September 2001
10 Sep 2001 7 p.m.
  Mares Meeting Room

       Program:  Dr William E Christensen will
 present our program “To Russia with Song”.
 He  toured  with  the  Pathfinder  Chorus in  2000.

BROWSE NITE:  24 Sep 2001  at 7 p.m

Four members of our ENGS society again judged the Heritage Class at the Dodge County Fair on a very hot and humid day of August First.  Fifteen exhibits were presented for judging.  The Plaque Best of Show from our ENGS society went to Jenna Wesch of North Bend, NE.  It was an album in Memory of  her mother, who passed away a few years ago.  What a beautiful work of art and one her family should be very proud of.  It took much thought and work to put this album together.
New “old files from the newspapers” have been added this summer to our old “Tickler files”....Good program for Claire, too hot to be out-of-doors.

She will announce something new she is embarking on for the Hooper Sentinel at Hooper, Nebraska at the September meeting.  She might end up being Mudball Claire!

Rodney A Jipp        F-55
P O Box 4777
Sunriver OR  97707-4777

   Darlene A Hensley     F-56
   8110 Camden Ave
   Omaha NE  68134-2249
     Chuck Klitz        F-57
     2922 N 54 St, Apt 7
     Omaha NE  68104-3568

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings, that are nearby.


John Aldrich and Miss Edith Long were united in marriage yesterday at bride’s parents, Mr and Mrs Chas Long, south of town.  Rev O Eggleston, of Valley, an old and particular friend of both parties, officiating.
    It was a quiet happy marriage attended by only the immediate family relatives.
    Both the contracting parties are highly connected and popular young people.  They have lived in this community since childhood and none can say aught but good of either.
    The newly married couple left on the 3 o’clock train for a brief wedding trip, after which they will be at home to their friends with the groom’s parents, Mr and Mrs W H Aldrich, south of town.
   The SENTINEL extends congratulations and best wishes, with the hope that in the future life all may be sunshine and happiness, but, if at times troubles arise they may be nothing but little ones.
 Hooper Sentinel  12 Sep 1901  5:4

And Noted in the Hooper Sentinel the following week
19 Sep 1901 8:2

A number of the friends of Mr and Mrs John Aldrich, thought that the only way for the young couple to commence their married life properly was by initiating them and this was done Monday night.  Rice was freely used to commence the exercises.  The Cornet Band went  along and furnished plenty of good music.  A number of very useful articles were presented to the happy couple by their friends among them being two rocking chairs, a foot stool and a child’s high chair, the gift of the members of the Knights of Pythias of which order Mr Aldrich has been K of P and S for several years.  To make the high chair complete a bottle of Castoria and a baby rattle were attached to it.  It was a jolly party that went out and they were well entertained, refreshments of ice cream and cake were served to all, while to the gentlemen who smoked cigars were issued with a lavish hand.
     (Just had to print a completion of a couple listed in the marriage records-happened upon them by accident.)


Nellie Snell has been going to garage sales and auctions and come up with some new books for us.  A big Thanks, Nellie!

KANSAS, Cheyenne Co-Memoirs of Pioneers, 1980.
    NEBRASKA, Swedes in by Eleanor Trott, 1967.
        PENNSYLVANIA, Warrior Run Church 1985
 Full of Church information & membership.

Received from Joan R Jones a 
by Joan R Jones & Joanne M Edelmaier.


Twenty-five years is a long time for one person to be a teacher in one school, especially when that school is his first charge, but such is the record of H Grosse, master of the Trinity German-English Lutheran school, south east of Snyder, he having completed his twenty-five years of service last Sunday, and in honor of the occasion he was given a party at his home that evening that came in the nature of a genuine old time surprise.  The house was well filled with people who were once his pupils and who now have children receiving instruction from him.  In point of number of years taught in school Mr Grosse is the oldest teacher in the state of Nebraska, although there are a number who are second to him by but a few years, and all of whom have served in one school for more than 20 years.  Among these is H Foelber, who will on Sep 29th, have completed 21 years in the Snyder school.  The period of 25 years of stay of Mr Grosse in the Trinity school has seen many changes take place all of which have had to do with the betterment and advancement of a people.  .....  In short, in the short period of twenty-five years, he has seen a complete change in every respect in the community in which he has lived.  As a fitting tribute to his faithful service the patrons of the school made up and presented Mr Grosse with a purse of $25.  It was just 25 years last Sunday since Mr Grosse was installed by Rev J P Mueller, now located at Norfolk.

      Snyder Banner  3 Sep 1909  1:1

SEPTEMBER 1901 from BOOK 9.

Anthony F Plambeck to Mrs Jean Hughes Boyd on 3 Sep
Herman Peters to Levina Nelson on 4 Sep
Edwin B Crocker to Elizabeth Irene Daily on 4 Sep
Martin H A Chinbury to Ethel E Stultz on 4 Sep
Sophus Rasmussen to Mathilde Nelson on 6 Sep
Theodora Schwein to Olga Bergt on 8 Sep
James Garvey to Agnes Hickey on 9 Sep
Oscar Phinney to Maud E Benton on 9 Sep
J Robert Sutherland to Mary C Butts on 10 Sep
John Aldrich to Catherine E Long on 11 Sep
Herman Lohn to Ella Hinricksen on 11 Sep
Arthur Huston to Sara Scheafer on 16 Sep
William H Buss to Kathryn Adkins on 18 Sep
Alfred E Feer to Bertha Johnson on 20 Sep
Fred W James to Mrs Catharine C Piper on 20 Sep
Frank Koss to Maggie O’Connell on 24 Sep
Frank D Howe to Emma Datel on 24 Sep
William R Milehan to Lillian E Wall on 25 Sep
Frank Christensen to Ida Hamilton on 25 Sep
Martin Lutthans to Mrs Augusta W Reidel on 26 Sep
John F Skinner to Sinne Wittwer on 30 Sep

 From Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 7 Sep 1899  
1:7  WEBSTER, September 6. – Among the teachers that commenced school Monday at Webster and other districts close by are, Miss Alen Here, Miss Wolfe at the Cantlin, Miss Spencer at the Adams, Miss Brown at Pleasant Valley, Miss Caeneady in District No 13, Miss Alen at the Parrish school.

 From  Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 19 Oct 1899  
1:2  WEBSTER, Oct 18 – Webster is booming.  One more building is going up.  Mr Drenguis, of Scribner, is building a store 20 x 40.  He is going to carry a large stock of goods and will do a land office business.  A railroad up through here will be the next good thing.  Prosperty is floating every place, buildings going up and good wages to everybody.


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