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Mrs. Lena B. Rickel

AWSON County, in the south central portion of Nebraska on the Platte river, was the scene of many transportation advances, each of them contributing toward its final organization. The Oregon Trail, which followed the south bank of the Platte, was a definite road by 1843. On April 3, 1860, the Pony Express was inaugurated and several of its stations were in what was later to be Dawson County. Three years later the Union Pacific railroad, also following the Platte, traversed Dawson County.
   In 1871, four years after Nebraska became a state, Dawson County was officially organized by a proclamation of the governor, which authorized an election of county officers. It was named in honor of James Dawson, postmaster of the first postoffice in Lincoln. Daniel Freeman, who lived at the Plum Creek Pony Express station south of the river, had been active in obtaining the county's official organization. He was appointed by acting Governor William James as the first election judge. Forty persons were then living in the county, and thirteen men cast their ballots at Freeman's store in Plum Creek, which is now Lexington. The officers elected were J. W. Dalahunty, Joseph Smith and Otto Hanson, commissioners; Daniel Freeman, clerk and superintendent of schools; John Kehoe, sheriff and assessor; Richard O'Keef, probate judge; David Meek, surveyor; and Patrick Gaffney, coroner. The commissioners first met in 1871, and divided the county into three precincts.
   The next year, 1872, a $2,000 bond issue to aid immigration into the county carried at a special election by a vote of eleven to ten. That same year the county's first public road was laid out north of the Union Pacific tracks. It completely crossed the county from east to west. A colony of sixty-five settlers from Pennsylvania also arrived that year, taking up land around the Union Pacific depot in Plum Creek. A windmill there served as a landmark for many early settlers. The year 1872 also saw the establishment of the county's first postoffice, in the same depot. A store box served as a container for both the incoming and outgoing mail. The county's residents were given a chance to get acquainted at a Fourth of July celebration that year.
   There were few trees in the county in the early seventies, most of them around Buffalo creek. Homesteaders' sod houses and shacks dotted the prairie at infrequent intervals. The inhabitants often saw herds of antelope and deer near the foothills and an occasional elk or buffalo. Plum Creek was the trading point for all the surrounding Platte valley, as well as for the Republican valley region and the territory north of the Loup river.
   In 1873 three new towns--Willow Island, Overton, Cozad--were established. Josiah Hoffman was the founder of Willow Island; James Patten and D. B. Worley laid out Overton; John J. Cozad brought a group of colonists from Ohio to start the town which bears his name. That same year witnessed construction of a Platte river bridge at Plum Creek--the first west of Columbus. Its opening on July 4 was celebrated with a dance in the Union Pacific coal shed. A bond election on May 1, 1873, resulted in a three to one approval of $30,000 for erection of a permanent courthouse to transact business of the ever growing county.
   When the building was completed two years later, the county officers instructed the sheriff to furnish it with, "three stoves and fixtures, five lamps, twelve chairs, one pitcher, two buckets, two dippers, two brooms and ten spittoons." That structure was used until, the present courthouse was erected in 1914.
   As is always true in pioneer life, early Dawson County settlers suffered their portion of hardship. In 1873, the first year when any extensive crops were raised, a grasshopper invasion occurred late in the season. All the corn which had not matured was destroyed. The next year, just before the wheat, oats and barley were ready for harvest, another cloud of grasshoppers descended. They left nothing but bare stalks.
   These disasters drove out those settlers who had come to Dawson County on the promise of "easy money." Hundreds of covered wagons, bearing the notation, "Going back home to the wife's folks," began the long trek eastward. But the hardier persons, encouraged by financial help from more prosperous friends and relatives in the east, remained. Their confidence in their ultimate prosperity was unshaken. However, little was raised the next few years, because of grasshoppers, drouth and hot winds. Mr. Cozad instituted a sort of a "private WPA," by employing indigent persons to erect a number of buildings. Another of his projects was a sod bridge across the Platte. Although never completed, this bridge gave employment to many men.
   After providing themselves with homes and a means of making a livelihood, the settlers next took care of their educational and religious needs. Father Ryan, a Catholic priest, conducted the first services in 1867 at the old Plum Creek station house which served as a church for several years. Five years later Rev. William Wilson organized the county's first Methodist society. In 1873-74 Presbyterians,

