APRIL  1998
      13 APRIL 1998             7:00 P.M. 
                      FREMONT NE 
PROGRAM - Northeast Nebraska Land Patterns 
and Settlements - Presenter  Russ Lang 
BROWSE NITE - 27 April 1998  7 P.M. 

Scribner News  6 April 1889  4:2  

OBITUARY - Died March 31, 1889 at the residence of her father, Mr Diffey, at Pleasant Valley, Mrs I O Butterfield of brain fever.  Mrs Butterfield was about 20 years of age, and was a resident of this county about 16 years.  She was united in matrimony to Mr Butterfield a short space of eleven months. 

Same paper page 5:3  CARD OF THANKS - we desire to thank our friends for their kind assistance and sympathy during our late bereavement - M/Mrs A H Briggs. 


E-95  Nancy M Cline 
         23 Woodford Way 
         Metamora IL  61548-9220 

Mother Nature wasn't very good to us during March, the meeting was not held - oh yes, a couple here in Fremont did make an appearance.   Renee arrived with a folder of queries from Web site, so we worked on them, our helper was Rosey Larsen.  Just a few we were not able to help. Claire reports she is tired of snow-blowing or scooping the forecast of snow flurries.


If you have a quick question that needs a quick answer, you may be able to get help by calling the Family History Library(LDS) at Salt Lake City.  Their switchboard number if 1-800-453-3860. You get a recording, but after, an operator comes on the line.  You say that you need a question answered by someone at the library and are connected. 

If your question is INVOLVED - don't expect a long, involved answer.  However, they may know where you can turn for help. The Genie's View, LaSalle Co ILL Jul-Aug 1997 via Twigs & Branches Mar 1998 of ILL.  

Address Book(Family History) by Juliana Szucs Smith-covers local, state, Federal Agencies, Institutions and Genealogy Organizations. 

Two books on BURT County NE-an 1884 County Atlas(It is a Plat of each township naming owners-directory included.)  2nd - History of Burt County 1803 - 1929(this is a reprint in 1996)There are bios and photos included. 

Florence Beutell of Illinois sent us 17 various booklets on British Research; 3 on Poor Law Union Records; 2 British Genealogical Periodicals; Genealogical Bibliography on Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Cumberland & Westmoreland; and Suffolk ; one U.S. "Research In the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office, 1997." 

A special "THANKS" to you, Florence for remembering us. 

From Twigs & Branches Mar 1998 


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Another "hint" - re copyrighting.  If you mail uncopyrighted material-or have a completed work that is not yet officially copyrighted-go to your local post office and mail by certified mail a copy of your material to yourself.  When the material arrives, file it unopened.  If a legal problem arises, you have a sealed, dated copy of your material for the judge to open.(From Tinley Moraine Gen Newsletter, May 1997). 

THE INTERNET CONNECTION        by Renee Bunck 

Since most of my columns have made some reference to the USGenWeb project,  I suppose no one will be surprised to hear that I have agreed to take over as the Dodge County Coordinator for NEGenWeb.  Russ Herre, the original coordinator for Dodge County, designed a very helpful page for area researchers.  He was eager to include information from ENGS on the page and has made our society a major presence there.  I will try to follow Russ's lead in incorporating any information that is available to help Dodge County researchers.  Of course, you can help there, too!  If you have information to add to any of the categories below - or have new categories to suggest for the Dodge County NEGenWeb page please contact me:  email - or write to - Renee Bunck  1424 Nye  Fremont, NE  68025 

Copyright laws are strictly followed on all USGenWeb pages.  Please do not submit any copyrighted material unless you are the holder of the copyright. 

Here are the current categories of information offered on the Dodge County page:  

    Dodge County Surnames - the names of those being researched, and who is researching them. Add Yours!! 
     Dodge County Queries - post your requests for information on Dodge County ancestors, read and respond to others. 
     Dodge County Lookups - recommendations and referrals from volunteers. 
     Dodge County Obituaries - submitted by YOU!! 

    Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society - offers lots of help for Dodge county researchers, books and research help available.  Includes names being researched by members of ENGS. 
    Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society Newsletter - 'the online version', this month's, plus an archive of past months. 
    Index to the ENGS "Roots and Leaves" Quarterly  1989-1992 - compilation by Anna Lu Meltvedt. 
     Keene Memorial Library - valuable genealogical resources 

     Genealogy related information: 
     Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska - Dodge Co Fantastic!! (full text searchable using your browser) 
     CONNECT FREMONT - local links and community information 
     Dodge County Cemeteries - locations can be viewed on maps, follow links 
     Dodge County Convention & Visitor's Bureau - good map, historical locations and current events 
     Dodge County Nebraska Vital Records - how/where to request birth and death certificates 
     Fremont High School Graduation Commencement Programs - 1881 and 1885 
     Nebraska History Information - link to travel and tourism page 


Try these web links: 

Dodge County NEGenWeb Project 
NEGenWeb Project 
USGenWeb Project 




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