. (    -1937)---C

BREWSTER, Frank (Dr.)  (89y   - 1961)  ---O

BREWSTER, H. M. (Mrs) (    -1934)---C-D

BRIDGES, Mary Annetta (Crow)  (1871-1951)---C-O-MR

BRIGGS, Agnes Martha (Moore)  (1868-1933)  ---O

BRIGGS, Edward (    -1894)---C-MR

BRIGGS, Francis Ellen (Cook) (1845-1894)---C

BRIGGS, Martin (75y -    )---C-O

BRIGGS, Mary J. (Carpenter) (1847-1901)---C

BRIGGS, William (1837-1912)---C-O

BRINES, Martha A. (Garrett) (    -1915)---C-D

BRINGELSON, Rachel Elizabeth  (1916-2006)  ---O

BRINK, Etta (Tharp) (1873-1909)---C-O

BRINKMAN, Frank (Mrs)  (     -1960)  ---D

BRINKMAN, Gerd F. “George”  (1843-1935)---C-O

BRINKMAN, Grace (Diener)  (1896-1969)---C-O

BRINKMAN, Harm Gerdes  (1886-1956)---C-O

BRINKMAN, John G.  (1890-1962)---C-O

BRINKMAN, Reenste G. (Mueller)  (1852-1938)---C-O

BRINKMAN, William  (    -1928)  ---D

BRINSON, Mr. (Joseph) (    -1905)---C-D

BRISBIN, George (88y -1995)---D

BRISBIN, Jeremiah  (    -1908)---D

BRISBIN, William I (    -1912)---C-D

BRITT, James (    -1917)---C-O

BRITT, Robert Emmett (1891-1983)---C-O

BRITT, Sarah Emeline (Larraway) (1893-1976)---C-O

BRITT, Theodosia H. (Griggs) (1861-1946)---C-O

BRITTON, Elizabeth Ellen (Marsh) (1857-1927)---C-O-MR

BRITTON, Pearl  (    -1923)  ---D

BRITTON, Sara R.  (    -1886)---C

BRITTON, William T.  (    -1923)---C-O-MR

BROCK, James K. (Mrs)  (    -1914)  ---D

BROCKHOEFF, Harm (Mrs) – Fruhling (    -1933)---C-D

BRODERSEN, Andrew (1854-1922)---C-O

BRODERSEN, Anna M. (1889-1967)---C-O

BRODERSEN, Charles (1891-1972)---C-O

BRODERSEN, Magdalene (Thoysen) (1854-1912)---C

BROMMER, Herbert (1907-1918)---C

BROMMER, Ida (1886-1896)---C

BRONSON, Hazel Clara (Vibber) (1906-1991)---C-O

BRONSON, Merton L. (1931-1988)---C-D

BRONSON, Velma (Nichols) (1936-1977)---C

BROOKS, Betty Ellen (Gray)  (1928-2003)  ---D-O

BROOKS, Child of Clyde (    -1906)---C-D

BROOKS, Della Louiza (Kugler) (1904-1994)---C-O

BROOKS, Emma Mae (Bowlin)  (    -1939)---C-O

BROOKS, Helen Claire (Turner)  (1913-2007)  ---O

BROOKS, Infant of John (1896-1896)---C

BROOKS, Infant of Ottis (    -    )---C

BROOKS, James Clarence (1900-1952)---C-O-N

BROOKS, James H. (1843-1928)---C

BROOKS, Jesse  (1845-1923)  ---D-O

BROOKS, John D. (1859-1919)---C-O-MR

BROOKS, Joseph T.  (    -1913)---D

BROOKS, Linda E. (Thompson) (1867-1943)---C-O-MR

BROOKS, Lizzie A. (1859-1904)---C

BROOKS, Lloyd U.  (1881-1903)  ---O

BROOKS, Mary E. (1844-1924)---C-F

BROOKS, Milton F. (1930-1991)---C-O

BROOKS, Muriel Elizabeth (Dart)  (1883-1924)---C

BROOKS, Robert S.  (    -1893)---C

BROOKS, William (1879-1974?)---C

BROPHY, Glen Dale Patrick (    -1949)---C-O

BROTHERTON, Dessie Lavilla (Reynolds) (1887-1945)---C-O

BROTHERTON, Ed (1879-1945)---C-O

BROUGHTON, Charley L. (1893-1925)---C-O

BROUGHTON, Infant Son of Jake (    -    )---C

BROUILLETTE, Alexander Oscar (1910-1996)---O