in Nebraska


Missionary Baptists and Episcopalians organized churches.
   Dawson County school district No. 1 was organized Feb. 17, 1871, even before the county was officially formed. Patrick Welch, superintendent of Buffalo County schools, was active in establishing the school, which was first held in a pioneer's home. Plum Creek's first schoolhouse, measuring 28 by 40 feet, was built in 1873. For a time this structure was used for practically all public gatherings--religious services, revival meetings and funerals. As the population swelled, other districts were organized and new buildings erected.
   Pioneer fraternal orders to be established in Dawson County were the Sons of Temperance, Plum Creek, 1873; Patrons of Husbandry, Plum Creek and Overton, 1873; Masons, Plum Creek, 1876; Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Cozad, 1875.
   For entertainment in the early days, Dawson County citizens depended on baseball games, revivals, dances and "Literary" meetings. There was intense rivalry between the ball teams of neighboring towns and settlements. In the spring and fall great herds of cattle were driven through the county by cowboys. These men stayed overnight with the farmers, paying for this hospitality with news, stories, and other entertainment.
   Conditions began to improve in the early eighties, and a new tide of immigration entered the county. Increasing acres of land were put under cultivation, towns grew, many homes and business houses were erected.
   Dawson County has had a goodly portion of Indian troubles, most notable of which were the Plum Creek massacres. In August of 1864 a wagon train from Sidney Iowa, was attacked without warning by several hundred Sioux as the party neared Plum Creek. The eleven men in the group were dead before they had a chance to fire a single shot. The one woman, wife of the man in charge, was captured. Help was summoned from Fort Kearny and a troop of soldiers came to the scene. A month later a similar massacre took place near the same place. This time seventeen men, were killed. In 1865 the government established a military post on Plum creek about twelve miles southeast of the present site of Lexington for the protection of immigrants, freighters and the stage company.
   Irrigation has played a large part in the building of Dawson County's agriculture. The Dawson County Irrigation Company began digging a ditch north of the Platte in 1894. Today there are two other canals north of the Platte, one for the Gothenburg Power and Light Company, the other owned by the Cozad Co-operative. The three ditches on the south side of the river are the Thirty Mile Canal, the Six Mile Canal and the Orchard and Alfalfa Ditch, also known as the South Side Ditch. These six canals irrigate some 150,000 acres of Dawson County soil, and are a large factor in its productivity. During recent years of severe drouth, however, not enough water for all irrigators has been available. The Platte has been dry through the greater part of the summer. Several companies, therefore, have signed contracts for storage water from Sutherland reservoir of the Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation district. This storage water will be used to supplement the natural stream flow. Water from this reservoir was first used in the summer of 1939. In addition to this type of irrigation, 30,000 acres are being pump irrigated from more than 400 wells scattered over the county.
   Today one of Dawson County's principal crops is the sugar beet, to which 30,000 to 40,000 thousand acres are devoted. The greatest acreage, however, is planted to com, and next come wheat, beets, barley, oats and potatoes. Drouth-resistant crops such as sorghums, milo and cane are a recent development in Dawson County farming, and no figures as to their acreage are available.
   There is a very small percentage of abandoned farms in Dawson County. Its people, with their heritage of courage from the pioneers, have weathered both drouth and depressions. And, like the original settlers, they have unbounded confidence in the future of their county.


   ADAMS, JAMES C: County Agricultural Extension Agent; b Marquette, Neb Mar 20, 1900; s of Charles A Adarns-Beulah Gorin; ed Marquette HS; Aurora HS, 1917; U of N, BSc in Agr 1923; pres Ag Club 1923; mbr U of N livestock judging team 1922; U of N band; Gamma Sigma Delta; Alpha Zeta; Farm House; m Helen M Jorgensen July 28, 1926 Minden; d Mary Janet, Marcia Jean, Barbara Joyce, Cynthia Lee; 1923-29 vocational agr tchr, Minden HS; 1929- with USDA as Dawson Co agrI extn agt, Lexington; 1926-27 dir Minden C of C, org jr fair in Minden, helped org Kearney Co for tuberculin testsmbr Neb St Agrl Agts Assn, pre; 1935; active in irrigation, livestock feeding, alfalfa Improvement, Dawson Co; Neb St Hist Soc; mbr bd of edn; during World War SATC; Amer Leg, past post comm & past co comm; AF&AM 61; Rotary; OES; Meth Ch, mbr choir, 2 years SS supt; hobbies, Indian archeology, sports, hunting, fishing; off Courthouse; res Lexington.

   ALLEN, CHARLES E: Retired; b Lucas Co, Ia, Jan 8, 1865; s of Tandy Allen-Joan Van Nuys; ed Russell Ia HS; m Sue L Morrow Aug 29 1889 Gibbon (dec July 15, 1919); m Katherine Worley June 14, 1925; s Ralph M, Edgar Van Nuys, Frank P; d Edith I, Dorothy (Mrs D B Murphy), Hortense; 1886 came to Neb, Cheyenne Co, in emigrant wagon; 1887-1900 butter maker in creamery, Gibbon; 1900-25 owner & opr gen store, Cozad; 1925- ret; past mayor; past mbr city coun & bd of edn; 1905 org Cozad State Bank, pres until 1920; mbr state legislature 1923-31 & 1935; int in first irrigation projects of Dawson Co 1894, helped with first ditches at Gothenburg & Cozad; past pres Neb St Irrigation Assn; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 188, past master; Scot Rite, Hastings; York Rite, North Platte; IOOF, past noble grand; C of C, past pres; Rep; Presby Ch, elder; hobby, Irrigation; res Cozad.

   ALLEN, JAMES H: Secretary Chamber of Commerce; b Bannock Co, Idaho Nov 12, 1905; s of William H Allen-Mary Henderson; ed Pocatello Idaho HS; Idaho Tech, Pocatello Idaho; Gate City Bus Coll. Pocatello Idaho; m Viola G Rauch Apr 19, 1926 Idaho Falls, Idaho; d Patricia Ann; 1923-24 with Hotel Bannock, Pocatello Idaho; 1925 steno, UP RR; 1926 in industrial dept of Ford Motor Co; 1926-30 traveling salesman for Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Co in Idaho; 1930-32 traveled for Pentz Jewelry Co in Idaho, Wyo, Mont, Ore & Utah; 1932- part owner Lex-



Who's Who

ington Hotel, also in ins bus, Lexington; 1939- exec secy C of C; Western Neb Ins Underwriters Assn; dir Lexington Baseball Club; mbr gen com Dawson Co Fair Assn; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Lexington.

