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Mrs. James Roe

ROM embattled pioneers defending themselves against Indian attacks to peaceful modern farmers cultivating some of Nebraska's most fertile soil is part of the recorded story of Cedar County. But long before that this county in northeastern Nebraska was the site of a primitive Indian civilization, which Dr. Earl H. Bell of the University of Nebraska anthropology department believes was destroyed by the nomadic tribes of pre-pioneer days. Lewis and Clark, famous explorers of the Northwest Territory, also signed a compact with the Sioux Indians here in August 1804, atop Calumet Bluff.
   The county was organized by an act of the territorial legislature on Feb. 12, 1857. St. James was designated the county seat. L. E. Jones, an early inhabitant of the county, writes, "A postmaster carried St. James in his pocket. Wherever he moved, St. James went with him."
   A group of eight Frenchmen first explored this region, starting their journey May 29, 1739. They followed the Missouri river and met the Panimaha tribe of the Pawnees in northeast Nebraska. Their purpose was to trap furs and trade with the Indians. They were followed by other trappers who spent their winters buying furs. Returning, they related many tales of wealth in great quantities to be found in this region.
   The only permanent dweller was a Frenchman named Tradeau. In 1796 he visited Indian villages in what is now Cedar County, and lived on an island in the Missouri near St. Helena.
   The Lewis and Clark expedition camped on Calumet Bluff and on Aug. 28, 1804 held council with the Sioux. Beneath a large oak tree the two parties smoked the pipe of peace. The Indians' allegiance to the English had proved unprofitable, and Chief Shake Hand complained: "We are very poor. I went formerly to the English and they gave me a medal, but nothing to keep it from my skin; now you give me a medal and clothes." Chiefs White Crane and Struck-by-the-Pawnee approved his words, and added a request for "some of the great father's milk"--whisky. They were given presents and pledged allegiance to the United States. The Pawnee, Algonquin and Sioux tribes all wandered through this region at that time.
   More sober and accurate accounts of the Cedar County region were carried back by explorers who followed Lewis and Clark. Most notable among these men were Nuttall and Bradburg, who traveled these parts in 1808. Their report proved to be an incentive to settlers, who made the new country their home.
   Indians at different times caused considerable trouble. In 1858 a party of Poncas, returning from a visit they had just made the Omahas, stole five oxen for food. The oxen were the property of Platt Saunders and Martin Chapman. Upon hearing of the thefts, forty-nine settlers in the community started in pursuit. After following the trail for a day or so, they discovered the Indians on the opposite side of the creek, drying the flesh of the oxen.
   Safeguarded from attack by the creek, the Indians fled, leaving their provisions behind. There were approximately thirty in the party and all escaped except one woman and her papoose. The settlers captured her and proceeded to the Ponca agency to report the thefts. The chiefs whipped her unmercifully and doubtless would have beaten her to death had the Indian agent not interceded. A party of warriors was sent out to capture the thieves and Saunders and Chapman were reimbursed.
   In 1862 approximately fifty Cedar County citizens joined Company I of the Second Nebraska cavalry, organized for the purpose of defending the frontier settlements against Indians. Among them were John Andrews, Henry Clopping, Ernest and August Felber, William Guite, Henry Morton, Henson Wiseman and Moses H. Deming. Deming was a first lieutenant.
   This regiment went to Dakota in 1863 to join General Sully's command. During the absence of Wiseman a party of Yankton and Santee-Sioux attacked and killed his five children, who were at home alone.
   The early homesteaders found Cedar to be almost ideal for farming. Gently rolling prairie, numerous and extensive valleys and a soil of clay or vegetable loam varying from two to ten feet in depth make up most of the county's area. Along the Missouri river, hills are higher and more precipitous, but few are too steep to allow cultivation. The county is also well supplied with chalk and brick clay, good building materials. The chalk is soft enough to be sawed and planed, and hardens upon exposure. Few pioneers, however, used it in constructing their homes. One such farm house is located a mile south of St. Helena; a few have been built at the Santee Agency, Knox County, and others at Yankton, S. D.
   Cedar County creek bottoms and Missouri river banks are lined with fine stands of timber. Elm, basswood, box-elder, ash, hickory, soft maple, black walnut, red cedar, willow and coffee trees may be


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found. The number of forest trees estimated in 1881 as under cultivation was 323,100, and fruit trees numbered 1,415. Tributaries to the Missouri provide ample water. East, Middle and West Bow creeks, Logan creek, branches of the north branch of the Elkhorn, and other small streams wind through the valleys.
   The Wiseman family was the first to come to Cedar county, arriving in 1857 from Virginia. A monument to their massacred children stands on the site of their early home, the scene of the outrage, east of St. James.
   Henson Wiseman, the father, answered a call for men to fight warring Indian tribes in the Dakotas in 1862. Despite his wife's fears at being left alone with the children, he left for Dakota in October. While Mrs. Wiseman was in Yankton purchasing supplies, the Indians attacked. She returned home to find the cabin looted and her children murdered.
   Henson Wiseman in petitioning the government to repay the Indians' damage, wrote the following account of the massacre:

    "I told my wife and children where we were going (Dakota City, Nebraska, fifty miles from his home), and they all cried and said 'the Indians will kill us if we stay here and you leave us.' I told them other soldiers would come as soon as we were gone." But no soldiers came. Some days after the massacre Wiseman heard accounts of it and from the description judged the family was his own. Riding swiftly to Yankton, he found his wife had gone to Sioux City and followed her there.
   "My wife," his petition continues, "the mother of these five children, returned home in the evening and as soon as she got to the door saw an Indian lying on the floor and blood on the door, fled around the house and there saw a boy lying dead on his back. She fled as soon as possible to the settlement of St. James three miles away. The inhabitants, now thrown into excitement, dared not go to see same night. Going the next day nine miles on the open prairie, they found three dead and two almost dead. The youngest boy, aged four, could only tell the Indians scared him. He was -stabbed under the left arm and lived three days."
   Wiseman's 14 year old daughter had been brutally tortured. She lived five days, but was unable to relate any of her experiences. The Indians had exploded a cartridge in her mouth after piercing her with an arrow. The oldest boy was found with his head and arms battered, gripping an empty gun. He had died fighting and had killed at least one Indian.
   Following the massacre Wiseman and his wife moved back to Virginia. But they found conditions poor in the east and returned to Nebraska two years later. Unwilling to live again on the site of the murder, they located a mile and a half west of there. Wiseman's granddaughter, Mrs. Willard Guy, now lives on this second homestead.
   In 1864 the "Great Stampede" occurred. The Sioux, Cheyenne and other hostile tribes had threatened annihilation of the frontier settlements. Almost all the settlers west of Cedar County fled westward, carrying descriptions of a pursuing body of 10,000 Indians. Cedar County settlers, deciding to remain and defend themselves as well as possible, constructed a fortification 100 feet square around the St. James courthouse. Behind this nine-foot earthen wall they awaited the attack. St. Helena inhabitants, too, fortified themselves. But the Indians never arrived. A portion of the Seventh Iowa Cavalry remained in Fort Jackson near St. James for nearly a year.
   Lewis E. Jones of Wynot, who was with the group at St. James, procured the only horse in the vicinity in order to verify a report Yankton was in flames. Arriving opposite Yankton, he found some men stealing chickens from the abandoned farms, and persuaded them to ferry him across the river. Yankton streets were empty, and he found the population within a plank fortification built around the Ash Hotel. D. T. Bramble, Yankton's only storekeeper, had moved all his goods inside the blockade, and was doing a land office business. Dakota Territorial Governor Edmons had placed a guard at every James river ford, and forbade anyone to leave the country. Satisfied with conditions at Yankton, Jones returned to St. Helena.
   After a few days the frightened settlers returned to their farms, and the country soon quieted down. No Indian resident remains today in the county.
   The real settlement of Cedar County began in 1857, when nine families of permanent settlers arrived. These homesteaders were Col. C. C. Van, James Hay, O. D. Smith, Saby Strahm, John Andres, Henry Felber, Ernest Ferber, Gustave Ferber and Paul Ferber. All except Strahm settled near the present site of St. James. He took land across the Missouri near the present Yankton. Colonel Van, a man of considerable means in that time, acquired a large tract of land. Government land could be purchased then at $1.25 per acre, with no restriction on the amount of purchase. For several years Hay and Smith were Cedar County's only merchants.
   John Andres, the Ferber brothers and their father were farmers of the progressive type and soon demonstrated agricultural possibilities of this county.
   Strahm was more than a farmer; he understood animal husbandry and scientific care and breeding of livestock. His knowledge of this phase of farming was far in advance of a large majority of so-called experts of his time. The old settlers still living here can recall his fine herd of splendid purebred cattle, his fine draft horses and in fact, all the domestic animals on his ranch, which were of the best blood. The great flood on the Missouri river bottom in the spring of 1881 drowned most


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of his live stock and its deposits of sand and debris destroyed his once fertile fields and fine pastures. Strahm never fully regained his loss and it was a source of sorrow to the old settlers to see this sturdy pioneer who had done so much to develop the country's resources and demonstrate its possibilities, lose the splendid property he had worked so hard and faithfully to acquire.
   The county's first election was held in the fall of 1857 and the following officers chosen: Commissioners, John Patterson, A. S. Chase and D. F. Ames; probate judge, M. Jones; clerk, George L. Roberts. In 1858 the following were elected: Commissioners, Abraham Haling, John Patterson, and D. F. Ames; probate judge, George L. Robert; clerk, Nelson Collamer; treasurer, George A. Hall. The second group of officers elected in 1880 were: Commissioners, Dennis O'Flaharty, Amos L. Parker and Joseph Hochstein; probate judge, Guy R. Wilbur; clerk, Baptiste Joesten; treasurer, Thomas Ebinger; surveyor, Andrew McNeal; superintendent of schools, R. T. O'Gara.
   Cedar County was represented in the territorial legislature by George A. Hall, elected in 1865 and re-elected in 1866, and in the state legislature, by Lewis E. Jones, 1868; L. M. Howard, 1872; Hall again in 1876, and J. A. Zeigler in 1878. John Aten was first delegate to the state legislature in 1876.
   The first children born in the county were twins, a son and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hall.
   There were three sawmills in the county, one in connection with the Bow Valley Mills below St. James, one on the St. Helena Island just below St. Helena, built in 1878 by A. J. J. Lee and one in the timber above St. Helena built in 1870 by J. J. Felber.
   In the spring of 1858 the settlement of Waucapons, was established, some six or eight miles south and west of old St. James. Warren Saunders, George A. Hall and Amos S. Parker settled there. These three men took an active and prominent part in the building of the county and its civic life. Parker was one of the first county commissioners of the county and Hall was the first representative sent to the territorial legislature. He was also the second Cedar County treasurer.
   In 1884 the Northwestern railroad came into the southern part of the county and extended to Hartington. In 1889 the Pacific Short Line was built west across Cedar County and in 1907 the Burlington purchased the line from Laketon to O'Neill across the southern part of the county. The Bloomfield branch was built in 1891, striking Randolph and Magnet. In 1906 the Wynot branch was extended from Newcastle, through Obert to Wynot. This line was dismantled in 1935. Many "wild cat" roads were planned and talk of new railroads was always in the air. Today one can see the remains of an old railroad northeast of Bow Valley.
   In 1892 an Englishman named Pierce came from England with a great deal of capital. He started to build a road from Yankton to Norfolk. The grading was done and piling for the bridges between Yankton and Crofton put in place. Seeing he would have competition if this road was completed, James Hill of the Northern Pacific bought the line and proceeded to wreck it, leaving the workmen without pay.
   In 1876 the Covington, Columbus and Blackhills railroad started to build through the northern part of the county. A special election was held on April 8, 1876 and the county voted to issue bonds for $150,000 to aid the railroad. The total taxable valuation at that time was $1,013,495, making the amount of the bonds nearly 15 percent of the assessed valuation. Since no county could legally bond itself for more than 10 percent, the bonds were declared illegal by the state supreme court. The railroad had been partly graded to the middle of the county when work stopped. A few years ago a new road was proposed and work again was started from Yankton, but this road also failed.
   Hartington, the present county seat, is located in almost the exact center of the county. It is an attractive little city of 1,600 and has two schools and a large city auditorium.
   Early settlers of Cedar County were not lured to the region by the hope of easily acquired wealth; neither were they fleeing persecution, real or fancied. They were home builders of the most substantial type. They have endured tragedies and experienced joys. The violent past of the county remains only as a memory; its residents prefer to dwell only upon the joys and build for the future.