BROUILLETTE, Alexcinia M. “Alice” (Lauriault) (1823-1908)---C-O

BROUILLETTE, Alphonse L.  (71y   - 1947 ---O

BROUILLETTE, Donald Levi (1919-1994)---O

BROUILLETTE, Eleodore (1870-1939)---C-D-O

BROUILLETTE, Ernest  (1888-1913)  ---D-O

BROUILLETTE, Frances (Jurgensmier) (1908-1991)---C-O

BROUILLETTE, Francis J. (1834-1894)---C

BROUILLETTE, Gregory M. (1947-2001)---O

BROUILLETTE, Hector Jr.  (1929-56y)  ---O

BROUILLETTE, Jerry  (6y –1947)  ---O

BROUILLETTE, Laura (Choquette) (1901-1991)---C-O

BROUILLETTE, Leo M.  (1918-2007)  ---O

BROUILLETTE, Marie Irene (1904-1905)---C

BROUILLETTE, Marie Phebe (Poitras) (1868-1932)---C-D-O

BROUILLETTE, Oliven M. (1906-1909)---C

BROUILLETTE, Orise  1883-1976)  ---O

BROUILLETTE, Rolan G. “Rags”  (1926-2008)  ---O

BROUILLETTE, Son of Wilfred  (1-1/2y – 1913)  ---D

BROUILLETTE, Vernon F. (1928-1997)---O

BROWN, Alverna Edith (Sanger)  (1920-2007)  ---O

BROWN, Andrew P.  (    -1932)  ---D

BROWN, Audley E. (1901-1988)---C-O

BROWN, Austin E. (1884-1955)---C-O-MR

BROWN, Beulah I. (Diener)  (1936-2008)  ---O

BROWN, Bud Eugene (1922-1985)---C

BROWN, Celin/Cecilia (Lane) (1870-1953)---C-O

BROWN, Charles Casper (1870-1944)---C-O-MR

BROWN, Charles W. (1898-1982)---C-O

BROWN, Clyde Daniel  (1961-1961)---C-O

BROWN, Dale Clayton (1924-1924)---C-O

BROWN, David Dee “Dave” (1929-1999)---O

BROWN, Dell  (      -1933)  ---D

BROWN, Elda “E. B.” (Railsback)  (1932-2003)  ---D-O

BROWN, Eli (1844-1907)---C-O

BROWN, Ella C. (Taplin) – Olson (1864-1957)---C-O

BROWN, Etta (Sincock) – Goddard -  (1870-1961) ---O

BROWN, Father (    -1927)---C-D

BROWN, Frances L. (Smith) (1870-1904)---C-O-MR

BROWN, Genevieve “Joan” (Taylor) (1932-2000)---C-D-O

BROWN, George Raymond (1890-1979)---C-O

BROWN, George W.  (    -1943)  ---D

BROWN, Georgia June - Verhage (Watkins)  (1937-2004)  ---D-O

BROWN, Gertrude M. A.  (1919-2002)---D-O

BROWN, Gilbert  (12y    -1891)  ---D

BROWN, Godfrey G. (1855-1933)---C-O

BROWN, Harlan E. (1913-1950)---C-O

BROWN, Hattie P. (Simonds) (1862-1915)---C-D

BROWN, Hazel Maude (Lippstreu) (1897-1990)---C-O

BROWN, Helen (Bohrer)  (1892-1917)---C

BROWN, Helen Jane (Johnson) (1865-1945)---C

BROWN, Irene (Infant of Owen) (    -    )---C

BROWN, J. J. (Major) (    -1891)---C

BROWN, Jacob T. (1844-1927)---O

BROWN, James (Mrs) (    -1938)---C-D

BROWN, James A. (1848-1915)---C-O

BROWN, Jennie Grace (Newbold) (1907-1991)---C-O

BROWN, John (Mrs)  (       -1928)  ---D

BROWN, John Logan (1862-1929)---C-O

BROWN, Julia (Long) (1826-1902)---C-O

BROWN, Leah Pauline (Groat) (1898-1934)---C-O

BROWN, Lee Edward (1886-1968)---C

BROWN, Lloyd Harry (1894-1925)---C

BROWN, Loula Isabel (Cline) (1876-1955)---C-D-O

BROWN, Marie C. (Binder) Parker (1907-1998)---C-O

BROWN, Mary  (40y6m13d –1890)  ---D

BROWN, Mary Caroline (Humphrey) (1828-1909)---C-O

