April  2005


11 APRIL 2005

Mares Meeting Room

1722 East 19-Fremont NE

7:00 p.m.


       PROGRAM:  Those Estate files-what do you  find.    
                                                                          Claire Mares


      BROWSE NITE:  25 April 2005  7:00 p.m.

Another great program for the month of March.  John Mitchell of Fremont gave our group a special program on the Corps of Discovery-Lewis & Clark Expedition. He came in full costume of the 1804 era and explained the clothing and told of the only loss in the entire expedition, that of Sgt Floyd, who is buried at Sioux City, Iowa.  It was interesting to know of the various guns used from pistol to the old Muzzle-loader.  Those who were not able to attend missed a very important program, especially so, since the big celebration, at Ft Atkinson, was just held in 2004.

 Our new President Jeff Kappeler will take his office the month of April. 

Don’t forget to go see the May Museum this year, for there are some lovely old displays -  Table settings  are in many of the rooms, the billiard room has a game setting, the sun room has been transformed into the Breitling Bakery & Restaurant.  There is, in the library, a transformation of the men’s room for smoking and indulging in a drink or two.  Old photos of the Fremont Brewing Company, many old cigar boxes, and old liquor bottles on display.  There is even a soda shoppe. The store within the museum has some beautiful Victorian items for sale.  Go take a look and buy!

History of Immanuel Evangelical  Lutheran Church-Snyder, NE-donated by James Spath.  Thanks Jim for remembering our library.

EVER WONDER – Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?


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One of the online resources that you might like to check-out is the National Obituary Archives.  It contains over 55 million individual entries.  It can be found at www.arrangeonline.com

from the main page, simply click on the ‘Find an Obituary” text, and fill in the form that appears.  If there is more than one entry for a person’s name, they are listed chronologically.  Click on the “View Obituary” link for one you wish to read, and the transcript of that obituary will appear, including pictures!

  noted: St Louis Gen soc in News & Notes , Nov 2004


MRS HENRY SCHWAB – Miss Louisa Weigle was born at Long Grove, Ill, July 16, 1855.  She came to Nebraska with her parents and a number of other families by the ox team route in 1868.  They located in Cuming county near West Point where they lived for about a year then they removed to a farm two miles north-east of Hooper now occupied by her bother Gus Weigle.

  She can relate many interesting incidents of early pioneer life especially in regard to the Indians.  She will never forget once when a small child the Indians were unusually terrifying and her parents took her and her brothers and sisters and hurried to Fontanelle where the few white settlers gathered in the school house to protect themselves.

  She was married to Henry Schwab June 2, 1874.  They took a homestead across the road from her fathers’ and they resided there until three years ago when they moved into our little city where they have since resided.

  She is the mother of seven children.  Mrs Henry Wagner, Harry, Frank, Edward, Mrs Peter Ewald, Robert and Elmer, all of Hooper and vicinity.

  From Hooper Sentinel  26 Feb 1914  8:1,2

100 YEARS AGO - BOOK 11 APRIL 1905

Henry Allison to Maud Graf on 1 April
Arthur Brewer to Mabelle Gertrude Doty on 1 April
William Holm to Minnie Wageman on 5 April
Henry Lane to Myrtle Cook on 5 April
Anton Menshik to August Vosacek on 6 April
Guy Pierson to Emmy Norstrom on 8 April
John R Manning to Mrs Clara B Fuller on 12 April
Christ C Rasmussen to Anne Magdalene Cook on 13 April
Frank Rhein to Sophie Kartesten on 18 April
George W E Dorsey to Laura Hodge on 19 April
Raymond C Carter to Nellie I Greeno on 19 April
Charles E Sauers to Louise C Rabe on 24 April
Arthur Wagner to Ida Hargens on 26 April
Charles J Hrabak to Bessie E Krull on 26 April
John H Bauer to Mary Lubker on 26 April
Edward C Weinhold to Fannie M Garner on 27 April
Oscar Sallstrom to Lola B Millard on 27 April



Rahe-Sauers Nuptials – Organization of the Board of Trustees.

Hooper, May 1 – At the home of Mr and Mrs John Uehling a pretty wedding took place last Monday evening when Miss Louisa Rahe was united in marriage to Charles E Sauers.  Rev H C Julius Frese was the officiating clergyman and the ceremony was performed in the presence of the relatives of the contracting parties and a few friends.

  Both of the young people have been residents of this vicinity all their lives and enjoy a large circle of friends who will wish them all happiness in their new life.

  The bride is the daughter of Mrs John Uehling, while the groom is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs John Sauers.

  Mr Sauers last year opened a photo studio and is having good success.

  The happy young couple have gone to housekeeping in the residence of the bride’s mother on Main street.

   from Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune  2 May 1905  4:6

Confirmations Held


  With Palm Sunday also comes the confirmation of young people who have prepared themselves for entrance into the church.  Therefore last Sunday morning special services were held at the Zion’s Lutheran church.  Rev J Schrader pastor, and St John’s Evangelical Lutheran church, Rev H C Jul Frese pastor.  The churches were decorated with potted plants and flowers and special programs arranged for the occasion.

  At the Zion’s Lutheran church a class of twenty was confirmed, the members being Neoma Richter, Alma Blomendahl, Edna Boldt, Louise Windhusen, Henrietta and Agnes Uehling, Edna Otteman, Adelia Jansen, Bernice Witte, Arzella Wilford, and Vernus Stroh, Edward and William Hogrefe, Harry Kerstein, Harlan Havekost, Herbert and Clarence Ruwe, Eddie Eggers and Arba Schroeder.

  Six were confirmed by Rev Lang, the young people being Clayton Brandert, Howard Stuenkel, Harry Hagerbaumer, Wm Schutte, Leona Hagerbaumer, and Alma Wolf.

  from Hooper Sentinel  1 April 1920  1:3


Also for the Immanuel’s Lutheran church, six miles east of Hooper, was Palm Sunday a day of joy when another class of catechumens confessed father in the triune of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and promised to be faithful unto death.  Those confirmed were:  Elvin Beerman, Harvey Hagerbaumer, Waldemar Vonderlage, Howard Moll, Ruth Manning, Lucille Rabe and Gretchen Rabe.  The church was beautifully decorated with flowers.  The attendance was one of the largest ever witnessed in the church, many being present from far and near, and the ushers were especially busy placing extra chairs.

 from Hooper Sentinel  5 April 1928  1:2

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