ABTS, A J: Shoe & Harness Dealer; b Buffalo Co, Wis Jan 16, 1870; s of Michael Abts-Anna Lemper; ed Buffalo Co, Wis; Verona Minn Bus Coll; m Christina Lang Apr 29, 1896 Randolph; s John, Albert, Arthur, Eugene, Laverne, Thomas J; d Dorothy; 1892- opr shoe & harness shop, Randolph; past mayor; Lions; KC; Cath Ch; hobbles, fishing, hunting; res Randolph.

   ALEXANDER, ARTHUR S: Manager Telephone Company; b Table Rock, Neb June 24, 1885; s of Wharton Alexander-Sarah Williams, ed Falls City HS; Hastings Coll 1904-05; U of N 1910; m Kathryn Miller May 30, 1923 Sioux City; s James W; d Betty Irene; 1903-05 with Falls City Tele Co; 1905-06 with Neb Tele Co, York; 1906-07 with signal service of UP RR, installed first block signal system; 1907-10 with Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co; 1910-12 emp in various southern dists by Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co; 1912- with Northwestern Bell Tele Co in Norfolk dist, 1923-36 mgr at West Point, 1936- mgr, Laurel; past master AF&AM, West Point; RAM; KT, Norfolk; patron OES; Comm Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Laurel.

   ALLISON, ROSCOE RAY: Publisher; b Elliott, Ia June 13, 1888; s of William Harrison Allison-Christine Huntzinger; ed Griswold Ia HS; m Estelle Bullock Nov 24, 1910 Griswold Ia; s Bill; d Jean Mildred (Mrs J E Bullock); 1905-08 foreman, Shelby Ia News; 1908-12 bus mgr Sentinel Post, Shenandoah, Ia; 1912-14 mgr printing dept, Henry



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Field's Seed House; 1915-16 supt mechanical dept Daily News, Newton Ia; 1916-23 mgr Democrat, Estherville Ia, also coach HS football team; 1924 supt of Sentinel, Iowa Falls Ia; 1925 shop foreman Cedar Co News, Hartington; 1925- owner & publisher Laurel Advocate; 1932- chief vol fire dept, Laurel; played semi-professional football 3 years, Neola Ia; Comm Club; Tri-State Press Assn; N E Neb Press Assn; NPA; Natl Edit Assn; past noble grand & past chief patriarch IOOF, 1917-23 asst adjt general for Ia; Meth Ch; Dem, 1923- treas Cedar Co Central Com, 1924-36 mbr Neb State Central Com; hobbles, sports, HS athletics; res Laurel.

   ARENS, ALBERT A: Farmer; b Cedar Co, Neb Aug 30, 1904; s of Frank E Arens-Mathilda Pick; ed Hartington HS; U of N 1928; m Frances Wuebben May 20, 1930 St James'; s Gerald, Robert; d Virginia May, Jeanette Carol; raises registered Shorthorn cattle & Duroc Jersey hogs, exhibited sr champion Duroc Jersey sow at Neb St Fair 1938; pioneer hybrid sed corn producer; Greenacre farm, his homestead, is proving ground for seeds; kaffir corn & other grasses also bred & propagated; maintains more hand pollinated inbred lines than any other grower in state; does much research work; 1936 gained state recognition for work with native & tame grasses in Neb Pasture Forage Livestock Program; Farmers Union; dir Neb Certified Hybrid Corn Growers Assn; dir Cedar Co Farm Bur; Cath Ch; hobbies, corn, org agr work; res Hartington.

   BARKS, G E: Banker; b Manson, Ia. Mar 23, 1898; s of George W Barks.Hattie Briggs; ed Sioux City Ia HS; Morningside Coll, BA 1918; Amer Inst of Banking; Phi Kappa Delta; m Mildred Bruce Sept 8, 1926 Malmo; s Bruce; d Beverly; 1917-18 bkkpr First Natl Bank, Sioux City Ia; during World War served in 3rd army corps, O/S Sept 1918-July 1919; 1920-22 teller First Natl Bank, Mt Vernon S D; 1922- dir & cash First Natl Bank, Belden; 1924- village clk; pres group 3 Neb Bankers Assn; past noble, treas IOOF; Rebekah; AF&AM; Scot Rite 320, Yankton S D; OES; past comm, adjt & co comm Amer Leg; hobby, athletics; res Belden.

   BEBEE, EARL L: Lumber Dealer; b Linn Co, Ia Mar 22, 1893; s of George Bebee-Jennie Bracelin; ed Prairieburg Ia. HS; m Olga Asmus Jan 14, 1924 Morris Minn; s Alan Earl; d Marian; 1911-13 yard man Central Lbr & Coal Co, Prairieburg Ia; 1913-15 mgr Central Lbr & Coal Co, Stanley Ia; 1915-19 mgr St Anthony & Dakota Lbr Co, Bole Mont; 1919-27 mgr St Anthony & Dakota Lbr Co, Chokio & Euclid Minn & Finley N D; 1927- mgr St Anthony & Dakota Lbr Co, Laurel; 1936- mbr town coun; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Laurel.

   BERGLUND, ERNEST W: Implement dealer; b Verum, Sweden May 19, 1889; s of T G Berglund-Magdelene Johnson; ed Sweden; m Hildur Carlson Jan 21, 1920 Hartington; d Helen; 1908-20 farmed near Hartington; 1920- with Carl G Olson in Near Wynot, Neb. Berglund & Olson garage & impl bus; mbr sch bd; dir & past pres Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; AF&AM; IOOF; C of C; Lions, Farmers Union; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Hartington.

   BERGLUND, GEORGE T: Implement Dealer; b Malmo, Sweden Jan 22, 1892; s of T G Berglund-Magdalene Johnson; ed Tagarp, Sweden; m Caroline Weber Feb 17, 1920 Wayne; s George Weber; d Irene Ellen; 1909-35 farmed in Cedar Co; 1935 impl dlr in Osmond; 1936- McCormick Deering impl dlr, Laurel; 1923-35 moderator sch bd; C of C; IOOF; father (dec) was in mail service in Sweden; hobby, hunting; res Laurel.

   BESTE, GEORGE: Insurance & Real Estate Agent; b Cedar Co, June 21, 1881; s of Theodore Beste-Catherine Brocke; ed Hartington HS; U of S D; Omaha Comml Coll; m Maud Morrison June 27, 1906 Vermilion S D; d Myrtle (Mrs Ralph Wiebelhause), Dorothy; 1898-99 clk, Winters Drug Store, Bloomfield; 1902-11 asst cash Farmers State Bank, Hartington; 1911-32 cash & 1st VP First Natl Bank, Hartington; mbr sch bd 6 years; mbr city coun 12 years; mayor 1 term; mbr lib bd; C of C, pres; KC, trustee; Holy Trinity Ch; res Hartington.

   BIRNBACH, ANTHONY: Clergyman; b Germany, June 1, 1871; s of Herman Birnbach-Eva Joergen; ed Germany; St Francis Coll, Milwaukee, Wis 1896; 1896 ordained, St Francis Seminary; 1896-98 asst pastor, Petersburg; 1898-1900 pastor, St Libory; 1900-01 pastor, St Boniface, Stuart; 1901- pastor of St Peter & Paul's Ch, Bow Valley, 1903 erected church edifice, 1910 erected 8 room sch for lower grades, 1926 built rectory, has made trips to Europe, 1920 1922, 1925, 1928, 1933; 1936 completed trip around the world, visiting Europe, Africa, Palestine, Russia, India, China; 1939- ret & again visited Europe; hobby, travel; res Hartington.

   BLIZZARD, CLARK: City Engineer; b Harlan, Ia Oct 14, 1892; s of Edwin S Blizzard-Adeline Beems; ed Bonesteel S D HS 1912; m Elizabeth Lenhoff Jan 24, 1921 Sioux City Ia; s John; d Elizabeth; 1916- in chg of light & water dept for town of Randolph; past city clk 14 years; during World War in med corps, Fort Riley & Fort Ogelthorpe, Ga, disch Fort Ogelthorpe Jan, 1919, sgt 1st class; past comm Amer Leg; AF&AM 202, past master; Lions; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Randolph.

   BURKETT, HORACE E: Attorney; b Silver City, Ia Apr 29, 1873; s of Frank Burkett-Amanda Barr; ed HS in Monona Co Ia; Valparaiso Normal; Lincoln Normal; U of N, LLB 1900; m Adda Templeman June 14, 1904 Sioux City Ia. (dec); d Florence (Mrs Albert T Meldrin); 1894-96 tchr, Monona Co Ia; 1900- prac law, Hartington; 1907-11 Cedar Co atty; 1905 city atty, prosecutor in Elmer Parks & Maggie Davis cases; during World War, 4 min-man; C of C, past pres; ch mbr Lions; AF&AM, past master, Scot Rite 32o; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbles, hunting, fishing; res Hartington.

   CARLSON, EDWIN: Miller; b Sweden, Nov 29, 1872; s of Carl Carlson-Stava Jonson; ed Sweden; 1893-97 worked at various places in Neb; 1897-1900 in Sweden, att Worlds Fair at Stockholm; 1900-03 in Ill; 1903- with brother in Carlson Mill, Hartington; pres Cedar Co Agrl Assn; C of C; Golf Club; Luth Ch; hobby, golf; res Hartington.

   CARROLL, RAYMOND P: Mayor; b Butte, Mont Oct 6, 1897; s of Andrew Carroll-Mary O'Toole; ed Butte Mont; Creighton U, MD 1920; m Marie Maney Sept 20, 1921 Omaha; s John Joseph; 1920-21 interne St Joseph's Hosp, Denver & St Joseph's Omaha; 1921- prac med, Laurel; 1931-33 & 1934-36 mayor; 1928-32 Cedar Co phys; past pres Comml Club; 1935-37 secy Five Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; during World War served in SATC; service ofcr & past adjt Amer Leg; hobby, travel; res Laurel.

   CASE, LINDSEY A: County Sheriff; b Columbus, Neb July 26, 1875; s of A B Case-Abbie Bruce; ed Cedar Co; m Rosetta Ferber Feb 13, 1902 St Jame's; s Irvin Lindsey; 1900-39 farmed, Cedar Co; 1939- Cedar Co sheriff; res Hartington.

   CHEDERQUIST, ARTHUR B: Elevator Manager; b Omaha, Neb July 7, 1901; s of Charles Chederquist- Hannah Nelson; ed Dixon Co; WSTC; m Anna Nielsen Feb 24, 1926 Laurel; s Morris Arthur, Ronald Bernard; d Joan Marie; 1919-26 farmed in Dixon Co; 1928- mgr Holmquist Grain & Lbr Co, Laurel; 1931- treas vol fire dept; past secy Comml Club; Presby Ch; hobby, hunting; res Laurel.

