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The Dakota County Historical Society has transcribed all the cemeteries in Dakota County. Their address is listed in the Resource section. Click HERE for the Resource section.


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The first cemetery in the county was the old Omadi cemetery, situated on a sand ridge south of A. H. Baker's farm and east of where Gustave
Berger lives, in Section 30. Henrietta Hirsch, a daughter of Mrs., Henry Beam was the first person buried here.


St. Johns cemetery is situated two miles north of Jackson, on the east line of Section 23, Township 29, Range 7.


"Dakota City cemetery is situated within the corporate limits of that town, on its northern boundary. The first to be buried here were Mrs.
Charles Reom and child, L. G. Packard and a child of Geo. A. Hinsdale, in 1857. The cemetery at present is enclosed with a good substantial fence,
and otherwise in first class condition.


The Taylor cemetery is situated in the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Sec. 34, Township 28, Range 8, near Wm. Taylor's house,
eight miles southwest of Dakota City, on the high bluffs, containing three acres, and deeded to the Salem Evangelical Lutheran church by William
Taylor. The first buried there was a child of William Gobble, in the winter of 1856.


The Omaha Creek Valley cemetery, formerly known as the Potter cemetery, is situated near the northwest corner of Section 25, Township 27,
.Range 8, two miles south of Homer.


Grove cemetery is located in the southeast corner of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 14, Township 27, Range 7, on
Fiddler's creek. The following officers were elected by the association, May 10, 1893, for a period of two years: H. F. Shull, treasurer; C. M.
Antrim, Robert Gurnsey, Geo. Sanford, John Welker and Fred "Wilkins, trustees.


St. Mary's cemetery lies less than a mile to the northwest of Homer, and was established in 18S9.


The Hubbard cemetery is situated on the high hills a short distance south of the town of Hubbard, and was deeded to the association by John
Howard. The first person buried there was James Thornton, who died on his farm west of Hubbard.


Green Valley cemetery, or Johnson's cemetery as it was formerly called, is situated on, Wigle creek near the Johnson school house.


From: Andreas 1884 History of Dakota County Nebraska






List of Cemeteries


Feature Name



USGS 7.5' Map

Elk Valley


Friend's Church, Elk Creek, Old Log Church or Oak Cemetery. It is located in Summit Township. It is a small cemetery with about 25 graves there today. Just like Dakota City Cemetery. Many remains were removed when the possibility of the Missouri River flooding or cutting into the cemeteries.




Green Valley Cemetery



Emerson SE

Grove Cemetery

a.k.a Hale

a.k.a Fiddler Creek



Emerson SE

The Wilke Cemetery

a.k.a The Old German Cemetery

a.k.a The Jopp Cemetery





Taylor Cemetery #1




Taylor Family Plot is a small cemetery located on the crest of the hill above what is now Taylor Cemetery near Homer along the bluff road. There are about 10 - 15 graves in the plot. This cemetery was supposed to be the Taylor Cemetery, but it was felt that the steepness of the grade would be too much for some people to hike up there. So they put the larger cemetery down near the road. It still has an upward and a downward grade, but is much easier for burials and for the mourners to get there. To get to the family plot it is very steep no matter which way you go. 

Taylor Cemetery #2




Omaha Valley Cemetery




St Cornelius Cemetery




Saint Johns Cemetery




Saint Mary's Cemetery




Saint Michaels Cemetery

St Michael's South Sioux City - Parish Offices
1405 1st Avenue, South Sioux City, NE 68776
(402) 494-5423



Sioux City South

Roost Cemetery (Abandoned)




Boals Family Plot (Abandoned)




Cedar Heights

a.k.a Bridenbaugh Family Plot




Dakota City Cemetery




Sand Ridge Cemetery (Abandoned & Destroyed)





a.k.a Epidemic

Hubbard Cemetery





Old Danish or Drake Cemetery (Abandoned)     Private Property

Woods Family Plot






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