BROWN, Maud A.  (1886-1966)  ---O

BROWN, Merle C. (1928-1990)---C-O

BROWN, Michael (1873-1945)---C

BROWN, Millie M. (Sweet) (1888-1973)---C-D

BROWN, Olga H. (Fratzke) (1882-1963)---C-O-MR

BROWN, Owen Eugene (1880-1952)---C-O

BROWN, Ray M. (1901-1968)---C

BROWN, Rebecca Ann (Boswell) (1852-1925)---C-O

BROWN, Roy Cecil “Dick” (1903-1989)---C-O

BROWN, Roy Oland (1907-1980)---C

BROWN, Samuel M. (Rev) (    -1910)---C-D-O

BROWN, Stella (1877-1950)---C-D

BROWN, Verl M. (1903-1997)---C-O

BROWN, Vernon Earl (1915-1973)---C-O

BROWN, W. P. (Mrs)  (       -1892)  ---D

BROWN, William B. (1898-1929)---C

BROWN, Wilma Opal (Macklin)  (1910-2005)  ---D-O

BROWNELL, Daniel Lee (1931-1971)---C-O

BROWNELL, David E. (    -1993)---D-O

BROWNELL, Forest Anna (Hart) (1897-1952)---C

BROWNELL, James Emerson (1905-1949)---C-O

BROWNELL, James Milford (1928-1992)---C-O

BROWNING, Gwendoline (1915-1919)---C-D-O

BRUCE, Andrew (    -    )---C

BRUCE, Beulah N. “Bee” (Nelson) (1924-1995)---O

BRUCE, Glenn Derrald  (1921-2006)  ---O

BRUCE, Ruth Irene (Sanson) (1885-1958)---C-O

BRUCE, Wallace (Mrs) (    -1926)---C-D

BRUGH, Anna Loretta (Lutjeharms) (1908-1991)---C-O

BRUGH, Edna C. (Bunger)  (1898-1971)  ---O

BRUGH, Roy Raymond (1905-1990)---C-O

BRUIN, Vale (Chevalier) (1910-1948)---C-O

BRULE, Anna A. (LaPorte) (1899-1997)---O

BRULE, Calixte (Charles)   (1848-1922)---C-O

BRULE, Charles  (1848-1922)  ---O

BRULE, Mathilda (DeTour)  (1859-1937)---C-O

BRULE, William Victor  (1900-1928)---C-D-O

BRUMBAUGH, Abraham L.  (1862-1886?)---C-MR

BRUMBAUGH, Albert (    -1890)---C

BRUMBAUGH, Alice May (Dopker) (1862-1925)---C-MR

BRUMBAUGH, Jacob (1855-1931)---C-O-MR

BRUMBAUGH, John (1851-1910)---C-D-O

BRUMBAUGH, Joseph (1829-1923)---C-D-O

BRUMBAUGH, Nancy C. (Harris) (1858-1920)---C-O

BRUMBAUGH, Nellie Hazel (Robertson) (1891-1962)---C

BRUMBAUGH, Opal Nellie (Infant of Walter) (1913-1913) ---D

BRUMBAUGH, Rachel (Traxler) (1833-1913)---C-O

BRUMBAUGH, Walter Harry (1883-1964)---C-O

BRUMMER, Mary Helena (Boden) (1907-1992)---C-O

BRUNE, Jim George (1925-1983)---C

BRUNER, Mina (Groat)  (    -1927)---C-O

BRUNING, John Clifford (1920-1996)---O

BRUNK, John  (       -1917)  ---D

BRUNK, Maggie A. (    -1881)---C

BRUNK, Sarah (See Maggie A. Brunk) (55y2m28d – 1903) ---C

BRUNKE, Amelia Margaret (1901-1932)---C-O

BRUNKE, Anna (Wessels) (1868-1946)---C-D

BRUNKE, Ella (1899-1972/75)---C

BRUNKE, Ernest Adolph (1903-1976)---C-O

BRUNKE, Florence (McCoy) (1904-1981)---C-D-O

BRUNKE, Frederick Louis   (1909-1976)---C-D-O

BRUNKE, George Wallace (1910-1990)---C-O

BRUNKE, Helen E. (Rupprecht)  (1917-2005)  ---D-O

BRUNKE, Helen M.  (1906-2007)  ---O

BRUNKE, Henry (1858-1947)---C-O

BRUNKE, Henry W. (1905-1994)---O

BRUNKE, John Conrad (1856-1920)---C-O

BRUNKE, John H. (1888-1915)---C

BRUNKE, Joseph(1863-1925)---C