   CHEDERQUIST, ELMEN CARL: Manager Sales Co; b Newcastle, Neb Jan 29, 1913; s of Charles Chederquist-Hannah Nelson; ed Laurel HS; m Irene Roseborough May 9, 1936 Omaha; 1930-36 bkkpr Security Natl Bank, Laurel; 1936- mgr Laurel Sales Co; 1936- pres vol fire dept; 1937- secy Comm Club; U B Ch; hobbies, hunting dogs; res Laurel.

   COLE, GEORGE W: Dray Line Operator; b Woodbury Co, Ia. Mar 23, 1877; s of James Cole-Mary Callahan; ed Idaho; m Laura Rienders Apr 21, 1908 Arapahoe; s Joseph; d Genevieve, Virginia, Marcella; 1885 moved with parents to Idaho; 1892 asstd father in driving 31 horses from Idaho to Sioux City, trip required from June 26-Oct 8; first bridge was at Chamberlain S D; 1898- opr dray line, Coleridge, still uses horses; in 40 years of handling mail & freight never away more than 3 mos, has never missed train connection; Cath Ch; Indep; hobby, fishing; res Coleridge.

   COOK, ARTHUR E: Physician & Surgeon; b Newcastle, Neb Dec 22, 1870; s of Sylvester Cook-Katherine Elizabeth Stewart; ed Columbus HS; Sioux City Med Coll MD 1898; m Belle M Hosmer July 26, 1899 Sioux City Ia; s Stuart, Kenneth Warren; d Alice (Mrs Harley Edlund); m Mrs Helen R Buol Nov 17, 1926 Lincoln; 1893-94 tchr, Dixon Co; 1897-98 interne Samaritan Hosp, Sioux City Ia; 1898-99 prac med at Alpena S D; 1899- prac med, Randolph; 1898 surg for C&NW RR & CB&Q RR; 1928-29 Cedar Co health ofcr; mbr sch bd 1905-23, treas 1905-20, dir & pres


in Nebraska


1922-23; Amer Assn of Railway Surgs; Sioux Valley Med Soc; Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn, pres 1931-32; AMA; AF&AM 202, past master; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine, Omaha; Rep; hobby, whittling; res Randolph.

   COOK, STUART HOSMER: Physician & Surgeon; b Randolph, Neb Nov 10, 1900; s of Arthur E Cook-Belle M Hosmer; ed Randolph HS; U of N, BSc 1923, MD 1927; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Sigma Kappa; Sigma Xi; m Myrtle Jensen Oct 4, 1927 Pittsburg Penn; s Donald, Richard, James; 1927-28 interne Allegheny Gen Hosp, Pittsburgh; 1928- prac med, Randolph; 1928- city phys; 1936- VP bd of edn; ch mbr Lions; AF&AM; Sioux Valley Med Soc; Five-Co Med Soc, secy 1930-34, pres 1938; Neb St & AMA; hobbies, photography, fishing; res Randolph.

   CRAVEN, CLYDE C: Merchant; b Blair, Neb Mar 7, 1912; s of Charles Craven-Dora Jahnel; ed Osmond; m Laura Kosta May 27, 1935 Yankton, S D; d Diane; 1937-31 clk in Eirenberg's Store, Osmond; 1931-35 clk, M Polonsky Store, Omaha; 1933-36 clk for Harry Wigodsky in Yankton S D; 1936- owner & mgr Cravens Cash Store, Belden; 1937- mbr village bd; mbr vol fire dept; Business Mens Club; KC; bd mbr St Mary's Ch; res Belden.

   CREAMER, ROBERT: Light & Water Commissioner; b Belden, Neb Apr 14, 1903; s of Ed Creamer-Daisy Packard; ed Belden; m Ethel Seyl Nov 20, 1927 Sioux City Ia; s Richard James; d Phyllis Mae; 1920-28 oprd light plant Belden; 1928-36 oprd light plant Laurel, 1936- supt; League of Neb Municipalities; Presby Ch; hobby, taxidermy; res Laurel.

   DEBOW, FANNY MARIA: Clubwoman; b Stafford, N Y Dec 13, 1878; d of Henry Stephen DeBow-Maria Eliza Douglass; ed Batavia N Y & Coleridge HS; Rebekah since 1898, att 35 sessions, pres 1912-13; elected treas of Assembly at York 1935-39, recd all honors of ranking past ofcr, 1926 pres of Past Presidents' Assn, Omaha, treas 14 years, pres of Past Grand Ofcrs Assn 1930, Fremont; recd Decoration of Chivalry 1906, Omaha; representative to the Assn of Rebekah Assemblies 1928, Montreal Canada; ch mbr Woman's Study Club org Feb 6, 1914, Coleridge, secy several years, pres 1925-26; pres of 3rd dist NFWC, presided 1923 at Albion, 1924 at Schuyler & 1925, South Sioux City; ch mbr Mary S Lockwood ch DAR org Nov 23, 1922, treas state conf 1928-29; 1925- registrar of vital statistics for Coleridge; during World War spent over 800 hours in ARC work room, local secy, took nurses training course under ARC; first pres woman's Cemetery Assn 1904, secy 20 years; Rep, 1926 vice-chmn State Central Com, attd Midwest Conf of Rep Women as state representative, Chicago, 1926, also representative 1927, Washington D C; res Cedar & Elm, Coleridge.

   DENDINGER, CYRIL J: Postmaster; b Hartington, Neb May 10, 1892; s of John A Dendinger-Elizabeth Donohue; ed Trinity HS, Hartington 1909; Creighton U, DDS 1913; m Mabel Hansen June 16, 1924 Crofton; s Eugene Arthur, John William; 1909-10 tchr Cedar Co; 1913-30 dentist, Hartington; 1933-36 inspector, state dept of roads & irrigation; 1936- P M, Hartington; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms; dir Lions; C of C; Amer Leg, adjt; KC, past financial secy; during World War, Fort Riley Kas, disch Jan 1919; Holy Trinity Ch; Dem, secy Cedar Co Central Com; res 151 W 8th, Hartington.

   DENNIS, JASPER L: Grain Dealer; b Monticello, Ia, Oct 25, 1867; s of Lew Dennis-Isabel Woods; ed Hartington HS; m Vinnie Durrin Dec 15, 1892 Coleridge; s Cecil, Merle, Harold; d Eva Bell (Mrs Charles Landan); 1887-94 farmed, Cedar Co; 1895 mgr Peavey Elevator Co, Hartington; 1896 mgr Peavey Elevator Co, Delhi Minn; 1897-99 with Sidnom Grain Co, Laurel & Osmond; 1900-10 mgr Anchor Grain Co, Osmond; 1910-20 mgr Farmers Grain Co, Osmond; 1920- owner elevator, Randolph; 1925-29 mbr town coun; 1930-35 mayor, Randolph; 1910-20 pres sch bd, Osmond; Lions; AF&AM, past master, del 3 years to grand lodge conv, Omaha; Meth Ch; Rep; res Randolph.

   DORSEY, FRANCIS P: Physician & Surgeon; b Grassfield, Md Sept 16, 1867; s of Patrick E Dorsey-Sarah Jane McCusker; ed Grantsville Md St Normal; U of Notre Dame, BSc 1891-92; U of Md 1892-93; U of Louisville, Louisville Ky, MD 1895; m Louise Lerch Feb 1903 Sioux City Ia; s Dr Francis P, Frederick, Donald, James; d Louise (Mrs H McCounaghy); 1895-96 in gen prac, Deer Park, Md; 1896- prac at Hartington; 1929 son Francis joined prac; past city phys; past Cedar Co phys: examining phys for veterans activities during World War at Camp Oglethorpe Ga, also Camp Jackson S C, base hosp Camp Shelby Miss, disch Dec 1919, commd capt; Five-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Dem; hobby, reading; res Hartington.

   DRAPER, RICHARD K: Banker; b Pueblo, Colo Feb 20, 1897; s of W W Draper-Bertha Van Order; ed Sioux City HS; Natl Bus Training Sch, Sioux City Ia; m Mollie Soulek July 5, 1924 Verdel; s Richard; d Nancy; 1916-17 yard man for commission firm, Sioux City Ia; 1917-22 teller First Natl Bank of Belden, 1922-25 cash, 1925- VP; 1937- mbr sch bd; 1927- village treas; Business Mens Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o, Sioux City; past grand IOOF; hobby, fishing; res Belden.

   DWYER, JACK E: County Clerk; b Randolph, Neb Sept 9, 1912; s of John E Dwyer-Anna Vinckel; ed Randolph HS 1928; with father on farm until 1933; 1933-35 asst in Cedar Co agrl bur; 1935-36 clk in off of Cedar Co clk; June-Nov 1936 Cedar Co dep clk; Nov 1936- Cedar Co clk; treas Jr C of C; Lions; Golf Club; Neb Assn of Co Clks, Co Commrs, Co Register of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, stamp collecting, aviation; lic as pilot; res Hartington.

   EBMEIER, CHARLES: Oil Dealer; b Westphalia, Germany Apr 12, 1878; s of Henry Ebmeier-Mary ___; ed Arlington HS; m Catherine Haich Feb 7, 1905 Laurel: s Paul, Ben, Morris; d Ruth, Esther (dec), Vera, May E; 1905- farmer in Cedar Co: 1926- Paraland Oil distributor; 1912-22 moderator sch bd dist 42; 1927-30 dir Laurel Natl Bank; 1934-36 pres Security Natl Bank; VP & dir Laurel Sales Co; C of C; Luth Ch; chmn; hobby, cattle; res Laurel.

   EBY, LOUIS R: Mayor; b Cedar Co, Neb Dec 24, 1891; s of Enoch Eby-Caroline Goetz; ed Hartington HS; U of N, PhG 1913; Phi Delta Chi; m Louise DeFrance July 17, 1921 Fairbury; d Joan; 1913-17 & 1919-21 registered pharm, clk Sparks Drug Store, Hartington; also in real est, ins & farm management bus; dir Hartington B & L Assn; 1921-22 asst P M, Hartington; 1922-36 P M; 1936- mayor; 1917-18 in U S army during World War, 2nd lt 89th div inf, O/S May 1918-Aug 1919; 1920 org, Co F NNG of Hartington, now major; past co comm, now post comm, service ofcr 15 years Amer Leg; asst clk Neb legislature 53rd Session; org 4-H Club work in Cedar Co; past dir Comml Club; Lions; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o, Yankton S D; past trustee Congi Ch; mbr Rep State Central Com, chmn Cedar Co Central Com; hobby, livestock; res Hartington.

   EDWARDS, JOHN H: County Assessor; b Knox Co, Ill Mar 2, 1870; 8 of Daniel Edwards-Virginia Jones; ed Shelby Co Ia; m Jessie Archer Dec 31, 1891 Irwin Ia; s Merle, Earl, Alvin, Daniel; d Vernie (Mrs A E Derby), Iva May (Mrs E Taylor); 1890-1919 farmed near Harlan Ia; 1910-19 farmer, Harlington; 1920-24 & 1930- Cedar Co assessor; past sch bd mbr; dir Fed Farm Loan Assn, secy & treas 10 years; 10 years treas IOOF; Congl Ch; hobby, gardening; res Hartington.

   EIKE, WILLIAM: Merchant; b Carroll, Ia Aug 26, 1887; s of William Eike-Tressie Peters; ed Pierce Co; m Laura Schulz May 4, 1910 Pierce; s Harold, Delmer; d Leila, Marion, Lorraine, Doris; 1906-08 with Klug Bros Hdw, Pierce; 1908-12 with Durfee Clothing Co, Pierce; 1912- owner & mgr Model Clothing Co, Randolph; 1922-37 chmn sch bd; 1918-24 secy & pres C of C; chmn Grant Highway Assn; Lions, ch mbr; Neb Fedn of Retailers; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Randolph.

