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Fillmore County, Nebraska

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Hint:  Search on the surname of both the groom and the bride.  The surnames of the grooms are listed alphabetically.  To find the bride use your search function on the EDIT menu and select FIND and then type in the bride's surname to search for her.

Groom Surname Groom First Age Groom's Father Groom's Mother Groom's Birthplace Bride Surname Bride First  (Age) Age Bride's Father Bride's Mother Bride's Birthplace Date Reference Book - Page - Number
Yates Edward 32 Yates, John Rykler?, Rachel Indiana Brown Martha M 18 Brown, James McClafkin, Henrietta J Ohio Aug. 20, 1882 Bk1-220-607
Yates Jard B 26 Yates, John Ryker, Rachel Indiana Henderson Christina 19 Henderson, Samuel Chapbell, Mary Illinois July 5, 1885 Bk1-362-866
Yates John W 33 Yates, John Ryker, Rachel Indiana Webb Lura L 23 Webb, Edward Gerner, June Michigan Dec. 31, 1877 Bk1-26-230
Yost George L 26 Yost, J L Oliver, Margaret Iowa Bumgardner Maud L 19 Bumgardner, G N Price, Sadie Ohio Apr 13, 1886 Bk2-20-996
Yost Henry 29 Yost, Philip Klouse, Elizabeth Russia Kreider Elizabeth 21 Kreider, John Pinda, Catherine Russia Oct. 18, 1885 Bk1-372-885
Young Isaac B 27 Young, Samuel J Dawes, Rebecca Ohio Woodward May 20 Woodward, Warren White, Sarah Michigan Sept. 28, 1881 Bk1-172-5
Youngers Peter Jr 26 Youngers, Peter Hershel, Barbara Pennsylvania Nicholson Morilla 27 Nicholson, S Not listed Wisconsin Nov. 23, 1879 Bk1-95-367
Yung Frank 28 Yung, Joe Fenstel, Kate Germany Mick Anna 20 Mick, William Zimmerman, Anna Germany Oct 7, 1889 Bk2-230-1411
Yung Frank 28 Yung, Joe Fenstel, Kate Germany Mick Anna 20 Mick, William Zimmerman, Anna Germany Oct. 7, 1889 Bk2-230-1411
Zink Lewis E 24 Zink, Lewis Burton, Salley Iowa Eastabrook Maud L 19 Eastabrook, Malin Chaffey, Emma Illinois Oct 25, 1886 Bk2-54-1063



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