March 2008

10 March 2008 - 7:00 P.M.

Mares Meeting Room

1722 East 19-Fremont NE


  The program committee felt we should again show Dr Schweitzer's VHS Tape "Finding Your Ancestors Parents."

The inclimate weather in February gave us a very small group and it is worthy to be shown again, so others may gather added information.

Election of Officers

BROWSE NITE March 24th 7 p.m.

The weather kept many at home, anticipating a snow to move in, along with the cold temps.  It didn't happen and we were surprised that we had 7 attend.

 We did cancel election of officers, no quorum, however, the VHS tape of Dr Schweitzer was shown and I believe everyone enjoyed his funny way to introduce ways of finding the ancestors' parents, but also some very good useful tips.  And did you know?  You can check out the tapes and watch them at home, all of Dr Schweitzer's tapes are one hour in length and well worth watching.  These tapes belong to our society, so everyone can make use of them.  Several of the society did attend his presentations at Lincoln several years ago and it was there that we purchased a number of his tapes.



Turner Hall Jammed and 150 Dancers Wore Masks

Lodge Makes Money by Affair

  The Danish Brotherhood held a merry masquerade ball at Turner hall last night, where nearly 350 people gathered for the annual big entertainment given by the organization.

    The Danish Brotherhood has established a reputation for its masquerades and they are looked forward to with pleasurable anticipation by friends and members.  Few similar affairs held in Fremont draw an attendance as large or bring out as many interesting costumes.

    Last night there were 150 masks in the hall.  Representing a dozen different nationalities and popular comic figures of the day, the dancers formed an interesting group. 

    Laughable capers and old-fashioned dances with none but costumed persons on the floor occupied the first hour and a half, when it was thrown open for everyone present.  A good orchestra furnished music.

             Found in Fremont Tribune 9 Jan 1908  6:4



Honored Post WW II Heroes of Pleasant Valley compiled by Alex Meyer - 2007.  It is well written and really has some good bios of the servicemen.

 Our next project for the library will be some additional tapes of Ship Passenger Listings.  This will be discussed at our March meeting.  They are still available, for purchase, from Heritage Quest in NV and are $55 per film roll.  This is for silver film, and certainly is less than the National Archives price of $70. 


Leap Year Dance

The young ladies of the basketball team gave a social leap year hop last night at Fowler hall, entertaining upwards of fifty couples most pleasantly.  The members of the team received, they being Miss Grace Moss, Bess Christensen, Helen Smails, Jean Boyd, Fannie Morse and Vera Cassie.  The

programs contained eighteen numbers and four extras, all of which were given, with several encores.  The High School orchestra assisted by three or four outside musicians furnished the music.  No attempt was made at decoration. There was an intermission of twenty minutes for refreshment at a caterer's.

                Fremont Tribune 28 Mar 1908  5:3



BOOK 12  MARCH 1908


Milton Comer Scott to Rose H Jonas on 02 Mar 1908

Arthur G Rollins to Anna C Will on 02 Mar 1908

Ezra Fredrich Sohl to Elizabeth A Brechlin on 04 Mar 1908

Ludwig Janecek to Jemima Jebb on 07 Mar 1908

John C Andersen to Armilda J Burcham on 07 Mar 1908

Paul W Barrett to Ella Hansen on 10 Mar 1908

Emil Bern to Mrs Olive C Gaffin on 10 Mar 1908

John B Schole to Martha G Claasen on 11 Mar 1908

Ray A Stephens to Emma R Pace on 14 Mar 1908

John Wm Heller to Vergie May Thomas on 16 Mar 1908

John E Johnson to Hattie L Lund on 17 Mar 1908

Louis C Christensen to Sophia M Jacobsen on 18 Mar 1908

Hey Miners to Mrs Alvina L Cornell on 18 Mar 1908

Gustof B Eggers to Mrs Gladys E Hayes on 18 Mar1908

William F Dames to Clara Stockamp on 19 Mar 1908

Ernest J Ludi to Daisy O Brittain on 21 Mar 1908

William Burton West to Opel Holloway on 24 Mar 1908

Hugo Diedrichsen to Meta M VonSeggern on 25 Mar 1908

Henry D Meyers to Mamie Busch on 25 Mar 1908

Fred A Meierhenry to Hattie C Schmidt on 25 Mar 1908

Alfred Hansen to Fannie M Johnson 25 Mar 1908

Henry Hansen to Mamie S Thomsen on 25 Mar 1908

Arthur N Hanks to Clara McCreath on 28 Mar 1908

Wedding Chimes

North Bend Eagle:  At the home of the brides parents, Mr and Mrs I M Brittain, on East seventh street in this city, Miss Daisy Olive Brittain was united in marriage to Mr Ernest J Ludi of Wahoo, at seven o'clock, Saturday evening March 21, 1908.

                The ceremony was witnessed by a number of relatives and friends of the contracting parties.  Miss Bessie Ludi, a sister of the groom, acted as bridesmaid, and Mr Curtis Copp of Wahoo, best man.  The bride's dress was of silk Tokio, trimmed in over lace.

The wedding march was played by Mis Iva Hanger, and as the beautiful strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march fell upon the ear, the bridal party entered the parlor where under a bowr of roses and lilies, Rev J Earl Chase of the Christian church read the impressive marriage service which united the young couple for life.  About fifty guests were present.

                Fremont Tribune 27 Mar 1908  6:3

MARRIED - Dr H Meyers and Miss Mamie Busch, both of Howells, were married at the parsonage of Salem Lutheran church(Fremont) yesterday afternoon by the pastor, the Rev Fred Schuldt. 

                The groom is a practicing physician of Howells and his bride a winsome young women of the same place.

                Fremont Tribune 26 Mar 1908  6:3


                At the home of Mr and Mrs Ole Johnson Wednesday at 4 p.m. was solemnized the marriage of their daughter, Fanny, to Alfred Hansen.  Rev E R Anderson, pastor of the Danish Luther church, officiating.

                The bride wore a becoming gown of brown silk and was greatly admired by the company.  The wedding march was played by her sister, Miss Ella Johnson.  Throughout the house were decoration of flowers and ferns.  After the ceremony a three-course supper was served.

                Fremont Tribune 28 Mar 1908  5:4


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