August  2007

August will soon be upon us - It seems that time is creeping upon us for our meetings once again starting with the one for September.

Bremen Passenger Lists - We usually hear that Bremen emigrants cannot be identified because the records were destroyed during WW II because of lack of space.  That is not entirely true, it seems. - Now comes word that passenger lists of Bremen from 1920 to 1939 were partially preserved. There are 3,017 of the 4,420 records created during that time that have been preserved!  These have been extracted by Die Maus in Bremen.  There are over 635,000 persons listed in their database.  You can search by surname, ship name, day of departure, destination and hometown.    You may search the database without a fee by going to  Supplied by The German Connection 30:2-3, 2006. 

The IGS Newsletters are full of information for research in Germany and also new items appearing throughout the USA.

Take time to check them out.  You might find something useful in your quest for German records.


  Do you know the difference? - One digs in the dirt and sometimes find artifacts.  The other digs in facts and sometimes finds dirt.

  IGS Newsletter coming from Rootsweb Review Jan 3, 2001.



compiled by Betty Mylander from

North Bend Eagle files

1891  ARGUS (7 Aug 1991)

County Clerk Killeen reports Dodge County levy for state purposes is 7 mills...The City Council voted to purchase a Champion chemical machine for fighting fires outside the business portion of the city.

1891 ARGUS (14 Aug 1991)

Archie Crawford has the contract for erecting the bank building for the Bank of Morse Bluff....Funeral services were held for Mrs Nels Lindahl.

1891 ARGUS (21 Aug 1891)

Mose Stubbert commenced building the slough bridge south of the railroad track...Funeral services were held for the 3-year old son of John Polte; and for Joseph Cross.

1891 ARGUS (28 Aug 1991)

Funeral services were held for Miss Lottie Hunter; for Andrew J Flater...Born to Mr and Mrs Joe Hodges, a son; to Mr & Mrs Thomas Killeen, a son.

1892 (5 Aug 1992)

Dora Pettegrew became the bride of J C McGee...Born to Mr & Mrs John Collins, a daughter; to Mr & Mrs C C Snavely, a son...Funeral services were held for Harry Yordy.

1892 (12 Aug 1992)

Funeral services were held for Pauline, 7 year-old daughter of Jake Goldbraber; for James Sloss, 39.

1892 (19 Aug 1992)

An estimated crowd of 2,000 attended the annual Old Settlers Picnic...Mrs Mary McGinn passed away at her home in Morse Bluff...Born to Mr & Mrs Parker Wolfe, a son.

1892 (26 Aug 1992)

Sadie L Ryan became the bride of George Howe...Funeral services were held for Mrs Julia Foglesong...Senece (Lucius Anneus) Kendall, the pioneer cat of North Bend, died at the old age of 17 years.


100 YEARS AGO - From Book 4


Charles Emerson Divine to Amy Pearl Simmons on 01 Aug
Newton Alfred Gaines to Maud Lee Flescher on 02 Aug
George W Wood to Ettie Erickson on 07 Aug
Clarence A Scott to Josephine O Roubal on 08 Aug
George Neil Smith to Marie Dineen on 13 Aug
Newton Morrow Boggess to Sadie Kathryn Holland on 15 Aug
Albert M Pieper to Gertrude Groseclose on 20 Aug
Karl L Kreisinger to Mary Vopalensky on 21 Aug
John H Ladd to Catherine E Pease on 21 Aug
John Ingram Roy to Pearl A Tweedy on 24 Aug
Paul Thompson Robinson to Julia Agnes Shortliff on 26 Aug
Clayton E Yambert to Melissa E Fuller on 28 Aug
Monroe B Minnig to Cora A Thomas on 28 Aug
William Robert Van Dorn to Mabel A Warner on 28 Aug
August Jacob Nielsen to Mrs Louisa Willis on 28 Aug


Prof. Newton Boggess, Dean of Music Dept at Fremont College and Miss Kathryn Holland Wedded.


     A very pretty home wedding was that of Professor Newton M Boggess dean of the music department of the Fremont college, and Miss Kathryn Holland, at the home of the bride's mother,  950 East Nineth street, at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the nuptial knot being tied by Rev W H Cooper of Fullerton.

     Prof. Boggess is recognized as a man of great ability in his vocation, and is one of the most popular members of the college faculty.  It is granted he is a genius as an organist and possesses talent which assured his rapid advance.  The bride is the charming and cultured daughter of Mrs Ada Holland, and is very popular in a large circle of friends.

     Professor and Mrs Boggess leave this morning for a honeymoon trip of three or four weeks in Illinois and will visit a number of the eastern cities.


                Noted in Fremont Herald 16 Aug 1907  4:1


We have noted many members who have lost family during the past several months.  We send our condolences to the following members:

Kevin Smith in the loss of his mother, Darlene Smith 30 April.

Ruby Coleman in the loss of her husband, Dick 26 June. Pauline Kruger in the loss of her father, Harold Zimmerman 21 June.

Eugene "Gene" Bang who was a former member of ENGS and helped to organize the NE State Gen Society  in the 1970's.   He died at his home 27 June.  He was instrumental in the forming of our Society.

Now for the new information from the IGS Newsletter:

Everton's Genealogical Helper are ONLINE.  For the first time ever-all issues of Everton's Genealogical Help are now online.  This includes over 10,000 pages of genealogical information!  To check it out, go to

 supplied by Der Blumenbaum Apr-Jun2007.


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