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ENGS is starting out the New Year debt-free. 

The Fremont Area Community Foundation presented us with a grant for $750 as a part payment on our loan for the reader/printer.  Also from the generous donations from members we were able to pay off the loan and enter 1999 with a good feeling for the coming year. 

The Fremont Area Community Foundation helps many organizations with grants and is a very sound Foundation.  We wish to extend our thanks not only to the Foundation but also to our loyal members who were so generous. 

The Foundation works from donations from organizations and townsmen who donate funds and the grants are issued annually.  A very worthwhile organization, and one who desires to work with the community. 

Margie has been busy selling books! 

She made up a new listing of books for sale and sent them all over the U.S. and it is surprising how many books were sold during the month of December.  Congratulations Margie, on your effort to sell our books. 

From the Friday Evening Fremont Tribune 19 Jan 1906  we note the following   LOCAL BREVITIES.  
Otto Kohler and Jessie E Mitchell were married at 5:30 last evening by Judge Stinson in his office. 
Ned H Pettit formerly Northwestern agent at Fremont, died suddenly at Omaha yesterday.  He has been for a long time connected with the Geo H Lee Stock food company. 
The weather was balmy this afternoon.  From minimum of 16 above zero this morning, the mercury climbed steadily upward and at 3 o’clock this afternoon was registering at 44, which is the warmest point of the recent mild period. 
Lydia, the little one-year old daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles McDonald, died Wednesday night at the home in Omaha and the body was brought here for interment following services held in Omaha this morning.  The funeral procession went from the union passenger station to Ridge cemetery at noon today. 
The body of Mrs Emma Etherton was brought here from Omaha yesterday afternoon and taken from the train to the family burying ground on the farm of R L Cramer north of the city where it was interred after a brief service.  The deceased died in Omaha Wednesday. She was 27 years of age and niece of R L Cramer. 

  No new members to report for this newsletter.  Everyone was busy with the holidays, and we hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. 

Charles H Miller-Annie G Dozier 1 Jan 1899 Fremont NE 
Douglas W Edwards-Myrtle M Greene 1 Jan 1899 
   Fremont NE 
F J Clarke to E D Morris 4 Jan 1899-Fremont NE 
Lewis Thompson to Hattie Brown 7 Jan 1899 
   Fremont NE 
D W Tabler to Della McKinstry 11 Jan 1899 Fremont NE 
O L Harris to Annie J Harrier 12 Jan 1899 Fremont NE 
Thomas Kroger to Anna Gerths 13 Jan 1899 Fremont NE 
Jesse Boyer to Clara Strayer 13 Jan 1899 Fremont NE 
Carl E Lindholm to Augusta Hemmerling 14 Jan 1899 
   Fremont NE 
Bernardt M C Grone to Bertha L C Koster 26 Jan 1899 
   Hooper NE 
Henry W Hollman to Sophie Grone 27 Jan 1899 
   Hooper NE 


Cuming County NE - A Picture History, published in December 1998 by The Pender Times. 

Items from The  Diaries of Mrs A C Hull-donated by Jeff 
Kappeler.  This covers 1865 thru 1884. 

 The following items were noted in the TWIGS & BRANCHES of North Central Ill Gen Society Dec 1998 who in turn located them in various Gen Society quarterlies.  

  Chicago burial grounds records have been discovered.  The records of the earliest known municipal burial ground for the city of Chicago was discovered by the Chicago Genealogical Society. 

More than 600 documents identify nearly 4,000 early Chicagoans who acquired lake front burial property or were themselves buried there.  Recorded are the deaths of the earliest settlers, giving ages, birthplace, residence and cause of death. 

This information will be published, but inquiries may be addressed to the Chicago Genealogical Society, P O Box 1160, Chicago IL  60690. 

  In 1686, a law was passed in Sweden stating detailed records had to be kept of all people living in the country.  The task was assigned to the Lutheran State Church, to which all Swedes belonged at the time.  Here you may find names, vital statistics, records of family movement etc. 
  Write to: The Swenson Center, Augustana College 
              P O Box 175 
   Rock Island IL  61201-2296 
  As of April 10, 1998, the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City has moved all of the family histories and biographies out of the main library building over to the West Wing of the 4th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building(formerly the Hotel Utah).  This move includes histories of all countries - US, Canada, British Isles, Europe, etc., as found in the Surname Section of the Family History Library Catalog.  The reason for the move was to save space in the main library. 

