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  • Beechwood
  • Bennington, originally called "Bunz Town", was an early settlement of mostly Germanic residents. It became a key stop along the Fremont, Elkhorn, & Missouri Valley railroad line.
  • Benson
    Ref: Benson, Nebraska 1887-1987: From Buffalo Pasture to City. Centennial Committee Marceline, MO (1988): Walsworth Publishing. Hard Cover.
  • Boys Town, started in 1917 by Father Flanagan, this nationally recognized incorporated village helped many children gain a better life. Boys Town has its own farm, churches, post office, schools, and police department.  Its name recently changed to Girls and Boys Town.
  • Briggs
  • Carter Lake, IA, the meandering of the Missouri River seems to have put this community on the west side of that river, but the state line puts it in Iowa. It is to the northeast of Omaha. It was probably named for the popular book,   "Colonel Carter of Cartersville," by Francis Hopkinson Smith published in 1891.
  • Debolt
  • Elk City
  • Elkhorn, or Elkhorn Station, takes its name from the Elkhorn River which empties into the Platte River a short distance from the town. It was incorporated by an act of the legislature approved January 22, 1856. Chief Ta-ha-zouka (Elk's Horn), from whom the Elkhorn River takes its name, was associated with Chief Blackbird, both Omaha leaders, in a treaty with the Spanish Governor-General of Louisiana in 1796.
  • Elkhorn Junction
  • Irvington, was first named Pappio because of its location on Pappio Creek. It was renamed by a Mr. Brewster, a farmer in the vicinity who owned the town-site, after his old home in Irvington, New York. It is also claimed the town was named by Frank Hibbard, a resident of the place.
  • Lane, a station on the Union Pacific railroad.
  • Mercer, a station on the Union Pacific railroad in Platte Valley precinct.
  • Millard, named after Ezra Millard (1833-1886) who founded and laid out the town in 1871.
  • Omaha Heights
  • Ralston, Founded in 1888, first called Seymour Park by Dr. George L. Miller and later renamed Ralston in honor of C.A. Ralston a local businessman.
  • Valley, Established in 1865, became an important shipping point along the Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Waterloo, established in 1883, this town was founded by John Logan and Elias Kensey and is located along the Elkhorn and Platte rivers.
  • Precincts/Townships (Omaha overlays eastern portion of county)
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