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  January 2002

 Meeting: 14 January 2002
 Mares Meeting Room-1722 E 19-Fremont NE

 Program:  Dead End in Research??
    Panel:  Richard Jacoby
                Renee Bunck
                Claire Mares 
 Each member bring “One” family topic that 
 needs a new link or idea to continue your

 BROWSE nite:  28 January 2002

F-60    Sharon E  Fearnow
 1433 Backus St
 El Paso TX  79925-5101

Sharon is working on the family name of Bahm(Baum) from Saunders and Dodge County. 

A new year is upon us – we pray our men overseas will soon come home and peace again will reign.

Claire is still pressing Hooper Sentinel newspapers, another five years are completed.  The past few years have been in sad shape and needed considerable mending.  The dust from the storage has filtered all about the basement and deep cleaning is required after a five year pressing.


We have a 9 minute CD “From Bremen to America-The Migration Experience” given to our society by Dr Wolfgang Grams.  It can be checked out.  It covers briefly, research in the Oldenburgh area and photos of ports of Bremen and Hamburg.

Cemetery Headstones Rose Hill & St Michaels of Albion NE.

Russell C Lang has published his book “Original Land Transfers of Nebraska.”  Many, many hours went into search and writing this book.  A good reference book.

Fremont Herald 29 Dec 1922  4:2

Christmas Decoration of Graves Elaborate

  As a scene of unsurpassed attractiveness and beauty Ridge cemetery has attracted hundreds of city people this week to view the holiday decorations place there in honor of this Christmas season by those whose loved ones sleep in that peaceful City of the Dead. 
   One grave in particular has drawn many to admire it, because of the extraordinary beauty and expense of the decoration.  It is that in which rests the mortal remains of little Frank, young son of Frank and Daisy Reynolds, who died and was buried here some two or three years ago, when his parents were camping near this city.
   It is alleged that the parents of this deceased child are Gypsies and that their place of residence is somewhere in South Dakota.  Each year, The Herald is told, these parents, who never cease to mourn the departed little one, see to it that the sacred spot in Ridge cemetery that marks the final resting place of his mortal clay is elaborately adorned at Christmas time with a beautiful tree, more handsomely decorated than that afforded in many of Fremont homes. (Editor’s note:  In reviewing the area where Frank Reynolds is buried, the owner of the Lot is a Ted Mason, and this is the area where part of the Gypsy Mason family is buried.  Daisy Reynolds is also buried there.) 

North Bend Argus – 15 Jan 1891  5:7

No 1 Collides With a Team on the Crossing Near the Mill

  Last Monday afternoon as Josef Somers and Ignatz Pavelka, who reside in Saunders county, were driving out of town they were struck on the railroad crossing near the mill by the overland flyer No 1, which was running at a fearful rate of speed, being a little behind time.  An Argus reporter was immediately on the ground to obtain the details of the accident.  It seems that, the men saw the train but too late to stop their horses, which were rather high spirited.  The engine struck them fairly amidships, as a sailor would say, throwing the horses on the south side of the track and wagon and men on the north.  The younger of the two men, Pavelka, who was driving, was thrown out  with the spring seat close by the crossing, while the elder, Mr Somers, was carried a distance of about one hundred feet before being thrown out.  The box did not get clear of the engine until about one hundred yards father on.  The wagon was scattered from the crossing up to the tank where the train was brought to a standstill, a portion of the running gear still clinging to the engine.  The men were badly shaken up and are somewhat bruised but nothing serious except that they each have an ugly scalp wound.  Upon being picked up they were immediately taken to Soukup’s hotel where Drs Doan and Simmons dressed their injuries.  One of the horses was killed almost instantly and the other was knocked in the head to put it out of misery as it was suffering terribly, having been dragged nearly two hundred feet.
   John Gillis, the second boss, had a narrow escape from being struck by a portion of the wagon which hung to the engine.
The loss to Mr Somers is quite severe as the team was a good one and the harness and wagon nearly new.  The miraculous part of the accident is that no damage to speak of was done to the engine.  Had the train been ditched at the rate of speed they were running the loss of life would have been terrible. 
   Reports in a numer of papers say that the men were drunk.  We have been personally acquainted with the gentlemen for the past six years and wish to state that we have never within this time seen these men in a state of intoxication.

DODGE COUNTY NE MARRIAGES  from Book 10 100 Years Ago –1902

Fred S Walley to Blanche A Peters on 1 January
Herman Krueger to Clara Rabe on 4 Feb(error? is in  the January issues)
Woodbury Hatcher to Lillie M Kingston on 6 January
Claud Clark to Millie Cox on 4 January
Michael J Higgins to Anna Gaughen on 7 January
David W Skinner to Alice G Bradbury on 8 January
Fritz G Halberg to Lulu Boggs on 8 January
Theodore Greaser to Lucy Nestroyl on 8 January
Floyd L Bollen to Katie Ray Jennings on 9 January
Loraine J Hatton to Hedwig Koeckeritz on 13 January
Henry Nelson to Ida Peterson on 14 January
August Uehling to Lenora Weigle on 15 January
George Funk to Emma B Scott on 15 January
Harry D Blakeslee to Sarah C Crosby on 15 January
Nels Henry to Emma Anderson on 15 January
William Winkelman to Louise Ludje on 16 January
Fred Hansen to Carrie Knutsen on 21 January
Frank Smeall to Albean Bartosh on 22 January
Michael J Callnon to Cathrine Brennan on 22 January 
Jacob H Rasmussen to Kirsten M Johansen on 25 January
W E Hite to Lucy E Rodgers on 27 January
Daniel Kampf to August W Klingbeil on 27 January
Johnie Hines to Maggie Coleman on 27 January
W J Sellman to Adeline Reick on 29 January


Our members are forgetting to return the books that were checked out-some have been out since July and September.  Please bring them to the January meeting, so other members may make use of them.  Alder Grove Volume 1 & 2 were checked out, but I have no card in the file. 


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