September 2008


8 September 2008  7:00 p.m.
Mares Meeting Room
1722 E 19 St-Fremont NE


Our opening meeting
Bring us your new finds and tell about them


22 September 2008  7:00 p.m.


27 September 2008

Keene Memorial Library
1030 N Broad St, Fremont NE

10:00-12 & 1:00 -3:00

If you live in a small town where there is no delivery to your home, but you use a post office box, we are now required to place your street address on your letter, PLUS your P O Box Number.  It seems there have been many cities having problems with delivery of mail.  And quite naturally we have had several returned to us, because there is no street address on the  second line along with your P O Box number.  If you are one of these members, please make it easy for Claire and send us the exact address to use.  And yes, we have even had letters returned to us, that are correct!  It has been a battle - almost makes me wish to resign my position of bulk mailing.  You know that won't happen, but the feeling is there.  I have noted one item from the Post office, this new move update does not cover Current Resident,  Occupant or Postal Customer.  So the junk mail will continue.


Sunday September 14  1-4 p.m.(Last Tour 3:00) Admission $5

Walk at your own pace with a map as your guide  There will be costumed characters by the tombstones.  This is a good place to learn of our forefathers history, also some unusual information about some of our ancestors buried within the cemetery.  Plan to attend this-well worthwhile.

 The cemetery is located at 1761 W Linden Ave.  If you drive Linden, it will take you directly into the cemetery.


The Mormon church's Family History Library in Salt Lake City is considered the mother lode of genealogy information.  The next tier is occupied by public libraries in Dallas, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Ft Wayne Indiana and Independence MO.

 The new Midwest Genealogy Center is billed as one of the nation's largest libraries specifically for people tracing their ancestry.  The 52,000 square-foot building replaces a facility one-quarter its size that was housed in the Mid-Continent Public Library's north independence branch. 

 Researchers can digitally convert documents they find, rather than rely on librarians.  Unlike many other collections, almost all of the plat maps, census records, marriage licenses and other documents are accessible directly by the public, not locked in storage. 

"There aren't too many places where you can research the entire United States in just one spot. We want to make it easier for people to do research" said Steve Potter, assistant director of the Mid-Continent system.

  This was noted in the Capper's Weekly for August 2008.

 This is a good item to know about - tell your local libraries about this new opening.

 It is now open and located less than one mile north of I-70, taking the Lee's Summit Road exit (exit 14).

 For more information about the library, see the website at or The address is 3440 S Lee's Summit Rd-Independence MO  64055-1923.




Jerry Sindelar  to Mary Zvacek on 02 Sep
Ernest Abslom Brown to Bertha A Prediger on 02 Sep
George H C Monnich to Frieda M Peters on 04 Sep
Mike Hader to Georgia V Stewart on 05 Sep
Fred W Stapenhorst to Minnie M Peeper on 08 Sep
James C E Johnson to Matilda F Gocken on 09 Sep
Henry F Benecke to Marie Louise Jones on 10 Sep
Bernard Parr to Katie Mallmann on 15 Sep
Louis Eugene Allan to Amelia Alvena Kuhtnick on 16 Sep
Louis J Rebbe to Gusta C J Knoell on 16 Sep
John Fred Blohm to Amanda M S Moeller on 17 Sep
James C Wieser to Johanna Hansen on 17 Sep
Earl Charles Allen to Zella V Thompson on 21 Sep
James Bennett Rochford to Margaret J Davison on 22 Sep
Albert J Fauss to Bertha H Witte on 23 Sep
John Fred Happel to Anna Margaret Gerke on 29 Sep
erman Schroeder to Anna D Leseman on 29 Sep
Walter G Rector to Minnie Kinsella on 29 Sep
Charles T Derick to Daisy McGiverin on 30 Sep


Marriage license was granted today to Henry F Benecke of Sedrowolly, Wash., and Marie Jones of Fremont.

The groom is 32 years old and the bride 28.  They will be married this afternoon at five o'clock at the residence of G.W.D. Reynolds, Rev I W Corey performing the ceremony.

 They will leave on the evening train for Mr Benecke's home in Washington.

                Noted in Fremont Tribune 10 Sep 1908  5:2


Missing Fremont Woman Reaches Old Home
She Hadn't Told Husband of Intentions and Quite a Mystery Is Cleared Up By Letter

    After an absence of nearly six weeks, during which time her husband did not know of her whereabouts, Mrs Lars Olsen, wife of the janitor at the High school in Fremont, has been heard from in Sweden.  She has written a letter to relatives in Fremont in which she says she is visiting her parents near Stafferhuff.  Mrs Olsen's mysterious disappearance has puzzled her relatives and the Fremont authorities, who for some time have been making unsuccessful efforts to locate her.

   Mrs Olsen dropped out of sight July 16, after leaving her home to go to the business part of the city.  Her failure to return caused her relatives some alarm, but they concluded she had gone to Valley for a visit which she had said she intended to pay a friend there.  When it was learned that Mrs Olsen's Valley friends had not seen her, the matter was reported to the authorities, who have been working quietly on it since.

   Mr Olsen say he does not know why Mrs Olsen went to Sweden without telling him, unless she feared there might be some objection to her taking the trip.  He says he does not know how she got the money to pay the expenses of her trip. Their family relations have been satisfactory and they have been married for a long period.

                 From Fremont Tribune  09 Sep 1908  6:2


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