   ANDERSON, ARTHUR WESLEY: Physician & Surgeon; b Gothenburg, Neb Sept 23, 1890; s of Andrew E Anderson-Posey G Ristine; ed Gothenburg HS; Neb Wes, BA 1917; Northwestern U MD 1922; m Marguerite L Hansen Dec 29, 1922 Grand Rapids Mich; s Arthur W Jr, Robert Dale; 1921-22 Interne Grace Hosp, Detroit; 1922-26 phys & surg, Cumberland Ia; 1926- prac med, Lexington; staff mbr Lexington Com Hosp, Dawson Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61, Scot Rite; Rotary; past pres Lexington Rod & Gun Club; C of C; dur World War enl in med reserve corps; Amer Leg; Meth Ch;. Rep; hobby, gardening; res Lexington.

   ANDERSON, DELMER S: Farmer Stock Feeder; b on homestead in Dawson Co, Neb Oct 3, 1882; s of James Anderson-Mary Ellen Grafton; ed Dawson Co; Hastings Bus Coll; m Clara Gregory Nov 9, 1904 Dawson Co; d Frances (Mrs Lowell Sarnes), Zelda, Glenrose (Mrs Earle Slyder); 1878- farmer, stock feeder, Dawson Co; feeds cattle & hogs, owner approximately 3400 A in Dawson & Gosper Cos; sch bd mbr: 1928 Master Farmer; past pres Lexington Hog Shipping Assn; dir & past pres Lexington Co-op Gas & Oil Assn; past dir Dawson Co Fair Assn; past pres Farmers Elevator Assn; past dir Farm Bur; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61; IOOF; Rotary; Meth Ch, past trustee; Rep; as Master Homemaker wife only Master Farmer's wife selected; father came to US at age 22; after short time in Ill spent 8 years in Wyo, came to Dawson Co 1878, farmer, stock grower, homesteader; res 5 mi SW Lexington.

   ANDERSON, ERNEST OLIVER: Dentist; b Orleans, Neb ___ 1, 1898; s of Charles A Anderson-Lena B Wolf; ed Alma HS; Creighton U, DDS 1921; Delta Sigma Delta; m Gertrude H Sack Nov 1, 1922 Omaha; 1921- dentist, Gothenburg; past secy, past pres N W Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 249, past master, venerable master; Kiwanis, pres; C of C; Creighton U Alumni Club; during World War in SATC; Amer Leg, past adjt; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; father dec) came from Wadstena Sweden to US 1876 to Neb 1880, farmed Harlan Co; mother sch tchr came to Neb 1875; res Gothenburg.

   ANTHONY, GEORGE A: Farmer, Stockman; b Bureau Co, Ill Apr 1, 1872; s of Charles R Anthony-Josephine Carpenter: ed Lexington HS: Fremont Normal; m Alice R Fagot Apr 26, 1896 Lexington; s Charles M; d Ruth (Mrs John Pedersen), Josephine (Mrs Merlin Bryan); 1891-97 tchr, Dawson Co; 1896 began farming Dawson Co, tenant many years; 1903 pur 160 A farm, later adding more land, now has 480 A valley and, mostly irrigated, & with brother A S has 800 A pasture land; raises corn & alfalfa, also Duroc Jersey hogs, Hereford cattle and horses; mbr sch bd several years; chmn Dawson Co Agrl Conservation Assn since 1934, off in Lexington, spends most of his time in this work, stil lives on farm which son & son-in-law help opr; still active in livestock bus; Presby Ch, clk of session 40 years; hobby, horses; res 31/2 mi N Lexington.

   AYERS, EARL: Machinist; b Sabetha, Kas Oct 30, 1896; s of S W Ayers-Addie Keim; ed Sabetha Kas HS; U of N; Pi Kappa Phi; m Dorothy Faragher Nov 12, 1924 Sabetha Kas; s John E; d Delphine L; 1914-16 tchr, Nemaha Co Kas: 1917-18 worked in Citizens State Bank, Sabetha Kas; 1918-36 in clothing bus, Broken Bow; 1936- owner & mgr Earl Ayers Clothing Co, Lexington; past pres Broken Bow C of C; past pres Broken Bow Rotary; dir Lexington C of C; AF&AM, R&SM; RAM, KT; Broken Bow; dir Rotary; res Lexington.

   BACON, NOEL: County Commissioner; b Pawnee City, Neb Dec 18, 1883; s of Marshall Bacon-Laura Fisk; ed Pawnee Co; Pawnee City Acad; m Mae H Holselaw Dec 25, 1907 Pawnee City; s Lloyd A, Carl E, Harold N; d Laura C (Mrs R W Miller), Florence A (Mrs Harlan Anderson); 1908-10 farmer, stockman near Eddyville; 1910-27 farmer, stockman near Overton, owned 200 A farm which he sold 1927 & pur 240 A irrigated farm NE Lexington, farmed until Dec 1938, moved to Lexington; raised corn & alfalfa, also fed & raised stock; son Carl E now farming place; Jan 1939- Dawson Co commr; dir Dawson Co Livestock Shipping Assn; pres Dawson Co Water Users Assn; Cosmopolitan Club; C of C; Meth Ch, bd mbr; Rep; father was Civil War veteran, came to Pawnee Co 1870 was farmer & stockman; wife's parents came to Neb 1886 settled on homestead & tree claim near Valentine; res 1012 N Grant, Lexington.

