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Greenwood Cemterty

Greenwood Cemetery

LOCATION: From Lexington at 13th and Taft; 3/4 mile north, east side of the road.


SUBMITTED BY: Vicky Stephens - I want to reconize the following people, who without their help this project would not have even been contemplated. First of all to the late Ruby Hollingsworth, who kept records tirelessly most of her life, and gave us the desire to fill in the dates and extra information. Mr. Glenn Hawks, who works for the City of Lexington, and allowed us unlimited access to the Platte books and answered so many questions. My Mother, Jeanne Gibson, who did the majority of the actual walking and transcribing, with help from me, Starla Corder, and Donna Bennett. Craig Stephens who does the proof-reading and catches my mistakes. Prepared by Vicky Stephens

We also have an earlier index of Greenwood Cemetery available, that was done by Ruby Hollingsworth many years ago. You may want to use it to compare to the updated and corrected version.

There are Nine divisions: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H, and Babyland. We will put each division up as we complete them. Check the Cemetery Map for location of the Divisions. (map by Vicky Stephens)


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