   ENERSON, OTTO: Secretary-Treasurer Telephone Co; b Oslo, Norway Sept 2, 1866; s of Otto Enerson-Caroline Anderson; ed Oslo, Norway; m Catherine Erickson LaCrosse, Wis (dec); d Ruth (Mrs H O Juve); 1894-1903 farmed in Wis; 1903-20 rancher, Carter Co Mont; 1921- mgr telephone co, Harlington; hobby, reading; off Tele Bldg; res Hartington.

   FAHNESTOCK, CLAUD WALLACE: Banker; b Clinton, Mo Mar 29, 1891; s of Louis Fahnestock-Anna Gray; ed Weeping Water HS; LBC; m Frances Gearhart June 21, 1918 -----; s William; d Jane; 1914-34 in Bank of Avoca; 1934-36 div mgr RACC, Omaha; 1936- cash, Security Natl Bank, Laurel; 1932-35 mbr Avoca town bd; Comm Club; AF&AM 97; IOOF, Avoca; Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; res Laurel.

   FELBER, ALFRED D: Pharmacist; b St Helena, Neb June 7. 1884; s of Jacob B Felber-Marie Otte; ed St



Who's Who

Helena HS; St Louis Mo Coll of Pharm, PhG 1905; m Euphemia S Erlander Feb 3, 1909 Cedar Minn; s Neal; d Anita (Mrs E Pickering), Alice Marie (Mrs E A Schnabel); 1906-09 with father in drug bus in Laurel; 1909- owner drug store; 1923-28 mayor; 1915-28 mbr town coun; dir Security Natl Bank; B & L Assn, VP; 1923-33 vol fire dept, chmn; C of C; Presby Ch, trustee; hobby, fishing; res Laurel.

   FLETCHER, RAYMOND: Theater Owner; b Thurman, Ia Feb 14, 1885; s of William Fletcher-Henrietta Hoffman; ed Thurman Ia, HS; U of S D, LLB 1910; m Nettie Marie Metzger June 18, 1923 Sioux City; s William; d Jeanne; 1910-25 prac law in S D, also oprd abstract off & was states atty, Mellette Co S D; founded MeIlette Co News 1910, carried one page of Indian news, printed exclusively in Sioux language; owner & opr Lyric Theater, Hartington; during World War in OTC, Camp Pike Ark, disch Dec 1918; past comm Amer Leg; mgr Jr Leg Baseball Club; Lions; Congl Ch; Dem; off & res Hartington.

   GALLAGHER, CHARLES E: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Rock Island, Ill June 14, 1864; s of Peter Gallagher-Sarah Smith; ed Montgomery Co Ia; m Alice McKnight Oct 26, 1891 Neligh; s Frances E, Vere P, Vaughn E; 1876 with parents came to Montgomery Co Ia, lived on farm until 1887; 1887 emp in lbr yards, Coleridge; 1893-94 mgr of McDevitt Lbr Co, Laurel; 1894-1902 buyer for Peavy Grain Co, Wausa; 1902-11 mgr E W Hurst property of 13,400 A, NE Neb; 1911 with Commonwealth Iris Co of Omaha; 1911-26 opr of impl bus, Coleridge; 1926-28 traveling representative for Case Plow Co; 1929-31 asst receiver for failed state banks, NE Neb; 1931- in real est & ins bus, Coleridge; 1916-18 pres Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn, dir 3 years; 1928- secy Cedar Co Agrl Assn; AF&AM, past master; C of C. Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, baseball; res Coleridge,

   GILLESPIE, PATRICK H: Optometrist; b Gretna, Neb Mar 17, 1876; s of Michael J Gillespie-Elizabeth Connor; ed Gretna HS; Creighton U; Omaha Comml Coll; Northern Ill Sch of Optometry, Chicago, OD 1918; 1918-19 prac Randolph; 1919- prac Hartington; city clk past 8 years; Neb Assn of Optometrists Inc; Amer Optometric Assn; Cath; hobbies, gardening, reading; res Hartington.

   GLEASON, BERT FULLER: Mayor; b Ida Grove, Ia Sept 25, 1879; s of John Gleason-Helen Myrick; ed Ida Grove HS; Northwestern U, MD 1907; 1908 interne, Bapt Hosp Chicago; m Mary Lorge Apr 11, 1929 Randolph; d Virginia Louise, Georgia Belle; 1908-09 prac in Arthur Ia; 1909-1939 gen prac, Randolph; 1934- mayor; mbr city coun 18 years; past pres Cedar Co Med Soc; N E Neb Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past pres Comm Club; past pres Lions; past pres cemetery assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o, Sioux City; during World War surgeon in 16th balloon co, Fort Omaha, O/S 1 year, disch Camp Dix NJ, commd 1st lt; past comm Amer Leg; Presby Ch; hobbies, golf, gardening, travel; res Randolph.

   HALEY, CLARENCE E: Attorney; b Valentine, Neb Oct 11, 1894; s of W E Haley-Emma McNichols; ed Valentine HS 1914; U of N, LLB 1921; Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi; m Lucille Johnson Aug 9, 1928 Denison Ia; d Katherine, Margaret; 1921-23 prac, Valentine; 1924 adm to prac in fed courts of Neb; 1924- prac law, abstractor in Hartington; 1927- Cedar Co atty; 4 years city atty; mbr Neb Insanity Commission; C of C; pres bd of edn, pres lib bd; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; 1932 chmn ARC; Lions; Cath Ch; Dem chmn Cedar Co, Central Com; hobbies, fishing; res Hartington.

   HARTMAN, GEORGE E: Dentist; b Shelby Co, Ill July 10, 1868; s of Frederick Hartman-Margaret E Mitchell; ed Shelby Co Ill; S D Wes, Mitchell S D; Western Dental Coll, Kansas City Mo 1897; Omaha Dental Coll, DDS 1900; m Bertha May Locke June 7, 1899 (dec Mar 30, 1922) s Harold; m Grace E Hall June 27, 1923 Pender; s Roberet; d Margaret (Mrs Allen Boggs), Ruth (Mrs A R Ellis), Georgia (Mrs William Reese). Hazel (Mrs Ed L Hiter); 1900- prac in Randolph; past mbr sch bd; past mayor; coun mbr & city treas 2 years; N Neb Dental Soc; past mbr exec com Neb St Dental Assn; secy of lib bd; hobby, gardening; res Randolph.

   HASH, JOHN D: Director County AAA; b Ponca, Neb Feb 1, 1894; s of William T Hash-Ida J Jefferis; ed WSTC 1918; m Anna L Havekost Aug 5, 1918 Sioux City Ia; s John D Jr, William E, Leslie D, Orlando K; d Thelma, Louise; 1919- opr 160 A farm near Coleridge; 1938- Cedar Co dir of AAA; during World War, attached to provost marshall gen off, Fort Crook & Fort Omaha balloon sch, disch Feb 1919; Farmer's Union, past co secy SD Farmer's Union; hobby, livestock; res Hartington.

   HAVILAND, RUSSELL W: Operator of Cold Storage Co; b Sergeant Bluff, Ia, June 6, 1908; s of Henry W Haviland-Blanch E Russell; ed Sergeant Bluffs Ia. HS; Ia St Coll, BSc 1934; 1934-36 with Swift & Co in Sioux City Ia; 1937- owner & opr Frozen Food Locker System, Sergeant Bluff; 1939 built 2nd locker system in Laurel; Latter Day Saints Ch; res Laurel.

   HECKERT, ROLLAND W: Veterinarian; b ----- Ia Sept --, 1880; s of Moses Heckert-Mary Vulgamott; ed O'Brien Co Ia; Chicago Veterinary Coll, DVM 1912; m Marie Armstrong Aug 12, 1913 Lincoln Ill; s Robert Rolland, Ralph Wayne, Raymond Stanley; d Cynthia Marie (Mrs E W Gamble), Nancy Muriel; 1900-12 played baseball; 1901-12 in horse & mule bus; 1912- veterinarian in Hartington; 1912- veterinarian for U S DA Bur of Animal Industry; 1912-35 mbr & org baseball teams, Hartington; 1916 org 4-H Club, Cedar Co; 1916-20 secy & mgr Cedar Co Agrl Assn; C of C; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, livestock; res Hartington.

   HEGERT, BYRON: Hardware Dealer; b Oakland, Neb Feb 28, 1903; s of Rudolph Hegert-Marle Hansen; ed Hartington HS; Neb Wes 1921-23; Everett; m Marie Lorge July 5, 1926 Omaha; s James L, Thomas F; 1923-26 with R F Hegert & Son Hdw, Hartington; 1926- mgr & ptr in Hegert's Hdw; 1933- mbr sch bd; Comml Club; past pres Lions; Country Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; father hdw mcht in Hartington since 1912; res Hartington.

   HEGERT, RUDOLPH: Merchant; b Amboy, Ill Jan 15, 1873; s of Charles Hegert-Hanna Grothe; ed Oakland; WSTC; m Marie Hansen Jan 3, 1900 Chicago; s Bernard, Raymond; d Evelyn (Mrs Elmer Magee); 1894-95, 1902-09 farmed in Burt Co; 1895-1902 in grocery bus, Oakland; 1912-23 with Lubeley & Hegert Hdw Store, Hartington; 1923-38 owner R F Hegert & Son Hdw; 1938- owner & mgr Hegert's Hdw; 1922-25 sch bd mbr; Neb Retail Hdw Dlrs Assn, dir 26 years; Comml Club; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, golf; res Hartington.

   HERSE, RICHARD LEE: Dentist; b West Point, Neb Mar 9, 1901; s of O P Herse-Lillie Rumig; ed Albion; Northwestern U, DDS 1923; Xi Psi Phi; m Myra Smith Apr 15, 1926 LeMars Ia; s Richard R: d Eleanor Ann, Nancy Lee; 1924- dentist, Laurel; past pres C of C; Five-Co & N E Neb Dental Socs; Neb St Dental Assn; Presby Ch; hobby, stamp collecting; father a pioneer mcht, undertaker in Albion since 1905; res Laurel.

   HESSE, EDWARD W: County Judge; b Cedar Co, Neb Apr 9, 1889; s of Anton Hesse-Agnes Eickhoff; ed Cedar Co; WSTC; Denver U, LLB 1915; Phi Delta Phi; m Katherine W Hiiwe Apr, 20, 1920 Dell Rapids S D; s Edward A, Robert H, Eugene J, James R; d Mary Agnes, Dorothy Ann; 1915-16 with Mamrix & O'Connell, Denver; 1917-32 oprd farms in S D, Minn & at Wynot, Neb; still opr of dairy farm near Hartington; 1932- Cedar Co judge; during World War in 16th machine gun training sector, Camp Hancock, Augusta Ga, disch Feb 1919; Amer Leg, past comm; past mgr Jr Leg ball team; Cath Ch; Indep; hobby, baseball; res Hartington.

   HUNTER, LORAN D: Farmer; b Wakefield, Neb Feb 28, 1894; s of Jerome L Hunter-Emma B Foltz; ed Wakefield HS; U of N 1913-16; m Jessie Anderson Aug 31, 1921 Hartington; s Donald, Gordon, Dayton, Lowell; d Jean, Lucille, Carol; opr of 240 A land near Hartington; 1934- chmn Cedar Co Soil Conservation Com; mbr sch bd; Amer Leg, past comm; during World War with 463rd acre, squadron, Kelly field, O/S 21 mos, at Izataux Field La, Toul & Verdun sectors, disch Mitchell Field Aug 1919, 1st class sgt; Congl Ch; hobbies, reading, athletics; res Hartington.