   BANNISTER, RUSSELL E: Attorney; b Minneapolis, Minn Oct 24, 1905; s of Arthur E Bannister-Ella Iverson; ed Lincoln HS; U of N, LLB 1930; Delta Theta Phi; m DeLoris Preston July 1934 Friend; s Paul Arthur; d Evelyn Jean; 1930 adm to bar; 1930-31 prac law with Fred C Foster, Lincoln; 1931- prac law, Cozad; city atty since 1935; secy First Fed S & L Assn of Dawson Co Dawson Co, Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; secy C of C; secy Cozad bd of pub works; AF&AM, Blue Lodge; Rotary, past pres; chmn Dawson Co Rep Central Com hobbies, fishing, hunting, reading; res Cozad.

   BARBER, FRED E: Farmer; b Otterville, Ill June 24, 1876; s of George H Barber-Francis M Beck; ed Grand Island; Lincoln HS; m Kathryn Marie Kelly July 2, 1921 Elm Creek; s Fred K; 1893-1910 appr with CB& Q RR at Havelock, machinist for Burlington at Wymore, machinist for NP at Livingston Mont, with Great Northern at Spokane Wash & with SP, Salt Lake City, Ogden & Sacramento then roundhouse foreman at Lucan Ariz until 1902; worked in Mexico with Mexican Natl & Mexican Central RRs 1 year, 6 mos with SP at San Antonio Tex & with UP as round house foreman, Grand Island 7 years; 1910 came to Dawson Co, pur 160 A farm, added 80 A in 1930; started irrigation in 1929 & now entire farm irrigated, prin crops corn, alfalfa & beets, also raises, buys & feeds Hereford cattle & hogs & handles approximately 75 per year; Dawson Co Farm Bur; pres Buffalo Co Co-op Oil Assn; dir dist sch bd; hobby, stockraising & feeding; 1877 father came to Neb, farmed in Clay Co several years, then was mcht in Edgar, later emp in off of Lancaster Co treas, Lincoln 20 years; res 5 1/2 mi SE Overton.

   BATES, MERTON 0: Attorney; b Springfield, Neb Dec 20, 1886; s of Dr Henry Y Bates-Alice E Kelley; ed Cedar Rapids HS; U of N, LLB 1911; Delta Chi; m Marion A Boynton May 16, 1925 Lexington; s William B, John D; d Beverly Jean; 1904-12 editor Boone Co Advance, St Edward, owner 1906-12; 1911 adm to bar; 1911-13 prac law, St Edward; 1913-16 atty for Lion Bonding & Surety Co, Omaha; 1917- atty, Lexington; 1925-33 Dawson Co judge; past secy Western Neb Bar Assn, Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM; R&SM; RAM; Scot Rite, & Tehamah Shrine, Hastings; Lexington Rod & Gun Club; C of C; Uni Club Lincoln; during World War with 529th engineers in AEF 13 mos; Amer Leg, past post comm; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Lexington.

   BATTLE, JOHN: Contractor; b Clinton, Ia, Aug 23, 1876; s of Frank Battle-Susan Welsh; ed Fillmore Co; m Carrie Hill Nov 25, 1904 Geneva; d Thelma, Theda (Mrs John Cameron), Frances (Mrs George Miller), Jene (Mrs Dut Taylor); reared on farm; 1896 in carp trade until 1907; 1907-22 bldg contr, Lexington; 1922-30, 1934-38 Dawson Co, commr; 1938- supt of construction of city bldgs; 1910-30 mbr city coun; 1930-36 mayor of Lexington; C of C; Dem; hobbies, baseball, sports; res Lexington.

   BAUMAN, E F G: Retired; b Zwickau, Germany Aug 21, 1863; s of Hinrich Elias Bauman-Luise Vogel; ed Brand, Zwickau Germany; m Kate Hoffman Mar 14, 1889 Dawson Co; s Erwin (dec), Roy E, Emil K; d Pearl L (Mrs Otto Hinze), Edna E (Mrs Ben Gronewald), Katherine E (Mrs Don W Loutzenheiser); 1881 came to US, worked on Illinois farm 6 years; 1888 came to Custer Co, farmed indep until 1902; 1902-19 farmed near Gothenburg, raised corn, wheat, oats, barley, also raised hogs, cattle, horses; 1919- ret, resides in Gothenburg; has given each of 6 children 160 A farm, at one time owned 1910 A; J P in German pct of Dawson Co; mbr rural sch bd 15 years, 10 years mbr Gothenburg sch bd; 3 years dist potato inspector; mbr Dawson Co rehabilitation com; pres Dawson Co wheat allotment prog; mbr election bds; Rep, mbr Dawson Co Central Com; Luth Ch, mbr coun 30 years; res Gothenburg.

   BENTHACK, EMIL: Hotel Owner & Manager; b Platte Center, Neb Feb 10, 1892; s of Peter L Benthack-Minnie Wegen; ed CSTC 1919; U of N, BSc 1923, MA 1928; m Gladys Grantham Aug 19, 1934 Kearney; 1919-20 supt Hershey schs; 1921-30 supt Arnold schs; 1930-36 supt Broken Bow schs; 1936- owner & mgr Cornland Hotel, & Coffee Shop, Lexington; NW Hotel Assn; AF&AM; RAM, Chadron; R&SM, KT, Broken Bow; Rotary; C of C; during World War in Co A, 355th inf; Amer Leg; Bapt Ch; hobby, reading; off & res Cornland Hotel.

   BENTON, FRED GENTRY: Retired; b Clay Co, Mo June 8, 1874; s of Albert Benton-Mandy Gentry; ed Clay Co HS, MO; William Jewell


in Nebraska


Coll, Liberty Mo: m Cora Lambson 1895 Plattsburg Mo; s Frederick Raymond; d Blanche (Mrs Fred Hofferber), Irma (Mrs George Hofferber); 1895-1909 farmed, Dawson Co: 1910-23 Dawson Co sheriff; 1923-28 dept state sheriff under Gov Bryan; 1934-36 state sheriff; 1936- ret; maintains farm ints in Dawson Co; past mbr sch bd; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Lexington.

