This is an AHGP Project web page

This is an AHGP Project web page


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COMPLETE sections are GROOM Surnames beginning:

A    (to 07/02/1934)
B    (to 12/31/1939)
C    (to 10/16/1940)
D    (to 03/23/1918)
E    (to 06/30/1941)
F    (to 12/31/1940)
G    (to 06/17/1940)
H    (to 12/31/1939)
I    (to 12/31/1939)
J    (to 12/31/1939)
K    (to 12/31/1939)
L    (to 12/31/1939)
Mc    (to 12/31/1939)
M    (to 12/31/1939)
N    (to 12/31/1939)
O    (to 03/05/1935)
P    (to 12/31/1939)
Q    (to 06/25/1943 ...this is all Q grooms to 2005)
R    (to 02/11/1911)
S    (to 08/24/1910)
T    (to 12/31/1939)
U    (to 12/31/1939)
V    (to 12/31/1939)
W    (to 12/28/1916)
X    (none)
Y    (to 12/31/1939)
Z    (to 12/31/1939)

Thank you for your patience while I enter this data. I will be entering the data from the copies I currently have.
We will then go back to get copies of any additional lists so that the marriage index is complete through at least
12/31/1939 for all names. If you have a pressing search, please send me an e-mail. I must have the groom's
surname and approximate year to do the search.

Marriage Index for Cedar County, Nebraska

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Kristi Bergman Lam,
Coordinator for Cedar County


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