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  JANUARY  2003

13 January 2002
Mares Meeting Room
1722 E 19-Fremont NE

Program: Cameras, Cameras, CAMERAS!
Steve Bunck
This should prove to be a most interesting
program for anyone working on their
family histories.....Steve really can take a
great photo!

BROWSE NITE: 27 January 2003 7 p.m.

Claire recommends all members, if they are interested in cemetery photo-taking to attend. She has been with Steve on various occasions and has learned much by listening to him explain his techniques. He even uses old cameras as well as the new digital.....and he is anxious to share his knowledge with you.

The Mares cats really kept her hopping during the holidays. They decided to sleep under the tree, each wanting the same spot...all motivation ornaments would be found on the floor the next morning and it meant redecorate the tree. They were worse this year than last year. So this is the second year Claire had a Christmas in the Closet...or else lose the bows on the packages!

Holiday time was spent working on Renee's big project. The scanning is now into the R's. For some reason, Claire cannot let the scanner and all those cards of old items alone. Sometimes she even reads them over before scanning them. Well, you can't retain all that knowledge forever, the cards are from 1880 thru 1906, of Dodge county papers. Next would be fun to read all of the old papers from the surrounding towns within this county. It would mean making copies of the births, marriages and deaths, but wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to do!!!??

Not many realize that within our library we have the first two or three reels of all the county newspapers. Some are in poor condition, but maybe you will be lucky as you read through them for your family.

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Arlis Marcell F-69
5307 S Third Ave
Everett WA 98203



Something you may not be aware of!

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Browse this free resource.

Wisconsin Civil War Service Records. If you find your soldier in this Rose of Wisconsin Volunteers, you may order a photocopy of your Wisconsin ancestor's Civil War Service record. Carries a "bundle" of info. Fees do apply. These are not National Archives pension records.

These two resources are on their Web site

And from Minnesota we note:

Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificate Index 1908-1996

100 YEARS AGO - BOOK 10 -1903

B B Shultz to Minnie G McVicker on 01 January
Ralph M Lunn to Nina E Lumbard on 01 January
Lewis E Caldwell to Mary A Lovelady on 01 January
Lars M Christofferson to Petrene R Rasmussen on
03 January
E B Hennen to Marie Dittmar on 08 January
Hugo Kurz to Lizzie Poellot on 08 January
Oscar Howell to Eva Lippincott on 09 January
Rudolph Balaban to Agnes A Yunek on 14 January
Christ Schulenberg to Anna Krueger on 14 January
Will Manzel to Ollie Brown on 14 January
Tura Bowman to Hattie Johnson on 14 January
Albert L McCoy to Mrs Mary Hansen on 19 January
William Poppe to Anna Cleary on 20 January
Edwin H Allan to Lydia Etchison on 21 January
Milton P O'Connor to Maggie Crowley on 21 January
Melvin Sweet to Addie B Kile on 21 January
Chas L Kirkpatrick to Ella N Christensen on 21 January
Geo Scott to Ethel Kile on 21 January
H A Collins to Daisy E Crocker on 26 January
John A Friddle to Linnie White on 26 January
Harry Vallier to Besie Regel on 27 January
Lambert Folda to Katie Henn on 27 January
Elmer E Margritz to Katie L Peterson on 28 January
George G Wagner to Rosa Richardson on 28 January
Ernest Von Seggern to Margaretha Thomas on 29
Daniel F Head to Edith Holbrook on 29 Dec 1903
application dated 29 January 1903.


Miss Minnie McVicker Becomes the Bride of
Bert B Shultz.

Purple Cane, Jan 6 - The wedding of Miss Minnie G McVicker and Bert B Shultz took place at the Presbyterian parsonage at 6 o'clock New Year's night, Rev E Jameson being the officiating minister. Only a few near relatives and intimate friends witnessed the ceremony.

The bride is a daughter of James McVicker and is known throughout this neighborhood, where she has grown up. The groom is a highly respected young man, the son of S P Shultz, a prosperous farmer of Colfax county. The couple will remain in the vicinity until March, when the will depart for Alberta to make their home.

Fremont Tri-weekly Tribune 8 Jan 1903 4:5,6


Mrs August Wagner
Miss Elizabeth Uehling was born January 10, 1850 in Saxon, Meinige, Germany. She came to this country with her parents in 1852, landing in New York. From there they went to Watertown, Wisconsin.

They moved to Nebraska in 1864. On October 9, 1868 she was married to August Wagner. They resided on a farm near Logan Creek 31 years coming into our city in 1890 where they have since resided.

She is the mother of fifteen children, twelve of whom are living. The living are Henry, Will, Ed, Mrs Henry Mallette, Mrs Ben Ott, Mrs Herman Janssen, Gertrude, Minnie, Alfred of Hooper, Mrs John F Uehling, Elizabeth, Nebr and Mrs Issac Mallette of Craig, Nebraska.

from Hooper Sentinel 8 January 1914 4:5


Papers granting him the privileges of full American citizenship were granted yesterday Judge Grimison to HENRY SHUMAKER, of Hooper. Mr Shumaker was formerly a subject of the German crown.

from Fremont Semi-Weekly Herald 23 Jan 1903 6:4

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