BRUNKE, Louis J. (1897-1996)---C-O

BRUNKE, Louise S.  (1908-2006)  ---O

BRUNKE, Mary (Dusek) (1867-1939)---C-D-O-MR

BRUNKE, Regina (1836-1926)---C

BRUNKE, Ruby L. (Lindgren)  (1910-2009)  ---O

BRUNKE, Samuel (1868-1938)---C-O

BRUNKE, Uly Edward (1890-1983)---C-O

BRUNKE, Willamina Regina (1836-1927)---C-O

BRUNKE, William H. (1899-1987)---C-O

BRUNKY, George (Brunke) (    -1990)---D

BRUNO, Fred  (    -1929)  ---D

BRUNOW, Ferdinand (1854-1927)---C-O-MR

BRUNOW, Friedrich (1888-1888)---C

BRUNOW, John (    -1895)---C

BRUNOW, Rachel “Rixte” (Rademacher)  (1854-1905)---C-MR

BRUNS, Anna S. (1888-1974)---C

BRUNS, Emma K. (See Bienhoff) ---CR

BRUNS, J. Henry (    -1917)---C

BRUNS, John Janssen (1849-1928)---C-O

BRUNS, Lisa A. (Heinrich) (1963-1993)---D-O

BRUNS, Ricka Margaret (Hinrichs) (1858-1937)---C-O

BRUNSON, Charles Albert (1920-1921)---C-O

BRUNSON, Eda Snow Jordan (    -1989)---D

BRUSE, Harry Allen (    -1948)---C

BRYAN, Agnes M. (1907-1992)---O

BRYAN, Esther M. (1907-1994)---D-O

BRYANS, Frances Catharine (1904-1927)---C-O

BRYANT, E. M. C. (Enoch) (1857-1900)---C-O

BRYANT, Infant of E. M.  (    -    )---C

BUCHS, Johanna Janssen (See Wessels) ---CR

BUCHS, John (1877-1909)---C-D

BUCK, Fanny Katherine (1909-1923)---C-O

BUCK, George  (    -1929)  ---D

BUCK, George Jr. (1874-1938)---C-D

BUCK, George Sr. (1839-1927)---C-O

BUCK, Henry H.  (1870-1889)---C

BUCK, James  (       -1944)  ---D

BUCK, Jennie (1872-1909)---C-O

BUCK, Lucelia P. (Hunt)  (1848-1913)---C-O

BUCK, Tena (Lucken) (1869-1948)---C-O

BUCK, Z. U. “Ted” (1872-1953/4)---C

BUCKNELL, Helen H. (Harbole) (1912-1997)---O

BUCKNELL, John Raymond (1883-1973)---C-O

BUCKS, Geraldine “Jerri” (Gordon)  (1919-2003)  ---D-O

BUCKS, John (1837-1909)---C-D

BUCY, Maxine Loraine (1923-1923)---C

BUDLONG, Guli Ann (1820-1884)---C-D

BUERKLE, Emiel Bukhard (1872-1935)---C-O

BUERKLE, Emily Lorette (Peck) (1870-1920)---C-D-O

BUERKLE, John R.  (1907-1908)---C

BUETTGENBACK, Albina Mary (Petrik)  (1887-1923)---C-O

BUETTGENBACK, J. Henry  (1860-1947)  ---O

BUFORD, Lydia H. (Ewing) (1880-1896)---C

BUISING, Fred (1885-1952)---C-O

BUISING, Lora R. (Drummond) (1889-1964)---C-O

BULDT, Robert F. (See Boldt) (    -1913)---C

BULLOCK, Noel (1899-1934)---C-O

BUMGART, Infant (    -1892)---C

BUNGER, Alden (1932-1977)---C-D-O-MR1

BUNGER, Alle O. (1889-1974)---C-O

BUNGER, Allie Harry (1894-1960)---C-D-O

BUNGER, Allison J. (Catron)  (1957-2009)  ---O

BUNGER, Alvin  (1917-1978)---C-O

BUNGER, Alvina Lena (Nordbrock) (1907-1966)---C-O

BUNGER, Amy S. (Roggenkamp) (1905-1991)---C-O

BUNGER, Anna Helena (Meiner) (1900-1980)---C-O

BUNGER, Anna W. (Jelken) (1881-1915)---C-D-O-MR

BUNGER, Anna Wilhelmine (Ebke) (1861-1948)---C-O

BUNGER, Christena (Forden) (1887-1968)---C-O-MR

BUNGER, Christian (Crissie) (1902-1978)---C-O

BUNGER, Christian O. (1860-1926)---C-O

