June  2005



13 June 2005  7:00 P.M.

1722 East 19-Fremont NE


                Program: Migration Routes & Settlement

                Patterns 1607-1890(tape)

This is our last meeting until September



The month of May has found our library quite busy, and they were from Wisconsin, New York, and Norfolk NE. We were so happy to be able to give them informative information from our old newspaper files and books on the shelf for Dodge County.

We had a very interesting and informative program for May.  Joe Dickmeyer displayed his many bottles from Dodge County, one going back to the 1860’s.  Many were medicinal bottles. There were blown  bottles and some were molded.  The molded ones having a seam on the neck so it was easy to know the difference.  The members enjoyed the crockery jugs as well.

During the summer months, if you have need of the library, please call and make an appointment with Claire  1-402-721-9553.  She will be in and out most of the time, helping her sister in work on her 1891 brick home at Hebron, Nebraska. The restoration is time consuming but will be great when finished.  Sorry, but Snuggles refuses to answer the phone!


The average person’s left hand does 56% of the typing.

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

The sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter of the alphabet.

The cruise liner, QE2, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.


Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?


AutoAtlas of Ceska Republika/Slovenska

Republika 1993/94

Honored WW II Vets of Pebble Valley - A compilation of Patriotic War Time Experiences

 Both were donated by Society Member Alex Meyer

 (Noted in the Tribune of 5 May 1909)


Zintka Lanuni, Adopted by Gen. Colby, Claims Husband Indian Miss Found on Battlefield Who Was Given Good  Education by Foster-Parents


Beatrice, Neb., May 5 – Word has been received here of the marriage of Zintka Lanuni, the adopted Sioux maiden of General L W Colby of this city to Albert Chalivat, which occurred last week at the home of Mrs Clara B Colby at Portland, Ore., after a brief courtship.  Zintka Lanuni was found on the battlefield after the battle of Wounded Knee by a soldier and given to Gen Colby, who adopted the Indian maiden.  Her early life was spent in Beatrice and she was afterwards sent to school at Washington, D.C.  She made her home part of the time with Mrs Colby at Portland.  She gave her age as 19.  The groom is 25 years of age.

Dodge County NE Marriages
100 Years Ago - 1905 Book 11

Roy E Van Buskirk to Myrtle D Peterson on 2 June
James B McManis to Mrs Anna Bridges on 3 June
Frank Glodowski to Fanny Hanzel on 5 June
George F Hahn to Myrtle Easom on 7 June
James H Black to Mabel B Arthur to 7 June
William L Fuhlrodt to Gertrude E Welstead on 7 June
Henry S Carroll to Stella Fleming on 7 June
Karel Kudlac to Louise Hermes on 12 June
William J Beaumont to May Randels on 14 June
Wallace J Owens to Bertha Shaw on 14 June
Henry Schulenberg to Rike Langemeier on 15 June
Charles Jensen to Marie Hansen on 18 June
Ralph N Jennings to Florence B Eads on 19 June
Louis F G Anderson to Martha E Peters on 19 June
Henry E Kriebel to Elsie M Daubert on 21 June
Christian Peterson to Emily B Bending on 21 June
A Martin Andreasen to Ida M Schneider on 21 June
Broder Hansen to Emma Raisch on 21 June
James G Mack to M Izola Bendle on 21 June
Sylvester A Wassum to Friedericka C Wisslicen 22 June
Jorgen Jorgensen to Maud Johnson on 22 June
Bennie B Miller to Perlie M Morehead on 24 June
Charles H Gaussoin to Sarah G McCarty on 27 June
James J Johnson to Amanda Arnold on 28 June
Frank C Dickey to Emma K Fenstermacher on 28 June
Robert M Clay to Mrs Lenora M Dunlap on 28 June
Arthur B Skinner to Jessie A Newsom on 28 June
Alanson P Brainard to Amelia Frahm Brunner on 28 June
Thaddeus H Quinn to Maud I Turner on 28 June
Carlos T Morehouse to Charlotte M Smith on 28 June
Emil Rink to Friedericka Moeller on 29 June

James G Mack and Miss Izola Bendle were married at Fremont on last Wednesday afternoon by County Judge Briggs and have gone to housekeeping here.  The groom is the efficient manager for the Beatrice Creamery company here while the bride has been one of the popular teachers of Dodge county.  Both young people have a host of friends among the young folks here, who wish them much happiness in their new life.

  Hooper News-Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 27 Jun 1905  2:4,5



Commencement at Hooper.

Hooper, June 1 - The past week has been a busy time for the graduates and their friends, with the work that comes with the closing of the school year.

It was the intention to hold the class day exercises in the city park on Wednesday afternoon, but on account of the dampness, they were given at the opera house. 

Orations were delivered by the graduates, and several musical selections formed a part of the afternoon's program.  The Hooper cornet band was present and rendered several selections.

In former years the girls usually outnumbered the boys, but this year, the class was composed of one lady and six gentlemen, the members being Miss Anna Harms and Messrs Alfred Dern, Jonah Rupert, Lyman Sanders, Roy Canaga, Howard Wagner and Charles Sauers.

                Fremont Tribune 1 Jun 1903  3:3

North Bend - The regular annual commencement of the North Bend high school was held at the opera house last Friday evening.  The program was well rendered and an oration given by each graduate though the class was large.  There were the following sixteen graduates:  Clarence Walrath, Bertha Allen, John Purcell, Loren Edson, Andrew Harvey, Mary Seelig, Elizabeth Ladenburger, Mabel Acom, Margaret Kimbrough, Lizzie Powers, Herbert Armstead, Asa Farnham, Flora Conley, Helen Verhs, Fred Swan and Theola Linn.  There was a severe hail and rain storm on that evening but nevertheless the house was crowded to its utmost capacity.  Music was furnished by the North Bend orchestra and in addition vocal music rendered by Professor McProud, Miss Flora Conley and Miss Virginia Francis.  After the presentation of diplomas a short speech was made by the president of board of education, C Cusack, and the program closed with the benediction given by Rev Warren.

    Fremont Tribune  27 May 1903  2:3.


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