APRIL 2000
10 Apr 2000 Mares Meeting room
1722 East 19th 
Fremont NE

PROGRAM:  7:00 p.m.  Speaker will be Jeff Kappeler.  Jeff has so many programs, he isn't sure which will be presented.

BROWSE NITE: 24 Apr 2000, 7:00 p.m.

The meeting went well, in spite that many of our officers were absent - the Travel Series at Midland College was on Greece and it certainly sounded better than ďCemetery Tips.Ē

Claire explained the importance of doing rubbing of the OLD markers and had a classic example.  In the early 1970ís she visited the grave of her 3rd great grandmother and the marker was in excellent condition.  When she returned to view the marker in 1990ís with her sister, it was verily readable, she did a rubbing then, but should have done so at the time of the camera photo.  New paper for doing rubbings is on the market and so easy to do.  It is found at the monument companies.

The program ended with a showing of some of her slides on cemetery markers, world-wide.

Margie tells me this will be your last newsletter and no additional Roots & Leaves.  If there is red on your label, this is your last call on dues, $15.00 for renewal.  Send your renewals to Margie Sobotka, 8686 N 204, Elkhorn NE  68022-3900.

Noted in the Fremont Tribune 16 May 1911  2:2

HOLDS RECORD FOR SPEED - Engineer Wheeler, who runs into Fremont every other day on express train No 23, holds the record for speed on the Northwestern.  While running a passenger train between Boone Ia, and Chicago, Engineer Wheeler maintained a speed of 78 miles an hour. - No 23 is now one of the fastest trains on the road.  Several days ago with Engineer Schultze at the throttle it made the last 51 miles into Fremont in 50 minutes, making two stops on the way.
BLOODY BRICK as EVIDENCE - A brick bar to which a piece of a manís eyebrow, was pasted by a drop of blood, was used as evidence in police court this forenoon to convict T R Jackson and A N Monvar of fighting.  The two men engaged in a lively fistic mill near a saloon at the corner of the 2nd & Main last evening.  In the heat of the argument Jackson threw a piece of a brick at his adversary.  The brick struck, not Monvar, but an innocent bystander, inflicting an ugly gash and carrying away part of his eye-brow.  Jackson & Monvar were whiffed away to the lockup by the police.  When they saw the brick in court they pleaded guilty.  Each was fined $3 and costs. They will do time for their fines.


When photocopying items from books, etc in a library, make a copy of the cover page, which should contain not only the title, but the author, publisher and date published, information which is often forgotten to be written down.  Add the call number and you have your source documented.  You might also note the library, location and date copies.

Be sure to use Archival safe sleeves when placing your paperwork in the family book.  Archival paper is also a good idea to use, expensive, but worth it.

Donít forget to check out our quarterly exchange area, We have considerable quarterlies on file from over the U.S., ask Claire where they are, for she moved them for extra space for books.  (She took over the library that her husband used, on the north side) Still to be noted, are the States so you donít have to look at each issue.


Herbert Ritthaler donated a book to our Society that was written by our Mae Ritthaler, unfortunately she passed away just prior to the printing.  It is a beautiful book and we are proud to place it on our shelf, it is entitled The Ritthaler Family - 300 Years.

Some of our books in the old stapled bound type have now been put into three ring notebooks into archival sleeves for easier reading and copying.  It takes much time to file and check the books for repair, but slowly it is being accomplished.


Meyer Berman/Rosie Cohn on 01 April
Edward M Storms/Emma Arps on 03 April
J C Cohee/Rhoda Brown on 04 April
H W Meierhenry/Freida Schmidt on 05 April
John G Hilbers/Martha A Suhr on 05 April
Ora Fitch/Lottie Johnson  on 09 April
Marsh C Nelson/Mattie M Thedens on 10 April
Louieco Hunter/Clara Hunter on 11 April
Andrew O Larson/Emma Lindquist on 14 April
John H Hawes/Sophia E Schulz on 14 April
Joseph H Scott/Zona A Bowyer on 18 April
Patrick Turner/Johanna Shikouski on 19 April
Patrick Kelly/Rose OíHara on 25 April
Hjalmer F H Hartelius/Edith Olivia Olson on 25 April
Michael Johnson/Mrs Agnes E Bowyer on 25 April
Willard Siders /Cassie Boggs on 25 April
Al Wetzel/Martha Conrad on 29 April
George Lucke/Edith Saenger on 30 April


Our sympathy is extended to Adelaide Low who lost her mother, Erna Von Seggern Dec 6, 1999.  Erna at one time was a member of our society, and Adelaide continues her membership.