BUNGER, Clarence George (1912-1950)---C-O

BUNGER, Delbert (1929-1970)---C-O

BUNGER, Donald R. (1940-1993)---O

BUNGER, Douglas H. (1923-1985)---C-O

BUNGER, Earl H. (1919-1959)---C-O

BUNGER, Elfreda G. -Einspahr (Plambeck) (1882-1955)---C-O

BUNGER, Ella (Osterlund) (1895-1968)---C-O

BUNGER, Elmer J.  (1910-2009)  ---O

BUNGER, Elmer L. (1890-1969)---C-O

BUNGER, Emma Louise (Mehlin) (1867-1946)---C-O

BUNGER, Fred O.  (1885-1918)---C-D-O

BUNGER, Frerich (1899-1900)---C

BUNGER, Frerich (1905-1909)---C

BUNGER, George H. (1876-1956)---C-O-MR

BUNGER, George Jr.  (1896-1964)---C-O

BUNGER, Gerd O. (1883-1950)---C-O-MR

BUNGER, Gesche Ellen (Weber) (Grace) (1863-1948)---C-O

BUNGER, Gesche Johanna (1909-1909)---C

BUNGER, Grace (Same as Gesche Ellen) (1863-1948)---C-O

BUNGER, Gretje E. (Bunger) (1865-1927)---C-O

BUNGER, Hanna Marie (1899-1973)---C

BUNGER, Harry Fred (1915-1982)---C-O

BUNGER, Harry H. (Herre Buenger) (1887-1940)---C-O

BUNGER, Harry Oltman  (1897-1951)---C-O

BUNGER, Helena Marie (Jelken) (1878-1960)---C-O

BUNGER, Henre D. (1851-1909)---C

BUNGER, Herman Fred O. (1893-1962)---C-O

BUNGER, Hilka Heeren (1901-1981)---C-O

BUNGER, Infant of George  (2d    - 1902)  ---D

BUNGER, Infant Son (    -1916)---C

BUNGER, Janna Helena “Jennie” (Schmidt) (1899-1973)---C-O

BUNGER, Jean M. (Ejlersen) (1937-1999)---C-D-O

BUNGER, John Alfred (1919-1983)---C-O

BUNGER, John Harm  (1873-1963)  ---C-D-O

BUNGER, John O. (1862-1920)---C-O

BUNGER, John W.  (1859-1933)---C-O

BUNGER, Johnnye L.  (1937-2006)  ---O

BUNGER, Jurden J. (1916-1986)---C-O

BUNGER, Kate (Tetjen) (See Harms)  ---CR

BUNGER, Kate Jolina (Keiser) (1888-1960)---C-O-MR

BUNGER, Katherine Johanna (Braams) (1904-1978)---C-O

BUNGER, Katie J. (Jelken) (1909-1992)---C-O

BUNGER, LaMoyne “Bud” (1929-2000)---C-D-O

BUNGER, Lee Eric  (1949-2007)  ---O

BUNGER, Martha  (Infant)---C

BUNGER, Martha S. (Johnson) (1905-1999)---C-O

BUNGER, Mary Sophie (Bauer) (1895-1980)---C-O

BUNGER, Melinda Lea (Rasmussen)  (1984-2009)  ---O

BUNGER, O. H. (Mrs) (    -1938)---C

BUNGER, Ocke Oltman (1900-1967)---C-D-O

BUNGER, Ocke Oltman Gerdes (1854-1928)---C-O

BUNGER, Ockie Oltman (1901-1946)---C-O

BUNGER, Oltman (1852-1936)---C-O

BUNGER, Oltman (1887-1904)---C

BUNGER, Oltman H. (1892-1974)---C-O

BUNGER, Oltman H. (75y - 1947)---D

BUNGER, Orval Ockie  (1926-2009)  ---O

BUNGER, Ray H.  (1900-1991)---C-O

BUNGER, Rodney E.  (1932-1991)---C-O

BUNGER, Shirley May (Morisse) (1933-2000)---O

BUNGER, Wilhelmine Wattjedine (Pollman) (1892-1961)---C-O

BUNGER, William O.  (1885-1954)---C-O-Mr

BUNGER, Willis Ocke (1917-1979)---C-O

BUNJER, Etta (    -    )---C

BUNJER, Gretje H. (1896-1974)---C

BUNJER, Harmon  (See Etta)  (      -      )  ---C

BUNJER, Harry  (See Etta)  (      -      )  ---C

BUNJER, Oltmann (1893-1970)---C

