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Deuel County
Business List

Note: Names appear without punctuation and business titles are abbreviated.


Business Directory and Farmer list for 1890 - 1891
Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe
& Co., in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Deuel County

Big Springs has a population of 125, and derives its name from a large spring from which the U. P. Ry. draws water. The village is located in the south eastern part of Deuel county one of the new counties recently established, being the eastern part of what was formerly Cheyenne county. Big Springs at present is contesting for the county seat and hopes are expressed of its success in obtaining it. The surrounding country is best adapted to live stock grazing and a series of bluffs surround the place affording splendid shelter. Irrigation is, however, contemplated, and at a very early date it is proposed to have a good agricultural country in this vicinity. Churches are Methodist and Presbyterian.

Business Listing

Abbott & Kimball, genl mdse, agl impls.
Beachler S E, drugs.
Big Springs Journal, R D Root M D, pub.
Dessauer & Fischer, genl mdse.
Enslow John, justice.
Gunnell O M & Bro, lumber.
Kinsman G S, postmaster, notary, sta agt.
Morrison Alex, pumps, windmills.
Mouser Gottleib, blacksmith.
Phelps Hotel, Mrs A E Phelps prop.
Plummer W S, real estate.
Root R D, phys, editor and pub Big Springs Journal.
State Bank, H L Gould pres, R J Vinton cashier.
Thompson G E, live stock, livery.
Union Hotel, W S Plummer prop.
Vinton R J, notary.

Chappell is located on the U. P. Ry., 15 miles northwest of Julesburg, Colorado, and is the county-seat of Deuel county, recently established, being the eastern part of what was formerly Cheyenne county. It is located in the southwestern portion of the county. The surrounding country is well settled, and is best adapted for stock raising. Steps have been taken to irrigate the table lands, surveys for a ditch having already been made, and it is expected that ground will be broken at a very early date, $60,000 bonds having recently been voted. Expert judges pronounce this feasible in this locality, and claim that in productiveness this vicinity cannot be excelled by either Utah or Colorado when aided by irrigation. The Deuel County State Bank, recently incorporated under the State laws, is the leading monetary institution and is deserving of implicit confidence. The Register is the official paper of the county. Mr. F. P. Morgan is editor and proprietor. A good school building has been erected and is supplied with able teachers. The churches holding service here are Methodist and Baptist. Population, 250.

Business Listing

Babcock W H, phys, drugs.
Burnett W A, atty.
Chappell House, J C Johnson prop.
Chappell Land Co, W H McEldowney mgr, real estate.
Chappell Register, F P Morgan prop.
Clayton & Hamilton, real estate. Commercial Bank (The), J L Robson pres, B E Fish cashier.
Cromwell B W, genl mdse.
Deuel County State Bank, B F Clayton pres. E D Hamilton vice-pres, atty, E F Clayton cashier.
Fish B E, notary.
Fish E, drugs.
Foster & Stutzman, blacksmiths.
Hamilton E E, attorney-at-law.
Harvey Orrin, agl implts.
Head James, restaurant.
Hinshaw John, carpenter, undertaker, justice.
Hudson H, phys, dentist.
Johnson J C. prop Chappell House.
Jones E E, atty.
Keifer W H, atty.
Kiefer Jacob, atty.
Latham L D, sta, tel and ex agt.
McEldowney & Wertz, livery.
Mickelson & Swanson, genl mdse.
Minert T H, blacksmith.
Moline O J. shoemaker.
Morgan F P, notary, prop Chappell Register.
O'Neill John, real estate.
Post W D. lumber and coal, A H Nichols mgr.
Stutzman Abraham, nursery.
Sudman Fred, genl mdse.
Thatcher Frank, postmaster, barber.
Wertz B D K, hardware, agl implts, justice.
Wilcox A P. pumps and windmills.
Woolf H E Mrs, Millinery.
Woolf Isaac Mrs, restaurant and meat market.

Day, a postoffice recently established in Deuel county.

Hutchinson, a recently established postoffice in Deuel county.

Oshkosh, a small country postoffice in the central part Deuel county.

Business Listing

Kendell Geo T & Co, genl mdse, drugs, hardware, agl implts.
Monahan Jas, justice, blacksmith.
Robinson John, postmaster.

Ramsay, a postoffice located on Blue creek, near the Platte river, in the eastern part of Deuel county.

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