Advertised Letters
Fremont Tribune 27 Apr 1901  5:6

The following letters remain uncalled for in the Fremont postoffice for the week ending April 24, 1901:


Barbee, Miss Mattie 
Brown, Mrs Albie 
Curry, Mrs Florence 
Ethel, Miss 
Fox, Lucy 

Hough, Miss Bessie
Lundberg, Miss Hilda
Moria, Mrs
Rowland, Mrs R G
Skinner, Miss Maud
Wardrip, Mrs Jennie.

Adams, H C 
Bates, George E 
Beatrouw, Frank 
Derriel, G M 
Fauquet, Rev Arsene 
Fitch, Wm 
Foss, W W 
Fye, Charles 
Gardner, Geo W 
Grahamn & Pott 
Hansen, H J 
Hartford, James 
Head, D F 
Johnson, A (2) 
J V D 
Knowles, Clyde 


Berk, J 

Lansing, Chas E
Lawrence, F B
Lonergan, Pat D
Mack, Heirs of Warren
Marrisch, Joseph
Martin, S
Martin, A C
McCall, D
McCall, David
McDuffee, M S
Pacset, H J
Peterson N P
Rogers, Dwight
Ternes, William M
Williams, C E
Wingard, Joseph
Wooden, S D

Foiden, V B
Olvelaine, Herman

Persons calling for the above will please say ďadvertised.Ē
 Ross L Hammond, P.M.

Every great achievement was once Impossible.

by Renee Bunck

Thanks to the May Museum in Fremont, Nebraska, a photo album containing enlistment information and pictures of various members of the G.A.R.  McPherson Post #4 has been preserved and copies of the information made available to family researchers.  The two photos below are the only unidentified subjects. 

Could one of these men be your
Civil War ancestor?

There are 62 individual photos plus 3 group photos that have been removed from the deteriorating album and scanned for this project.  Most of the photos have the name of the civil war veteran written on the back while some also include a list of the veteran's battles.  The original photos will be on file at the May Museum.  A special "Thank You" to Patty Manhart, Jeff Kappeler, and  Claire Mares for making this project possible.

The index pages to the album list name, rank, company, regiment, state, enlistment, and discharge dates for over 100 members of the post. An alphabetized version of the album index has been published on the Dodge County NEGenWeb site along with an Official List of Dodge County Pensioners from the Fremont World Herald - Jan 24, 1884 and the 1890 Reconstructed Dodge County Veterans Census.  They will soon be joined by Claireís Index to Civil War Veterans buried in Dodge County. You might also want to follow the link Beyond Dodge County to the NEGenWeb Project Resource Centerís Military Page, compiled by Ted & Carole Miller, where lots more Nebraska military information can be found. 

A copy of the index and photos has been added to the Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society library. 

According to information on this January 1923 group photo of surviving post members, McPherson Post #4 was chartered  Nov. 2, 1876 and had a total membership of 301.

             Name                        State        Age
             1. Cyrus Garwood    Iowa        79 
             2. L. D. Richards      Vt.            75
             3. J. W. Goff             N.Y.         80
             4. R. H. McCann      Wis.          78
             5. W. P. Foote          N.Y.          81
             6. Joseph Snider      Wis.          80
             7. C. B. Veazie         Maine       83
             8. J. A. Welton         Ill.            75
             9. Frank Wickwire   Wis.          81
            10.Geo. Mitterling    Penn          83
            11.Wesley Johnson   N.Y.          82

Other Additions to Dodge County NEGenWeb: 

Volunteers Claire Mares, Petey Crowshaw of Fremont, NE and Marilyn Estrada  of Phoenix, AZ have recently added several more cemeteries to the tombstone information available online.  Claire typed an index to Fremontís Ridge Cemetery and Pottersfield, while Petey added the North Bendís Miller-Sloss and Uehling Baptist Cemeteries.  Marilyn typed Bethel Methodist and Bluffs Cemeteries. Access to free research material online continues to grow as these volunteers and others offer more help with the project.

Latest Addition to NEGenWeb Resource Center On-Line Library:

Journals of the Nebraska State Historical Society

 NSHS started publishing monthly journals titled "Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days" for     members in February 1918. Eight were distributed that year, & were collectively considered Vol I. 

If you have not visited the On-Line Library, plan to do so soon.  Iím sure you will be amazed by the complete historical books and journals offered online. This site is also compiled by Ted & Carole Miller, longtime ENGS members who just happen to live in CA.


This page was submitted to the Dodge county NEGenWeb site
by Renee Bunck

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