December 1998
Our meeting for November was a hurried one of various ideas from our members.  Our presenter was ill and could not be with us.  Jeff Kappeler will be rescheduled and give our program for the month of February. 

It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter for the year of 1998.  Claire had ideas of bringing together December information from the various newspapers of the county, only to find that December 1898 had very poor film for Hooper and Scribner, in fact for several years they were very hard to read.  There were some good papers for the Dodge and North Bend newspapers, so this and the Fremont newspapers will have to suffice. 

  Jeff Kappeler         F-009 
  10624 East County Road Y 
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Report of District No 61 for month ending December 23; Number of days taught, 20; Number of pupils  enrolled, 37; average daily attendance, 28.  Those not absent or tardy from date of enrollment:  Laura Hasch,  Henry Loehding, John Loehding, Paul Arp, Maggie Grantz and Minnie Grantz. 
  GEO W MYERS, Teacher. 


The Christmas entertainment was well attended and a good time was enjoyed.  The decorations, though cheap, were quite attractive. 

The following officers of the Glencoe Sunday school were elected: Charles Brown Superintendent; Eva Adkinson, secretary and Treasurer. 

An Epworth League social last Friday night at the residence of Josiah Longacre was a big affair.  A number of young people from Dodge were down. 

The Fremont Daily Herald on 13 Dec 1881 

The new school building is to be located on the east half of Block 1, Pierce's Addition, between Military Avenue and Sixth street - just east of the residence of George Maxwell.  The building will be erected in the center of the half-block, facing east - the Board having perfected the purchase of this property at their meeting last night.  The plans will give a building about the size of the East Ward building and in all respects a creditable one to the city. 


Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for the building and completion of a School House in Fremont will be received by the Board of Education, School district of Fremont on or before Dec 23, 1881; Said school building to be built according to plans and specifications of Architect C F Driscoll of Omaha, Neb., subject to inspection of bidders, by application to Sec'y of Board, Fremont.  Bidding to be completed on or before September 1st, 1882.  Bids will be received separately for mason's work and for the carpenter work, to include painting, of the building.  Contractor to enter into good and sufficient bonds to be approved by the Board, to complete said building according to contract; the bids to be sent to Secretary of Board of Education, Fremont Neb.  The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 
 By order of Board - E N Morse, Secy 
 Fremont, Neb, Dec 13, 1881.

NO purchase of books this month, but Claire has most of the Fremont City Directories copied.  Margie has made the bindings and completed the spirals.  We cannot thanks the Dodge County Historical Society enough for the loan of their books to be copied. 

Ben Owens, son of Mr and Mrs P Owens of this place, was united in marriage to Miss Sadie Lynch, Wednesday of last week, in Philadelphia.  We join in extending congratulations to the young people. 

Miss Minnie Hecht of Pleasant Valley, and P Daley were united in marriage, Wednesday, Dec 28th.  To these young people we join in extending congratulations and the best wishes for happiness and success through the journey of life.  The bride and groom are quite extensively and favorably known in this community, and enjoy the respect and esteem of their acquaintance. 


Five thousand carloads of cattle passed east through Omaha, between the first of January last and the first of this month.  Most of these cattle passed through Fremont and came from the immense cattle ranges west of here. 

21 Dec 1898  SCHOOL REPORT

The following is a list of those whose average for the past month was above 9.  Copies of the questions used in examination may be seen at the office of L D Richards, of the Superintendent: 

High School Grade, 2d year.
Frank Fowler   9.9      Martha Clark     9.9
1st Year
Anna Wilson  9.9        Carrie McDonald  9.9
Maggie Boulter  9.9    Will Biles  9.8
Frank Murphy  9.7     John Abbott  9.7
Will Barnard  9.6        Rickie Frahm  9.6
Georgie Osborn  9.6   Arthur Marshall  9.4
Fred Biles  9.3            Sadie Beckman  9.3
Hattie Crandall  9.3     O VanDoozer  9.1
C  Davies  9.0
The papers are preserved and may be seen at any time. 


There are many lovely legends associated with the holiday season.  One is the legend of the Christmas rose. 

   A young girl followed the shepherds to the stable in Bethlehem.  Learning of the Chirst Child's birth, she longed to go in and worship Him, but felt ashamed because she had no gift to offer Him. 

   Tears of disappointment fell from her eyes and as they touched the ground, a bush sprang up, bearing a beautiful white rose.  Joyfully, the young girl picked the rose and took it in to lay before the Infant. 

   Another legend tells of the poor shoemaker, who lived on the edge of a village, near the woods.  Each night he would place a candle in his window to guide the travelers. Miraculously, that candle light never wavered, and it inspired others to place candles in their windows at Christmas time.


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