December 2002  Newsletter


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  DECEMBER  2002

bd05617_.wmf (42324 bytes)Our November meeting was a success, as everyone was involved. I must say that everyone seemed to be very busy seeking out past records. Some took trips to the Dakotas, Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, another took a trip to Pennsylvania, some into Kentucky and Tennessee. A few of our members ventured out on to the Internet to seek out clues. As for Claire? she isn't one to go out on the Internet, but has been a busy person. She has scanned 29 drawers of old newspaper files, from 3 x 5 cards. Renee has the big task to get them ready for viewing. She has also been busy doing research for persons that have relatives in this area.

OUR SYMPATHY flower.GIF (943 bytes)
is extended to Floyd Stork, in the loss of his brother who lived in our area.

A Get Well
is extended to Marlene Heinsohn, who again underwent surgery, this time for her shoulder. The year of 2002 has not
dd00366_.wmf (9706 bytes)been kind to Marlene. We hope the year 2003 will be much kinder to her.

Nona Wiese went out on the snow and found ice underneath and fell, breaking her wrist. Holidays may be a little difficult for her.

Books.jpg (6455 bytes) New on the Shelf

Prussia, Genealogical Guide to East & West Prussia
Records, Sources, Publications and Events

by Edward R Brandt & Adalbert Goertz.

NILSSON, Elof Ancestry of Lund, Sweden.
compiled by Elizabeth Foster Tilton.

Microfilm No T-840-11, which is Ship Passenger Listings into Philadelphia PA 2 May thru 30 Dec 1888.

About the Ship passenger film. Heritage Quest will no longer interlibrary loan their records. They are available only by purchase. From now on, we will have to order all films from the National Archives. We are sorry to see this rental program cease, as it most certainly saved our members driving time into Omaha, to the Family History Center.

Newspapers from various states must be ordered through the State Historical Societies, on a rental basis, providing they will interlibrary loan. We have received mail from several State Historical Societies that no longer will do an inter-library. This makes it even more difficult for a newspaper search unless you request they do the search and pay their fees for "Look-ups."

I hope that the winter quarterly coming out this next week will not be confusing to you. Many persons pass up the fact that their ancestors in the 1880's perhaps were lodged at a Hotel or even a Saloon(men generally) and they overlook this-as they do not appear in the index. Soo-o-o-o Claire tried to put in a number of boarding houses, hotels, and even a Saloon with boarders.

BOOK 10 - December 1902

Chas P Garretson to Cora M Stultz on 01 December
Wm Sumption t Lillian B Griffen on 02 December
Arthur A Becker to Gertrude M Dahl on 03 December
Wm E Sawyer to Jennie Hough on 03 December
Geo B Osterman to Helen Hagenbuck on 05 December
Paul Rabbass to Ida Nelson on 06 December
Claus Henrichsen to Mattie Studt on 17 December
Fred W Nichols to Etta Sweet on 17 December
August Unzicker to Mrs Lillie B Chambers on 17 December
Clyde B Taylor to Daisy Phillips on 17 December
Anton Jensen to Fredericke Christensen on 17 December
Julius Lieswald to Helen Retke on 18 December
Earl Street to Janie Dickerson on 18 December
F M Cleaveland to Anny Kaasch on 18 December
John T Garner to Carrie Larson on 23 December
Ernest A Hassett to Marie E Mitchell on 23 December
Andrew Larsen to Ella Linn on 24 December
Edwin W Auten to Evelyn L Rector on 25 December
Will Steinard to Lucy Brown on 25 December
Robert Laudenslager to Anna Jerrett on 25 December
Earl Holcomb to Lily Sawyer on 29 December
Hans M Jensen to Anna S M Larsen on 31 December
Hans F Neilsen to Amelia Fredericksen on 31 December
Geo J Hall to Minnie Seifert on 31 December

At the residence of the bride's parents, Miss Jennie Hough and W E Sawyer were last Wednesday afternoon
united in marriage by Rev Wm Esplin. The bride is one
of Hooper's prominent young ladies, and the groom is
engaged in the stock business in Perkins county. The
young couple left on the afternoon train for Madrid, where they will reside.

Fremont Tribune 8 Dec 1902 3:3

West Point NE Republican 22 Dec 1907

Fifty-three residents of this county appeared before Judge Graves this week and took the oath of allegiance to the U S Government and, thus, became naturalized citizens. This rush for citizenship almost swamped the court for a day, or two and other business had to give way to it. The fact that, the present congress is liable to make new and more stringent regulations in this matter, doubtless, stimulated this business. Those, who passed muster and now read their title clear to full citizenship, are as follows: Jos. Pospisil, Rev H A Hilpret, Carl Schwinck, John Meyer, Wm Meyer, Wm Braun, Nicolaus Rahlf, Christ Groth, Ludwig Zeplin, Christ Meyer, J W Kellinghaus, Max Gerhardt, Herman Reimers, Julius Reimers, Charley Reimers, Ferd Blanknagel, A Freckenstein, David Rees, Fried Kind, Bernard Lindhorst, J Frickenstein, Henry Lindhorst, Charles Stieren, Henry Einemann, Theo Oligmueller, Lorenz Ruskamp, H D Kuhlmann, F J Barton, Henry Behrens, Fred Meyer, Henry Paulsen, Julius Wegner, Frank Heiman, Charles Ernesti, Ferd Ernesti, Anton Batenhorst, Frank Batenhorst, Hy Lindhorst, Joe Neesen, Wm Zuhlke, Wm Buene, Geo Feldbrugge, W G Vogt, Herman Kaup, Joe Batenhorst, Anton Kadlec, Jerry Stanek, Chas Kudec, Theo Stalp, Ferd Ulrich, Jul Zimmerman, Chas Heese, Jacob J Meier.

Noted in the Fremont Tribune 18 Dec 1879

A facetious brakeman on the Central Pacific Railroad cried out as the train was entering a tunnel: "This tunnel is one mile long, and the train will be four minutes passing through it." The train dashed into daylight again in four seconds, and the scene in the car was for a painter. Seven young ladies were closely pressed by fourteen masculine arms, four pair of lips were glued together, and two dozen inverted whisky flasks flashed in the air.

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