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March 2007


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To make it easier to find new information, I have added this page listing major updates to the website occurring after March 2007.  The listing is in reverse chronological order with the most recent updates at the top of the list.

Date Update
01/22/2011 Update cemetery page; reformatted listing; added cemeteries to site; added Find A Grave links to table
01/15/2011 Added photographs of residents photographed by Camp Studios in Geneva; 1890-1910
09/2010 Added obituaries
01/01/2010 Updated e-mail addresses & checked links
12/31/2009 Added obituaries to 1995 page.
12/29/2009 Added link to new Blog about Midwest Genealogy
05/16/2009 Added photo to Geneva Cemetery for Mary Craig Flick Kessler



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