   JENNY, RUDOLPH H: Elevator Manager; b Cedar Co, Neb June 25, 1884; s of John Jenny-Caroline Oswald; ed Hartington HS; m Bird Morten Oct 2, 1930 Sioux City Ia; 1901-04 with father in milling bus; 1904-05 with McCall & Webster Grain Co, Wynot & Laurel; 1905-12 with E L Dimmick contr, Laurel; 1912- mgr Holmquist Elevator, Hartington, handled first load of grain brought to Wynot; secy & past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o, Yankton S D; worthy patron OES; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Hartington.


in Nebraska


   JOHNSON, JOHN MILLARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Seneca, Kas Mar 17, 1878; s of Albern Louis Johnson-Clara C Hampton; ed York HS; York Coll; Creighton U, MD 1915; m Lola R Doty June 29, 1906 Logan Ia; s John Albern, Charles Crowley (dec); d Mary Claire; 1902-04 oprd 2 drug stores in Omaha; 1904-07 interne St Joseph Hosp, Omaha; 1906-12 builder & opr of hosp in Denison Ia; 1913 asst city bacteriologist in Omaha; 1915-20 prac med in Fordyce & oprd hosp; during World War was chief of vol med service; 1925-29 Cedar Co phys; 1932-36 city phys; owner St John's Hosp in Hartington; Comml Club; Elkhorn Valley & Five Co Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; Lions; Country Club; Cath Ch; hobbies, flower gardening; father (dec) farmed in York Co 35 years. Res Hartington.

   JONES, THEODORE O: Mortician; b Wynot, Neb Oct 8, 1904; s of Albert W Jones-Mattie Ferber; ed Wynot HS; Yankton Coll 1923; Carpenter-Hohenschuh Coll of Moortuary (sic) Science, Des Moines Ia; m Dagmar Nelsen Dec 26, 1926 Sioux City, Ia; s Derwin Lewis, Gifford Webster; 1924-26 oprd furn, hdw & undertaking establishment, Wynot; 1926-27 worked for F J Stack & Co, Omaha; 1927- 37 after becoming lic embalmer, was again mgr Wynot establishment; 1937- owner & opr Jones Funeral Home, Hartington; past mbr sch & village bds; IOOF, vice-grand; MWA, clk: Jr C of C; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Meth Ch; Indep; hobby, radios; res Hartington.

   KING, JOHN WILLIAM: Physician & Surgeon; b Detroit, Mich July 20, 1863; s of John King-Ann Murphy; ed Detroit HS; Detroit Coll of Med, MD 1886; Literary Soc; m Eva Tatreau Mar 19, 1931 Hartington; 1886 gen prac of med, Minn; 1889-1901 prac med, Omaha; 1901- prac med, Hartington; past asst co phys & co phys in Douglas Co; examining phys for U S govt & NNG; examining phys for Cedar Co insane; city phys; CM&StP RR phys; BPOE, life mbr; Neb St & AMA; life mbr Post Graduate Med Assn of N Amer; Rep; hobby, horses; res Hartington.

   KNAAK, THEODORE H: Veterinarian; b Germany Mar 23, 1858; s of William Knaak-Fredericka Rabe; ed Germany; Berlin Veterinary Coll 1880; m Mira Baby Sept 21, 1926 Omaha; s Albert, Edward; d Marcella (Mrs A Lillie); 1882-91 farmed & prac veterinary med Avoca, Ia; 1891- veterinarian, Coleridge; breeder of Duroc hogs 15 years; past mbr sch & village bds; past mayor; past mbr Natl Duroc Record Assn; Mo Valley & Neb St Veterinary Med Assns: Luth Ch; hobbies, gardening, lawn work; res Coleridge.

   LAMMERS, ANTON K: Farm Manager; b Cedar Co, Neb June 23, 1871; s of John Lammers-Mary Stratman; ed Cedar Co; St Francis Coll, Quincy Ill; Omaha Comml Coll; m Clara Walz May 22, 1900 Hartington: d Amelia, Gertrude, Delores, Kathryne; 1876-87 clk, A Lubely & Co lbr yd, Hartington; 1887-90 with J Lammers & Son lbr yd, Hartington; 1890-1931 owner & mgr A K Lammers Lbr Co; 1931- mgr farms in Cedar Co; 2 terms city coun mbr; sch bd mb 2 terms; C of C; VP Cedar Co Taxpayers League; Advocate KC; Holy Trinity Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; res Hartington.

   LAMMERS, AUGUST J: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Cedar Co, Neb July 28, 1885; s of John Lammers-Mary Stratman; ed Cedar Co; St Francis Coll, Quincy Ill; Omaha Comml Coll; m Louise Dewey Oct 11, 1917 Sioux City Ia; 1904-10 with brother in lumber yard, Hartington; 1910-15 Cedar Co treas; 1915-31 org & pres Cedar Co State Bank of Hartington; 1931- opr ins, farm loan, & real est bus, farm supvr for Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co; ARC, treas, att natl conv in Washington 1939; C of C; ch mbr KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball, ARC work; res Hartington.

   LAMMERS, PAUL H: Dentist; b Hartington, Neb Mar 3, 1898; s of John Lammers-Anna Krammer; ed Collegeville Minn Prep; Creighton U, DDS 1925; Psi Omega; m Mary Gerkin Oct 30, 1926 Dallas, S D; s Edward; d Hyacinth; 1925-30 dentist, Norfolk; 1930- dentist, Hartington; during World War, 1st lt in org reserve; N Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; C of C; Lions; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball, football; res Hartington.

   LINKHART, MRS HELEN: Homemaker; b Wayne Co, Neb; d of William E Hofeldt-Anna Bartels; ed Coleridge HS; WSTC 1913; m T T Linkhart Mar 14, 1929 Yankton S D; 1913-20 tchr in Cedar Co; 1920-29 emp in clerical work; 1929- homemaker; past matron OES, 5 years dist supvr; Congl Ch, SS tchr, state conf dir, pres of womens work in Elkhorn Valley Assn, del to natl coun of Congl & Chris Chs at South Hadley Mass 1936 & at Beloit Wis 1938; hobbies, travel, gardening; res Hartington.

   LINKHART, JOSEPH: Real Estate Dealer; b Charleston, Ill Jan 13, 1857; s of Joel Linkhart-Frances Black; ed Johnson Co Ia; U of Ia, LLB 1881; m Salome R Schaffer Oct 12, 1881 Oxford Ia; s Alfred R; d Blanche C (Mrs James R Whittier), Anna Mabel (dec); 1881-82 oprd impl store, Ida Grove Ia; 1882- ptr of brother T T Linkhart, Coleridge; dir Meridian Highway Bridge Co, Yankton S D; past dir First Natl Bank & Coleridge State Bank 15 years; 1902-37 dir Coleridge Natl Bank; Feb 1884, superintended plotting of Coleridge, Hartington, Wausa & Bloomfield; past master AF&AM; Congl Ch; res Coleridge.

   LINKHART, T T: Real Estate Dealer; b Charleston, Ill; s of Joel Linkhart-Frances Black; ed Johnson Co Ia; Ia, City Bus Coll, Ia; m May Calhoun Nov 1912 Colorado Springs (dec Mar 1913); m Helen Hofeldt Mar 1929; 1880-83 tchr, Johnson Co Ia; 1884- ptr of brother in Coleridge; dir Coleridge Natl Bank, VP; Comml Club; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine; Congl Ch, past trustee; del to Rep state convs 1895-1903; hobby, livestock; res Coleridge.

   LORDEMANN, BERNARD H: Clergyman; b Resell, Ia. June 17, 1883; s of Bernard Lordemann-Gertrude Heitbrink; ed Reeville; Conception Mo Coll; St Paul's Seminary, St Paul Minn; ordained St Paul Minn June 12, 1907; 1907 asst rector, Kearney; 1907-08 asst rector, Cedar Rapids; 1908-14 pastor St Mary's Ch, Spencer; 1914-30 pastor St Francis de Chantal, Randolph; 1930- pastor Holy Trinity, Hartington; KC; Cath Ch, dean of Cedar Co dist; father (dec) farmed in Carroll Co Ia & Boone Co 25 years; res Washington Ave, Hartington.

   MCCOY, J MIKE: County Superintendent of Schools; b Laurel, Neb July 25, 1903; s of James H McCoy-Clara Boutin; ed Laurel HS; WSTC; BA; football & track teams; m Beatrice Luth July 25, 1931 Elk Point S D; 1924 rural tchr, Cedar Co; 1927-30 supt of schs, Fordyce; 1931- Cedar Co supt; Neb St Assn of Co Supts, mbr legislative com, pres dist 3; past pres Hartington Lions; Jr C of C, dir; co chmn ARC; mbr Bow Valley Schutzenfest; hobbies, old coins, stamps, pencils; off Courthouse; res 14 Robinson Ave, Hartington.

   McLEAN, MARGARET H: Merchant; b Richmond, Quebec, Canada; Oct 25, 1876; d of James McLean-Eliza Beattie; ed Randolph; Buena Vista Coll, BA 1900; U of N, BSc 1910; 1900-02 prin Pierce HS; 1904- 07 prin Randolph HS; 1910-11 prin American Falls Iadho HS; 1913- co-ptr of brother William; held fellowship in mathematics at U of N 1909; past mbr sch bd; Presby Ch; hobby, flowers; res Randolph.

   McLEAN, WILLIAM MINDEN: Merchant; b Richmond, Quebec, Canada Sept 7, 1874; s of James MeLean- Eliza Beattie; ed Randolph; LBC; U of N; 1912-13 mgr of, store Vancouver, B S; 1913- co-ptr of sister in mdse bus in Randolph; owner of farm in Cedar Co; elder, del to state convs Presby Ch; hobby, gardening; father (dec) was pioneer farmer in Cedar Co; res Randolph.

   MAHONEY, HAROLD M: Pharmacist; b Ponca, Neb May 13, 1897; s of William Mahoney-Martha Porter; ed Ponca HS; Des Moines Sch of Pharm, PhG 1921; m Daisy Myers Jan 1, 1920 Ponca; 1921-27 with father in drug store Ponca; 1927-32 with Creetz Drug Store, Wausa; 1933- owner & opr Mahoney Drug Store, Belden; mbr village bd; AF &AM; NARD; past comm Amer Leg; during World War with heavy arty & ordnance at San Francisco 2 years, disch at Fort Logan, Colo, non commd corps; Meth Ch; hobbies, camping, travel; res Belden.

   MALONEY, CLEMENT M: Druggist; b Admah, Neb Jan 15, 1894; s of James W Maloney-Ellen Hill; ed Pender HS; Creighton U, PhG 1918; m Annette McCabe Jan 4, 1919 Omaha; s James B, John C; d Mary Kathleen, Marjorie Ann; 1919 with Beaton Drug Co, Omaha; 1919-21 ptr in Charles F Wieneman Drug Store, Pender; 1921-27 owner drug store Pender; 1927-29 salesman Dayton Display Co, Dayton O; 1929- owner & opr drug store, Laurel; during World War in med detachment, 56th mach gun sgt, Camp Dodge, disch Dec 11, 1918; past post comm Amer Leg; C of C, past pres; NARD;. hobbies, bowling, chess; res Laurel.

