March 2003 Newsletter


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March  2003

March 2003 Meeting

10 Mar 2003  7 P.M.

Mares Meeting Room-1722 E 19


            Program**Biography of ONE of your

                 Ancestors-All members to be

                       Involved-see below

            BROWSE Nite:  24 March 2003   7 p.m. 

 We had a wonderful program in February, in spite of weather conditions.  Claire introduced her old postal cards and what she found regarding relatives, also photos on the front of business districts and homes of some of her ancestors.  A treasure trove.  Renee told of some she had found and also a new web site that is on the “old penny postal cards.”   Bill Passick introduced some of his finds in antique stores in regard to the towns where the family had once lived.  All of the cards were interesting.  Bill and Claire both passed around albums of cards covering Nebraska and also of Fremont.

These were not greeting cards. Gertrude Swanson also had an album of old cards, which also had greeting cards .Those attending were very interested in the old cards. Thanks, Bill, for your part with your albums.

NOW – for the March meeting. The Program committee thought it a very good idea to get everyone involved in giving topics for meetings.  We want those that are attending to have a bio of their oldest or most interesting ancestors where you can give the group what you have found on him/her including photos, if you are lucky to have one, and give us a thumb-nail sketch about them.  We know there are some great stories out there that we would love to see you share with others, like where born, when, when they arrived in US, occupation, marriages, and when they died.

The Alpha card file of births, marriages, ,deaths, and etc are finished.  Claire is now working on miscellaneous files that will be placed on the web site under Misc,.it contains information on towns, Advertised letters, some births and citizenships (where there was a number of men who applied for either 1st or 2nd papers.)   


COUNTY COURTHOUSE BOOK – a Listing of the U.S. Courthouses and addresses, plus what and where to find vital stats, also some prices. by Elizabeth P Bently.

Transcribed by Elizabeth P Bently:

PASSENGER ARRIVALS-Port of New York 1820-1829

PASSENGER ARRIVALS-Port of New York 1830-1832



Old Penny post cards of NE


Do you have a Fremont Keene Memorial Library card?

You will no doubt be interested in this huge site, compliments of the Keene Library.  Even Claire has been out on this site, and that tells a lot, because she is NOT a person for Internet.   This is how you get there: - connect to Internet; then  go to

Click on Keene Memorial library; click on online data bases; enter your Keene Library card # in patron barcode #(do not space the numbers); patron pin # is the last four digits of your phone number.  Click on Login, then click on Heritage Quest.

If you do not have a Keene Library card, you can use one of the computers at Keene to go out on the internet or perhaps your local library has Heritage Quest on their computer.


Margie Sobotka, Treasurer, reports there are approximately 50 members who have not paid their dues for the coming year.  If you have a “red” star on your newsletter label, then April will be your last newsletter and quarterly, unless payment has been made. Notices were mailed earlier to all members.




Jacob Franzenburg to Birdie Numanly 2 March
Chris Kasban to Mabel Hodgkins 3 March
Daniel Mylander to Pearl Roberts on 3 March
George M Witte to Johanna C Mueller on 4 March
James Johnson to Lizzie Johnson on 4 March
Wm L Golder Jr to Augusta Stenver on 4 March
Eric Olson to Hilda Lundberg on 4 March
Arthur F Miller to Elnora Peterson on 4 March
J S Thompson to Flora Whitney on 4 March
John Rhine to Mary Vlasak on 10March
Anton C Thomsen to M Marie Paulsen on 11 March
Otto Brunke to Lena Penning on 11 March
Llewellen E Smith to Jean M Miller on 11 March
John W Jones to Maggie M Rodewald on 11 March
Geo W Burnside to Mrs Jennie Aughe on 11 March
E Theodore Wegner to Hattie N Kurz on 17 March
Fred Dunker to Edith Middleton on 18 March
F B Carman to Lora M Clark on 18 March
Claudius L Divine to Clarinda M Hall on 18 March
George W Davison to Jessie E Wilkins on 18 March
August Lange to Dorothy H Seifert on 18 March
Herman Luecking to Louisa Ahrens on 22 March
L E Julian to Jessie Saurs on 25 March
Walter H Keeler to Anna Chapman not completed
Howard L Dunn to Mrs Emma L Church on 25 March
Geo Mitchell to Miss Millie Howe on 26 March
Graydon B Jackson to Leila L Stewart on 31 March
Henry F Mathes to Mrs Ruth A Olds on 31 March

Newmem.jpg (7293 bytes)F-70  E Glenn Nelson

          423 W 20th

            Alliance NE  69301


From the Fremont Daily Herald 22 Mar 1877

  We have been informed by the Secretary of the Fremont Social Club that the Calico Hop will positively take place on Thursday evening, March 29th, notice to the contrary not withstanding.


 Sherrilyn Hunt Phillips
124 Frost Road
Sequim WA 98382  

 Looking for information on the A B HUNT (Aurin Benjamin) family. A B was married to Lillian WATROUS in 1891 at North Bend. He had two children, C Blaine and Mabel from his first marriage (to Phoebe DELLINGER).  He and Lillian had two children Leland Carey (my grandfather) and Lowell Doan.  Both were born in North Bend in 1894 and 1895.  A B Hunt’s parents were Aurin Lee HUNT and Julia MELICKER.  Lillian’s parents were William Carey WATROUS and Lavinia SAYER.


Anton Jansa has completed his hall and intends giving a grand ball next Saturday evening, March 17th.  The main building is twenty-six feet by sixty with a ceiling fourteen feet high.   He has a side gallery erected in connection with the hall, the entire length of the ball room, and eight feet wide.  The floor of this gallery is four feet above the floor of the main hall.  Here Mr Jansa has arranged tables which can be used for refreshments or card playing during the progress of dancing below.  This gallery is accessible by stairways at either end.  Benches are arranged in the hall for the accommodation of the dancers.  The music stand is stationed in the south end of the room and raised about four feet above the floor.  The entire arrangement is excellent, and the painting, with general appearance, shows that Mr Jansa has sought to save neither money or pains in fitting his hall up in the best of style.  On next Saturday evening, March 17th, it will be opened with grand ceremonies.  The Colfax Co Band has been procured .  Tickets will be $1 per couple including supper.

     Fremont Daily Herald  14 Mar 1877  4:2
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