October 2002 Newsletter


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   NOVEMBER  2002


11 Nov 2002 – 7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room- 1722 E 19

Fremont NE

Our traditional SHOW & TELL. A bit late, but always interesting. All members participate.

BROWSE Nite:   25 Nov 2002  7 p.m.

Our October meeting was given by Jeff Kappeler and as usual a very good one.  He had many items from the household of the tailor, including his boots that he wore when coming from Sweden.  Also showing up were his billfold from the old country, his naturalization papers, a comforter made of pieces of wool suiting.   And the list goes on.  After paying for all of the estate treasures, poor Jeff’s billfold was empty. Jeff does work for an Estate Auction company out of Omaha.   Thanks Jeff for another enjoyable program.

Time for a correction!               The Omaha City Directory that was donated by the Jacoby’s was not a 1943 issue, but a 1993.  Nothing like being 50 years off, Claire.

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Sacred Heart Church of Jesus – Olean Catholic ChurchColfax County NE  1874 - 1999


Thomas McMahon of Elkhorn township and Miss Mary Moakler, a niece of John Moakler, were married at St Patrick’s church by Rev Father O’Sullivan at 7:30 o’clock this morning.  Miss Margaret Moakler
was bridesmaid and Ed McMahon acted as best man.

A wedding breakfast was served at the residence of James Monroe, the groom’s brother-in-law.  The couple will live on a farm seven miles east of Fremont.

   From Fremont TRIBUNE 17 Nov 1902  4:2

 The Hooper Sentinel in 1913 had a special in their newspaper called:  Well Known Men of Hooper and Maiden Days of Our Women.


100 YEARS AGO – BOOK 10 - 1902

Herman Brunke to Emma Helgenberger on 05 Nov
Jonas Lindquist to Della Bader on 05 Nov
Luther A Miller to Lillie Reichardt on 05 Nov
Joe Matousek to Stayza Vlasak on 11 Nov
Oscar D Funk to Myrtle M Black on 12 Nov
Edwin Edelman to Clara Daubert on 12 Nov
Frank Edwards to Mrs Etta Clayton on 13 Nov
L H Rogers to Nettie A Boyer on 13 Nov
Thomas McMahon to Mary Moackler on 17 Nov
Henry J Arnholt to Clara Bucholz on 19 Nov
George Klinehan to Nellie Grady on 19 Nov
Geo W Ryel to Verna I Cook on 24 Nov
Wm H J Meyer to Luruqua M Bradbury on 26 Nov
Josef Maiwald to Josefa Cernik on 29 Nov
Albert Godfrey to Nellie Johnson on 29 Nov 1902

Frank M Tillman

Frank M Tillman was born at Ernst on the Rhine and Mosel Kries Kochem, Germany, May 10, 1824.  After serving his time in the German Army he came to America in 1852 settling in Detroit, Michigan.  He voted for Franklin Pierce for President in the fall of 1852 and has voted for Democratic presidential candidates every four years since that time.

At the age of 31, he was married at Detroit,  to Miss Anna Enderling, moving from Detroit to Holton, Michigan where he engaged in the hotel business.  The year of 1868, he with his family moved to Nebraska, settling on a 160 acre farm in Ridgeley Township where he was three times elected as county commissioner of Dodge County; elected for the first time in the fall of 1872,  in 1881 he rented his farm and moved to Hooper purchasing the Hotel property, continuing in the Hotel business for nine years.  After moving to Hooper he was elected as supervisor of Hooper Township for three different times, serving six years.  Mr Tillman will be 90 years old the 10th of next May and he takes as much interest in the county, state and national affairs to day as anyone in our county. Mr Tillman is a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

From the Hooper Sentinel 27 Nov 1913  8:1,2

 In December Newsletter we will publish a brief on one of the Women of Hooper.

Noted in the same newspaper!

Coming Hugh’s comedians at the Opera House one week commencing Monday December 1.  High class vaudeville and photo plays, comedy and western dramas.

 Admission 10 and 20 cents.  Fifty (50) tickets given away FREE at the Opera House on Monday evening at 4:30 to children under 12 years of age.

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