   MAUN, BASIL E: Implement Dealer; b Blair, Neb Nov 18, 1891; s of Angus E Maun-Rose Gallagher; ed



Who's Who

Laurel HS; Natl Bus Coll; m Teresa Schroeder Oct 5, 1915 Sioux City Ia; s Robert F, Eugene C, Donald T; d Betty Rose, Shirley Jean; 1912-14 clk CStPM&O & C&NW RRs, Sioux City; 1915-22 salesman Sioux City Stock Yards, Sioux City Ia; 1922-24 salesman, Lee Livestock Commission Co, St Paul; 1924-34 buyer for H E Page Cattle Co, St Paul; 1934- owner & mgr Maun Impl Co, Laurel; pres Comm Club; BPOE, Sioux City; KC; Cath Ch; hobby, hunting; father (dec) came to Laurel 1892, was contr, farmer, impl dlr; res Laurel.

   MILLER, FRANK T: Hardware & Lumber Dealer; b Cedar Co, Neb Oct 18, 1883; s of John F Miller-Johanna Herren; ed Coleridge HS; Brown's Bus Coll Sioux City, Ia 1903; m Helen Adamson Oct 26, 1912 Coleridge (dec); d Laurine (Mrs Glen Eby), Mildred; 1903-08 farmed in Cedar Co; 1910-12 worked for Pioneer Lbr Co; 1912-14 with Rucker Grain Co; 1914- mgr L C Mettelstadt Hdw & Lbr Co, Coleridge; past mbr sch bd, past mbr village bd; AF&AM, past master; C of C; Congl Ch; Rep; res Coleridge.

   MITTLESTADT, ALFRED: Lumber Dealer; b Laurel, Neb Mar 28, 1902; s of Edward R Mittelstadt-Helena Pockrandt; ed Laurel HS; Midland Coll; U of N; m Kathleen McQuistan Dec 30, 1933 Pender; s Edward David; d Marcia Jane; 1924-33 salesman, Edwards & Bradford Lbr Co, Chicago; 1933- mgr Mittelstadt Bros; Comm Club, dir; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; AF&AM; Presby Ch, chmn bd of trustees; hobbies, fishing, hunting; father in lbr bus in Laurel 40 years; res Laurel.

   MOHR, DEAN M: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Ponca, Neb Nov 2, 1887; s of John A Mohr-Margaret McKinley; ed Ponca HS; Bellevue Coll Bellevue 1910; m May Elliott Apr 17, 1912 Harlington; s John E, Dean M; 1911- owner & opr furn & undertaking bus, Coleridge; past mbr sch bd; past village clk 9 years; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, woodwork; res Coleridge.

   MUELLER, JOHN: Farmer: b Cedar Co, Neb July 2, 1881; s of John Mueller-Elizabeth Loecker; ed Cedar Co; m Martha Albrecht May 31, 1906 Cedar Co; s Henry, John Jr, Edmond; d Elizabeth, Laurine, Juliana, Mary, Rose, Esther, Cleopha; engaged in raising Hereford cattle, Duroc Jersey hogs & farming on family farm; past mbr sch bd; dir 2 years, Farmer's Union; dir Rural Electrification Administration, Cedar & Knox Cos; chmn Cedar Co Debt Adjustment Program; dir Fed Land Bank in Hartington; Cath Ch; hobbies, livestock, baseball; res St Helena.

   NIEDERWIMMER, HENRY L: Clergyman; b Emerald, Neb Feb 8, 1891; s of Frank H Niederwimmer-Louise Jungmeyer; ed Wartburg Acad Clinton Ia; Wartburg Coll, BA 1912; Wartburg Theological Seminary Dubuque Ia 1915; m Adele Moehl Aug 29, 1916 Preston Ia; d Dorothy, Gretchen, Barbara, Martha Lou, Adele; 1915-16 pastor Flagler Colo; 1916-19 pastor Zion Luth Ch, Greeley Colo; 1919- 24 pastor Christ Ch, Syracuse; 1924- pastor Emmanuel Luth Ch, Coleridge; also has a pastorate in Laurel & Harlington; treas central dist of Amer Luth Chs; Indep; hobbies, chess, fishing; res Harlington.

   O'GARA, GEORGE L: Postmaster; b Cedar Co, Neb Aug 21, 1890; s of Bartholma O'Gara-Margaret Duncan; ed Cedar Co; m Mildred Pehrson Aug 1936 Plattsmouth; 1907-22 farmed in Cedar Co; 1922-24 owner & opr groc & market in Sioux City Ia; 1924-35 salesman for various lines, also 2 years owner & opr groc & market in Laurel; 1935- P M, in Laurel; Comml Club; Neb League of Dist P Ms; Neb Ch Natl Assn of P Ms; Dem; hobby, raising livestock; res Laurel.

   OGDEN, ROBERT P: Ostopath; b Omaha, Neb Aug 21, 1909; s of Karl R Ogden-Lena Potter; ed Minneapolis Minn HS; U of Minn 1929; Still Coll of Osteopathy, Des Moines D O 1934; Psi Sigma Alpha; Atlas Club; m Eula B Blake June 21, 1934 Aurora; 1934 prac in Omaha; 1935-37 prac in Kennard; 1937-38 with Jamieson Clinic, Wayne; 1938- prac in Hartington; Neb & Amer Osteopathic Assns; past mayor of Kennard; AF&AM; past mbr Kennard Jr C of C; Lions; Golf Club; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; res Hartington.

   PEASINGER, CHARLES W: Attorney; b Omaha, Neb Aug 2, 1889; s of Jacob Peasinger-Elizabeth Reiter; ed Creighton U, BA 1911, MA 1912; m Elizabeth Gentleman May 10, 1917 Omaha; s Charles W Jr, George; d Helen Elizabeth, Rosemary, Jean Ann; 1912 tchr, Treynor Ia; 1915-17 with Rosewater & Cotner; 1917-20 ptr in Rosewater, Cotner & Peasinger; 1920- prac law, Randolph; 1920-38 city atty; 1934- federal conciliation commr, Cedar Co; chmn Neb Fed Highway 20 Assn; Lions, state governor 1933, pres 1930-31, past dist governor; Ak-Sar-Ben; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; off Randolph & Hartington; father (dec) Omaha contr 40 years; res Randolph.

   PECK, HENRY L: Newspaper Publisher; b Anamosa, Ia Mar 17, 1868; s of Luther B Peck-Annie Gray; ed Anamosa Ia HS; m Gertrude Burch Aug 27, 1895 Anamosa; s Floyd E; d Dorothy (Mrs L W Nelson), Gertrude (Mrs Gothard Anderson); 1881-85 learned printing trade with Anamosa Eureka; 1895-1900 foreman Cascade Ia Pioneer; 1900- owner & publisher Randolph Times-Enterprise; mbr town coun 1 term; dir & org First State Bank; dir & org Randolph Cemetery Assn; VP, past pres, past secy Inter-State Edit Assn; NPA; past grand & ch mbr IOOF. AF&AM, Scot Rite, 32o, Sioux City: trustee & elder Presby Ch; Rep; res Randolph.

   PEEBLES, LELAND T: Dentist; b Pender, Neb Mar 15, 1895; s of John Peebles-Florence Maryott; ed Blair HS; Creighton U, DDS 1923; Xi Psi Phi; m Amelia Bidam June 18, 1922 Omaha; s Leland John; 1923-24 prac Omaha; 1925- gen prac & X-ray diagnosis, Randolph; during World War, O/S 17 mos traveling sales commissary unit 3 with 42nd, 77th & 37th batts, disch Fort Dodge May 1919; past comm, past co comm, past dist comm, Amer Leg, past mbr state exec com; Five-Co & N Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Presby Ch; hobby, fishing; res Randolph.

   PETERS, GLEN E: Physician & Surgeon; b Rock Co, Neb July 8, 1884; s of Edward L Peters-Mary Maher; ed WSTC; Creighton U, MD 1911; St Joseph's Hosp, Omaha 1912; Phi Rho Sigma; m Paula Nordbues Sept 20, 1921 Randolph; s Darrell; d Patricia; 1912-18 prac, Bloomfield; 1919- prac Randolph; during World War served in med corps, base hosp Camp Grant, disch June 1919, commd 1st lt; comm Amer Leg 3 years; secy Five-Co Med Soc; VP Neb St & AMA; Country Club; hobbies, golf. fishing; res Randolph.

   PETTERSEN, OTTO F: Service Station Owner; b Yankton, S D Apr 27, 1896; s of A W Pettersen-Louise Satori; ed Humboldt HS; m Bertha Felber June 24, 1926 Laurel; d Carol Louise; 1912-17 clk, Humboldt Supply Co, Humboldt S D; 1918-19 salesman for O J Moore Whol Groc Co, Sioux City Ia; 1919-21 clk, Nellors, Gen Store, Laurel; 1921-30 salesman, Coburn Motor Co; 1930- owner & mgr Pettersen Super-Service; 1917-18 during World War in 88th div hdqrs Co, O/S Aug 1917-June 1918. disch June 1918; chmn town coun 1936-39; Comm Club, past pres; adjt Amer Leg, comm 1930; Presby Ch; res Laurel.

   PIEPER, JOHN: Clergyman; b Germany, Mar 26, 1877; s of James E Pieper-Katherine Laudtreter; ed Germany; Coll of Brignolla-Sale-Negrone at Genoa Italy, ordained in Cathedral St Lawrence in Genoa May 25, 1907; 1907-08 asst pastor St Mary's, Omaha; Jan-June 1909 asst pastor Crawford; 1908 administrator at Constance; 1908-09 & 1924-28 pastor at Constance; 1909-14 pastor at St Leo's Ch, Snyder; 1914-15 pastor at Beemer; org Holy Cross Ch; 1915-25 pastor St Peter & Pauls Ch, Howells; 1928-39 pastor St Joseph's Ch, Atkinson; 1939- pastor of St Peter & Paul's Ch, Bow Valley; has overseen building of eight churches & missions; res Hartington.

   POELLET, FLORANDO E: Pharmacist; b West Point, Neb May 24, 1884; s of Peter Poellot-Ida Krause; ed West Point HS; Creighton U, PhG 1907; m Blanche Scott Dec 28, 1907 West Point; d Doris Marie; 1902-06 clk at Donaldson's, Wakefield; 1907 with Beaton Bros Drug Co, Omaha; 1908- owner & mgr drug store, Coleridge; mbr sch bd 3 years; mbr town coun 6 years: Comm Club; Neb Pharm Assn; AF &AM, past master; Scot Rite 32o, Sioux City Ia; IOOF; Congl Ch; hobbies, radio, hunting; father editor Neb VolksbIatt 25 years; res Coleridge.

   REED, GEORGE I: Merchant; b Montour, Ia Mar 4, 1880; s of Hiram Reed-Mary Babb; ed Greeley Co; m Elsa Given June 4, 1913 Lincoln; Bruce, Albert, Dean; d Frances, Willa; 1898 chef Parke Hotel, Harlan Ia; 1899-1903 chef Boughn Hotel, Randolph; 1903-08 ptr in bakery; 1908-29 mgr Reeds Creamery; 1929-34 mgr Fairmont Creamery; 1934- mgr Gamble Store, Randolph; 1928-34 mbr sch bd; 1919-29 mbr town coun; 1923-24 dir Randolph Ice Co; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o,


in Nebraska


Sioux City Ia; ch mbr Lions; Meth Ch; hobby, golf; res Randolph.

   REIFERT, GEORGE J: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Hartington, Neb Sept 29, 1890; s of Fred Reifert-Anna Beste; ed Hartington; Barnes Sch of Embalming, Chicago; with father in bus which was estab in St Helena 1880, moved to Hartington 1885; 1921 with brother took over bus of Reifert Furn Store; also own & opr funeral home; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Lions; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Hartington.