BUNNELL, Alfred James (1867-1939)---C-O

BUNNELL, George B. (1842-1922)---C-O

BUNTIN, Elizabeth (See Haller) ---CR

BUNTIN, John A. (46 -1901)---C-D

BURBANK, George W.  (1822-1898)---C-O

BURBANK, Lucy (Cogs)  (1828-    )  ---BN

BURCHESS, Charles L. Jr. (    -2001)---D

BURCHESS, Hedwig (Way)  (     -1964)  ---D

BURD, John Henry (1911-1919)---C-O

BURD, Ruth Edith (1907-1908)---C

BURDEN, James (    -1920)---C-O

BURDEN, Nettie L. (Crosby) (1861-1935)---C-O

BURDEN, Roy A.  (28y10m20d – 1911)  ---O

BURDEN, Thomas (1831-1914)---C-O

BURDEN, William Edward (1856-1931)---C-O

BURG, Anna (1852-1918)---C

BURG, Fannie A. (Jones) (1880-1942)---C-MR

BURG, Frank W. (1879-1966)---C-MR

BURG, Jessie May (Patton) (1912-1999)---O

BURG, John (1882-1974)---C

BURG, Joseph P.  (1874-1968)---C-O-MR

BURG, Madie Anthony (1906-1992)---C-O

BURG, Margaret (1902)---C

BURG, Mary A. (1870-1891)---C

BURG, Mary Ann (LeBeault) (1885-1968)---C-O-MR

BURG, Nelson (1845-1909)---C-O

BURG, Viola “Lillian” (1896-1992)---O

BURK, Emma Julia (Stevens) (1870-1943)---C

BURLEIGH, Edwin S. (    -1905)---C-O

BURLEIGH, Elzira Y.  (1839-1909)---C

BURLEIGH, George W. (Dr)  (1868-1899)---C-O

BURLEIGH, Lorraine (Shephardson) (    -1949)---C-D

BURLEY, Dorsey Russell  (1926-1929)  ---O

BURLIE, Lyle D. (See Berlie) ---CR

BURLINGAME, Adoshia (Allen) (1823-1903)---C

BURNER, Oll  (    -1927) ---D-MR?

BURNHAM, Carlton (1860-1921)---C-O

BURNHAM, Julia G. (Drake) (1862-1928)---C

BURNHAM, Ruby Merle (Witt) (1894-1939)---C-O

BURNS, Arminna Jane (Glick)  (1868-1949)---C-O-MR

BURNS, Everett (    -1991)---D

BURNS, John (1838-1902)---C

BURNS, Martin (    -1888)---C

BURNS, Nathan Franklin  (1902-1926)---C-D-O

BURR, Alwyn Ellicot (1859-1932)---C-O

BURR, Hilda Josephine (Ekdahl) (1867-1930)---C-D-O

BURRESS, Ila Mareita (Selvage)  (1932-1986)---C-O

BURRI, Elizabeth Louis (1883-1970)---C

BURRIS, Almeta B. (Miller) (1884-    )---O

BURRIS, Arthur (1874-1959)---O

BURRIS, Elias H.  (    -    )---C-MR

BURRIS, Harvey (1848-1878)---C

BURRIS, Laroy  (1870-1892)---C

BURRIS, LaVerne (1906-1979)---C-O

BURRIS, Sarah Jane (Marran)  (1906-1980)---C-O

BURRIS, Stanley Dean (1931-1931)---C-O

BURROWES, Augusta T. (Farnsworth) (1834-1920)---C-O

BURROWS, Benjamin W.  (1824-1903)---C

BURST, Maxine E. Herman (1911-1940)---C

BURT, Agnes B. “Aggie” (McDonnell) (1872-1938)---C-D

BURT, Byron C.  (1843-1921)  ---D-O

BURT, Bryon Cecil (1904-1930)---C-D-O

BURT, Ella M. :Ellen” (1850-1919)---C-O

BURT, Eugene Hollis (    -1929)---C-D

BURT, Garnet  (1910-1996)  ---O

BURT, Ina (1874-1938)---C-D

BURT, Infant Son of W. E.  (1913-1914)  ---O

BURT, Willie E. (1869-1930)---C

BURTON, Anna M. (Hayes)  (1872-1911)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Charles Elliott (1869-1938)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Charles Elliott (1916-2009)  ---O