   BERQUIST, J T: County Judge; b Loomis, Neb July 30, 1901; s of Swan Gust Berquist-Sarah Elina Lindsten; ed Lincoln HS; U of N, LLB 1924; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; N Club, Vikings; mbr football team 1921-23; m Mary Louise Lesh Sept 25, 1925 Lincoln; s William J; d Alice Louise; 1924 adm to bar; 1924-33 in law prac in Lexington; 1933- Dawson Co judge; owner ranch & farm ints Dawson Co; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 88; IOOF; C of C; Uni Club, Lincoln; Presby Ch, trustee; hobbies, hunting, agr; parents born in Sweden, came to Amer with children, father farmer & stockman in Phelps Co; off Courthouse; res 1105 N Wash, Lexington.

   BLOOM, WILLIAM CLARK: County Superintendent of Schools; b Clay Co, Neb June 30, 1878; s of Peter B Bloom-Anna Francis Folk; ed Brady HS: Grand Island Bus Coll; Fremont Normal; KSTC; U of N, BSc 1909; m Eatha Folden July 3, 1903 Stockville (dec); s Kenneth W; d Velma J, Mildred L, Marguerite G (Mrs Van Miller); farmed with father until 1896; 1898-1902 tchr, Lincoln Co; 1902-10 supt schs, Moorefield & Farnam; 1912-14 Dawson Co dep treas; 1915- Dawson Co supt of schs, Lexington; past pres NSTA; NEA; IOOF, past master, past supreme monarch of Ancient Mystic Order Samaritans of US & Can; Rotary C of C; Lexington Gun Club; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, lodge work; off Courthouse; res 500 W 7th, Lexington.

   BRICK, JOHN P: Farmer, Stockman: b Buffalo Co, Neb Apr 14, 1882; s of Peter Brick-Sophia Meyers; ed Buffalo Co; Kearney Bus Coll; m Margeurette Richter July 16. 1901 Kearney; s Clarence, Phillip, Arthur; d Evelina (Mrs John Ourda), Lucille (Mrs Dale Chismore), Bernice; 1902-18 farmed in Buffalo Co, owner 160 A farm; 1918 moved to Dawson Co, pur 160 A near Overton, now owns 1280 A in Dawson Co, 240 A in Buffalo Co, 705 A in grazing land, remainder farm land of which 300 A are irrigated; corn & alfalfa prin crops also raises cattle & hogs; mbr sch bd; KC; Cath Ch; hobby, hunting; res 1 1/2 mi NW Overton.

   BROWN, DELEON: Insurance Agent & Farmer; b Fisher, Ill Jan 11, 1886; s of Robert Brown-Leni L Tucker; ed Dawson Co; Grand Island Bus Coll; U of N, Sch of Agr; m Leona Jones Sept 1, 1915 Overton; s Chester M, Victor W; 1907-15 farmed, Dawson Co; 1915-37 mgr J F Grim Stock Farm N of Overton, 720 A ranch, farmed, raised Shorthorn cattle; 1936 pur 80 A farm 3 mi N Overton, built new home 1936; 1936- mgr of farm & agt for Farm Mutual Ins Co of Neb, handling fire ins & ins on farm bldgs; also assoc with Capital Fire Ins Co, auto ins; pres Comm Club; past pres Dawson Co Farm Bur; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 267; IOOF, past noble grand; Meth Ch, trustee & chmn finance com; Rep; Mrs Brown was sch tchr in Dawson Co & in Overton schs; active in Farm Bureau work, chmn home & comm dept dist 3 in Neb St Farm Bur Fedn; OES, past matron; past noble grand, Rebekah; Dawson Co Farm Woman's Chorus; Meth Ch, mbr choir, SS tchr, past pres Missionary Soc; res 3 mi N Overton.

   BUDDENBERG, RAHL S: Farmer; b Dalton, Mo Jan 26, 1891; s of J H Buddenberg-Susanna Lehnhoff; ed Central HS Omaha; Central Wesleyan Coll, BSc 1911; U of N, 1911-13; U of Chicago 1914-15; m Ruth Cole Nov 15, 1916 Ottawa Kas; s Robert Cole, John William, Frank Dana; 1916-22 farmer, Stevens Co Kas; 1922-23 farmer in Ray Co Mo; 1924- farmer in Lincoln Co; Gothenburg Co-op Oil Assn; dir Gothenburg Co-op Creamery; AF&AM; choir dir Meth Ch; hobby, travel; res Gothenburg.

   BURNS, I F: Machinist; b Winterset, Ia Nov 17, 1889; s of W O Burns-Nora Lauer; ed Creston Ia; Creston Ia Bus Coll; m Florence Nix June 1, 1910 Grand Junction Colo; s Benjamin L, Ralph 1; 1905-10 worked in groc, Creston Ia; 1910-15 ranched, worked in store, Clifton Colo; June 1, 1915- mcht, Overton, I F Burns & Co, gen mdse; owner & opr feed yard, buys, feeds & sells cattle & hogs; dir & VP Overton Natl Bank; past mbr bd of edn; past mbr town bd; past pres Lions; IOOF; Comm Club; Meth Ch; res Overton.