   RIIBE, LOUIS GEORGE: County Treasurer; b Cedar Co, Neb Nov 25, 1894; s of August Riibe-Nellie Puntney; ed Hartington HS; Moser Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Helen Schager Jan 24, 1921 Hartington; s Allen Louis; d Wilma; 1915-17 clk, Farmer's Union Store, Hartington; 1917-19 during World War sgt in med corps, unattached, O/S Mar 1918-Apr 1919, YMCA worker in France & Belgium Apr-Oct 1919; 1919-21 mgr Farmers Union Store, Wynot; 1926- Cedar Co treas; 1930-36 pres sch bd; past pres Neb Co Treas Assn; dir Fed Farm Loan Assn, Hartington; Amer Leg, finance ofcr & past comm; Comm Club; Lions; AF&AM, past master; IOOF; Luth Ch, treas; Rep; hobby, gardening; father retired farmer 50 years in Cedar Co; res Hartington.

   RITCHIE, CARL W: Merchant; b Audubon, Ia Feb 18, 1889; s of Owen G Ritchie-Mary E Aldrich; ed Coleridge; Natl Bus Coll, Sioux City Ia; m Marie G Budtke Nov 14, 1918 Waterloo Ia; s Carl W Jr, John A; d Beverley Ann; 1907-10 with father in bus; 1911-15 salesman for Morris, Mann & Riley Co, Chicago; 1912-16 salesman Woolson Spice Co, Toledo O; 1917-19 in US army during World War, Fort Logan, Camp Funston, 2nd lt. Camp Gordon, Camp MacArthur 1st lt; Camp Bowie 19th inf, Douglas Arizona, disch July 1, 1919; 1919-25 with H E Ellison Gen Mdse, Coleridge; 1925- owner & mgr Ritchie's Cash Store; 1931-34 mbr town coun; Amer Leg, ch mbr & 1st post comm; Comm Club; hobbies, hunting, fishing, flower gardening; res Coleridge.

   ROBINSON, FRANK O: Abstractor; b Union Co, O Dec 1, 1865; s of William H Robinson-Elizabeth MeCampbell; ed Union Co O; Natl Normal U, Lebanon O, BSc 1888; Louisville Coll of Dentistry DDS 1899; m Florence Smith Oct 10, 1900 Villisca Ia; s Phillip H, Howard F, Donald S; d Marian E; 1894 org Hartington B & L Assn, 1894- secy & treas; 1899-1919 prac, Hartington; 1919-23 Cedar Co treas; 1924- VP Neb St B & L Assn; 1923- in ins & farm loan bus, Hartington; 1913-25 mbr sch bd, 1919-25 pres; 1912-16 mbr lib bd; 1917-18 chmn Cedar Co Coun of Defense during World War; C of C, past pres & secy; AF&AM, past master, Scot Rite 32o, Yankton SD; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; res Hartington.

   ROBINSON, PHILLIP H: County Attorney; b Hartington, Neb Dec 10, 1904; s of Frank O Robinson-Florence Smith; ed Hartington HS; U of N, LLB 1928; Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi; m Lucille Randall July 7, 1931 Hiawatha Kas; s Phillip H, Paul R; 1928-34 prac in Hartington; 1934- ptr in firm of Burkett & Robinson; 1939- Cedar Co atty; 1936- city atty; 1936-39 mbr sch bd; Lions, past pres; C of C, dir & VP 1938; Country Club, pres; AF&AM, past master; Neb St Bar Assn; 1932-38 Rep, Cedar Co chmn Central Com; hobby, golf; res Hartington.

   RODDEWIG, ERNEST J: Auctioneer; b Galena, Ill Nov 23, 1874; s of Ernest Roddewig-Theresa Hilgers; ed Galena Ill HS; m Anna Casey Apr 26, 1899 Ponca; s Harold, Clair, William, Leslie, Richard; d Irene, Bernice (Mrs Howard Donaldson), Marcella (Mrs Wayne Groshart); 1886-89 clk for William Klother, Galena Ill; 1890-92 farmed near Galena Ill; 1892 clk for Russell Bros, Sioux City Ia; 1892-97 farmed in Plymouth Co Ia; 1897-1901 farmed in Dakota Co; 1901-18 farmed in Dixon Co; 1919- farmer in Cedar Co; auctioneer since 1902, holds sales in Neb, Kas, Ia & S D; mgr Cedar Co Agrl Assn; 1906-10 pres sch bd, Newcastle; C of C; Holy Trinity Ch; hobby, race horses; res Hartington.

   ROGERS, JOSEPH G: Attorney; b Cascade, Ia, Jan 26, 1906; s of George Rogers-Rose Troy; ed Cascade Ia, HS; Columbia Coll, Dubuque Ia, BA 1927; U of Ia, LLB 1930; Delta Theta Phi; m Edna Thieman Feb 21, 1939 Randolph; 1930- prac in Randolph; 1937- city atty; adm to prac in Ia; Neb St Bar Assn; 1937-38 pres Lions, dir; St Francis Ch; Dem, vice-chmn Cedar Co, Central Com; father farmed in Jones Co Ia 50 years; res Randolph.

   ROSSITER, EMMETT W: Bank President; b Bancroft, Neb Jan 15, 1888; s of James A Rossiter-Mary McKeegan; ed Bancroft HS; m June Elizabeth Hitchcock Oct 30, 1910 Lincoln; s Lawrence, Vincent E; d Mary (Mrs L Gengler), Constance E June H, Joan, Anne; 1904-05 tchr Bancroft schs; 1905-06 clk for George Maryott, Macy; 1906-13 with H L Keefe, law & real est, Walthill; 1913-15 with brother, J P Rossiter, in real est bus, Walthill; 1915-25 org & pres State Bank of Winnebago; 1917-34 org & pres State Bank of Decatur; 1929-33 owner & cash Rosalie State Bank; 1933 merged Rosalie State Bank with First Natl Bank of Walthill; 1933-34 VP First Natl Bank; 1934- pres Bank of Hartington; dir Cedar Co Agrl Assn; mbr Winnebago sch bd 2 terms; Neb Bankers Assn, mbr pub relations com; int in 4-H Club work; Comml Club, dir, past pres; Country Club; KC; Holy Trinity Ch; hobby, advertising; res Hartington.

   ROSSITER, LAWRENCE: Banker; b Walthill, Neb Nov 3, 1911; s of Emmett W Rossiter-June Elizabeth Hitchcock; ed Walthill HS; U of Notre Dame 1928-33; m Florence M Lase June 28, 1934 Walthill; s Michael; d Mary Kay; 1933-34 in ins bus, Walthill; 1934- VP Bank of Hartington; also opr gen ins agcy; spec agt Gen Amer Life Ins Co; C of C; KC; hobby, photography; res Hartington.

   ROSSITER, VINCENT EMMETT: Banker; b Walthill, Neb July 21, 1914; s of Emmett William Rossiter-June Elizabeth Hitchcock; ed St Thomas Mil Acad, St Paul Minn; m Rhea Schmiedeskamp Aug 5, 1936 Pender; s Vincent Emmett Jr; d Margaret Sean; 1932-33 with brother in ins bus, Walthill; 1933-34 bkkpr First Natl Bank,; 1934-36 in real est & ins bus; 1936- asst cash Bank of Hartington; 1935-36 mbr town bd: 1933-36 secy treas C of C; 1932-36 mbr Forum Club; pres Jr C of C; Golf Club; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; pct chmn YD Club, Thurston Co; hobby, purebred livestock; res Hartington.

   SCHULTE, ALEX: Pharmacist; b St Helena, Neb Sept 10, 1883; s of Alex Schulte-Elizabeth Kuwen; ed St Helena HS; Fremont Normal, PhG 1904; m Anna Stuckenhoff Oct 27, 1914 Hartington; s Alex Paul, Joseph, William Rodney; d Anna H, Elizabeth, Reta Jane, Joan, Leah, Mary Rose; Paula; 1904 druggist for Joseph Smith, Omaha; 1905-07 druggist for A V Pease, Fairbury; 1907- owner drug store, Wynot; past mbr town coun; Comml Club, secy; KC; COF, Leg of Honor; Sacred Heart Parish, past trustee; res Wynot.

   SEASONGOOD, ROBERT R: Physician & Surgeon; b St Joseph, Mich July 15, 1883; s of August Seasongood-Minnie Humberger; ed Stevensville Mich HS; Omaha Coll of Pharm, PhG 1904; Creighton U, MD 1908; m Thekla Voss June 1, 1920 Homer; s Edward, Raymond; 1909 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1909-11 prac med, Ohiowa; 1912-17 prac med, Platte Center; 1918-34 prac med Naper; 1934- prac med, Wynot; Neb St Med Assn; Comml Club; res Wynot.

   SECORD, ROBERT G: Mortician; b Savanna, Ill Oct 9, 1912; s of Arthur Secord-Bertha Heil; ed Wellsburg Ia HS; U of Ia, BSc 1935; Coll of Mortuary Science, St Louis, 1935; Phi Gamma Delta; m Phyllis Brenner Dec 15, 1935 St Louis; s Craig, Douglas; 1936- owner funeral home, Randolph; Neb Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Lions; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, athletics; res Randolph.

   SEIM, OLIVER: Farmer; b Hartington, Neb May 20, 1892; s of Stephen Seim-Mary Olson; ed Cedar Co; Wayne Bus Coll; m Borghild Greenwold Dec 22, 1916 Omaha; s Gerald; d Bernice, Dorothy; 1910-15 clk, Krause Bros Mdse, Hartington; 1915-20 with John Deere Plow Co & Ford Motor Co, Omaha; 1920 farmer, Cedar Co; vice-chmn Cedar Co Agrl Conservation Com since 1934, Farmers Union; Trinity Luth Ch; res Hartington.

   SHERWOOD, HAROLD H: Owner Meat Market; b Wayne Co, Neb Nov 14, 1901; s of Harvey Sherwood-Fay Weber; ed Randolph HS; m Elly Market June 1, 1925 Sioux City Ia; d Jeanette, Marilyn; 1922-34 with Fritz Ovesen owner half int in meat market, Randolph; 1934- owner & opr Sherwood Meat Market; opr 2 whol trucks, covers NE Neb territory; mbr sch bd; AF&AM 202; Meth Ch; hobby, travel; res Randolph.

   SHULER, EARL: Banker; b Belden, Neb June 30, 1901; s of L E Shuler-Maggie Buttington; ed Belden HS; Natl Bus Coll, Sioux City Ia; Amer Inst of Banking; m Lottie Holbrook Sept 10, 1926 Lincoln; s Donald, Arlyn, Richard, Robert; 1922-23 bkkpr First Trust & Savings Bank, Sioux City Ia; 1923-32 asst cash



Who's Who

State Bank of Laurel, 1932-36 cash, 1936- VP; 1934- village treas; past mbr sch bd; Comm Club, past treas; AF&AM; Meth Ch, past treas; Rep; mbr Cedar Co Central Com; hobbies, hunting, fishing, trap shooting; res Laurel.

   SHUMWAY, J: Lumber Dealer; b Lyons, Neb Nov 28, 1897; s of L G Shumway-Mary Coates; ed Lyons HS; U of N 1914-16; Alpha Sigma Phi; m Mrs Ann Gildersleeve May 26, 1926 Wayne; s Lloyd; step d Twila (Mrs Arnold Anderson); 1916-17 farmed in Burt Co; during World War in aviation service, sgt in 257th aero squadron, O/S June 1918-Apr 1919; 1919-21 with M L Shumway in lbr bus, Lyons; 1921-24 with Carhart Lbr Co, Wayne; 1924-30 with Haubrick Grain & Lbr Co, Mapleton la; 1930- mgr Carhart-Shumway Lbr Co, Hartington; 1935- mbr city coun; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; AF&AM, Ia state grand Marshall in 1930; past master, Mapleton, Ia; Lions; Golf Club; past comm Amer Leg; trustee Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Hartington.