BURTON, Edna (Ziebarth) (1910-1999)---O

BURTON, Edna Clara (Blake)  (1883-1928)---C-O

BURTON, Elizabeth (Plumb)  ---CR

BURTON, Emery B.  (1901-1907)---C

BURTON, Emma E. (Gettle) (1886-    )---C-MR

BURTON, Frank Henry  (1863-1935)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Harold Lee (1909-1991)---C-O-N/MIA

BURTON, John  (1828-1919)---C-O

BURTON, John Scott  (1861-1944)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Margaret Deborah (Hayes) (1882-1977)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Maria E. (Lee)  (59y7m22d -1892)---C-D

BURTON, Martha  Esther (1909-1915)---C-O

BURTON, Martha (Hayes) (1868-1949)---C-O-MR

BURTON, Mary E.  (1894-1962)---C-O

BURTON, Olly David (1868-1957)---C

BURTON, Riley David (1840-1920)---C-O

BURTON, Roscoe F. (1867-1940)---C-D-O-MR

BURTON, Sarah Catherine (Carpenter) (1845-1941)---C-O

BURWELL, Clare S. (1916-1991)---C-D-O

BURWELL, Verlin M. (1912-1990)---O

BUSH, Alfred Henry (1818-1908)---C-O

BUSH, Alfred William (1887-1949)---C-MR

BUSH, Bernice (Ingram)  (1910-2006)  ---O

BUSH, Carl R.  (1897-1970)---C-O

BUSH, Charles Roland  (1854-1926)---C-D-O-MR

BUSH, Clara Belle (Dow)  (1883-1983)---C-MR

BUSH, Clifford (1908-1976)---C

BUSH, Constance V. (Abbott) (1897-    )---C

BUSH, Cordelia Adeline (DeVoe) (1832-1904)---C-D

BUSH, Donald Eugene (1910-1972)---C-O

BUSH, Dorothy (Fouts)  (1912-2004)  ---D-O

BUSH, Eliza Ann (Sincock)  (1867-1935)---C-O-MR

BUSH, Eva Jane (Timmons) (1883-1959)---C-O

BUSH, Floyd C.  (1906-1992)---O

BUSH, Frank C.  (1871-1949)---C-O-MR

BUSH, Fred  (1866-1955)---C-D-O

BUSH, Fred Colby (1872-1949)---C-O

BUSH, Gladys E. (Kincaid)  (1908-2003)  ---D-O

BUSH, Gleneva Mary (Vaught) (1910-2002)---D-O

BUSH, Harold Robert (1907-1980)---C

BUSH, Infant Daughter of Frank  (    -    )---C

BUSH, Jack E.  (1931-1986)---C-O

BUSH, John  Milton  (1908-1975)---C-O

BUSH, John H.  (1845-1912)  ---O

BUSH, Kenneth Wesley “Ken”  (1933-2007)  ---O

BUSH, Lucille M. -Romjue (Melton)  (1910-1997)---C-O

BUSH, Mary Delilah (Fox) (1873-1954)---C-O

BUSH, Minnie (    -1864)---C

BUSH, Ralph Frederick (1906-2000)---D-O

BUSH, Rhoda May (Marsh)  (1890-1972)---C-D-O-MR

BUSH, Ruth E. (Eaton)  (1903-1991)---C-O

BUSH, Verne E’von  (1904-1975)  ---D-O

BUSHBAUGH, William Joseph (1892-1892)---C

BUSKER, Christina (Boten) (1858-1946)---O

BUSKER, Gesche H. (Ruhs)  (1871-1901)---C

BUSKER, Infant of Hinrich (1899-1899)---C

BUSKER, Infant of Hinrich (1900-1900)---C

BUSKER, John (After 1950)---C-O

BUSKER, Pete J. (1883-1950)---C-O

BUSKER, TrientjeTena” (Harms) (See Bunger)  (1885-1963)---C-O

BUSTER, Charles Edgar (1877-1940)---C-O

BUSTER, Elsie F. (Tobiassen) (1919-1988)---C-O

BUSTER, Etta (See Beal)  ---CR

BUSTER, Fannie (See Adams) ---CR

BUSTER, Gordon (1911-1988)---C-O

BUSTER, Infant   (    -    )---C

BUSTER, Infant of William (1901-1901)---C

BUSTER, Mary Catherine “Kitty”  (See Braden) ---CR

BUSTER, Mary Agnes (Peak)  (1879-1961)---C-MR

BUSTER, Mary M. (Young) (1834-1912)---C-O

BUSTER, Mattie (Wilcox)  (1882-1944)---C-O

BUSTER, Samuel Henderson (1832-1906)---C-O

