Elkhorn Valley Genealogical Society

Elkhorn Valley Genealogical Society

West Point, Nebraska

Meetings: 3rd Monday of the month 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the John A. Stahl Library, 330 N Colfax, West Point, NE 68788

Dues: $15.00 per person per year

Quarterly Publication: CONNECTIONS (sample online)
We want CONNECTIONS to be a resource for anyone interested in genealogy. If you are looking for information about an early family member from this area, or if you have other genealogy questions our readers might answer, we invite you to write us.

Information received will be put in the Query Column. At this time, we DO NOT have members available to do research for others, but some readers of the column might be able to pass on some information.

For more information on the Elkhorn Valley Genealogical Society, contact:

Kathie Munderloh
1920 Q Road
Bancroft, NE 68004
Email: [email protected]

Can You Help?

Following is a list of individuals and the family names and lines they are researching, as well as a list of completed family histories with information the individuals are willing to share. If you have any information that may be helpful, or if you would like additional information about the completed family histories, please call Leila Stahl Buffett Genealogy Center to forward the information to the individuals. Thanks!

          Name           Searching for Information About:
Delilah Abendroth--Carl Gust family and brother Ernst or Ernest
Ron Meyer        --Predecessors of Jurgen Meyer
Owen Picton      --Biddie, Roesch, Herbster, Zimmerman,
                   Schrader (Schroeder) in Knox County, Cook,
                   Peters, Petersen
Gwen Lindberg    --Lindberg, Coleman, Sims, Einspahr, Felzien,
                   Mars, Phelps
Randy Wattermann --Watterman(n) family: William, Henry, Charlie,
                   Eddie, Minnie; Benne family, Tietz family:
Wynona Behling   --Michael Myers, James William Foy, Irvin
Nona Wiese       --Louis S. Schlote, Ernst Kloth, Anna Margaretha Rosenberger

Carole Meyer     --Augusta Wienke & Carl Schwinck family

The following individuals have completed family histories that they are willing to share with those researching the families in the right-hand column:

Lois Wegner       --Wegner, Werbelow, Heller, Borgelt
Delilah Abendroth --Christian Stoltzman family, Carl Schwartz
                    family, Paul Abendroth family
Ron Meyer         --Descendants of Jurgen Meyer
Owen Picton       --Pictons since 1879
Randy Wattermann  --Benne family (copy in Genealogy Center)
Wynona Behling    --Levi Daniel Johnson, Timothy and Mary
                    Jessup, Julius Behling, Jr., Louise Behling
Nona Wiese        --Wiese (Ernest, Claus, Nicolaus, Thomas)
Marry Goebel      --Anton and Margreth Elmer Goebel (copy in
                    Genealogy Center)

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