   SIMON, HENRY ALBERT: Veterinarian; b Minden, Ia Feb 3, 1885; s of John Simon-Mary Wolfe; Northwestern Acad; Oberlin Coll, Oberlin O 1905-06; Chicago Veterinary Coll, MDC 1910; m Laura Marion Jones Apr 2, 1913 Morriss Ill; d Alberta Mary Louise, Betty; 1910-15 veterinarian, Saybrook Ill; 1915-22 farmed in Cedar Co; 1922- veterinarian, Coleridge; past mbr town coun; Comm Club; past pres Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; hobbies, hunting, BSA work; res Coleridge.

   SMITH, WILLIAM E: Dentist; b Moville, Ia May 28, 1897; s of John M Smith-Lena M Hansen; ed Moville Ia, HS 1915; U of N, DDS 1918; Delta Sigma Delta; m Eva Lorge Aug 14, 1919 Randolph; s Kenneth R; 1919- dentist Coleridge; past mbr village & sch bds; AF&AM, past master; Amer Leg, past comm, past co comm; Neb St & ADA; during World War in USN, Great Lakes, disch 1918, held reserve until 1925; hobbies, woodwork, carpentry; res Coleridge.

   SOLSO, FERDINAND I: Mortician & Furniture Dealer; b Elgin, Neb Nov 22, 1899; s of Andrew M Solso-Mary Anderson; ed Laurel HS; WSTC; Grand Island Bus Coll; Carpenter Hohenschuh Coll of Mortuary Science, Des Moines Ia 1921; m Elizabeth M Pressly Nov 24, 1926 Omaha; s John Pressly, Robert Laird; 1921- owner & mgr F I Solso Mortuary & Furn Store; during World War in SATC; past mbr vol fire dept; pres lib bd; Pres Laurel B & L Assn; Amer Leg, comm, adj; VP Comml Club; AF&AM; NE Neb & Neb Funeral Dir Assns; Presby Ch, secy & treas 7 Years; hobby, stamp collecting; res Laurel.

   SORENSEN, HANS J: Implement Dealer; b Denmark Nov 11, 1866; s of Nels Sorensen-Hannah Matsen; ed Denmark; m Gesina Havekost Mar 1897 Omaha; s Lyman C, Harvey R, Marvin C; d Agnes (Mrs H Davis), Grace (Mrs S Smith); 1886-87 with impl dlr, Albert Lea, Minn; 1887-89 with C H Christensen at Fremont, installed incandescent lights for Fremont Electric Co, did similar work in Denmark; 1889-94 oprd steam threshing rigs in Dodge Co & worked in engine rooms, Omaha; 1895-99 owned & rebuilt light plant, Hooper; 1899-1902 oprd farms in Cedar Co; 1902-11 in impl bus Coleridge; 1912- in impl bus, Hartington, John Deere dlr 38 years; past mbr sch & village bds; past mbr Cedar Co Agrl Assn; C of C; past dir Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; KP; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, gardenIng; res Hartington.

   STEGGE, FRANK S: Bank President; b Pocahontas Co, Ia Dec 31, 1878; s of Bernard Stegge-Margaret Kruel; ed Pocahontas Ia HS; m Anna Meehan Jan 7, 1903 Pocahontas Ia; d Frances Cecelia; 1898-1902 asst cash, Bank of Pocahontas Ia; 1902-05 in real est bus, Barnesville & Alexandria Minn; 1905-09 bkkpr & asst cash First Natl Bank at Randolp;. 1909-35 cash, VP & mgr; 1935-36 VP First State Bank, 1936- pres; Neb Bankers Assn; Lions, mbr finance com; KC; St Francis Cath Ch; Dem; res Randolph.

   TEARE, OREN C: Oil Dealer; b Holt Co, Mo Dec 15, 1886; s of Thomas Teare-Matilda Hoagland; ed Stella HS; m Bessie Curtis Dec 10, 1907 Auburn; d Ahlene (Mrs Lloyd Morton), Geneva (Mrs Sterling Wenkie); 1907-08 farmed in Nemaha Co; 1908-10 farmed in Canada; 1918-25 ranched in Holt Co; 1927-30 in cafe bus, Wood Lake; 1930- in oil bus, Hartington; past dir sch bd, Holt Co; Cedar Co Agrl Assn; AF&AM, Wood Lake; IOOF, Alberta Canada; Congl Ch; hobby, hunting; res Hartington.

   THIELEN, JOHN J: Dry Cleaner; b Riceville, Ia, Nov 30, 1895; s of Mathias Thielen-Elizabeth Kirst; ed Riceville HS; m Kathryn Murphy Aug 12, 1918 Lawton Okla; s Robert J, John M; d Margery, Mary Jean; 1914-16 clk for lbr co Riceville Ia; 1916-17 clk for Joyce Lbr Co, Rock Rapids & Coon Rapids Ia; 1919 mgr Superior Lbr Co, Winside; 1919-22 mgr Smith-Hovelson Lbr Co, Carroll; 1922-25 mgr Loonan Lbr Co, Hartington; 1925- owner & mgr Thielen Cleaners; during World War in 34th div 126th field arty band, Camp Cody N M, Fort Still Okla, O/S Sept 1918-Jan 1919, disch Jan 1919; Amer Leg, past comm; mbr city coun; Lions, secy; C of C; KC, past grand knight; hobbies, music, flowers; res Hartington.

   VAN VEEN, ADRIAN J: Clergyman: b The Hague, Holland; s of Adrian Van Veen Sr-Alice Moll; ed Holland; U of Fribourg, Switzerland; ordained Fribourg Switzerland Mar 31, 1931; 1931-36 asst pastor, Madison; 1936 asst pastor, Norfolk; 1936-37 asst pastor St Peters, Omaha; 1938-39 asst pastor, Hartington; 1939- pastor Sacred Heart, Wynot; KC, chaplain; hobbies, photography, gardening; res Wynot.

   VOTER, FRANK P: Attorney; b West Farmington, Me Dec 28, 1869; s of John R Voter-Augusta Patterson; ed Lyons HS; U of N, LLB 1894; m Eva Brockway Oct 16, 1899 McAlester Okla; s Harold F (dec); d Alma (Mrs George Stalbaum), Gladys (Mrs Elmer Shively); 1894-95 rural sch tchr, Pierce Co; 1895- prac law, Laurel; 1914-27 VP Laurel Natl Bank; 1902- dir Laurel B & L Assn; mbr sch bd 12 years; 1905 mbr Neb legislature; Comm Club, past pres; Neb Bar Assn; Meth Ch, steward; Rep, del to natl conv 1908; res Laurel.

   WAITE, EVARD OLIVER: Insurance & Real Estate Agent; b Laurel, Neb Oct 12, 1896; s of Oscar M Waite-Luella Ward; ed Laurel HS; WSTC; U of N 1930; 1930- opr ins, real est & loan bus, Laurel; during World War in USN, at Great Lakes Training Station, Chicago, disch Dec 1918; secy-treas Laurel B & L Assn; secy-treas Laurel Mutual Tele Co, Inc; mbr village bd; city clk; dir cemetery assn; past comm Amer Leg; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; father came to Cedar Co 1890 & built first brick bldg in Laurel; res Laurel.

   WICKETT, ALLAN E: Farmer; b Cedar Co, Neb Apr 18, 1996; s of William A Wickett-Lena Marcella Fuller; ed Laurel HS: m Hazel Jeanette Ray Jan 3, 1917 Laurel; s William Allen, Robert Ray; d Kathryn Lena (Mrs Stanley Pehrson), Alice Jeanette; 1916- farmer, Cedar Co; Meth Ch, SS supt, steward; hobby, Duroc Jersey hogs; father farmed in Cedar Co 40 years; res Laurel.

   WILEY, OTTO: Clerk of District Court; b Florence, Ind Oct 21, 1884; s of Thomas R Wiley-Hattie Gardner; ed Everest Kas HS 1903; m Mary Creutzmeyer June 3, 1919 Everest Kas; s Francis M; d Mary Zeta; 1904-14 with Everest Kas enterprise 1915-17 with Grand Junction Ia Globe; 1918-24 with J P O'Furey of Cedar Co News, Hartington, 1924-30 with Hartington Herald; 1931- clk of dist court; AF&AM, past master; IOOF; Rebekah; C of C; pres Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; Congl Ch, SS supt 17 years; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Hartington.

   WILKERSON, CHALMER T: Farmer; b Hamburg, Ia Sept 11, 1898; s of Frank L Wilkerson-Nellie Etling; ed Coleridge HS; U of N, 1918; m Francis Eby Jan 25, 1922 Coleridge; d Fern N, Shirley R; farmer near Coleridge since 1918; specializes in Herefords, Anxiety IV strain, shows at N E Neb & Neb State fairs, herd consists of approximately 50 head; mbr sch bd; during World War in SATC, disch Lincoln Dec 1919; AF&AM, past master; past comm Amer Leg; mbr sch bd; past dir Neb Hereford Breeders Assn; Amer Hereford Assn; Rep; hobby, travel; res Coleridge.

   WILLMS, CARL: Gas & Oil Dealer; b Oldenburg, Germany Oct 12, 1872; s of William Willms-Johanna Mechers; ed Cedar Co; Varel Germany; m Etta Frerichs Oct 3, 1901 Coleridge; s William, Ernest; d Lena, Lilly, Anna, Minne (Mrs J P Hansen); 1901-27 farmed in Cedar Co, raised cattle & sheep; 1927- distributor & dlr for Continental Oil Co; 1902-12 pct assessor; 1906-10 road overseer; 1917-23 mbr sch bd dist 74; 1932-38 mbr town bd; 1934-38 mayor; Comml Club; Luth Ch, past trustee & dir; hobbies, baseball, livestock; res Coleridge.


in Nebraska


   WURTZ, ANTHONY M: Optometrist; b Washington, Kas June 9, 1888; s of Peter Wurtz-Mary Seifert; ed Chandler Okla HS; Southwestern Optical Coll, Kas City Mo, OD 1909; m Dora Ann Branson Sept 4, 1912 Genoa; s Lawrence, Reginald; d Imogene, Meredith; 1909-10 with L A LeRoy, Fairbury; 1910-11 owner & opr jewelry & optical store, Norfolk; 1911-19 opr of jewelry & optical store in Genoa; 1917 with furn & undertaking bus in Genoa; 1919-21 in chg of optical & jewelry bus, Ponca; 1921- owner & opr optometry off in Hartington; also int in Spark Drug Store; AF&AM, Ponca; IOOF, past noble grand; MWA; C of C; Indep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Hartington.

   YOST, LOVERNE B: Manager of Cooperative Exchange; b Shickley, Neb June 1, 1904; s of L Yost-Helen Rinker; ed Brunswick HS; Neb Wes m Zella Van Gilder June 14, 1926 Neligh; s William, Robert; 1923-25 with W H Rose Gen Mdse, Brunswick; 1925-30 with Westrope Co, Belden; 1930- mgr Farmers Union Co-op Exchange, Coleridge; pres sch bd; pres Comml Club; AF&AM; IOOF; Farmers Union; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Coleridge.

   YOUNGBERG, G W: Auto Dealer; b Chicago, Ill Mar 23, 1895; s of Gustaf Youngberg-Karna Larson; ed Chicago; North Chicago Bus Coll; m Gretha Jurgensen May 9, 1936 Clinton Ia; d Vivian, Karen; 1920- owner garage & auto sales bus in Laurel; 1922- Chevrolet dealer; past mbr sch. bd; mbr town bd; Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball; res Laurel.


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