February 2008

11 FEBRUARY  2008  7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room

1722 E 19-Fremont NE


PROGRAM:  Finding Your Ancestor's Parents

by Dr George K Schweitzer-VHS tape


Election of Officers for 2008


BROWSE NITE:  25 Feb 2008


Our January meeting was well-attended and we had a great speaker who told of her ancestor who had been kidnapped by the Delaware and Miami Indians and grew up in the state of Ohio and also Indiana, living with the Indians, in their camps,

most of her life.  We thank Susan Wood Associate Professor of English, Midland College, for the information she brought to our group, and how she located most of the material.

 Our February meeting will be one the tapes we purchased from Dr Schweitzer when he spoke at the Lincoln-Lancaster Gen Society meeting, several years ago.  Most of his programs have been placed on VHS tapes and we can all learn from these tapes.  Even I learned from the tape on German genealogy and also from the tape on the State of New York.

 We will have Election of ENGS officers at the February meeting, please don't refuse a position, if you are asked to serve.  We are a simple group of persons who are striving to learn about our ancestors, and where to find additional information pertaining to our families.

IN SYMPATHY - Jodi Richards informed Claire of the death of her father, John Richards in January of 2007 in Texas, his ashes were taken to Chappell NE for burial in June 2007. Jodi is a long-time member of our society.

 Bonnie Sandeen of Fremont NE passed away 18 Dec 2007, and was a friend of Claire's and also a mother-in-law to member Diane Sandeen.

 Nancy Burr Lang, wife of member Russell Lang, passed away 16th Jan 2008 at Blair.  They lived near Craig NE.

 Mrs Gene Wandersee of St Paul MN died on 08 Nov 2007.

 Our sympathy goes out to all of our members who have lost loved ones.


 Remember the fun we had prior to this day and the day of handing out our Valentine's at school?  Some were hand-made and some were purchased.  I still have some of my husband's old valentines of when he went to country school  in Saline County NE.  They were very fancy and the verses inside were very sentimental.  Claire did not keep hers.  She does remember how they made valentines in art class, at school, from red construction paper and lace paper doilies. All of the class helped in making the big valentine box where we placed our cards, and yes, we made the envelopes they were placed in along with the name on the front of the envelope.  Do you still have some of your old valentines??  If so, bring them to our February meeting and display them along with a brief on when and where you received them.  It will be a bit of fun to go back in time and view the old items that we treasure.

 Valentine's Day was originally celebrated on February 15, then in 496 Pope Gelasius of Rome,  changed the Lupercalia festival of February 15 to Saint Valentine's Day on February 14.  But the sentimental meaning of the old festival has remained to the present time.



Helen Drumright donated an 1983 publication  of the Saunders County NE book.

 We also have on our shelf the West Point 150 years book, which was published in 2007 and issued in 2008.

 With Fervent Prayers & Buoyant Hopes by Dr Wm E Christensen and Ann L Wilhite.  This book concerns Midland Lutheran College History.


BOOK 12 - 1908 - 100 YEARS AGO

 Maurice Franklin Black to Addie B Brown on Feb 4

Owen Victor Hurst to Hattie May Houtz on Feb 4

Asa Robert Orr to Marie Johanna Claussen on Feb 5

Louie Christensen to Anna Larson on Feb 6

Earl Julius Steves to Alice Snyder on Feb 6

Arthur Chester Force to Laura Edna Tibbels on Feb 8

Charles A Funk to Nettie Moore Black on Feb 12

John Fredricks Mintken to Gertrude Larsen on Feb 13

John Whitter Ogden to Mrs Chloe E Wagner on Feb 18

August F Thernes to Alpha Leona Miller on Feb 19

Frederick W Langemeier to Sophie G Hasebroock on Feb 19

Thomas C Stoltenberg to Anna Heinsohn on Feb 19

Jacob L Vopalensky to Amerila Frieda Datel on Feb 19

Charley H Peterson to Edna A Reed on Feb 20

Callie G Mathias to Cassie B Hodges on Feb 20

Fred Herman Borcher to Alma Rink on Feb 24

Charles Martin Steil to Meta Rink on Feb 24

John H C Moeller to Frieda Rink on Feb 24

Joseph Rudolph Kafka to Helen Annie Faltin on Feb 25

Peter Christensen to Marie J Hildebrandt on Feb 25

Claudius P Eggers to Maggie Smith on Feb 26         

Jessie Wilfred Kohn to Nona E M Hiebenthal on Feb 26

Ernest A McKee to Mattie C Sampson on Feb 26

David E Bridges to Alice V J Best on Feb 26

Henry Gerken on Nannie E Hansen on Feb 27

Everett Henry Houghton to Mrs Nida P Claver on Feb 27

August Gus Dokulil to Fannie Garney on Feb 29

  MARRIED- Miss Alice Snyder and Earl Steves, the  latter of
Menomonie, Wis., were married at 8:30 last evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs Joseph Snyder, 245 West 4th street.  Rev Dr J A Spyker of the First Methodist church officiating.  The couple will remain in Fremont for a few days visit and will go then to Menomonie to make their home on a farm.

     Fremont Tribune 7 Feb 1908  5:3



Grooms-to-be Filed in Court House Today and

Were Backward in Telling About Triple Wedding

   There will be a triple wedding at Scribner and by it three sisters, the Misses Alma, Metta and Frieda Rink will become brides, all in a night.  The grooms to be made their appearance at the courthouse today, filing into the judge's room together, and secured their nuptial licenses.  The three young men were very backward about telling things concerning the coming affair.  "We don't want to get it in the newspapers for a week or two," said one of them.   "We're going to keep it a secret from our friends."

   Fred Borcher of Scribner will claim Alma Rink.  Charles Steil of Scribner will have Metta Rink for his bride.  John H C Moeller of Hooper will claim the youngest of the girls, Frieda.

   Alma is 25 years old, Metta is 23 and Fried is 19.

   Fred Borcher is 25, Charles Steil is 24 and John Moeller is 22.

   The young men refused to discuss their plans.  They refused, also, to tell when the wedding will take place.  It was learned from other sources that it will be held tonight at the home of the brides' mother, Mrs Jacob Rink.  The family is well known and the young ladies are popular belles of the town.

             Fremont Tribune  20 Feb 1908


TRIPLE WEDDING - The triple wedding of the Misses Alma, Metta and Frieda Rink took place Sunday at the home of the brides' brother, Emil Rink, at his home five miles east of Scribner.  The grooms were Fred Borcher, Scribner; Charles Steil, Scribner; and John Moeller, Hooper.  The affair was an elaborate one.  Fremont Friends of the couples believed that the service was to be performed last week.  The several brides and grooms attempted to keep it a secret.

                Fremont  Tribune  26 Feb 1908


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