   BYRD, FRANK JAMES: Attorney; b Avalon, Mo May 7, 1873; s of John M Byrd-Rheuhama Roberts; ed Avalon Mo; Avalon Coll; St Louis Law Sch, LLB 1896; m Eva Thomas Dec 23, 1923 Lexington; 1896 adm to Mo bar, 1913 to Neb bar, 1921 to Idaho bar; 1905 adm to prac in U S dist court; 1896-1913 prac law, Laclede Mo; 1913- prac law in Gothenburg except for short time in Emmett Idaho; city atty of Gothenburg since 1921; atty for HOLC of Dawson Co; mbr 13th & 17th Dist Bar Assns, past VP; Dawson Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; Country Club; Preby Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; is 2nd cousin of Admiral Byrd & of Sen Harris Byrd; res Gothenburg.

   CARR, JAMES P: Farmer, Stockman; b Bradford Co, Penn Mar 8, 1852; s of John Carr-Polly Ann Poll; ed Penn; Neb; m Ada M Martin Oct 6, 1874; Lexington; s James M, John Claude; 1872 came to Lexington, homesteaded in Dawson Co & took tree claim; in groc bus in Lexington 30 years, later in ins & real est bus; VP Dawson Co Bank several years; cattle raiser & feeder, dealer in land & livestock; started son, James M in Carr & Neff Lbr Co in Scottsbluff, Mitchell & Bridgeport 1902; owns approximately 3,600 A Dawson Co land & winter home in Alhambra Cal; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61, past master; KT, Kearney; Tangier Shrine; res Lexington.

   CARTER, J L: Bank Cashier; b Nance Co, Neb Dec 7, 1894; s of Charles E Carter-Cynthia A Porterfield; ed Fullerton HS; Doane Coll, BA 1916; m Helen Miller Aug 14, 1919 Fairmont; d Barbara Beth; 1916-17 asst cash, Fullerton Natl Bank; 1919-26 cash First State Bank, St Edward; 1926-29 cash First Natl Bank, Seward, 4 mos as asst receiver for Neb state banking dept; 1930- cash Overton Natl Bank; during World War Dec 1917-Dec 1918 in 38th CAC; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 267; Comm Club; Amer Leg, past comm, St Edward; Meth Ch; res Overton.

   CLARK, WILLIAM 0: Railway Agent; b Saltillo, Neb Nov 9, 1884; s of Joseph T Clark-Iva E Kinchlow; ed Firth; m Etta L Lohr Oct 1907 Omaha; s Howard L; d Dorothy L (Mrs L A Wickstrom), Lucille (Mrs William Hogsett); 1888-94 resided in Cortland; 1894-1911 resided in Firth; 1901-05 with UP RR, CB&Q RR & D&RGW RR; 1905- with UP RR, 1906-12 teleg opr at Columbus, 1912-19 agt at Spalding, 1919-25 agt at Osceola, since 1925 agt at Gothenburg; mbr Osceola sch bd 3 years, Gothenburg sch bd 3 years; mayor of Gothenburg 2 years; AF&AM, Gothenburg, past master at Osceola; C of C; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; parents b W Va, came to Neb 1882, farmed in Lancaster Co; res Gothenburg.

   CLOUSE, HENRY S: Bank Cashier; b New Enterprise, Penn Nov 22, 1880; s of William T Clouse-Sara Replogle; ed Dawson Co; m Mary Budin Aug 18, 1926 Omaha; d Harriet Marie, Delores Jessie; 1895-1905 worked on ranches in Neb; 1905-22 opr gen store, Georgetown, also star route mail carrier; 1909-28 owner & opr Sumner Merc Co; 1912-17 opr gen store, Cumro; 1917-22 opr store, Eddyvllle; 1924 became director of Security State Bank of Sumner; 1926-28 pres Security State Bank, not active until 1928; 1928- cash, mgr Security State Bank of Sumner; Neb St Bankers Assn; mbr village bd; IOOF: Rep; hobby, fishing; res Sumner.

   COLLETT, CLINTON E: Real Estate, Loan & Insurance Agent; b Portland, Ind Jan 24, 1884; s of David W Collett-Mary Finch; ed Valentine HS; Neb Wes, BA 1908; U of N, MA 1917; grad work Columbia U; m Grace Wolvin Aug 14, 1912 Utica; 1902-04 tchr, Cherry Co; 1908-09 tchr, Friend HS; 1909-10 prin, David City HS; 1910-11 prin, Columbus HS; 1911-15 supt of schs, Fairmont; 1915-22 supt of schs, Gothenburg; 1922-35 supt of schs, Lexington; 1935- in real est, loan, ins bus Lexington; has farm ints in Dawson Co; past mbr exec com NSTA; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61; Scot Rite; Rotary, past dir; C of C, past pres; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, farming; res Lexington.

   COOK, EDWARD A JR: Attorney; b Lexington, Neb Dec 7, 1893; s of Edward A Cook-Ella Maxwell; ed Lexington HS; U of Southern Cal; Sigma Tau; m Edythe Crandall Feb 24, 1918 St Paul; s Edward A III; d Barbara E, Janice S. Sharon B; 1919-27 worked in father's law off & studied law, Lexington; 1927 adm to bar; 1927- prac law, Lexington; 1928- city atty; Dawson Co, Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61; Rotary; C of C; during World War in US army June 1916-Aug 1919, co E 5th Neb, became 134th inf; in Mex border service also, AEF, disch as 1st lt; res Lexington.