BUSTER, William Matthias  (1874-1954)---C-O-MR

BUSWELL, Clell Duane (1926-1935)---C-O

BUSWELL, Hobart W. “Jack” (1899-1944)---C

BUTENSCHOEN, Claus (1866-1946)---C-O-MR

BUTENSCHOEN, Emma (Lueck) (1870-1913)---C-D

BUTENSCHOEN, Gustova (1877-1890)---C

BUTENSCHOEN, Henry G.  (1896-1982)---C-O

BUTENSCHOEN, Herman F. (1901-1935)---C-O

BUTENSCHOEN, Jacob Henry (1842-1924)---C-O

BUTENSCHOEN, Weibka (1837-1910)---C

BUTLER, Calvin Adolph  (1855-1932)---C-O

BUTLER, Janet Elizabeth (Mackie)  (1895-1965)---C-O

BUTLER, John Calvin (1927-2001)---D-O

BUTLER, Mary (Olson)  (1862-1939)---C-O

BUTLER, Mary Jane (1925-1927)---C-O

BUTLER, Robert E. “Dr” (1919-2002)---D-O

BUTLER, Tennie Alva (Harbin)  (1895-1991)---C-O

BUTLER, Walter Albert  (1889-1965)---C-O

BUTT, William (See Butts)  (      -1909  ---C-D

BUTTERFIELD, Adwell (1909-1909)---C

BUTTERFIELD, Allen (1897-1996)---C-D-O

BUTTERFIELD, Barbara Abilgal (Hargar)  (1872-1958)---C-O-MR

BUTTERFIELD, Claudia L. (1936-2002)---D-O

BUTTERFIELD, Dewey (1899-1979)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Elmer J. (1885-1950)---C-D

BUTTERFIELD, Frank R. (1868-1919)---C-D-O-MR

BUTTERFIELD, Goldie V. (1907-1996)---D

BUTTERFIELD, Harold C.  (1922-1991)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, John “Howard” (1895-1996)---O

BUTTERFIELD, John Lewis (1870-1948)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Lawrence  (      -1975)  ---D

BUTTERFIELD, Louise (Schnuerle) (1902-1995)---C-D-O

BUTTERFIELD, Maurine T. (Tecker) (1920-1988)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Samuel Perry (1841-1915)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Samuel Perry (1872-1939)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Sarah Savanah (Chapman)  (1848-1923)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, Walter D.  (1889-1931)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, William Lawrence (1893-1975)---C-O

BUTTERFIELD, William T. Jr.  (1904-1905)---C

BUTTERMORE, Byron E. (1903-1993)---C-D-O

BUTTERMORE, Eli P.  (1875-1955)  ---O

BUTTERMORE, Fredia June (1928-1935)---C-O

BUTTERMORE, Grace Eva (Dieckman) (1904-1996)---C-D-O

BUTTERMORE, Martha Alice (Casteel)  (1878-1943)---C-O

BUTTERMORE, Russum Lois (Sparks) (1907-1991)---C-O

BUTTERMORE, Wilbern Paul “Slim”  (1901-1981)---C-O

BUTTS, William (See Butt)  (    -1909)---D

BYDALEK, Donald (    -1998)---D

BYER, Sarah M.  (36y -1878)---C

BYERLY, Annie L. (Ryan)  (    -1925)---C-D-O

BYERLY, Benjamin Franklin (1831-1900)---C-D-O

BYERLY, Harriet R. (Mrs)  (      -1955)  ---D

BYERLY, Irma (Martin) (1908-1991)---O-F

BYERLY, Levi (1848-1935)---C-O

BYERLY, Matilda J. (See Bowen)  ---CR

BYERLY, Nannie (Green)  (1869-1893)---C

BYERLY, Virginia L.  (1881-1946)---C

BYERLY, William H. Dr  (1845-1922)---C-D-O

BYLER, Edith Evon (Artz0  (1922-2005)  ---O

BYRUM, Albert Hoyt  (1858-1933)---C-O

BYRUM, Albert Hoyt Jr.   (1891-1927)---C-D

BYRUM, Bessie Almeda (Sheets)  (1895-1991)---C-O

BYRUM, Jennie E. (Chapman)  (1862-1925)---C-O

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