The filmed copies of the family history books are still available at the Family History Library.  If you want to save money while photocopying, go to the Joseph Smith Memorial building, where it is 5 cents per copy.  Copying at the FHL is 20 cents per copy. 
  The Newberry Library in Chicago now has a Friends of Genealogy group to assist the library in various tasks.  One of these is staffing the quick Search services offered to genealogist who are unable to use the Newberry’s resources in person.  First search option includes census index, census(where exact citation is known), Chicago city directory, and Chicago death/obit searches.  Second option is a search of Cook County birth and death indexes(1871-1916), Chicago phone directories, the ordinance townland survey of Ireland maps.  Each search requires a completed request form and $7.00 fee.  The forms are available through the Newberry Library  website( or from the Library’s Local & Family History Section, 60 W Walton St, Chicago Ill 60610-3380. 
by Renee Bunck 
Special attention is deserved by a new project of some ENGS members who are driving forces behind many of the NEGenWeb presentations. Ted & Carole Miller live in CA, but are heavily involved in ensuring that plenty of NE research material is freely accessible on the NEGenWeb site. 

Located under the category of Nebraska Resources, their new ON-LINE LIBRARY concentrates on presenting links to complete text of books and every name indexes to books that will be useful to Nebraska researchers.  Ted & Carole do much of the scanning, typing and proofreading themselves and are quick to offer encouragement and helpful hints to volunteers who are interested in helping with the project. 
Online, is the location of the growing list of books and credits for the many volunteers who have made this collection possible. Here is a sampling of what is available: 


"History of the State of Nebraska", 1882 
"History & Stories of Nebraska", 1913 
“Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska”, 1912  
"VICTORY Burt County Nebraska in the World War"  
“History of Platte County, NE”, 1876  
"Past and Present of Platte County Nebraska"  "Bellwood, Nebraska: The First 100 Years" 
"Fullerton's First 100 Years 1879-1979"  
"History of Nebraska", 1880 
"Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences", 1916 
"Early History of Omaha", 1876 


“Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska”, 1909  
"History of Western Nebraska and Its People" , 1921 
"The History of Dixon County, Nebraska",1896  


"Portrait and Biographical Album of Gage County, Nebraska", 1888 
"Portrait and Biographical Album of Johnson and Pawnee Counties", 1889 
"Portrait and Biographical Album of Lancaster County", 1888 – five articles only – complete index needed 
"Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties", 1889.  

Note from Ted & Carole - We have NO idea how many different "albums" were published or are available! Will attempt to collect the indexes for all of them. 


“1899 Memorial and Biographical Record, A Compendium of Local Biography for Butler, Polk, Seward, York and Fillmore Counties” 
“Amherst Centennial Book, 1890-1990”  
“Elm Creek Centennial Book, 1887 - 1987 “ 
"Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Krakow Centennial 1893-1993"  
"Buffalo County and It's People", Vol II, 1916.  
"Atlas of Buffalo County", plat maps, 1919  
"History of Merrick County, Nebraska", Volumes I & II  
"Early Days of Polk County"  

If you have access to any books similar to the above "albums", "compendiums", etc. – Ted & Carole Miller would like to hear from you with an offer to a copy the biographical index and, so it can be added to this page. Anything published 1922 or earlier is now free of copyright restrictions. Email for Ted & Carole is .  If you don’t have email, bring your information to the next meeting or write to ENGS P. O. Box 541 Fremont, Nebraska 68026 and we will pass the offer on to Ted & Carole. 

Many centennial histories were written by committees during the last 30-40 years. These items can be included if surviving members of the book committee, and current officers of the society sign a release for publication on NEGenWeb. Please share your work with the future. 

Additions on the Dodge County NEGenWeb page: 

+   Dodge County Marriage records (1856-1877)  scanned from Claire Mares 1980 work by Ted & Carole Miller 

+  1854, 1855, 1856 Dodge County Census records scanned from early NSHS publications by Ted & Carole Miller 

+  St Patrick’s Cemetery records from ENGS library - scanned by me and proofed by Tom Gorey from VA. 

+  Index for the 1912 Fremont HS Annual – compiled and submitted by Mary H Mills (great granddaughter of Silas Loomis Morris, DeWitt, NE) 

+  1916,1917,1920,1922 Hooper HS Graduation Announcements from Diane M. Gilligan of Fremont 

--- Dodge County 1870 & 1890 and Cuming 1890 census  are nearly ready.  Colfax 1890 census was scanned and placed on the Colfax County NEGenWeb page by Sherri Brakenhoff of Columbus, NE.  Volunteers are still needed to help with typing and proofing of cemetery and other records. 


This page was submitted to the Dodge county NEGenWeb site
by Renee Bunck

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