   COOK, WILLIAM MAXWELL: Attorney; b Lexington, Neb Sept 21, 1887; s of Edward Addison Cook-Ella Max-



Who's Who

well; ed Lexington HS; U of N; Creighton U; studied law under Judge B O Hostetler, Kearney; m Anne Nelsen Dec 23, 1912 Lexington; s Wayne N; d Phyllis Claire (Mrs Roy Kennedy); 1910-12 secy to Sen Norris Brown at Washington DC; 1912-17 court reporter for 12th jud dist, Kearney; 1915 adm to bar; 1917 estab prac of law, ptr of father in Cook & Cook, brother Edward Addison Cook Jr now ptr in firm; 1923-30 Dawson Co atty; Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 61, past master; R&SM; RAM; BPOE, Kearney; C of C; during World War in hdqrs of 37th div AEF, 3 mos; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Lexington.

   COOPER, ALEXANDER PORTER: Clergyman; b Fairhaven, O Feb 3, 1866; s of Rev James Henry Cooper-Martha Jane Porter; ed Mount Vernon Ia HS; Coe Coll, Cedar Rapids Ia; Maryville Coll, Maryville Tenn, BA 1889; Lane Theological Seminary Cincinnati 0; 1889-91 Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton NJ; ED 1892; Alpha Nu; Alpha Sigma; m Nettie L Spence June 1, 1893 Cincinnati 0; s Leslie Carleton; 1892 ordained to Presbyterian ministry at Ripley 0; 1892-93 pastor at Hot Springs S D; 1893-1903 at Wyoming Ia; 1903-05 Lansing Ia; 1905-11 Mechanicsville Ia; 1911-17 Miller S D; 1917-22 Plankinton S D; 1922-28 Cozad, 15 mos at Wakefield & 8 mos at Park Forest Ch, Omaha; 1929-34 pastor Cozad; 1934- ret; past moderator several presbyteries; past pres Cozad Ministerial Assn; first minister elec to Cozad Rotary; built 1st Presby Ch in Cozad, dedicated 1926; att 50th anniversary Maryville Coll graduating class 1939; father, grandfather & great grandfather Presby ministers; hobbies, gardening, shrubbery, trees, athletics; res Cozad.

   CORL, J D: Merchant; b Winnebago, Ill Feb 22, 1869; s of James O Corl-Frances Brown; ed Fairmoot HS; U of N; in Cora M Hannan Apr 19, 1912 Denver; s James A, Robert D; d Florence M; 1907-12 with Dolan Fruit Co, Grand Island; 1912-17 with UP RR, Denver; 1917-25 with Corl Bros Groc, Grand Island; 1925- owner & mgr Grange Groc Co, Lexington; dir C of C; mbr sch bd 6 years; IOOF; Lexington Rod & Gun Club; Cosmopolitan Club, past pres; trustee Chris Ch; hobbies, tennis, fishing; res Lexington.

   COTTON, ORRIN HAMILTON: Merchant; b Oshkosh, Wis Aug 8, 1866; s of Charles Cotton-Myra G Hamilton; ed Friend HS; m Minnie G Bailey November 29, 1888 Idalia, Colo; d Vera G; 1885-88 oprd team in western Kas; 1888 homesteaded in Arapahoe Co Colo; 1889 came to Gothenburg, oprd teaming & hay bus & farmed until 1920; 1915- auto dlr, Buick agt 1915-25, Hudson agt since 1917; opr gas & oil bus since 1917; owns 2 farms in Dawson Co; Oct 2, 1939 completed 50 years bus in Gothenburg; C of C; Country Club; parents b in New England, father farmed in Wis, came to Neb 1873, homesteaded in Saline Co; res Gothenburg.

   CUNDALL, CLAYTON C: Dentist; b Sutton, Neb Sept 7, 1890; s of Edwin Cundall-Lydia Benedict; ed Sutton HS; Lincoln Dental Coll, DDS 1917; Delta Sigma Delta; m Bertha Kinnamon June 30, 1925 Fairbury; d Virginia Mae; farmed 2 years in Clay Co; 1920- dentist, Gothenburg; during World War Sept 1917-Dec 1919, in dental corps, stationed Camp Funston & Fort Leavenworth; Amer Leg, past post comm; Neb St Dental Assn; mbr bd of edn; past pres C of C; dir Country Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; father early settler in Clay Co, homesteaded; res Gothenburg.

   DAVIS, EDGAR N: Mortician; b Plumville, Penn Jan 4, 1879; s of Albert L Davis-Cathorine Stiteler; ed Dawson Co; Los Angeles Coll of Embalming 1929; m Abbie Brooks Apr 10, 1907 Dawson Co (dec); m Sadie Halverstadt Feb 10, 1924 Cozad; s Howard L, Wayne A, Neil K; 1890 came with parents from Penn to Dawson Co; 1908 in pump & plumbing bus, Cozad; 1909 built 1st electric light plant in Cozad, opr several years; 1911 estab Davis Oil Co: 1915- opr Davis Funeral Home: 1929- funeral dir & mortician; 1919 built at Lexington first filling station in Dawson Co, serv as past dir & past pres Cozad Mutual Tele Co & while pres modernized equipment & service; installed several of first practical irrigation wells in Dawson Co; mbr sch bd 13 years; mbr city coun 10 years; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Neb Oil Men's Assn, past dir; AF&AM 188, KT, North Platte; Scot Rite, Hastings; Tehama Shrine; OES, assoc patron; C of C, dir; past mbr Bapt Ch, which family helped built S of Gothenburg; Meth Ch; bd mbr, trustee 30 years; hobbies, BSA work, mbr directory helped org 1st movement in Cozad; res Cozad.

   DICKERSON, DELMER R: Merchant; b Sumner, Neb July 12, 1900; s of George W Dickerson-Clara L Clayton; ed Sumner HS; extn study; m Margaret L Trindle Aug 20, 1924 Norton Kas; s Duane D; d Betty Jane, Margaret Ellen, Barbara Ann; in merc bus since 1913; 1920-21 worked for Johnson Hdw Co, Sumner; 1921-31 asst cash Farmers & Mchts Bank; 1931-32 mgr groc dept of Johnson store; 1932 estab Dix Store, owner & mgr since; June 1939 installed Farmers Locker System, for meat storage; during World War Apr 1918-Sept 1919 Camp Harry A Jones, troop M of 1st US cavalry, Douglas Ariz; Amer Leg, adjt. 20 year mbr; Fern of Neb Retailers; mbr city coun; AF&AM, Blue Lodge 212, jr warden; IOOF, past grand; C of C; secy MWA; Bapt Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting, Amer Leg work; father homesteader, early settler in co; res Sumner.

   DICKERSON, JOHN F: County Commissioner; b Falls City, Neb Feb 13, 1878; s of Albert Dickerson-Anna Elizabeth Glick; ed Sherman Co; m Blanche Weaver Apr 21, 1909 Grand Island; s Merlyn C, Albert L, Carrol F; d Blanche Maurine (Mrs Charles J Reier); 1899-1922 farmed, Sherman Co; 1922-37 farmer, livestock feeder, Dawson Co; 1933- Dawson Co commr; mbr sch bd, Sherman & Dawson Cos; Kennebec pct assessor 6 years; AF&AM 212, master Litchfield 2 years; MWA; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Sumner.

   DICUS, FRANK P: Manager Fuel Co; b Edna, Kas June 1, 1901; s of Frank P Dicus-Nellie O'Brien; ed Edna Kas HS; Baker U, Baldwin Kas; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Catherine E Eaton June 29, 1922 Owaneco Ill; s James William; d Martha Ann: 1919-22 bkkpr Bartlett State Bank, Bartlett Kas; 1922-24 with Empire Oil Co, Drumright Okla; 1924-28 cash, Eaton State Bank, Owaneco Ill; 1928-36 with Kas Light & Power Co, Salina; 1935- VP & gen mgr Neb Gas Fuel Co, Lexington; AF&AM 623, Owaneco Ill; Rotary; Lexington Rod & Gun Club, dir C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, horseback riding; res; Lexington.

   DOBSON, A L: District Superintendent Public Service Co; b Nova Scotia, Canada Mar 23, 1899; s of J Dobson-Emma Ross; ed Nova Scotia Can HS; Nova Scotia Tech Coll, 1923; Dalhousie U of Halifax, Nova Scotia; m Viola Johnson Sept 10, 1937 Oxford; 1923 student engineer for Stone & Webster Inc, Boston; 1924 engineer Paducah Electric Co at Paducah Ky, 6 mos engineer for Southern Ill Gas Co, Murphysboro Ill; 1925 engineer for Gulf States Utilities Co, Beaumont Tex; 1927-28 sales mgr Mo Service Co, Mound City Mo; 1928-30 dist supt Western Pub Service Co, Broken Bow; 1930-34 gen sales mgr Jamaica Pub Service Co, Ltd, Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies; 1934-37 dist supt Western Pub Service Co, Holdrege; 1937- dist supt Western Pub Service Co, Lexington; UCT; secy Rotary; C of C; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Lexington.

   DORWART, THOMAS YULE: Physician & Surgeon; b Seward Co, Neb Aug 16, 1900; s of Daniel Clinton Dorwart-Anna Reilly; ed Friend HS; Creighton U, BSc 1921, MD 1924; Frauen Krankenhause, Frankfort-on-Main, Germany 1932; U of Penn 1934; Comm Hosp, Long Beach Cal 1935; Phi Chi; m Virginia Florentine Greene June 27, 1928 Omaha (dec); s Thomas Henry, Jonathan Robert; d Susan Virginia; m Ellen Marie Vaughn Feb 14, 1939 Sidney; 1924-25 interne St Joseph Hosp, Omaha; 1926- prac med, Lexington,, past pres Dawson Co Med Soc,, Neb St & AMA; Rotary; C of C; Plum Creekers; Cath Ch; hobbies, boats, horses; grandfather Civil War veteran, homesteaded in Neb 1867; father cattle raiser, later dentist; res Lexington.

   DUIS, JOHN H: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Milford, Ill Jan 28, 1878; s of Carson J Duis-Eliza Keiser; ed Gothenburg; m Anna Schram July 6, 1902; Council Bluffs Ia; s Herbert J; d Eda E, Gertrude M (Mrs Lester Larson), Carola B (Mrs William Gerdes); Margaret Ann; 1890-93 worked in father's mdse store, Gothenburg; after father's death farmed with mother until 1901; 1901-03 worked in Chicago Fair, gen mdse store, Gothenburg; 1903-05 mgr Farmers Co-op Store; 1905-15 dlr in cattle, hogs, horses; 1915- in real est & ins bus, son Herbert J ptr in bus since 1933, handles all types of ins, lic real est dlr; 15 years mbr sch bd; mbr city coun 2 years; C of C; Luth Ch, past trustee 17 years; Dem; hobbies, flowers, horses; parents b in Germany, father came to US when 2 years old, mother when 26 years old; father farmed in Ill, 1881 came to Gothenburg & was mcht; res Gothenburg.



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